Film your worst possible robot performance

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dale coba
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Film your worst possible robot performance

Post by dale coba » Thu Sep 04, 2014 7:01 pm

Every one of our talented, successful video performers has found her own fembot voice. Some had a strong, internal instinct for this genre of sexuality, while others had to learn and develop by watching, listening, trial and error.

As one who was here at the start of FC and before,
a decade back when we had so little sense of validation, like we were bad or at least wrong,
I can say that I am grateful for each performer who has nurtured and humored our eccentricities.
I'll even go as far to say, my heroines, with a lowercase "h", because unfortunately without my fantasy life I'd have no opportunity to experience my sexuality at all.

Since these Ladies know where it's at,
They also know where it ain't at.

Maybe her notion of a lousy fembot performance came from watching others, or maybe it came from memories of her own goofy beginnings. Either way, she has earned the right of parody in this field. That's a chance to have fun and show off her own mad skills.

Robolust has used one plot where a porn shoot with two performers goes wrong because one starts to malfunction.

My thought is, this shoot goes wrong because our lead is [[pretending to be]] terrible at playing a robot. The other performer and the camera operator are trying to work with her, not immediately frustrated and giving up; but eventually, they have to take a break from shooting, for the female camera operator and the talented veteran performer to rethink how to save the shoot. {Now we have a real, hidden camera operator shooting the scene like this is just what's happening] Meanwhile, the terrible performer is still in character, method-acting diva-ing it up in the background, oblivious.

The character of the camera operator has been shooting fixed, still shots, and then also some handheld, get-in-there, loose shooting. In contrast, the second, unseen, third-person omniscient camera just shoots from fixed angles, with no movement of the camera while shooting.

They decide and explain to her, gently, that her role has been altered, simplified. NOW our terrible performer starts to have a good reason to malfunction. It's sinking in, but she's still inept, and before long she's just supposed to stay still like a mannequin.

Her confidence (justifiably) shattered, she goes quite off script, malfunctioning [with the true talent the real woman has] and claiming that she is very good at performing as a fembot, very good at porn, pretty and sexy and adored by fans. She makes her malfunctioning moves on the other performer, and now she is proving herself successfully.
She is a fembot, who thinks/thought that she is/was human,
and she has been poorly programmed to portray a fembot;
but now she's malfunctioning in a glorious confusion of sexual identity.
The others don't yet realize she IS a fembot. They are confused about the ad-libbing, but this is the good stuff and they run with it, all the way to the orgasmic climax.

After all, it's gonna be a good romp, because look who the stars are!

- Dale Coba
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Ani Erotika
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Re: Film your worst possible robot performance

Post by Ani Erotika » Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:26 am

Maybe im behind on something, but i do not understand this.
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Re: Film your worst possible robot performance

Post by Toastdroid » Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:53 pm

Ani Erotika wrote:Maybe im behind on something, but i do not understand this.
A robot, who thinks she is a human actor is bad at acting like a malfunctioning robot, so bad that it causes her to malfunction for real.

I think.

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