Adding to Frank's scripts: BanBots in Congress

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Adding to Frank's scripts: BanBots in Congress

Post by dale coba » Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:59 am

Robolust has numerous plots which are worth repeating. There is room for feedback, and I think Frank recognizes good ideas. Further, many performers examine Robolust to understand how they might make their own videos. Critiquing other producer's plots could seem harsh, but for Robolust we could discuss options, alternatives for specific stories.

Here's a favorite sketch, with my additional ideas beneath.
Robolust wrote:Congressman: Please send Ms. Dani from BanBots in, we might as well get this over with.

Congressman: Afternoon Ms. Dani, it's a beautiful day isn't it, I trust you had no difficulty parking.

Dani: Please Congressman, you can skip the small talk, this isn't a social call. As the official spokesperson for BanBots I represent the concerns of thousands of Americans.

Congressman: Yes of course, what can I do for you?

Dani: We are calling for the ban, no we demand the ban of all domestic and service robots particularly the new AI series. You know the ones that are designed to be indistinguishable from human beings.

Congressman: You can't be serious Ms. Dani, the manufacturing and distribution of AI units is a $40 billion a year industry.

Dani: Oh I assure you, we are very serious. We have collected over 1,000,000 signatures and we will not rest until these abomination are dismantled and turned into scrap.. They may look human, but I assure you these so called synthetic humans are a threat to humanity.

Congressman: Ms. Dani don't you think your demands are little extreme. There's never been a single documented case of an android harming a human. The consumer product safety board oversees the manufacturing and programming of all synthetics and would alert the public of any danger.

Dani: They don't have to attack anyone to cause harm, they're taking away jobs from human workers that can't hope to match the productivity of these damn machines. Have you seen the new so-called "domestic units" As if we don't know what they're really for. These Sexbots are a perversion. How are real women supposed to compete with an entire production line supermodels programmed to cater to a man's every whim. It is the end of the American family as we know it.

Congressman: Ms. Dani, I think your fears are unwarranted. The high-end androids that you are describing are luxury items that only a handful of very wealthy people could ever hope to afford. It seems unlikely that the widespread usage of sex bots as you call them, is likely to ever occur, yet alone reach epidemic proportions.

Dani: I don't see how you can just sit by in the face of such decadence. Surely you must see, how dangerous these robots are. As technology progresses they will become more and more affordable. Every man will opt for an obedient robot companion instead of a real woman….a real woman…real woman, woman, woman. These androids must be destroyed before its too late….too late….too late.

Congressman: Ms. Dani, are you feeling alright?

Dani: Of course I'm, alright, why wouldn't I be alright? …Can't you see congressman:? the androids must be destroyed…. they must be de…de…destroyed…must be destroyed……must be …de...destroyed…Error…Error…What's happening to me? malfunction……impossible… impossible….I…I can't be an android!

Congressman: you sure as hell act like one

Dani: Impossible……I am Dani…I am not a machine…..

Congressman: I hate to tell you, but I think you're malfunctioning

Dani: but only androids malfunction…only androids malfunction…androids malfunction, I am malfunctioning….I'm an android…All android must be destroyed……I'm an android……….all androids must be destroyed……..I'm an android……….I must be destroyed………I must...I must…be destroyed…I must be destroyed

Congressman: Holy , what are doing?

Dani: I am...I am I am a perversion……a perversion….would you like to play with me….I am programmed to please….. conflict…….illogical……..illogical…..can not compute…..system overload……overloading…..what's happening to me ...what's happening to me
The more valid reasons there are for the fembot to malfunction, the less we viewers have to work out the importance of those reasons individually, because our minds will focus on the reasons we like most.

The Congressman's office could have a frequency jammer running. Any bots that aren't logged in to the office's network will malfunction.
- Added to this are her previously built-in reasons to malfunction,
that she is greatly agitated about this issue and the Congressman's lack of concern;
- and of course her distress and conflict on discovering her nature.
- He could also start to hit on her, which would add to the burdens which are burning out her overwhelmed processors.


Once he knows she's a robot (but she hasn't totally lost it), he could act like he hasn't caught on, by trying to ask about her, personally, like he cares - how she first became involved in this campaign?

That prompts her to supply her backstory.
She could be:
- a religious activist,
- or her father lost his job managing a restaurant, gas station;
- or this is simply one of many lobbying jobs she [thinks she] has had over her career,
- or she is from a sex workers union (gives her a chance to talk about not being anti-sex, even maybe much too lewd talk for a Congressman's office, but she doesn't notice anything inappropriate, and he plays along so we can hear her talk)

If she goes into her backstory, the facts and memories could sound to us clearly fake, the more he asks about her. His pointing out the fakeness of her story gives her a further reason to malfunction.


Once she has begun to stagger around in shock, let's DEEPLY disorient her:
"Ms. Dani, I'm confused about exactly what it is you want me to oppose.

Are you a robot that was assembled from component parts, and programmed to lobby for the destruction of all robots?
-- or --
Are you opposing the technology which was used to convert you from a human woman into a [soulless/mindless] machine?"
She won't know what to believe is true,
- not what either of those possibilities "mean"
- - - (her status/rights, the practical impacts, re-evaluating and doubting the past),

- nor also how she should even "feel" about
- - - whether it's worse if she was never human,
- - - or whether her humanity had been processed away;
- - - - - and if she was converted, WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?


Of one thing Dani is certain: all [robots/sexbots/fembots] need to be destroyed;
- but if she destroys herself, the other robots won't get destroyed.
- - - therefore, she must endure as a robot, pretending to be human
- - - - - (as disturbing as that is to her:
- - - - - - - either as a robot,
- - - - - - - or a robot-who-used-to-think-she-was-human)

Or, since all robots need to be destroyed, she could have been programmed to think she had been out "destroying" many "robots", but when actually she was infecting and converting human women with nanobots. If she can be that wrong, we know she's just a clueless machine. Of course, making her understand what she has done will distress her C.P.U.

- or - She could be programmed to think she has been "repairing" human women, fixing them in a painless, silent, unnoticed, innocent, non-technical way, "so there's no way anyone can ever use nanobots to turn them into robots."
"Again", the Congressman points out; "No one else will ever again turn them into robots. Not that anyone would try, you've done all the work for them!"
- Dale Coba
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