Robot Glossary?

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Robot Glossary?

Post by Toastdroid » Mon Mar 23, 2020 9:10 am

So, I've been working on an imagebooru for pictures with robot content for a few months (check the thread in updates for more details) and one of the major features of that kind of system is tagging - it's easy to assign lots searchable keywords to an image to describe all the elements it contains. I figured it'd be great to have a database of images searchable by robotic content or tropes, and because there's no limit to the amount of tags a person can add it allows for a lot of granularity with said tags.

Tagging images has been making me think about terminology for robot fetishism, and I've kinda realised that there's no real concrete set of terms and definitions for a lot of stuff.

For example - panels: to me, "access panel" and "control panel" have specific meanings (I figure control panels are access panels that specifically have stuff like switches or other controls, natch), but I've definitely seen them be used more interchangeably.

There's also things that I don't believe have any formal terminology - while everyone has a rough idea on what to call a twitching, sparking robot, I've had to think up of completely novel words for more obscure things like robots with metallic parts/segments built into synthetic skin, or different joint configurations.

I think it's interesting that the language we use to describe our fetish is often fluid or undefined, and I'm wondering on what this forum's thoughts are on this kinda thing? Do you have any particular definitions for certain specific types of robot content? Should we have a more formal glossary of terms?

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Re: Robot Glossary?

Post by --NightBattery-- » Mon Mar 23, 2020 9:39 am

Hey toast, I agree that more terminology is required!

back then I read a lot of people saying this is GINO and I had to ask to find out it means Gynoid in Name Only.

I think there are a lot of cool words the ASFR community has made up during the years and most are just lost in time.

We got a wiki for that waiting for terminology to be added.

There is the Terminology category but I think it is not very visible.

I personally think a lot of things in the wiki are not very visible. Or require looking long lists to find out. I think it is a funny format but it certainly is not very inviting to newcomers.

or....regular users.

Maybe the wiki front page could use more hyperlinks. I unno.

I like to think the lack of information regarding editing permission to regular users discourages a lot of people to add stuff to the wiki.

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