Catwoman (Complete)

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Catwoman (Complete)

Post by DZiegler » Mon Aug 22, 2022 10:38 pm

Hello, I will be releasing all five chapters (plus an epilogue) of 'Catwoman - An Erotic Fembot Novella' over the next five weeks!

I'm SO excited to finally be releasing this. It's taken me quite awhile to put together.

I am by no means an avid comic reader or Batman expert, so if I've gotten some details wrong...I'm sorry! I just tried to make a story that appealed to my tastes and I hope it will appeal to you as well!

Big thanks to all those who helped me come up with ideas, workshop story beats, and proof-read my initial drafts. Major pats on the back to D.Olivaw, Ernotron, TheSpinDash92, Spaz, and Lilith over on the FembotLabs Discord ( for their help.

A few things for housekeeping (AKA - DISCLAIMER)
1. I do not claim ownership of this property.
2. This story is made up and not a part of the original property, BATMAN, which was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.
3. I am not earning money from this story.
4. The characters used within the story were created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Sheldon Moldoff.

Anyways, without further ado...

Chapter 1: Superhero
Chapter 2: Sensuous
Chapter 3: Seductress
Chapter 4: Sleuth
Chapter 5: Snared
Epilogue: Saved

Catwoman - An Erotic Fembot Novella (Chapter I of V)


The air was thick with drizzling rain; rivulets of water streaked off of the edges of Selina's reinforced carbon fiber cowl, splashing at her feet.

Her matte black mask, anti-reflective and subtly shaped like a cat's ears, was only interrupted with two small cutouts from which her hazel irises glimmered brilliantly. Those irises, which could fully change color in less than 50 microseconds, watched the clouds overhead light up as the bat signal turned on, illuminating the cloud-soaked Gotham sky.

She chuckled to herself and activated her ‘Comms-Link’ communications channel, "Looks like it's going to be a busy night."

A weathered voice on the other end responded. "Looks that way. I guess it's a good thing we upgraded your batteries when we did."

"Yeah. Just next time Bruce...let a girl know if her upgrade is going to add five pounds to her chassis. Creating all those software patches to correct my balance settings wasn't easy, you know!"

Bruce chuckled, "Understood, Selina..." He paused, shuffling around on his end of the connection. "...Look, I just want to say that I'm proud of you. That signal up there was first turned on 33 years ago and there's never been a time in which its call hasn't been answered."

He exhaled, "The Batman may not be the one answering the call these days, yet it is answered just the same. We are answering it. You are answering it, Selina."

She redirected her gaze from the bat signal down to the slick asphalt beneath her black thigh-high combat boots, water streaming underfoot.

"Oh Bruce. You're going to make a girl blush."

"Give them hell Catwoman. I'll be right here with you watching what you see, listening to what you hear." The Comms-Link shut off and Selina immediately got to work.

Tucked away in the dark of the Batcave, Bruce watched Selina’s system readouts as she went about her night cleaning up the streets of Gotham. Spread across several large monitors, Bruce had Selina’s camera feed, audio interpolator, Heads Up Display (HUD), and Main CPU command line all feeding him real-time data streams.

He had started work on her nearly three years prior, but had only let her out into the wild six months ago. Even over that short period of time, he had seen her abilities grow measurably and her personality core evolve, really beginning to come into its own.

He groaned audibly as he pushed back in his chair, his back seizing up painfully, as he watched Selina deftly handle two thugs who were trying to drag a woman into an alley.

His body was not what it used to be; the last three years of his time as the Batman before Selina’s introduction had been excruciatingly painful. Now, with her in place as Gotham’s ‘cloaked vigilante’, Bruce had only just begun to heal from a lifetime of hand-to-hand combat.

His thoughts began to wander to a time when he had fought side by side with a different Catwoman, but they were interrupted as he saw Selina’s radio scanners lock on to her next targeted mission for the night. It looked dangerous.

Tuners embedded within Selina’s carbon-composite ears activated and began scanning through the litany of Gotham Police Department (GPD) radio broadcasts.

Locking onto an urgent call from a high-end jewelry store, Selina kicked in the clutch of her motorcycle and took off. She had a detailed map of Gotham imprinted within her memory banks, and with just a cursory analysis of the store’s surrounding area, she was able to generate a series of approach vectors.

She handled the heavily modified racing bike with precision, the dual-usage of her LIDAR sensors and traditional optics working in unison to constantly analyze the path in front of her. Her Main Processing Array then took this data and issued discretized digital instructions to the many servo motors installed throughout her lithe chassis. The servo motors fired with precision, allowing near flawless operation of the motorcycle.

She leaned hard into her turns and floored the accelerator coming out of each one; her multitude of Balance and Spatial Awareness subsystems were in complete control of the bike’s movements as she weaved in and out of the sleepy Gotham traffic. Her shoulder-length brunette hair spilled out from beneath her cat cowl, flowing freely in the wind.

Throughout the ride, Selina had to actively tamp down her Arousal Subroutines as the front curve of the cycle’s seat happened to push up through the smooth black crotch of her skintight catsuit making firm contact with her sensor-dense plastic clit. She couldn’t help but to continuously grind her mound against the seat as each vibration of the road sent a flurry of activity through her Sexual Suite of software.

Covering the ground to the jewelry store in less than five minutes, Selina did a quick drive-by on the opposite street out front to get an assessment of the situation. She cataloged at least three men posted up on the inside of the store firing shots out at a single GPD car parked outside.

Two officers were seeking cover behind the vehicle, occasionally returning fire whenever the bombardment upon them slowed. Her ocular sensors flagged a potential two additional men further back in the store, but her systems failed to confirm this for certain and left it as an unknown variable in her ever evolving action plan.

She drove a block further and then cut back into an alley that dead-ended two shops down from the jewelry store. The first shop was a deli that was closed for the night.

“Easy enough.” Selina thought to herself. She parked the bike against the alley wall and walked up to the bodega’s alley-access door. Reaching to her utility belt, she pulled out a lockpicking set which she quickly put to use in successfully cracking the door open.

Moving inside and quietly pulling the door closed behind her, Selina carefully stepped through the back-kitchen area and found an access door attached to the next store over. She checked the handle and found it surprisingly unlocked. “Easy enough.” She repeated to herself, in the same neutral tone as before.

Now finding herself in a small storage room for what she presumed was some kind of second-hand electronics store, Selina's ultra-sensitive audial sensors detected a suspected single individual directly in the room ahead of her. However, it was hard for her systems to make a determination with certainty as her audial sensors had to try to make out muffled footsteps separate from the renewed sound of gunshots emanating from the jewelry store next door.

She stealthily slid out from her position and surveyed the shared wall directly ahead. A visual and LIDAR inspection didn't reveal any means of direct through-access, but that didn't deter Selina. Switching to her Thermal Imaging Suite, she looked up towards the ceiling and identified a portion carrying utility piping between the two stores. She calculated the diameter of the dead-space where she would pass through to be just large enough for her nimble chassis to squeeze into. She marked the area on her 3-Dimensional spatial imprint of the room and flipped back over to her standard set of optics, expertly camouflaged within her lifelike eyes.

She reached towards her utility belt for her magnetized grappling hook but was interrupted just as she pulled it out of its holster.

"Stop right there. I swear if you're here to rob me too I'll put a bullet right….right between your eyes."

Selina turned to see a stocky man, likely in his mid-50's, standing in the doorway to the front of the shop, a gun pointed directly at her. She cursed her systems for not picking up on his silent entrance. Knowing that the quick switching between her different imaging systems most likely knocked her 360 degree motion sensing capabilities down several pegs in computational priority. She made an internal log to rectify the minor hiccup with a software hotfix later on.

She knew that her armored skull-plate could withstand several rounds of small arms fire, but not wanting to further complicate the mission she relented, putting her hands up in the air. "I'm not here to rob you. I'm here to stop them." She emphasized the last word with a gesture towards the sounds of gunshots next door.

She took a small step towards the man and readied a large amount of fast-acting, synthetic pheromones in a small pressurized chamber at the base of her plastic throat. Taking another step forward, she opened her mouth to speak again and released the fragrant aphrodisiac, "I stop bad men like them. I just needed to come through here to catch them by surprise."

She cracked a flirty laugh and played with her cowl’s cat ears, "That's kind of…my thing.”

Selina ran a thermal analysis on the man and could already detect slight swells of temperature sprouting up in different areas of his body. She took another step towards him, now just a few feet away, and smiled provocatively, "Do you know who I am?"

"You're uhh…You're that that Cat Lady that's always beatin' people up and breakin' in places!"

Taking one last step closer to the man, Selina put a finger to his lips, "Shhhh. I only beat up the people that deserve it..." She leaned in, exhaling into his ear, "...and I only break in places to steal from those same people. The people that deserve it. Right?”

Lowering the gun the man stammered out, "Wow. Well okay. Say...Cat Lady...anyone ever tell 'ya that you're way prettier in person than all the reports and stories make 'ya out to be?"

Selina put both hands to her generous hips and stuck her chest out, "All the time."

She then leaned in for a quick kiss with the man while simultaneously guiding his free hand onto her sporty, and well-proportioned, backside. She let him explore her goods for several seconds before stepping backwards. "Now, I'm going to stop them. I need you to keep quiet and to stay out of the way okay? A hostage like yourself would only complicate this further for me."

"Yeah! No problem...errr Cat Lady. Is there any way I can help?

"You can help me the most by replacing this ceiling tile once I'm gone." She pointed up to the area of the ceiling which housed her entrance point to the jewelry store.


She fired her magnetic grappling gun at the spot, which thankfully just knocked the ceiling tile out of the way, and once a stable anchor-point was confirmed, she activated the grappling gun’s built-in motor which rapidly pulled her upwards.

Now above the ceiling, Selina detached her grappling gun, and supporting herself from the utility piping, she climbed forwards until her LIDAR systems confirmed that she was directly above what she determined to be the jewelry store's back office.

Bruce chimed in over the Comms-Link, "That was very creative Selina. I'm impressed with how you handled that shop owner back there. Let me know if I can give you any more information; right now it looks like there's still only one set of cops out there, but at least four more are inbound. GPD-Net is saying they'll be there in less than five minutes, so those robbers will be looking for an escape in a hurry."

"Understood Bruce, I'll act fast." She blushed, "Thanks for the compliment by the way. I just wish that you couldn't see my Arousal Subroutine’s reaction to my little interaction back there..."

Bruce chuckled, "It's not a problem. But...if you'd like I can make sure to personally look at your Arousal Subroutines later and make sure that they're operating just as designed?"

Selina's tight plastic pussy moistened at the thought. "I'm sure you just saw that little reaction as well? Sounds perfect, I can't wait."

"Good luck little cat."

"As if I need it."

Confirming the presence of a man just beneath her with the aid of her Thermal Imaging Suite, Selina dropped from the utility piping and kicked down straight through the foam ceiling tile which separated them. She blasted through it with an explosion of white dust before colliding the heel of her shiny, black combat boot with the skull of the man below. He went down in an unconscious heap with Selina gracefully perched on top.

It wasn't exactly the most subtle of approaches, but the seemingly never-ending rain of gun fire out front disguised the noise rather well.

Selina removed the two automatic pistols holstered at the man's hip, removed their magazines, emptied their bullets onto the floor, and broke them each in half with her strong motorized hands.

Her action plan, imprinted in her Memory & Operation Register, updated that one man of a definite three, and potential five, was now incapacitated.

Keeping low to the ground, her generous backside causing her snug neoprene catsuit to stretch, Selina slid stealthily across an exposed hallway and into another, larger back room. This one was filled with small lockers that were currently being emptied of their goods by two masked men. She reached for her dual tipped incapaci-TASER, but in a bout of bad timing, was spotted upon removing it from her utility belt.

Both men immediately pointed their guns at her and began firing.

Selina hastily dove beneath a nearby metal desk which furiously sparked as the frenzy of bullets ricocheted off its surface.

"Someone's back here with us! One of you guys get over here! We've got the sonofabitch pinned down!"

Selina's processors went into overdrive formulating her next steps just as the barrage of small arms fire momentarily subsided. Her audial suite picked up on the telltale sounds of guns reloading which triggered her to spring into action.

Laying against the floor, she pushed out head first and used her advanced targeting system to simultaneously lock onto both targets. She pulled the trigger and watched as one electrically charged tip shot out from the taser making direct contact, while the other deflected off of its mark.

The man who was hit crumpled to the ground as 50,000 volts coursed through his body.

The luckier of the two men ducked behind a low wall where Selina heard him complete his reload. She returned to her own cover just in time for another stream of bullets to fly her direction. She calculated that her time behind this specific piece of cover was limited, so she pulled out one of two small concussive smoke grenades from a secured pouch attached to her utility belt.

She primed the grenade and tossed it directly at the man. 1.5 seconds later it erupted with a blinding concussive flash before proceeding to fill the room with a coarse white smoke. Selina engaged her Thermal Imaging Suite, and combat rolled at an adjacent angle to the man, sneakily flanking his position. Staying low to the ground, Selina snuck up on the armed man from behind as he called out to his remaining counterparts, "I need you back here now! They used some kind of smoke grenade or something, I can't see a th...."

The man's plea for help was cut short as Selina, with a hand clamped tight over his mouth, caved in his knee with a motor-assisted inward kick of her heavy combat boots. She slipped a small injection of sedative into the back of his neck, and to prevent further noise, let him gently down to the ground.

Selina's Memory & Operation Register now logged three men incapacitated with an unknown number still remaining up front.

"Guys! Where are you?! I can't see anything back here."

One of the men from the front of the store had finally made his way back. Using the smoke as her cover, Selina crouched and charged the man from an angle.

"Jay, Tallon, Sascha - If I don't hear something from y'all I'ma start firing."

Selina was about 10 feet hard to the man's left when she accidentally stepped on a small piece of loose glass that had come free from her grenade's concussive force. Her processors were so focused on the armed man that a cursory warning from her Spatial Analysis Subsystem regarding the glass hadn't been processed quickly enough. She cursed herself for a sloppy usage of her vast processing capacity. Again, she made a note to correct this later on that night with a software hotfix.

The man turned faster than her systems anticipated and began firing his automatic rifle. Selina dove out of the way, but not before several rounds found their mark. Two bullets buried themselves in her left shoulder and another two impacted just beneath her left breast. Flexible kevlar mesh, embedded just beneath her soft synth-skin and haptic sensory-weaves, kept the bullets from damaging her internals, but a quick system analysis confirmed her shoulder's range of motion was significantly hampered.

Several alerts flashed across Selina's HUD as her damaged sensors delivered errant data streams.

"Rico! I hit them, I hit them! I think it's that vigilante cat bitch! Get that railgun ready. We need to finish her off now!”

Selina reached for her incapaciTASER but found it blown to bits. Automatic rifle fire continued to rain down all around her as her sophisticated processing arrays updated the incapaciTASER variable within her vast algorithmic repertoire of combat-oriented subroutines.

Switching over fully to her LIDAR array, and using the full breadth of her processing capacity, she quickly built a three dimensional map of the jewelry store which she loaded into her Memory & Operation Register. She spotted a hanging cable near her armed attacker and directed extra power through each of her leg's servo motors in preparation of her next move.

She pushed off the ground, and picking up speed, leapt into a wall run rounding the corner towards her assailant. He adjusted his aim and the wall beneath Selina's boots exploded as bullets ripped it apart. However, Selina was too quick, and untouched, she finished her wall run off with a superhuman leap.

The man yelled out, "Rico get over he...." right as Selina's fist cracked his jawbone in half. He folded over onto the ground, writhing in pain, muttering incoherently.

Crouching down, Selina ran an ocular scan on the front of the store and found the final man looking her way. However, her system's focus quickly shifted to the large shoulder-mounted weapon he had pointed directly at her.

Its barrel erupted in a turbulent explosion of fabulous blue energy. Selina's systems had no time to react as a hypersonic magnetized slug whizzed right by her face impacting the wall just behind her.

The blast violently flipped her into the air end-over-end, her chassis awkwardly slamming into the far wall with a mechanized whine of servo motors. A deluge of errors flashed across her HUD so fast it caused her Main CPU to stutter.

Attempting to push herself up, Selina found her Motor Management Subsystem completely unresponsive. Troubleshooting the situation, she tried to restart the subsystem but the process errored out over and over again. She laid there motionless for several seconds, save for some occasional erratic twitches brought on from errant servo motor activation requests. She could hear Bruce shouting through her Comms-Link but she struggled to transform the audio into anything discernible that her systems could interpret.

Her acoustic sensors were still operating though and they picked up on the sound of footsteps approaching. The sounds grew closer, yet all Selina could do was just lay there, completely immobile.

Her eyes tracked the man's face as he leaned over, leering down at her.

"Well well. What do we have here? If it isn't the cat woman who's got all of Gotham scared shitless...and she's..." He squatted down and reached a hand curiously towards her shoulder, "...and she's a robot!?" He laughed maniacally and tore a loose wire free. Selina's eyes blinked rapidly in and out of sync with each other as her Power Management subsystem worked to reroute power away from the affected area.

"Hahahahaha! A robot!? You've got to be fucking kidding me. Oh man, Freeze is going to love this. He’s got that whole thing with Nora going on; he lives for this kind of shit!"

Selina detected the man's gaze drift downwards to her chest. Her camera eyes nearly bottomed themselves out, straining to look down at what so thoroughly had his attention. Immediately, she saw that her silhouette-hugging neoprene catsuit had split open, where she had been shot, exposing nearly the entirety of her left breast. With this information, bits of errant sensory data were quickly pieced together and her nipple instinctively stiffened as the cool night air passed over.

"Wow. They sure made you pretty, that much is for sure. It's a real shame that this will be the last time I get to see you in one piece."

The man pulled at his shoulder strap and brought the railgun into his hands. "I think the lowest setting should melt down that metal head of yours pretty good without sending me flying across the room like you just did." he laughed out dementedly.

Selina's eyes watched the man's fingers adjust a dial right above the trigger, during which she noticed the word ‘FRIES’ stamped along the weapon's barrel.

The man raised the weapon and pointed it at her head. "Any last words Cat Bot?"

Selina strained to force her mouth open, but found herself unable to generate any audio.


The sound of a gunshot rang through the room. Selina's assailant stumbled forward and grabbed at his own shoulder; he had been hit.

"Get down on the ground!"

Selina's acoustic sensors registered the words of a GPD officer and she breathed out a simulated sigh of relief.


The man stumbled again. It looked as though he had been hit in the back. "Fuck you, you fucking corrupt pigs!" He turned the railgun and fired it back towards the police officers. Selina watched as their bodies were tossed in the air from the weapon’s violent explosion.

The man, laboring for breath, coughed and staggered out towards the jewelry store's side access door.

Calculating that she had limited time until more police made their way into the store and found her like this, Selina initiated an emergency restart.

Her eyes immediately became dull and glazed over; she lay completely unmoving for several seconds as all of her systems were shut down, before a metered burst of voltage brought everything back online. Instantaneously, the thousands upon thousands of programmed subroutines, that allowed her to operate on such a strikingly lifelike level, were loaded into operation in specified order.

Her eyes fluttered open and a subtle musical chime sounded from her chest, “Emergency restart complete. This unit will now activate.”

She sat up, bending forward at the waist, and analyzed her surroundings. The room around her was now burning and the fire suppression sprinklers had activated, raining water down onto her nubile body.

There was no more gunfire or railgun blasts, but Selina could hear dozens of voices yelling from outside. She had to get out of here and fast.

Suddenly, her Comms-Link activated, "Selina! Selina! What happened? You were inactive for several seconds there. What is going on?

She stood up, brushing dust off of her, "Yes. Had to do an emergency restart after that...blast took nearly all my systems offline. Bruce, what was that thing?”

"I don't know Selina, looks to be a railgun of some kind. He used it twice more out front before escaping. Whatever that thing is, it's absurdly dangerous. He turned those two GPD cars out front to slag. It's chaos out there now."

"He escaped?"

"Yes. It sounds like he shook the police too. I don't have a track on him either. But, I think I know how we find out who's supplying those weapons."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, I saw your ocular sensors catalog the 'FRIES' stamp on the barrel. A little on the nose, but that's certainly the work of Victor Fries, or Mr. Freeze as he prefers, an old...friend of mine. He's been in Arkham for over 20 years now, but his weapons enterprises are strong as ever.

There's a fundraiser coming up next week that I think we can make work in our favor. It typically attracts some of Gotham’s more unsavory types.

"I understand Bruce." Selina paused, "I need to get out of here. I'm damaged and the police are coming. Can you route me back to the cave via all the side streets?" Selina looked down at her naked breast. "I'm a little bit exposed at the moment."

"Already working on it, Selina. You just get out of there and make it back here in one piece? Glancing at your error log I don't think it's anything that I can't fully fix tonight."

"Okay Bruce."

"Okay little cat."

Selina grappled back through the ceiling and crawled her way back into the electronics store. She was just about to exit through to the deli when a familiar voice called out. "Hey! You okay, cat lady?"

Selina turned towards the stocky man from earlier, reflexively covering her damaged shoulder with her opposite hand; nobody was supposed to know about her robotic nature, "I'm alright but I need to leave now. Please don't tell anyone you saw me. It’ll be our secret?”

Selina noticed the man's eyes wandering down to her uncovered bosom.

He stammered, "I....uhhh....errr...get home safe?"

Selina flashed the man a sly grin before pirouetting around and exiting through the door.

As she mounted her motorcycle, in the still deserted alley, Bruce's route home loaded up into her HUD. She took off and quickly found the sensory data from her bare nipple too much to manage in her current state.

She shut off her Arousal Subroutines completely, her digitized thoughts drifting as she meticulously planned when and how she would reactivate them later that night during her repair session with Bruce.

She squirmed against the motorcyle's seat and sped off into the dark Gotham night illuminated only via the bat signal hanging high above in the dark cloudy sky.
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Re: Catwoman - Chapter I of V: Superhero

Post by CheeseMaker » Tue Aug 23, 2022 2:11 am

Oh man I love your stories so much that I take inspuration from it! And this new upcoming series is no different! I hope to see what this Bruce is like and how Robo Catwoman came to be! Who else are secretly robots and what is Mr Freeze's plan owo. And no doubt what is the relationship with Batman and Catwoman now?

Love your work! Hope you do more!

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Re: Catwoman - Chapter I of V: Superhero

Post by reapz » Tue Aug 23, 2022 9:19 am

wow a new BIG story from DZiegler!!!
im so excited to see how the story will goes on next chapters!! :party: :party:

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Re: Catwoman - Chapter I of V: Superhero

Post by FembotLover98 » Tue Aug 23, 2022 1:53 pm

another MASTERPIECE from the GOAT, as usual great content i love how you describe the ¨inner thoughts¨of the machines their HUDs,their different components, not to mention how creative you are with malfunctions or damage not resorting to generic tropes,9/10 the only problem it has is that it ends. :D

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Re: Catwoman - Chapter I of V: Superhero

Post by botfriend2000 » Wed Aug 24, 2022 9:25 am

Very nice. Well written, captivating and entertaining! 8)

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Re: Catwoman - Chapter I of V: Superhero

Post by Protrepticus » Wed Aug 24, 2022 10:48 am

Very well written!
I hope there will be some fembot destruction in one of the next chapters!

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Re: Catwoman - Chapter I of V: Superhero

Post by DZiegler » Wed Aug 24, 2022 4:55 pm

Damage you say… :hypnotized:

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Re: Catwoman - Chapter I of V: Superhero

Post by CheeseMaker » Thu Aug 25, 2022 7:13 am

Damaged sex if possible :oops:

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Re: Catwoman - Chapter I of V: Superhero

Post by 33cl33 » Thu Aug 25, 2022 8:01 am

Dig it!
SynthSuite audio clips, etc:

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Re: Catwoman - Chapter I of V: Superhero

Post by DZiegler » Sun Aug 28, 2022 9:29 pm

Catwoman - An Erotic Fembot Novella (Chapter II of V)


Selina's internal chronograph indexed from 04:59:59 to 05:00:00 AM and instantly her systems transitioned out of Sleep Mode. Thousands of pre-sorted & discretized software packages were loaded into her memory cache and activated with a specific pattern to bring her various systems fully online both quickly and reliably.

Upon running a full chassis sensor-hardware status check, Selina flagged abnormally high readouts from the assemblage of temperature and moisture sensors embedded within her tight artificial sex. Curious, she reached a hand down and slipped a finger inside the soft pink folds of her precision-engineered pussy. She confirmed all the sensory readouts as accurate, finding her puffy synthetic labia slick and hot with her own meticulously formulated lubricant.

Removing her hand from down below, Selina opened her Data-Log and filtered out all background processes associated with keeping her systems running nominally while she was in Sleep Mode. Immediately, she located a Coital Matrix Simulation Program that had self-terminated at exactly 05:00:00 AM.

Her Logic & Reasoning (L&R) CPU Core wondered if any residual data packets from the previous night's marathon session of repairs and coitus were the culprit.

Deciding to further investigate the situation, Selina activated the Simulation Program and instantly began squirming in place. The program accurately simulated Bruce's hard cock repeatedly burying itself deep into her shuddering flexible snatch. Simultaneously, the densely packed sensory array of her pliable artificial clitoris lit up with a frenzy of activity as did the tactile pressure detectors embedded within her buxom mammary.

Selina let out a quiet moan as she felt the twin-compact heated lubrication pumps, nestled just inches behind her plasti-sculpted navel, turn on in synchronization and begin streaming her hot, glossy juices down the length of her velvet smooth elastic-polymer vaginal walls.

Selina let herself enjoy the flurry of sensuous positive-feedback subroutines pulsing through her circuits for another 20 seconds or so before deciding to end the simulation. She exited the program breathless and with a few rivulets of lubricant running out of her glistening sex and down the round inner swells of her shapely ass cheeks.

With the program deactivated, she instinctively reached towards the outside of her left thigh and removed a thin black cable from her charging port. Her hazel eyes blinked three times in quick succession, and she gently tossed the cable aside before flipping over and engaging in place the skin-toned covering that elegantly disguised the charging port.

She sat up in bed, her sporty breasts bouncing momentarily, and attempted to get on with her day's pre-programmed activities. However, a large subset of Arousal Subroutines still remained active, and after a few unsuccessful attempts to turn them off, she decided to take advantage of the situation and surprise Bruce. She turned over in the sprawling Alaskan bed to face him for the first time that morning. Her ocular systems found him on his back with his mouth agape; simultaneously the acoustic microphone array delicately installed inside her proto-polymer ears detected light snoring. Combining the input from both her visual and audio sensory arrays, Selina's L&R CPU Core came to the conclusion that Bruce was still fast asleep.

Quickly formulating a sexy wakeup plan for Bruce, Selina showed off her gymnast-like flexibility by reaching over to her nightstand and picking up one of her spare sets of cat ears. After requesting her to wear her carbon fiber cowl while he fucked her numerous times before, Selina’s systems were sure that Bruce would appreciate, and be further turned on by, her wearing of the cute little feline accessory.

Selina knew from previous experiences that Bruce enjoyed being woken up with her sexual advances, however more often than not she found that he would actually wake up prior to her programmed wake-up time of 5:00 AM and initiate everything himself. While her systems found this pattern of behavior exceptionally gratifying in regards to her own operation and perceived sense of allure, it often did pose a challenge for her various sub-processor arrays.

Transitioning directly from Sleep Mode into Sex Mode was incredibly computationally intensive and interrupted the ballet of software activations that she normally relied upon to smoothly pivot into her fully active state. The typical result, which Selina sensed Bruce was a surprisingly big fan of, was 30-60 seconds of glitchy and choppy behavior from her systems at large. Each time though, her powerful Main CPU would inevitably churn through the computational backload and restore her operational status back to its flawless baseline.

Selina found it incredibly sexy that Bruce was so turned on with the minor operational faults in her behavior during those 30-60 second periods of glitchy operation that she again felt a hot trickle of lubricant sneak into her snug little pussy.

She focused on a specific recorded memory, during which a minor startup glitch of hers had bordered on becoming a full-system malfunction when Bruce had brought his mouth down to her hairless crotch and playfully tongued at her swollen plastic clit. The amount of raw coital data generated nearly fried every circuit in her Sexual Suite as it repeatedly triggered her orgasm sequence over and over and over and over and over again. It left her circuits so scrambled that eventually her L&R CPU Core forced a hard restart on her systems to rectify the situation.

Selina looked down at her lifelike yet extraordinarily perky breasts and briefly toyed with her stiffened pink nipples. Another electrical shudder ran down the length of her artificial spine as more positive feedback routines roared through her delicate circuitry. She queried the current level of her Arousal Subroutines and found them currently running at 74.99% of their maximum specification. She grinned, knowing that her software was designed such that her arousal levels wouldn't exceed 75.00% without direct contact with Bruce or explicit direction given from him telling her otherwise.

She reached an eager hand under the sheets and quickly slipped two fingers into her pussy, coating them with ample lubricant. Then she gently reached towards Bruce's cock, cooing excitedly as her nimble fingers wrapped themselves around his familiar member.

With her arousal levels still exceptionally high, and ever confident in the prowess of her system's sexual capabilities, Selina's L&R CPU Core determined that she would take an opportunity to try something new this morning; she didn't want Bruce to wake up to her grinding her luxurious gel-pack ass cheeks up against his crotch, nor did she want him to wake up to her giving him a handjob, or sucking on his cock.

No, Selina decided she wanted Bruce to wake up to her straight-up fucking him to the very best of her programmed capabilities.

She began softly massaging Bruce. With skillful hands, she worked her hot lubricant up and down his length. He quickly stiffened in her grasp and Selina began working him up and down with more and more pressure. She could sense the rhythmic pulse of his veins pumping and she heard him let out a small groan of pleasure. Never stopping the pneumatic movements of her wrist sliding over his manhood, she verified that he was still asleep, at which she let out a simulated sigh of relief. She really wanted this to work.

Measuring his shaft's full length every few seconds with the advanced haptic sensor pack installed in each of her fingertips, Selina determined, from her vast data-pool of previous experiences with Bruce, that his erection had reached a fullness where she could now easily engage him in sexual intercourse.

Flipping onto her knees, Selina shimmied over to Bruce and carefully tugged the sheets down around his ankles. She proceeded to lift a long, slender leg over his torso before straddling him outright. From her cowgirl-esque position she used the powerful servo motors in her shapely thighs, embedded where a human's quadricep would be, to push herself up and over his stiff erection.

She performed one more readiness check on her own sex, and confirming it was still fully primed and ready, she pushed herself steadily down onto Bruce's hard cock. Immediately, her arousal levels jumped past 80% as her systems processed the flurry of sensations brought forth from his engorged manhood slipping inside her glistening pink folds.

Having to deliberately deactivate the speaker array at the base of her plastic esophagus to prevent herself from making too much noise, Selina hypnotically worked her hot, slick pussy up and down Bruce's full length. With each pump of her legs her arousal levels ticked up and she could equally sense Bruce growing harder and harder. Biting down on her plump ruby lip in faux pleasure, Selina greedily grabbed at a breast and squeezed it hard. The sensation rolled through her mechanized body as a slight electrical pulse which triggered the multitude of small servo motors installed within her spine to contract.

She opened her mouth to let out a sultry moan as her arousal levels crossed the 90% threshold but no sound came out. Proud of her systems, Selina again analyzed Bruce and concluded that he was still asleep. So, she steadily continued working her tight slick cunt up and down his throbbing erection. She savored each microsend of the interaction; the mechanized elastomer walls of her synthetic vagina tightening and loosening in perfect synchronization with each thrust downwards and pull upwards.

Her lubricant pumps were running constantly. Selina could hear and feel her hot fragrant lube squirting out from her pussy each time Bruce's stiff cock filled her tight little plastic sex. She began bouncing up and down as her arousal levels ticked past 95%, continuing to expertly optimize her movements to ensure each of Bruce's thrusts inside of her were smooth and effortless. Her soft brunette main, cascading out the back of her black cat cowl, bobbed up and down with a slight lag to the rest of her body’s actions.

Selina masterfully rolled her hips against Bruce's rigid phallus, continuously optimizing the angle of his penetration. Her breasts bounced buoyantly as the rest of her chassis bucked wildly above him. She occasionally cupped each one, relishing the feeling of their soft weight in her own hands.

Selina continued silently fucking Bruce for several minutes, and each time his pulsing member glided inside of her it felt better than the last. She felt increasingly proud of her performance, knowing she was built for primarily two purposes: fighting crime in Gotham and fucking Bruce's brains out. She knew her crime-fighting skills were completely unmatched, yet still she considered this moment right now as one of her all-time peak performances.

Just as her arousal levels topped 98%, the delicate sensory array of Selina's torrid sex detected the first stages of Bruce's coming orgasm. Immediately in response, her own orgasm subroutines were queued up and initiated. She instantly tightened her vagina's elastomer walls to their maximum setting and increased the intensity with which she worked the ever-sensitive head of his cock between her slippery, wet folds. Lubricant began seeping out around the edges of her swollen, glossy lips as she tipped her head backwards in simulated pleasure.

She felt Bruce building to his climax inside her velvet soft orifice and her advanced software expertly ratcheted up her own orgasm subroutines to match his pace. She bucked wildly, her boobs jiggling fervently, as she pistoned up and down his ramrod manhood. Just as she calculated his orgasm to start in earnest, Selina placed her hands down on Bruce's broad shoulders and reactivated her speaker array. She cried out in digital ecstasy as she came in perfect unison with Bruce, the audial fringes of her moans laced in computerized artifice.

She watched Bruce finally wake up beneath her, in the throes of his own overwhelming climax. He flashed her the briefest of knowing grins before grabbing onto her generous hips and pulling her forcefully tight against himself as he filled her with his hot cum.

Detecting this, Selina's systems erupted in programmed euphoria. Her pussy squeezed at Bruce's member for every drop of liquid as one last deluge of hot lubricant trickled out from her tight plastic sex.

She collapsed onto Bruce's chest, pneumatically working her mechanized cunt around his full girth for several more seconds, as her systems bathed in the simulated afterglow of their synchronized climax.

A hard spank on her sporty rear end made her head shoot up with a frisky smirk.

Bruce smiled, "Well, that sure was something little cat." He stretched and yawned, "We were up late too. Looks like those repairs did the trick! You've got me wondering what other ‘tricks’ you have hidden up your sleeve."

Selina beamed back enthusiastically, before leaning in for a long, wet, sensuous kiss. "Well, I guess you'll just have to wait and find out for yourself." She winked at him, “You didn’t have to design me to be SO irresistible you know?”

“Well that’s the way she was…you know nevermind.” Bruce’s stomach growled loudly, allowing him to easily change the subject, “I’m hungry.”

Selina paused briefly, as she moved on from Bruce’s unfinished thought to focus on his declarative statement. She playfully bit down on his lower lip, "I'll go make you breakfast then. a few minutes you can come join me?"

Bruce reached for the back of her head, running his fingers through her silky auburn hair, and again pulled her lips against his own; he pushed his tongue deep into her mouth and found her soft tongue confidently pushing back. He savored the feeling for a long moment before finally gently pushing her away, "I'd like nothing more."

Selina smirked back, "Okay, can't wait to see you in there."

She pushed up off the bed and sashayed out of the room, still fully nude. Her facial actuators pulled themselves into an amused expression-template as she knew damn well that Bruce was intently watching her ample backside with each calculated step she took out the door.

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Re: Catwoman (Chapters I & II)

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Catwoman - An Erotic Fembot Novella (Chapter III of V)


Moving into a tucked away side-room as she had been directed via Comms-Link, a surprised Selina picked up on the subtle but distinct audio cues associated with Bruce's gait as he walked up from behind her. Her Logic & Reasoning (L&R) CPU core found it puzzling that he would have decided to attend tonight's fundraiser without letting her know beforehand.

However, her digitized thought was cut short as she soon sensed his warm breath on her neck as he leaned in and whispered into her ear, "Well fancy seeing you here, little cat." The delicate sensory array woven into the ultra soft synth-skin of her pert right buttock lit up with activity as Bruce's strong hand squeezed her through the thin fabric of her skintight obsidian mini dress.

"Oh Bruce...I..I..I.." Selina stuttered as her L&R CPU struggled to hold back repeated activation attempts from her Arousal Subroutines, "...I...I…I'm having difficulties subduing my sexual suite. Aren't you worried this could compromise the mission if someone saw us together?"

In response, Bruce slipped his hand under the skirt of her dress, gently brushing a knowing finger over the taut crimson-red thong covering her artifical sex. He felt the sheer material contour nicely against her puffy lips.

Selina trembled as she stifled a wave of positive feedback algorithms that were trying to flood her circuits.

Bruce motioned towards his right eye, which Selina understood as actually a gesture to the high-tech contact lens he had recently installed within. Her pussy grew dewy with beads of lubricant as she remembered the handful of times he had direct-linked the lens to her system's HUD to watch her Sexual Suite's technical readouts in real-time as he thoroughly fucked her to the brink of shorting out her circuits.

"I have a motion tracker in the hallway outside. I'll know if anyone gets close." He removed his hand from under her skirt, and grabbing on to each of her luxuriously soft and full breasts from behind, he pulled himself tight against her spongy backside.

The existence of the motion tracker broke the computational stalemate between Selina's L&R CPU Core and her Arousal Subroutines.

She had been designed, coded, & crafted to absolutely crave Bruce's touch; thus she was ecstatic to allow her Arousal Subroutines to take the reigns. She sighed breathily, "Mhhmmhhmm yes that feels so good Bruce! I love it when you grab my boobs like that. Tell me how good they feel!?"

"They're fucking perfect. They feel better than the real thing, Selina, you know that."

"Unnghhh" She huffed out, "I know! I just love it when you say it out loud." She span around and thrust herself into him, ensuring his hands again quickly latched onto her supple bosom. The malleable proprietary synth-gel packs of her breasts compressed perfectly in his grasp, her manufactured polymer nipples stiffening into his palms.

She looked up at him adoringly and quietly spoke out, "By the way, I'm 'Rebecca' tonight."

Bruce chuckled, "Well then. Okay 'Rebecca', has anyone ever told you how simply stunning you look?"

Answering his question, Selina brought her full, soft lips up to meet Bruce and they engaged in a prolonged sensuous kiss. They passionately explored each other's mouth, Selina occasionally slipping in a playful bite of Bruce's lower lip. She loved doing this sporadically as each and every time she did her tactile sensors registered a discernible response from Bruce's groin.

She felt Bruce's hands wrap around her, his adept fingers finding the perfect roundness of her pert derriere. He squeezed each bountiful cheek hard, knowing the exact location of the delicate touch-sensor pads buried within.

Selina squealed, "Mhhmmhmm Bruce. You know just how to make a girl feel so good!"

"Well Selina...errr 'Rebecca', you make it very easy to do just that." He gave her another lingering kiss, running an affectionate finger through her little blonde hairpiece, before taking a step backwards. "Now do a little spin for me; I want to see the outfit you picked out for tonight and how you customized your hair and facial template.

Selina flashed an exuberant smile and bounced up and down excitedly before responding, "Okay!" Bruce watched transfixed as her sporty breasts wobbled with each bounce. He knew she wasn't wearing a bra, her perky pair were simply too buoyant to justify the need of a supportive garment.

Knowing how Bruce liked to be presented things like this, Selina first posed sexily with her hands on either hip.

Bruce took in the view, admiring the skimpy, yet still elegant, black obsidian cocktail dress that Selina had selected for tonight. The stretchy fabric of the dress contoured to the curves of her athletic hourglass figure magnificently. The skirt ended halfway down her thighs, putting her long, glossy legs on full display. They ended in a pair of high-laced black platform wedges that brought her height up to about 176 cm.

Taking in her full picture, Bruce identified the hairpiece, a strawberry blonde bob, that Selina had selected for this evening as one of the newest she had added to her repertoire. Her wispy bangs ended just beneath her two slender symmetrical brows, framing two icy blue eyes.

Eye color was another attribute that Bruce left up to Selina's discretion and he admitted to himself that he was quite enamored with tonight's selected combination. Other than her default shoulder length brunette hairpiece and hazel colored eyes that she typically fashioned, this may have been a new favorite for him.

Selina curtsied and did a little spin, letting Bruce drink her in from each and every angle.

The smile on Bruce's face was wiped away as he noticed a small red dot appear in the periphery of his high-tech contact lens. He leaned in to whisper at Selina, "Someone's coming. You go out ahead of me and distract him. Then we'll start with the plan."

Rapidly processing meaning from Bruce's words, Selina straightened her dress, and somewhat dissapointingly, killed the collection of sexual subroutines that she had only just activated from the touch of Bruce's savvy fingers.

Wasting no time, she pivoted ninety degrees and strode out the room into the long hall. Her acoustic sensors had picked up on the approaching man's steps just prior to her rounding the corner. She used this to her advantage; stumbling around the corner, she intentionally fell right into the man.

Spilling his drink to the side, the man caught Selina with his shoulder, wrapping his arms around her as he bore the majority of her weight. She made sure to press herself into his chest, briefly squeezing her pliant breasts up against his rib cage.

She exhaled breathily, with a hefty dosage of aphrodisiac pheromones, and pushed herself off the man. "Oh I'm so sorry! I just didn't see you around that corner. Silly me!"

She craftily grabbed the man by his shoulders and spun him to face away from the doorway. "Oh and look I spilled your drink! How about I go buy your next one to make up for it?"

The man sighed, composing himself, "The drinks are free dear. It's a fundraiser after all."

Selina's systems faltered for what felt like an eternal 2.3 seconds. Her distraction tactic was a pre-programmed routine and the inability to buy the man's next drink, an unexpected low priority variable, surprisingly gave her improvisation subroutines fits. She stuttered through her next sentence before fully recovering. "How-How-How about a quick dance then?" She flashed a sparkling smile and extended her hand, "I'm Rebecca."

Moving his head up and down, the well dressed man examined Selina closely before returning her hand shake. "Certainly. I'm Ted by the way." He paused, quickly looking behind him. "But only one. My wife is supposed to show up at some point and God knows I don't need her seeing me dancing with someone like you."

Selina curiously cocked her head to the side as her processors furiously worked to interpret the implication from his statement. Determining with 72% probability that his words were meant as a somewhat backhanded compliment, her L&R CPU Core eventually settled on the reasoning that the wife would be jealous to see the well dressed man dancing with someone as pretty, and well endowed, as herself.

She blushed, and tugged on the man's hand in the direction of the foyer where jazz-swing was being played. "Well, let's make it a quick one in that case."

Confirming their trajectory out the hallway with the aid of the motion tracker, Bruce peered around the corner just as Selina and Ted disappeared from view. He enabled his Comms-Link and spoke quietly, "Good job Selina. Once you finish up with that dance, pretend to be disinterested and just be done with him. Remember, our goal tonight is for you to get into Jake Ottlar's computer. He's Victor Frie's lead development engineer; If we can gain access to his files I'm sure we can see how those railguns are built and how they're being distributed."

"Understood Bruce. I have several photos of Ottlar saved within my memory cache. It should just be a matter of identifying him and then seducing him..." She paused, her tone lightening, "...and I don't foresee either of those being an issue for me."

He knew that Selina wasn't actually saying those words out loud, her chosen dialog combined with speech pattern and inflection metadata were sent directly from her Main CPU to him, where his Comms-Link receiver translated it to audio that emulated her digitized vocal synthesizer with ~ 98% accuracy. Bruce smiled to himself.

He continued to find Selina's confidence in her physical framework and software packages a surprising turn-on that he hadn't anticipated when designing her.

After waiting another minute or so, Bruce also made his way out of the hallway and into the noisy foyer. The white marble floor, hastily converted into a dance floor, was crowded with people. Yet, he was able to spot Selina almost immediately. She was dancing with Ted, their hands connected as they spun round one another.

He drank in her sight from afar, her stunning beauty still overwhelmed him to this day.

Sure, WayneTech had been putting out bots in public facing roles for several years now, but none of them would ever be mistaken for human from even 15 feet away. Market testing had all but confirmed this. Add on to that, the bots seeming artifice was even more apparent the instant you interacted with it.

Even the recently introduced line of semi-realistic Pleasure Bots couldn’t hold a candle to Selina.

She was completely out of their league, utterly unique, one of a kind, and perfectly lifelike.

Bruce had taken only the most foundational software packages and underlying chassis designs from the WayneTech R&D Team before privately dumping in hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of hours of his own work just to create Selina. She was by far his greatest project.

The biggest hurdle had been the development of her personality core. Typically, the WayneTech bots were given a ‘personality’ chip with either randomized or user-chosen settings that allowed them to act and behave uniquely from each other, but it was by no means an actual ‘personality’.

Selina’s personality core was comprehensively different in both form and function. Bruce had paid some of the top neural-net developers in the world to, unbeknownst to them, create an incredibly low data-usage AI program that would constantly learn and iterate on itself.

At the same time, Bruce had a competing set of developers, completely independent from each other, put together a set of software tools for him to train, teach, and mold the AI into a truly unique intelligence that could operate the HEAVILY modified WayneTech Pleasure Bot chassis that would become Selina.

With the help of some old video recordings and countless bouts of trial and error, Bruce was able to get the AI to approximate the personality of…an old flame. He grimaced and pushed the thought of her out of his head, fixing his attention back to Selina.

Finally finishing up her dance with Ted, Bruce watched how gracefully she moved, how effortlessly she interfaced in social environments, and how remarkably human she appeared. He damn well knew too just how remarkably human she FELT, both inside and out.

He took one more lingering gaze at the magnificent beauty he had created and felt a sudden twinge of grief at just how much Selina reminded him of her; the old flame who had slipped away.

Again, he pushed the feeling aside, for he knew that for the first time since he had hung up his cape and cowl, he had an answer to Gotham's crime and corruption.

For the first time in years, he had someone he truly cared about.

"Okay little cat, it's time to turn your attention to finding Ottlar. I've got some networking to do. Something doesn't add up with Freeze, he's somehow getting information in and out of Arkham to coordinate the manufacture and distribution of these railguns. Luckily it is a fundraiser tonight, and I just cashed in a quarter of my WayneTech stock options. I’ll get someone to really talk tonight."

After doing a few laps around the foyer, and cataloging the deluge of lingering glances directed her way, Selina found Jake Ottlar in line at one of the handful of bars temporarily set up for the night's event.

She queued up directly behind him and quietly breathed out a small dosage of her aphrodisiac pheromone. Patiently waiting until he ordered his drink, only then did Selina step forward, smiling prettily, "I'll actually have the same thing please!"

The bartender nodded in understanding and turned away. Simultaneously, Jake turned to face her. "Another mojito lover, eh?"

Selina beamed with a teasing smile, "Oh, they're my favorite!" She brought a hand to her head and friskily rolled a finger through her strawberry blonde hair, "I think I just really like the fresh mint."

Selina was lying. If she was capable of having opinions, then mojitos would certainly be near the bottom of the list of her favorite drinks she had consumed up to this point in her operation. She found the sugary rum drink extremely difficult to remove from the lining of her throat, a flexible plastic tube that led from the back of her mouth to the small pressurized storage vessel where she kept food and drinks until she could dispose of them, discreetly. With mojitos, she often would have to run two or three extra cleaning cycles just to remove all the stubborn residue.

Jake nodded his head, "Certainly, I think most would agree with that sentiment."

Selina giggled and batted her eyelashes at Jake. The pre-programmed flirty action bought her social behavioral matrix a couple seconds to formulate the next several steps of her seduction plan. She moved her hand onto the countertop, inches away from Jake's, "So, why are you here tonight?"

Jake rolled his eyes in exaggerated annoyance, "Well, I'll just say that I'm...contractually obligated to be here. But, I'd much rather be chatting with you then socializing with those high-society types down there." He lowered his gaze, looking Selina up and down with an approving nod. "What about you? What brings you to another Gotham fundraiser that won't make a tangible difference to the people of our fair city?"

With a few hundred milliseconds of extra processing time, Selina's Main CPU was finally able to churn through the entirety of Jake's verbose comment. She brushed her hand up against his own, "Agreed. I'm not one for high society either. I just came to support a friend is all."

The bartender returned with both of their drinks. Jake handed one to Selina with an inquisitive look on his face, "Was that your friend who you were dancing with just a little while ago? I saw you, you know?"

Blinking several times whilst processing her rebuttal, Selina took the mojito in her hands, "Oh, that's Ted. No, he's not my friend. He's just...he's just...he's just..." Selina's systems hiccuped as they compiled the final part of her faux explanation, "...he's just someone who wanted a dance."

Before Jake could inquire any further, Selina grabbed onto his wrist and breathed out another small dosage of pheromones, " were looking at me while I was on the dance floor then huh?"

Jake blushed, and averting eye contact, took a quick sip of his drink. "I uhh...I uhh...I...yes I was."

Selina knew she had him now; she loved being flirty with the people she was targeting for information. She looked at each interaction like a puzzle that her sophisticated Social Behavioral Subroutines had to navigate with programmed precision for her to be successful. Of course, having chemically formulated pheromones at the ready and the face and body of a bonafide supermodel tended to help.

Smiling ear to ear, she took a long drink from her glass and closed the distance between them. She gently pushed into him, ensuring he could feel her cushioned synth-skin curves pressing up against his body. "And what'd you think?"

Jake continued averting his eyes, "I uhh thought...I thought you looked rather remarkable." He knocked back the remainder of his drink and locked eyes with the bartender. "And I think that we need another drink."

Selina slammed the rest of her drink in solidarity, flashing the bartender a thumbs-up, before tracing a few fingers against Jake's sternum. "Mhhmm that's cute. I like that." Her ultra-sensitive touch sensors could sense his heart beat rising. In addition, her thermal imaging suite confirmed his groin's growing temperature.

Jake trembled under her touch, his eyes fluttering open and closed. "That uhh...feels really good."

Selina began to feel Jake push himself into her, matching the pressure she had been applying. She stood up on her tip-toes, tens of thousands of calculations carried out by her Balance and Spatial Awareness subsystem allowing her to balance on the tips of her elegant platform edges, and whispered into Jake's ear. "I'm Rebecca by the way. I don't think I've actually introduced myself yet."

Jake chuckled, "You know, you're right. I was...uhh...a little distracted I guess. I'm Jake. It's wonderful to meet you, Rebecca." He shook her hand with a lustful smile.

Their second set of mojitos came and they both drank them quickly, each looking to the other with luring eyes.

Jake grabbed Selina by the waist, and pulling her close, elicited a tiny squeal. Her Positive Feedback Subroutines were racing, equally proud of her system's seductive performance and equally excited about the pressure of Jake's hand against the slew of haptic touch sensors embedded within the soft synth-skin of her toned stomach.

She looked up at him, "What do you say we get out of here?"

Cracking a smile, Jake replied, "Oh I would love nothing more...." He reached his hand down and gave her bubbly rear a playful squeeze, to which Selina coquettishly batted her long eyelashes, "...but we at least have to at least stay through the first sale of the auction. Like I said, I have an obligation."

Selina repaid Jake with a squeeze of her own and waved down the bartender for a third set of drinks. "Okay, Mister Obligation! Well, how about I come with you and we get out of here afterwards."

Quietly, Jake moved his hand over to Selina's other athletic, round ass cheek. "Sounds perfect. Let's get these mojitos and get moving."


The first round of the auction came and went quickly. Selina was curious what his connection was with the event. The only item of notice was that he wrote down the winning number on a stray piece of paper, F23-W, just as soon as it was announced.

She made note of this within her memory cache, planning to follow up on the bit of information later.

Jake wrapped his arm around Selina's feminine hips, "Okay my obligation here is done. Told you it would be quick! Should we take an AutoCab back to my place for a nightcap?"

"Sure!" responded Selina, blithely.

It was raining heavily outside, enough that even the short jaunt from the fundraiser building's awning to the waiting AutoCab had Selina's dress soaked and clinging to her titillating, precision-engineered curves.

They jumped into the cab together and Selina draped herself around Jake the instant the door had closed and the autonomous transport started off towards his apartment. The lack of a driver's seat allowed for a larger passenger area.

Selina was able to comfortably straddle Jake, prominently sticking her ass up in the air for him to grab onto, while showering him with kisses. He met her lips with his own, sucking on her plump lower lip with conviction. Their two tongues slowly made forays into the other's mouths as their hands moved up and down each other's bodies. A set of Positive Feedback Subroutines coursed through Selina's systems, proud of how perfectly she was performing and executing the night's task. Jake was completely infatuated with her, utterly naive to the fact that she was nothing more than circuit boards, synth-skin, software, and servomotors.

Selina's Comms-Link activated just as she detected Jake's growing erection. "Well little cat, it looks like you have things well in hand."

Breathily running her fingers over the fabric covering Jake's stiffening member, Selina responded back via direct vocal transmission, "Yes, Bruce. I estimate I'll have the information in hand and be ready to leave by 2300. Once I get to his apartment I'll confirm the address. Can you make sure the bike is ready for me?"

"Sure thing Selina. I'll have the bike ready. Godspeed. I'll be keeping an eye on your system readouts."

The Comms-Link shut off and Selina refocused her attention on seducing and extracting information from Jake. She felt his hands dig into the cushioned sensory array of her derriere with an urgency that forced her nipples to immediately stiffen. "MMMMmmhhmmm!" Selina moaned out, again finding Jake's lips with her own.

She felt his hand slip underneath her dress and he gently tugged her damp thong to the side.

In response to his speedy exploration, heaters lining the soft elastomer walls of Selina's synthetic pussy activated, working quickly to bring her tight plastic folds up to the ideal temperature. Having already lubricated herself earlier that evening when fooling around with Bruce, she only needed to bring the pumps themselves into standby mode.

Selina arched her back and cooed as she felt Jake's fingers slip inside her for the first time. She expertly worked her hips, sexily rocking her smooth pliable sex against his touch.

She reached her own hand down, and through Jake's charcoal slacks, found him impressively stiff. Grinning mischievously, she whispered into his ear, "About how much longer until we're at your place?"

Jake huffed out, "Probably around 10 minutes or so?"

The answer was several minutes above the minimum value set by her Sexual Performance Bus, so her fellatio protocols were instantly greenlit. Grabbing for his belt and zipper, Selina slid off of his waist and took position kneeling in front of his seat; she had his pants pulled down and around his knees in under five seconds.

With a provocative smile, she leaned her head forward and pushed herself down the full length of Jake's shaft. Another pair of small heated pumps, located at the base of her neck, had finished priming her mouth and throat cavity for oral sex just in time.

Jake grunted, grabbing a handful of Selina's silky blonde hair as she masterfly pistoned up and down his hard cock with her soft artificial tongue. She sensed the tactile feedback of the small metal clamps which discreetly fastened her hairpiece to her skull, being pulled tight against their anchor points. She shuddered from the sensory input, another wave of positive feedback subroutines coursing through her sensitive systems.

"Oh god that feels so good. Yeah, just like that!"

Selina obliged, continuing to suck on his hard cock with her smooth glossy lips. She savored the feeling of him growing harder and harder within her warm plastic mouth. The tactile sensory inputs woven into the lining of her throat detected every subtle change in Jake's erection as he gradually approached orgasm.

"Ugh. That's perfect!"

Selina continued bobbing up and down on Jake's now throbbing member, using small amounts of her hot saliva-equivalent lubricant to aid in her pneumatic motion. She slipped her mouth off of his cock with a wet POP and looked up at him, her eyes implying the question, “Want me to keep going?”

"Yes. Don't stop."

Selina grinned. Her lips glistening, somewhat artificially with a sheen of lubricant catching the soft light within the AutoCab.

With his hand still on the back of her hairpiece, Jake forcefully pressed Selina back down onto his rock-hard member. Selina's positive feedback subroutines ran hot at how perfectly her systems were functioning; plus she liked being man-handled like the sexy plastic fuck-toy she truly was. She felt her tight cunt heat up and grow slick with its own separate lubricant supply.

Jake pumped himself into Selina's mouth harder and harder, deeper and deeper, as he approached climax. Selina's delicate sensory array anticipated his imminent orgasm and increased the suction she applied around his cock. Just as he was about to cum, she applied a small bit of vacuum and prepared to suck him dry.

"Oh god! Oh god I'm about to cu..."

Jake's sentence was cut-off as the autocab stopped abruptly. He was forcefully thrown from his seat just as he started cumming, his cock slamming violently past the guards at the back of Selina's throat. He exploded inside of her, the feeling of her warm throat suctioning all around him.

"Nhhgghh. Fuck."

He pulsed inside of her several more times, feeling her contract and expand around him with engineered precision.

The AutoCab beeped three times, indicating they had arrived at their destination.

Jake came to, realizing he was lying on top of who he knew as Rebecca, with his flagging erection still stuffed in her mouth. He pushed himself up and off her immediately, "Rebecca, are you okay? Sorry. That was pretty crazy."

He looked down at her and found her with a puzzled expression on her face, a bit of his cum drizzling out the corner of her plump red lips.

Internally, a small flurry of errors and alerts flashed across Selina's HUD in regards to some of her plastic throat's attachment mechanisms. She ignored the errors and alerts for now, choosing to focus her full processing capacity on adapting to the unplanned situation she currently found herself in.

A few drives tucked behind her reinforced, carbon fiber rib cage span up to full operation, giving additional processing support to her Social Behavioral Subroutines.

Realizing her eyes were crossed in faux confusion, a deep-rooted WayneTech programming quirk, she uncrossed them and smiled flirtily at Jake. She detected his semen in her throat and at the edge of her mouth. She used her tongue to bring the bit of remaining cum inside and swallowed it with a quick vacuum flush into her compact reservoir tank.

She sat up, with a nearly inaudible whine of servomotors, and found Jake pulling his pants back on. "Yes, I am okay, Jake. Should we exit the cab?"

Jake fiddled with his belt, finally synching it tight.

"Yeah, if you're good then we can get out and go up to my apartment."

Selina smiled again, "I would like that."

Flattening out her dress and artfully tossing her strawberry blonde hair to one side, Selina stepped out of the AutoCab and followed Jake through the brass adorned double doors of his apartment building. They made their way up the elevator towards the top floor of the building, each of them a bit breathless and smiling at the other.

Selina used the few quiet moments to run a series of diagnostics on her systems. The diagnostic subroutines ran quickly and found all her software and hardware subsystems operating well within established control limits, with the exception being errant data readings from two of her twelve throat-tubing mounts. Her advanced Troubleshooting Intelligence Protocols suspected, correctly, that the mounts had been sheared off when Jake fell into her inside the AutoCab. They proceeded to issue a hotfix to work around the issue until she could be properly repaired; her oral capabilities would be deactivated for the night, but Selina suspected that Jake wouldn’t mind one bit, considering what she planned next.

In his apartment Selina quickly located a laptop, and based on the setup of his work station, she determined that this would most likely contain the information herself and Bruce sought.

Jake opened a bottle of wine and the two sat on the couch together. Selina found Jake growing increasingly drunk with each drink; she reciprocated the behavior by running a handful of Intoxication Simulations over the top of her normal social subroutines.

Selina determined there was no better time than now to inquire about his behavior at the auction from earlier, "So, why the special attention to F23-W at the auction?"

Jake gasped and spit out a bit of wine, "Ummm it's nothing really."

Selina leaned in, pushing her breasts together, maximizing his view of her elegant cleavage. She put a steady hand on his forearm, "But I want to know…"

He sighed, "Ahh okay... It's for my work. F23-W was just a confirmation of where and when we're having our next...meeting. So, it's at the old Frederickson Art Museum, F, next Wednesday, W, at 11:00 PM, 23."

Selina stroked a hand against his chest, "What's the meeting for?"

Jake looked down and poured the both of them another glass of wine, "It's confidential Rebecca, I'm sorry. Here, have more wine!"

Selina feigned a pouty expression and took the glass, "Okay. Sorry to be such a bother."

Jake chuckled, "No, I'm sorry. Look, maybe one day soon I can tell you. But, for now let's change the subject to perhaps something more fun?"

After several more minutes of chatter they had each finished their drinks. With an understanding that she was in complete control of the situation, Selina decided to make the first move of the evening.

With a mischievous smile, she pivoted towards Jake. Positioning herself at what she calculated to be the optimal viewing angle, she pulled the bottom of her dress up over her springy backside and spread her lustrous, slender legs. With one of her most provocative facial expressions applied, she directed his gaze down to her crimson thong, damp from her wet pussy and pulled tight up against the puffy lips of her alluring sex.

With her eyes locked on his, she dared him to remove her underwear; the thin strip of fabric the only thing in the way of letting him experience her full suite of state-of-the-art sexual hardware.

Jake got to work immediately. He slowly walked his hands up the insides of Selina's creamy thighs, eliciting a soft moan, and gently grabbed the sodden undergarment. He began to pull it off, Selina lifted her hips to help him.

He could smell her swollen sex, primed and ready just for him. A dozen or so heat-activated carnal pheromones were mixed into her vaginal lubricant and Selina knew that they would have their desired effect on Jake.

He tossed her thong on the coffee table and began removing his own pants and briefs. He struggled a bit as he found himself stiff with an erection that was harder than he'd remembered having in quite some time.

Simultaneously, Selina worked to remove her dress. She began pulling it up and over her head, and ensuring Jake was watching, tugged it off the rest of the way in one quick motion. Her perky C-cups bounced realistically as they were freed from their fabric confines.

Jake's jaw hit the floor, "Fuck. You look perfect."

Outwardly, she flashed a flattered smile and leaned in for a quick kiss. Inwardly she thought to herself, "I know. I am perfect."

They kissed passionately for several minutes, all the while running their hands over the other's bodies. Selina squealed in delight as Jake pinched her sensitive nipples and ran his fingers over her sensor-packed clitoris. She could feel her heat pumps working, priming her pussy to be absolutely pristine for Jake's cock to enter.

She played with his erection in her hands, gently running her fingers up and down its length. He was firmer than he had been in the AutoCab, which Selina chalked up to the effectiveness of her aphrodisiac lubricant. She could tell he was ready to enter her, and frankly she was ready for him too; prepping her luxurious sexual suite in parallel with running her high level cognitive behavioral analysis software routines was taxing on a bot's batteries!

Selina stood up and straddled Jake, squatting down to teasingly slide her slick folds back and forth against his achingly hard member.

Jake watched transfixed as her sporty breasts jiggled with each and every movement, her stiff pink nipples an island of color set against a backdrop of her creamy white mammary. He reached his hands around and gave her supple derriere a firm squeeze.

Selina squealed as his fingers dug hard into the tactile sensory arrays interwoven within the layers of synth-skin, proto-polymer, elastomer, and silicone that comprised her buxom cheeks.

She cried out, "Ugh I need you now."

She pushed herself up, positioned Jake's cock beneath her, and gently lowered herself down onto his full length.

The myriad of sensory arrays within her plastic pussy instantly lit up with the input of Jake's erection pushing strongly into her glistening folds.

"Uhhh Uhhh Oh fuck yes!" Selina moaned out.

Jake could only manage a low grunt in response. Selina's sex was stretched around him impossibly tight and perfectly hot; his only goal now was to last longer than 30 seconds.

Selina repeatadly pistoned herself up and down the full length of Jake's cock, relishing the scores of newly generated sexual data-packets that she processed as “pleasure”.

Jake grunted out again, "Oh fuck. I think I'm going to come."

Selina sensed that her sexual systems were operating perhaps a little too effectively, so she adjusted her movements into a slow rhythmic rocking to ease Jake back from the precipise of orgasm.

She straightened her arms against Jake, and arched her back, calling out, "Oh baby! Fuck my tight little pussy!"

Jake repositioned his hands, firmly grabbing onto Selina's feminine hips, as she plunged her tight lips down onto his stiff erection over and over again.

"Ugghhh you feel amazing! Oh my god."

Selina smiled knowingly, her positive feedback subroutines ablaze with activity from her immaculate operation. "You feel so good in my pussy Jake! Ugh! You feel really big."

"Mhhmmpphhh" Jake grunted out. At this stage he wasn't even capable of words.

Selina continued rocking herself up and down Jake's member, savoring each time he buried himself in her tight little robotic sex. She rolled her hips against his crotch, expertly guiding his hard cock up against the ultra sensitive tactile sensory array woven into her G-spot.

She shuddered as even more data-flows of positive feedback subroutines were generated and processed by her systems.

She leaned in to kiss Jake when randomly her Comms-Link activated and she heard Bruce's whispered voice inside her head.

"Wow. You're really working him aren't you little cat? I haven't seen your CPU utilization this high with anyone...well other than me of course."

"Nobody fucks me like you, Bruce. My CPU levels are higher than usual because I'm actually running an emulation program on the side right now."

"What? I didn't program that in you. An emulation program of what?!"

"I'm emulating your perfect cock burying itself inside my tight little cunt, and each time you rail me I just squeeze you tighter and tigther-r-r-r-r-r ..tighter ..tighter ..tighter ..tighter-r-r."


"Sorry. He just started playing with my clit. FUCK that feels good. I wasn't expecting that, it just took me a little bit by surprise."

"Okay, well I'll let you go so you can...focus. Remember the information that we need from him and his computer?"

"Understood Bruce. Yes, I have all the mission parameters & objectives currently loaded in my memory cache."

"Okay little cat. I know you've got this.”

"Thanks Bruce."

The Comms-Link went silent.

Selina decided it was unfortunately time to end her little sexual foray with Jake and to move on with the mission, so she adjusted her movements to their original settings and loaded up her orgasm subroutines to execute in synchronization with Jake.

Her new movements, slowly tightening the pliable elastomer walls of her vagina around Jake, had their desired effect. Within several seconds, Jake was again moaning out, "Oh god. Fuck oh I'm so close!"

Selina could sense his dick pulsing with energy inside her, quickly approaching orgasm. She began executing the long list of protocols associated with her own orgasm subroutine, quivering as they individually loaded into operation.

"I'm close too! Oh you feel so fucking perfect, baby!"

Jake's approach to climax was faster than her system's estimates and Selina began to feel the tell-tale cues of impending male orgasm 4.3 seconds earlier than anticipated. This forced her to quickly load all of her remaining unopened climax protocols in parallel with each other.

She hadn't done this before but was…mostly confident her systems could handle it.

She executed the protocols just as Jake began emptying himself inside of her; her systems nearly crashed as her full breadth of processing capacity was filled up in the same instant that Jake filled up her perfect little synthetic snatch.

Her movements became robotic and her voice hitched up as she too climaxed.

"Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh y-y-y-y-YES!"

She bucked wildly on top of Jake, masterfully working her mechanized pussy to bring out every last drop of his cum.

She collapsed onto Jake's chest, a few errant twitches working through her systems as her orgasm protocols closed one by one.

Jake panted, "Fuck. That was amazing."

Selina murmured back before leaning in for a kiss, "Yes it was, wasn't it?"

Her lips met Jake's and as soon as she detected his mouth was open, she administered a heavy dosage of anesthesia through her plastic lips.

Jake continued kissing Selina, unknowingly inhaling the drug. After 10 seconds he was completely unconscious.

Selina gently pushed herself off of Jake and, completely nude, walked directly over to his computer work station.

She sat down, enjoying the sensation of the cool wood against her naked buttocks.

She opened the laptop and seeing it locked, as was expected, she instinctively reached a hand behind her right ear. With a soft click she opened up an elegantly disguised data port, from which she unspooled an ultra-thin data cable. She took the cable and slotted it into a matching port on Jake's laptop.

“Wait, Selina, hold on….”


Selina flew backwards in her chair with a violent explosion of sparks. The data cable was forcefully yanked out from behind her ear as the chair jerked to a rest against the far wall.

She slumped to one side, unmoving. Her blue eyes crossed, each one staring as wide open as it could, straining against their individual locking mechanisms. A few wisps of black smoke billowed up from her data port.

Selina had never looked more artificial than in that moment.

Bruce opened up his Comms-Link.


“Selina, talk to me.”

The room was quiet. Selina lay inactive and Jake unconscious.

“Selina, system status report.”

Bruce looked down at his display and watched in dismay as Selina’s scrambled systems unsuccessfully attempted to address the cavalcade of hardware and software errors flashing across her HUD.

After several tense minutes, Bruce saw her troubleshooting protocols finally gain traction and begin issuing out software hotfixes.

He whispered, “Selina…” before being interrupted.

“Bruce-Bruce-Bruce-Bruce-Bruce-Bru-Bru-Bru-B-B-B…..” The last part of the sentence fizzled out of Selina’s vocal synthesis engine with a sharp digitized hiss. “Error. Error. Error.”

She sat up, her waist pivoting forward with a violent jerk, causing her generous breasts to tremble.

“Surge Protector SP-L is unresponsive. Damage detected in PC-L (Left Primary Cell) and AC2-L (Left Ancillary Cell 2) power cells. Emergency restart commencing in 3-2-1.”

Selina’s eyes closed, and again, she was still.

Bruce again looked at his display of Selina’s system readouts, and he sighed in relief as he saw her boot sequence progress with only a few minor deviations from what was typical.

The sounds of Selina’s multitude of system drives began to fill the previously quiet room as each one rapidly approached its steady-state performance level.

Her eyes blinked open and a four note musical chime, indicating her operational status, emanated out from deep within her plastic chest.

Then her mouth opened and she spoke out in measured intervals, “Emergency restart complete. This unit will now activate.”

Bruce made a mental note to go back through Selina’s emergency startup code and remove the musical chime and verbal confirmation. It was standard on all WayneTech bots, and up to this point Bruce had forgotten it was left active within Selina.

She stood up out of the chair, surveying the room around her. “Bruce, what was that? My systems were not prepared for that. I’m in urgent need of repair.”

“Selina! Good, you’re fully active. I don’t know what that was, maybe some kind of data-crack rebounder? There’s probably some high volume capacitor within the laptop that dumped its charge into…well…into you…as soon as you made a hard data link.”

Selina blinked several times. “I understand-stand-stand-stand. How should I proceed-ceed-ceed-ceed acquiring the information?” Her systems were so jumbled she didn’t even process the hiccups from her vocal array.

In the shadowed dark of the bat cave, Bruce ran a hand over his scruff. “Hmm. Well, it’s unlikely that he has another capacitor in there, and I’m sure that thing takes ages to charge back up. You’re probably fine to reconnect with your finger drive, but let’s be careful about it. I want you to go into Low Power Mode and divert all power through your…you said it was your SP-L that’s unresponsive?”


“Okay, go into Low Power Mode and divert all power through your SP-R, just in case there’s another dump of charge. But, I think you’ll be okay.”

“I understand.”

Selina pulled the sooty data cable out from the laptop's receptacle and tried to retract it back into her blackened data port, but the motor-assisted spooling mechanism wouldn’t activate. With no spare processing capacity available, she just let the cable hang freely, fully visible exiting from behind her ear.

With no concept of fear programmed within her, and therefore unafraid of a repeat incident, Selina reached her left ring finger towards the port. The tip of her finger hinged open and a male-ended data plug emerged. Without hesitation she slotted her finger into the laptop.

She detected a small trickle of voltage jump to her systems, but it was barely enough to even necessitate the usage of her remaining surge protector.

“Bruce, I’m now connected to Jake’s computer. How would you like me to proceed?”

“Run a query on the full size of his computer’s memory block.”

“Understood Bruce.

Querying now.
Query completed.

There are approximately 6 terabytes of data within this computer’s memory block.”

“Okay. Run an estimation on the amount of time you’ll need to transfer that all over into your memory cache.”

Calcu - I estimate that my systems can have the transfer done within 17 minutes.”

“Okay, and how much of a dose did you give Jake.”

“Approximately 50 mL”

“Well he should be out for at least four hours or so. We should have plenty of time. Initiate the transfer.”

“Understood Bruce. Initiating transfer now.


“Selina, please discontinue verbal updates on current transfer with exception at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 90% completion levels.”

“Understood Bruce.”

Selina ran a charge of current through her tousled hair, resetting each artificial strand back to its neutral, “styled” state. Walking out the back door of Jake’s building, her hair-do looked just as it had to start the night. She followed suit by pulling her dress taut against her artificial curves, smoothing out the minor wrinkles she had accrued throughout the night’s operation.

She had managed to erase the building’s security footage for a 40 minute span that covered both her time at Jake’s computer and her exit from his apartment.

She left her frilly crimson thong on Jake’s coffee table with her phone number written on a small sticky note. She had figured it may be a good way to triangulate his location in the future if necessary, plus it would be a good reminder of what happened that night so he didn't panic upon waking up from a heavy dosage of knock-out gas.

As Selina climbed on the bike, which Bruce had programmed to pilot itself to her location, she instinctively bit down on her lower lip. With no thong beneath her dress, her smooth plastic clit was in direct contact with the bike’s seat. She ground her sculpted mons against the faux leather, savoring the flurry of positive feedback subroutines sent coursing through her sexual suite.

With a breathy sigh, she kicked the bike off of its stand, hit the accelerator and was off into the night with all the information about Freeze’s new weapons stored within her vast memory banks.


Bruce watched as Selina drove into the Batcave and slotted her bike into its specified charging bay. He noticed, with a bit of worry, at how slowly she dismounted the bike, it was as if she was moving at half speed.

She walked towards him, exaggeratingly strutting her generous hips, only to be interrupted with an errant twitch every few steps.

With her arms stretched wide, she pushed herself lovingly into Bruce’s waiting embrace. She cooed as he pulled her tight, feeling her soft curves press firmly into his body.

He immediately could tell her systems were running too hot; the heat her chassis was dispelling was scorching, certainly well above her standard operating temperature range. He wondered if the damage to her power cells was affecting the regulation of energy to her heat dispersion system.

Selina pushed up on the tips of her toes to kiss Bruce but stopped short when he put his finger to her enviable lips. She looked up at him curiously; he typically would have already had her dress completely removed by this point.

“Selina, I think I need to take a look at your systems now. I don’t think your repair can wait.”

She bit her lip seductively and pulled his hand down, placing it against her crotch. Bruce could feel the fervid heat she was putting off through her dress. This only concerned him further.

“I ran a full set of sanitation cycles on my oral and vaginal suites on my drive home. I’m ready for you right now.” She squeezed his hand against her hot mound. “All those simulations I was running-ing-ing earlier have me SO hot for you, Bruce.” She jerkily pulled his other hand onto her breast and sighed, “Ah-ah-ah-ah your-your-your hands feel so-so-so-so good touching me-me-me!”

Bruce felt himself growing stiff. He found it incredibly hot when Selina tried to power through minor errors purely of out programmed carnal desire.

But, he composed himself and gently pushed her way, “Selina, your language subroutines are skipping. I think there may be an issue with your power regulation system. I need you to get on the bench NOW.”

Selina rolled her eyes in mock annoyance but obeyed. Although, she independently made the decision to provocatively remove her dress first, right in front of Bruce, as a lesson learned on just exactly what he was missing out on. She bent over as far as the servo motors in her legs would allow. They strained audibly under the load, but this ensured the puffy pink lips of her plastic pussy were directly in Bruce’s line of sight.

She pulled the form-fitting garment up and over her head, but made the decision to keep her stiletto heels on. Knowing Bruce had an affinity for having her wear them when railing her after long and arduous nights out fighting crime, Selina’s systems were confident that wearing nothing but the heels would make her enticing curves all the more irresistible to Bruce.

With a pouty huff, she hoisted herself onto the leather workbench. Laying on her back she made damn well sure to spread her legs ever so slightly and to push her breasts out as much as her buxom chassis allowed. She really couldn’t have stopped if she wanted to; she had sensed Bruce’s arousal just moments before, and she was programmed to continuously please him, unless otherwise directed.

She acknowledged that she did have a few minor alerts flashing across her HUD, warning her of a half dozen or so temperature readings that were above their upper control limits. But, she didn’t see what the big deal was, she had operated at length with higher sustained temperatures before.

Her L&R CPU Core surmised that Bruce was probably just worried about her and wanted to ensure all her systems were tuned up so as to not cause any further damage to her state-of-the-art electronics.

“Bruce really is so smart and caring!” Selina thought to herself. “I’m so glad I’m his little cat and that I get to have his cock inside me all the time.”

Bruce chuckled, looking at his display showing Selina’s technical readouts which included her internal dialogue, “Your personality core really is something else, isn’t it Selina?”

Selina smiled obliviously, currently unaware that her “thoughts” were broadcasting directly onto Bruce’s desktop monitor.

“Okay, I think I can keep you online for your data port replacement, but I may have to deactivate you for the power system fix. Do you want me to drain your gray water sanitation reservoir while you’re offline? It looks pretty full.”

Selina’s eyes ticked back and forth several times as she thought through Bruce’s question.

Her systems liked it when he gave her autonomy on even the simplest of questions, and he was doing it more and more as he grew more comfortable with her functionality, “I can drain them myself once you reactivate me.”

She blushed, continuing, “I don’t like you having to deal with that system. I can take care of it!”

“Okay.” Bruce replied. He was happy to let Selina take care of the sanitation reservoir herself. He didn’t love the part of Selina’s operation that involved her sleeping with other men or women, but he knew it was a critical component of her functionality required for her to gather as much information on Gotham’s criminal underworld as possible.

To counter this, he had developed a series of sanitation procedures for her synthetic vagina, mouth, and anus that left her inner surfaces perfectly sterilized and even a bit fragrant.

Bruce grabbed a hockey stick shaped tool out from a drawer, about the size of a toothpick, before requesting, “Selina, please reveal the microseams surrounding your data port.”

“Yes, Bruce.” Selina’s playful behavior was gone as she obediently followed his command.

There was faint hiss and within a few seconds a small rectangle appeared just behind Selina’s ear, as her normally camouflaged microseams revealed themselves.

Bruce pushed Selina’s strawberry blonde hair to the side and got to work. He worked his tool under the seam closest to her ear and carefully peeled it back, revealing the heavily charred data port below.


“What?!” Selina asked curiously, her eyes staring straight up at the ceiling.

“The whole unit’s fried. I guess that’s what I expected. It just looks a little worse than I thought it would.” He put his hand reassuringly on Selina’s shoulder, “I’m sorry you had to go through this little cat.”

She wriggled against the workbench, “It’s okay, think you’ll be able to fix me?”

“Oh yeah, shouldn’t be a problem in the slightest.” He reached over to his toolset and pulled out a small screwdriver which he set into Selina’s head, in two spots on either side of her synged data port.

Bruce removed the data port, decoupling the fried wiring harness that had fused with some of the circuitry underneath. He took a PCB cleaning brush and went about cleaning off the circuitry. Everything looked in perfect order so he decided not to remove anything further at that time.

Moving over to a large bank of drawers, he quickly picked out a replacement unit with a matching new wiring harness. He slid back over to Selina and had the new unit installed within a minute. He closed the Synth-Skin opening back up and whispered into Selina’s ear, “Selina, please run a status check on your newly installed data port. If full functionality is confirmed restored, please reactivate camouflaging protocols on relevant microseams in the afflicted area.”

Selina stared straight ahead as her systems ran a series of tests on the newly installed hardware. Bruce couldn’t help but watch the swells of her full, pert breasts rising and falling with each artificial breath she took.

Her eyes blinked two times and she sang out cheerfully, “Status check of new hardware confirmed successful! Camouflaging applicable microseams.”

Bruce saw the rectangular “section” of Synth-Skin disappear almost immediately. He found the simple method of hiding and revealing her microseams quite ingenious, for which he thanked the WayneTech engineering team. Each microseam was surrounded by two pressure seals, so if you applied enough pressure in the area, the seam would “disappear” completely, and vice-versa, if you dropped the pressure in the area to a certain level the seam would “appear”.

“Okay Selina, next bit of business is replacing your left surge protector and your ancillary power cells. I’m going to have to cut all power for this, so I’m going to have to take you offline. Sorry.”

“It’s okay Bruce. Just one thing first though?”

“Yeah, what’s that?”

She hinged herself upwards at the waist, and putting her hand on the back of Bruce’s head, brought him in for a wet sultry kiss. He was taken by surprise with the action and by the time he was ready to reciprocate Selina pulled away from him with an impish grin.

“Okay, that was it.” She gave him a wink, “Deactivating now.”

In an instant, Selina’s face went blank, expressionless, her eyes glossed over and doll-like.

Bruce looked her over in this deactivated state, her seductive figure just as alluring now as it was while in motion.

Her lifeless body made him briefly think of the real Selina and the time they spent together before it had all come crashing down. The real Selina’s robotic facsimile lying just beneath him looked impossibly similar to the real thing, albeit for some slight enhancements Bruce had made to her hips, ass, and bust.

For a moment he questioned the ethics of what he was doing. Was it morally right to him to have used the likeness of a real person with whom he had known so intimately? Was he wrong to have created a souped-up crime fighting sexbot in her image?

He shook the thought away and busied himself with robo-Selina’s remaining repairs. It was going to be a long night.

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Re: Catwoman (Chapters I, II, & III)

Post by Bane » Mon Sep 05, 2022 12:18 am

This story is getting better and better by the chapter!

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Re: Catwoman (Chapters I, II, & III)

Post by CheeseMaker » Mon Sep 05, 2022 7:15 pm

Seems Selina's "perfect" body isnt all that hyped up to be owo. But she still is a obedient robot overall.

I hope we get to see more than one fembot in the story. Maybe Selina gets duped and might get hacked? Who knows!💕

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Re: Catwoman (Chapters I, II, & III)

Post by N6688 » Tue Sep 06, 2022 1:48 pm

Love that you're posting stories and manips again, the quality in writing never dissapoints. :thumbsup:
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Re: Catwoman (Chapters I, II, & III)

Post by LongTimeLurker » Sat Sep 10, 2022 8:56 am

Fantastic! Loving all the damage / repair descriptions, and I live for those moments when her processor is struggling with a curveball.

But she doesn't like mojitos? :cry:

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Re: Catwoman (Chapters I, II, & III)

Post by DZiegler » Sun Sep 11, 2022 6:27 pm

Thanks to D.Olivaw for coming in clutch with some fantastic editing advice.

Catwoman - An Erotic Fembot Novella (Chapter IV of V)


Selina took a large suction cup from her pack and placed it on the glass. With a few button presses and a short hiss, the suction cup's indicator light blinked green, signifying it was fully engaged. Selina then extended four sets of rubber grips from the suction cup’s center.

With the tool fully deployed, Selina activated a laser cutter, hidden in her right pointer finger. She sliced a hole in the glass, precisely the size and shape needed for her nimble chassis to fit through.

With the hole cut, Selina turned off her laser cutter and pressed another button on the suction cup device. With a steady motorized whir, the four rubber supports dug in around the hole and the suction cup raised the newly separated chunk of glass about two feet into the air.

From the utility belt wrapped around her slender waist, Selina then extended a length of rappelling cord. She clipped it onto a mounting fixture built into one of the rubber supports and squeezed herself down into the freshly cut hole.

She felt the locking mechanism in her utility belt engage as the cord took the full force of her weight. She pressed the DOWN button and the built-in motor silently lowered her from the ceiling.

Selina looked beneath her and her advanced optics locked onto two targets 38.2 feet below. The atrium was large, with vaulted ceilings. She focused in on their distinct golden collars and immediately Bruce's voice came on through the Comms-Link.

"Looks like a few of Joseph Francese's hired thugs. That kid won't be satisfied until he either runs the mob in this town or dies trying. We've got to find out how he fits into all of this."

Selina knew that Bruce could see, and frequently watched, every bit of data that her digital camera eyes took in. No matter how often he did it, her systems frequently underestimated his ability to process the scene in front of her and make observations faster than she. Even in old age, the man's instincts were uncanny.

He continued, "I know that in the past, the mob and Freeze did NOT get along, so I wonder what they're up to. Remember Selina, this is information retrieval ONLY, the last thing we want to do is tip them off that we know what they're up to."

"Understood Bruce."

She refocused her attention on the scene below; each man carried a sidearm, but nothing that would pose a threat to the integrity of the reinforced kevlar mesh that covered her entire body just millimeters beneath her synth-skin.

Selina pulled her incapaciTASER from its slot in her utility belt. She continued her descent, stopping 15 feet above the two armed men she stopped her descent. She armed the high-tech stun gun, disengaged from her rappelling cord, and fell forward with purpose.

The heel of her heavy combat boot made first contact, striking one of the men on the back of his neck. He crumpled to the ground immediately and just as the other thug turned towards Selina she knocked him off of his feet with a low, sweeping kick. She buried the stun gun in the small of his back until satisfied he was unconscious. Then she turned her attention back to the first man who lay on the ground writhing in pain and moaning. She pulled a cat-shaped gag from her belt and fastened it over his mouth, rendering his moans all but silent. She did the same thing to the unconscious thug before binding their arms and legs.

She whispered, "Sorry boys! Nothing personal. This cat's just a little curious about the operation you’re running here. I hope you don't mind if I explore a bit more?"

They didn’t respond.

Tiptoeing down a near set of stairs, Selina's round derrière wriggled enticingly in her black skintight nanofiber lattice catsuit.

Using her long-range sonic detection capabilities to listen for further noises in the building, Selina continued down several more flights of stairs uninterrupted. Eventually, she picked up on the voices of what her systems quickly estimated to be a group of four thugs.

She tossed a concussive smoke grenade around the corner and pounced the instant it erupted in a flash of blinding white light. Activating her Thermal Imaging Suite to see through the smoke, she leapt upwards and wrapped her legs around one man's neck before spin-flipping his face into the ground.

"What the fuck!?" Another man shouted and began firing at random into the smoke as he shielded his eyes from the dense white cloud.

The bullets he fired weren't even in her direction; Selina saw one of them slice through the thigh of another thug, who crumpled to the ground immediately. That left two remaining threats for Selina.

She prioritized the man still aimlessly shooting his pistol. One shot whizzed by her chest. She ran towards him before sliding feet-first right up to him. She put her heavy combat boot straight through the front of his knee, blowing it out backwards. He twisted down to the ground in an undignified heap.

Just one thug was left standing.

Selina scanned and found him fleeing in a panic. Her incapaciTASER had just finished building its charge so she put a round directly into his back, bringing him down and rounding out the whole group.

Three minutes later she had the four men all gagged and bound together, just like the two from earlier. They were injured, scared, and shocked, but alive. That was a line she couldn't cross, a carry-over from Bruce’s days as Gotham’s Dark Knight.

"Well that sure was a lot of security for one little pussy, and yet you four let me slip right through. I guess that makes me a slippery little pussy.” She blinked several times in quick succession before flashing them a wide, shit-eating grin.

Bruce cringed at his display; he would definitely have to fiddle with her humor settings.

Surveying her surroundings, Selina found herself in front of a massive set of iron swinging doors. She flickered through her various imaging capacities and stared at the doors, approximating their thickness at around 15 centimeters. The locking mechanism was sealed tight and looked equally sturdy.

She flipped her Comms-Link on, "Bruce, I think I'm stuck. I won't be able to get past these doors."

"Hmmm well let's think, little cat. Let me see if I can pull up the blueprints for the building and find you a different way in."

"Understood Bruce." Selina instinctively slipped into a pre-programmed 'standby' subroutine, sexily shifting her weight back and forth between her buxom hips, as she waited for his response.

"Okay, I think I found a path for you into the main gallery. They've got to be meeting there based on the parts of the building you've already covered."

"Understood Bruce. What is my route?"

He chuckled, "Well you may not like this, but you're going to have to crawl through an air duct to get there."

"I don't understand. Why would I not like this?"

Bruce laughed again, harder this time, "Well I did this plenty of times back when I still wore the cape. They're often very warm, and there's not much space to maneuver, they're very tight."

There was a pause on Selina's end, "I'm very warm and very tight. You like me."

Bruce cackled, "You're spot on with that one, little cat! It's okay, I think you'll be able to manage in there."

"Understood Bruce. Where should I enter the air duct?"

"Yes...ahhh...spin to your right and you should see a supply closet on the far side of the room. The duct runs right through there. There should be a grate that you can pop off and climb in."

"Understood Bruce. I'm approaching the duct now."

"Godspeed little cat."

Selina squeezed herself into the air duct.

The fit was tight, but with her breasts compressed flat against the metal ducting beneath, she was able to steadily crawl forward.

Via her Comms-Link, she thanked Bruce for giving her such a lithe chassis. Bruce chuckled anxiously, indirectly alluding to the real Selina’s measurements. He steered the conversation away, saying that he had chosen her skinny yet well endowed frame for the sole reason of man-handling her during sex.

Selina's synthetic cunt grew hot at the idea.

However, that wasn't the only thing growing hot.

Temperature alerts began flashing across Selina’s HUD as she continued to wiggle her way through the duct. The air around her was 130 F, well above her system’s rated maximum. She felt her heat dispersion fans, nestled deep within her plastic chest, rev-up as they struggled to dispel the heat that was quickly building up in her systems. The hot air escaped through her glossy lips in a seemingly never ending exhale.

She disregarded the alerts for now, knowing that she was close to reaching the weapons meeting. She estimated that she could withstand another 2 - 4 minutes of the current heat levels before she would need to begin shutting down critical systems.

After another two minutes or so of wriggling her supple plastic ass through the duct, Selina found herself laying on top of an access grate, which was directly above what she immediately understood to be the weapons meeting.

She used her imaging suite to scan the scene below, applying identifiers and tags to everything and everyone she saw.

There were at least eight armed guards, each equipped with a submachine gun and an electrical baton.

"That’s odd, why do they all have electrical batons?" Selina thought to herself.

Each guard also had body armor and a military-grade helmet on. "Hmm, they’re going to be tricky."

There were another six men in various attire, some in business suits and others dressed more colorfully. One of the men had his shoulder in a sling. Selina lowered his perceived threat level with that bit of information.

Lastly, there was Mr Freeze. Selina recognized him almost immediately. It would have been hard not to, in his mechanically assisted pressure suit and ruby-red goggles. He was also equipped with an electrical baton and one of the railguns she had previously seen at the jewelry store break-in.

An urgent alert flashed across Selina’s HUD and she froze momentarily.

ALERT: system_temperature readouts exceed maximum allowable values in left_primary_power_cell and right_primary_power_cell

Her systems resumed and after an additional ocular search of the scene below, Selina realized she had missed somebody with her initial scan.

Tucked just behind a large wooden crate there was a man who was blindfolded, gagged, and taped to a chair. Selina was lowering his perceived threat level when her facial analysis suite unexpectedly came up with a direct match.

It was Jake Ottlar.

She activated her Comms-Link, "Bruce they have Jake. They must have figured out somehow that he tipped us off." She paused, her Logic & Reasoning CPU Core frenetically working to further understand the situation below, "I think they're going to kill him."

She continued, "Bruce, we have to save him. We put him in this position."

"No! Selina, he put himself in this position by working with Freeze and...."

ALERT: system_temperature readouts greatly exceed established control parameters in this unit's Main Processing Core. System will reboot into SAFE MODE in 30 seconds to prevent permanent damage to unit

The alert cut Bruce’s sentence short and Selina didn't fully process his command.

"My systems are in danger of shutting down. I have to stop this meeting and save Jake now."

"Selina, no!"

Bruce's plea was too late. Selina’s systems determined she could delay not a microsend further. Deep-rooted in her WayneTech code base, protecting human life was one of the few circumstances that allowed her systems to act independently of anybody's commands, including Bruce’s.

She engaged every combat software package she had, used her laser cutter to remove the vent beneath her, and pushed down from her hidden position.

Selina fell, smashing her knee into the skull of one of Freeze’s thugs and driving him to the ground. She gracefully rolled out of the encounter and immediately fired off both charges of her incapaciTASER, separately targeting the unprotected necks of two more thugs. Each shot was a direct hit thanks to her advanced targeting systems and impeccably designed gyroscopes. Both men folded over onto the floor as the voltage running through their bodies induced temporary paralysis.

Her systems ticked off each threat as it was eliminated. Three down. Five to go.

A few man raised their submachine guns, but each halted before pulling their respective triggers as the booming, resonant voice of Mr. Freeze called out, "Don't shoot you fucking morons! I want her fully intact."

As one lowered his gun and reached for his baton, Selina put her fist into his throat. He folded over in a wheezing heap with a broken larynx and collapsed trachea.

She spun towards the next thug, who's baton was crackling with electricity, and moved in to engage him. However, just as she pushed off the ground to throw a round-house kick, an error flashed across her HUD.

ERROR: indeterminable coordinate values reported in balance_&_spatial_awareness_subsystem: x_axis, y_axis, z_axis. commencing reboot of subsystem

Selina flailed in the air wildly before forcefully crashing into the cement floor.

Bruce's voice came in over the Comms-Link, "Selina! What was that? I've never seen that error before?"

Luckily, her subsystem quickly booted back into operation just as the thug thrust his baton down at her. She reached up, catching his hand and snapping it violently to the side. The baton's charged end was now only centimeters away from her torso. With a taxing whine from her shoulder's servo motor, she flipped the man over, smashing him into the ground.

"Five down. Three to go."

She pushed off the ground, leaping back onto her feet just in time for another thug to bury his baton into the small of her back. Her electrically-insulated bodysuit deadened some of the charge and her two surge protectors worked in tandem to eat up the rest of the voltage spike.

She reached her hands behind her back and grabbed onto the baton. Then, with superhuman flexibility, she back-flipped into the thug, slamming both of her heavy combat boots intohis jaw with a dull THUNK.

Just as she landed, another error worked its way across her HUD.

ERROR: input from optical_imaging_suite & thermal_imaging_suite disengaged. commencing reboot of affected imaging suites

Selina's vision went black.

Bruce’s voice again cut in, "Selina! What is going on?! You need to get out of there NOW!"

She could only stand still as her Main Processing Core, in a frenzy of constantly evolving calculations, struggled to adapt in time to this new variable.

She failed to respond as her audial sensors registered the telltale 'WHOOSH' of a baton being swung her direction. It hit her directly in the side of her neck, the blunt force cracking carbon fiber structural supports. The sudden burst of electrical energy blew her several meters backwards and fried both of her surge protectors. Luckily, they were able to keep the rest of the weaponized electricity from reaching any further into her delicate electronic components.

With structural, surge protector, and imaging suite alerts all now flashing across her HUD, Selina forced herself to her feet and cleverly switched over to her lesser-used LIDAR remote sensing system. The input was rough, and not nearly up to the resolution and accuracy of her other imaging suites, but it was sufficient for her to see the two remaining thugs approaching her, each grasping a fully charged baton.

She reached for her last remaining concussive smoke grenade and threw it at the men. It exploded in its typical bout of bright white smoke and blinding light. The men shielded their eyes and stumbled forward sloppily.

Selina stepped into the smoke, and performing thousands of spatial positioning interpolations a second, wrenched a baton away from one of the men. She shoved it into his side, intentionally avoiding his body armor, and felt him explode backwards in a burst of sparks.

Her optical and thermal imaging suites then kicked back on, and she went to perform a similar baton-reversal maneuver to the one remaining thug, but another unfamiliar error popped up which stopped her in her tracks.

ERROR: activation of orgasm_subroutines is an incompatible action when combat_protocols are engaged. commencing deactivation of combat_protocols to allow for activation of orgasm_subroutines

Selina paused, and with a puzzled look, cocked her head to the side. Her nipples hardened and she felt her sex grow very hot and very wet. "Mmmmmhhmmm Bruce-Bruce-Bruce!?"

The last thug, keying onto her voice, thrust his baton forward. He landed its charged tip against her upper thigh. Her catsuit again absorbed some of the voltage, but it wasn't nearly enough with her surge protectors out of commission.

The flow of energy popped and crackled its way through her exquisitely designed circuit boards, charring some and leaving others untouched.

She collapsed onto the ground, rhythmically grinding her mons into the cement.

"Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-BRUCE-BRUCE-BRUCE-BRUCE FUCK-FUCK-FUCK-FUCK-ME-ME-ME-MEMEMEME..." Selina's glitchy voice went quiet as the orgasm subroutine ate up all her unused processing capacity.

She was barely able to register Bruce's solemn voice coming in over her Comms-Link, "Selina. Somebody is in your systems. You've been hacked."

She forced through her orgasm subroutine as quickly as possible, rivulets of her hot lubricant running down the legs of her black catsuit. She sprang back up just in time to acrobatically roll out of the thug’s reach.

Reactivating her combat protocols, Selina ran full speed at her assailant. Her software anticipated his swing, and with superhuman speed she grabbed onto his extended arm and broke it in half before he could complete the motion.

The man dropped the baton and swung his other fist at the back of Selina’s head. She anticipated this move as well, and catching his wrist mid-swing, she wrenched it a full 180 degrees in the direction it was not supposed to move. The advanced haptic sensors in her hands picked up on the sensation of his bones cracking.

He fell backwards onto the ground, his eyes looking up at Selina’s supple figure like she was some kind of sexed up, vigilante demon.

Ensuring he was no longer a threat, Selina picked up the baton and casually threw it against his chest. He convulsed momentarily before falling unconscious.

Turning to face Freeze and the rest of the men, Selina picked her most unwavering vocal setting and spoke aloud, “Is that all you can throw at me?” She sashayed towards them, provocatively swinging her hips inside her silhouette-hugging catsuit.

“I’m stronger than you. I’m faster than you. If you don’t want to end up like them…” She motioned towards the eight men behind her, all either unconscious or writhing on the ground, “...I suggest you turn over these railguns right-right-right…”

Selina’s systems faltered, her motor functions suddenly inaccessible. She was completely immobilized, stuck mid-step.

Freeze’s deep voice boomed out, “Catwoman, FREEZE.”

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Re: Catwoman (Chapters I, II, III, & IV)

Post by botfriend2000 » Thu Sep 15, 2022 9:22 am

:thumbsup: WOW! An epic and super climatic chapter. Bravo!

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Re: Catwoman (Chapters I, II, III, & IV)

Post by DZiegler » Mon Sep 19, 2022 2:05 pm

Again, big thanks to D.Olivaw for his awesome editing skills.

A warning that this chapter is a bit more graphic than others. If you're not a fan of disassembly then read no further!

Catwoman - An Erotic Fembot Novella (Chapter V of V)


“Oh Bruce, Bruce, Bruce WAYNE! You always thought you were so clever, didn’t you? Of course I have surveillance software installed on all my engineer’s workstations! You didn’t think that when your little…” Freeze flailed his arms wildly, “...kitty sexbot here plugged herself into Mr. Ottlar’s computer that it wouldn’t automatically take a snapshot of the connecting device?”

Forced in position on her knees in front of Freeze, Selina stammered with glitchy irregularity, “I-I-I-I-I-I…” She was cut off as Freeze smacked her across her face with a hollow ‘THUNK’ of his energized baton.

“Shut up you robotic bitch! I’ll deal with you later.”

Selina’s voice morphed into a muffled digital garble and faded out as she struggled to regain control over her systems.

“AND! And and and…that connecting device was actually labeled at its root level as a WayneTech Pleasure Bot?! WHAT?!” Fries cackled, shaking his head, “That’s just plain lousy coding work there Bruce. I’m frankly a little disappointed.”

Bruce grimaced on the other end of the line, unable to respond, looking at Freeze through Selina’s camera eyes.

“Combine that with the fact that Rico here…” He gestured over to the man standing up against a crate with his arm in a sling, “…Rico come here so Bruce can see you. Yeah, that’s good.”

Freeze looked Selina right in the eyes, “Combine that with the fact that Rico actually saw your stupid cat-bitch robot just the other night! You know what, at first I didn’t believe him. I said he was crazy. But THEN, we ran the scan on Mr. Ottlar’s computer and found that a WayneTech Pleasure Bot had accessed our files.”

Freeze chuckled, “Well that settled it for me. I figured you’d probably try to send her here tonight…” He pointed to the man tied to the chair, eyes blindfolded, “…after all, Mr Ottlar here said that she was quite interested in our little meeting.”

He twirled his baton enthusiastically, “So, I went out and bought every blackmarket Zero-Day exploit available for your little pleasure bots. Turns out, there’s a lot of them!”

He laughed maniacally, “Again, sloppy, sloppy coding Bruce. Although I’ll chalk this one up to your shortsighted engineers.”

Bruce hit his desk violently. Nobody could hear him, “No! Come on Selina! Come on! You’ve got this, little cat!”

“I didn’t know which of those exploits would work on your little custom robo-slut, so I just set them all up on this little tablet and broadcasted them one at a time the second she arrived.”

He spun around, speaking to the other half-dozen or so men still in the warehouse, “And it was quite an arrival I’ll say! I’ll admit that coming in from the fucking air duct, took us all a bit by surprise! But, just a few seconds after watching her tear through the guards, I hit this little button…”

With a finger he gestured at the large red button on the tablet’s screen, “…and well you saw the results. Again I will say she’s a stubborn little bot though, isn’t she? Took down eight of our best men before finally going down herself.”

Victor walked up and squatted down so that he was eye level with Selina, his eyes only inches away from her plastic face.

Bruce saw him look at Selina up and down.

“She is quite an attractive little toy. Maybe I’ll have some fun with her later like Mr. Ottlar here did.”

He looked over to Jake who sat, gagged and nervously squirming in his restraints, “I’m still so disappointed Jake. All it takes for you to give away our secrets is what…some Chardonnay and a robot prostitute? What if we hadn’t caught her? Then maybe our plan would have been all for naught and Mr. Francese here wouldn’t be very happy, would he?”

He grinned at Francese, “And trust me…we don’t want an unhappy Francese. Joseph, can you have one of your remaining goons see to him, please?”

With a digitized hum, Selina murmured, “Jake-Jake-Jake-Jake…”

She was again interrupted by Victor, who this time pressed the electrically charged tip of his baton right against the base of her neck.

She spasmed uncontrollably as the voltage ran through her electric internals unchecked.

Bruce could only hear now, Selina’s eyes shook in their sockets, fixed gazing upwards, “Ahh now isn’t that much better? Goodbye Bruce, thanks again for all the laughs. I’ll see you in hell.”

Selina reactivated with a sudden jolt. Ignoring the litany of alerts and errors scattered across her HUD, she performed a quick scan of her surroundings. She quickly realized that she was bound vertically, her legs, arms, and neck all fastened tightly to a cement wall against her back. The room she was in was unfamiliar; she was unable to determine if it was the same building or not. Her chronograph was a mess, unable to assign any time estimates for how long she’d been out.

She found that she had also been stripped of her clothes, although she sensed her cowl was still in position atop her head. In addition, her sternum access panel was hinged open just beneath the swell of her breasts.

She went to move her arms and legs, but no matter how much power she routed through her servo motors they couldn’t budge the straps that held her tight. She just ended up wriggling cartoonishly against her restraints.

“Ahh you’re awake, Catwoman! Or…” Mr. Freeze gave her a knowing wink, “…or should I just call you Selina? I think I’ll do that. Catwoman is too formal.”

Freeze was sitting in a chair right in front of Selina, the control tablet in his gloved hands. Two red cables stuck out of the tablet, snaking across the floor and up into her open panel.

“Do you know who I am, Selina?”

Selina stared at him, steadfast, “You’re Victor Fries, also known as Mr. Freeze. Where’s Bruce?”

“Very good Selina! You can call me Victor so that we’ll both be on a first name basis.” He chuckled and typed out something hurriedly on the tablet.

Selina felt the locks on her coital access panel release.

“Oh and Bruce can’t help you now my little robotic vigilante. The first thing I did when I opened you up was to…permanently deactivate your ability to externally network with well…anything.”

He gave the tablet another tap before gesturing to the ground to his right. Selina’s eyelashes flickered as her coital access panel hinged open; she looked over and identified a small bundle of sliced wires and her hastily ripped out data-networking module.

She huffed at the idea of him so egregiously pulling out her delicate components. A quick internal query of her Comms-Link’s status confirmed Freeze’s actions, as it errored out under her attempt to make any network connection.

Turning her attention back to Freeze, Selina probed, “Where is Jake Ottlar?”

Freeze clenched his teeth together, “Oh I guess that’s right, you missed that part! It’s not your fault, I may have given you such a shock at the end of our little conversation with Bruce there that you shut down! It was quite cute, really.”

He looked her directly in the eyes. “Jake’s dead. Francese saw to that. He put everything at risk with his careless behavior, and I suggest you cooperate so we can keep the…err…body count down, okay?”

“Why am I active? Why not just terminate my systems and dispose-ose-ose-ose-ose of me?”

Selina’s voice hiccuped as her systems struggled to adjust to the absence of dozens of critical processing arrays that had been destroyed during the multiple electrical baton charges her frame had endured.

Victor set his tablet down and leapt out of his chair, “Well, on top of being the most lifelike bot I’ve ever seen, you may just have something I need.”

He began pacing in front of her. Selina scanned the room behind him and found nobody else there.

They were alone.

“You see I’m not really a BAD guy, Selina. I’m really a victim in all this! Years ago my wife Nora was very sick. Everyone said that what she had was incurable…”

He stopped pacing, running a finger down from the bottom of Selina’s sternum access panel to her plasti-sculpted navel.

“…INCURABLE! Do you know what that’s like? To know that the person you love most is going to die right in front of you and there’s nothing you can do about it?”

He looked at her with two sorrow-filled eyes, before shaking his head in annoyance, “Of course you don’t. You’re just a stupid fucking bot.”

He grabbed the chair, spinning it 180 degrees, and sat back down. He leaned into the chair’s back support, facing Selina.

“Anyways, I didn’t let that stop me. I loved…I LOVE Nora, so I put her in a homemade stasis chamber to keep her alive without her sickness progressing. Do you understand what I’m saying.”

Selina blinked in affirmation, but in reality she was only able to partially process Freeze’s words.

“Good! So, yes I had her in stasis for the better part of the last 25 years. I waited 25 years for a cure; a QUARTER CENTURY without my lovely Nora, and still, to this day…the prognosis for her condition hasn’t improved one bit.”

He took a labored breath, his eyes laser-focused behind his red tinted goggles, “Imagine that...”

“Well, it turns out that stasis itself has a shelf life of its own. A couple years ago we had a few scares with the process and I thought I’d lost her forever. But, I was lucky and she ended up pulling through.”

He put his palms together, rubbing them against each other with nervous energy, “So, here I am….my terminally ill wife will die if she stays in stasis and she’ll die if I bring her out of stasis. There’s really no way for me to WIN here.”

He reached out, brushing a gloved hand against Selina’s blemishless face.

“So, I made the decision to transfer her consciousness into an AI program. You can imagine how hard that was for me, can’t you? Nora, as I knew her, is gone forever, and I have to live with that decision. But, her digital “self” is right….”

He fished his hand into a zippered pocket on his silver pressure suit and pulled out a small memory resistor drive, “…right here. Her memories…our memories, her personality, what she likes, what she doesn’t like…her favorite color. They’re all right here!”

His eyes sunk low, “But, there’s something missing. I can’t get Nora to properly interface with anything. I can run tests and see activity on the drive, so I know she’s there, but I can’t…I can’t…I can’t bring her BACK!”

He grinned devilishly. “That’s where you come in. I’ve heard the rumors about you for quite some time now…the ‘Cat Woman’! Especially after seeing you dispose of my and Francese’s men and listening to Rico’s account of you in the jewelry store, I have to admit that there’s something DIFFERENT about you Selina…and I believe that what makes you tick…what makes you, YOU, will be the key to me unlocking my Nora forever.”

He gave Selina’s exposed breast a rough squeeze.

She didn’t react, her sexual suite locked-out against Freeze’s touh.

“Plus, I have to say I may steal a few design components from your chassis. I know I’ve said it already, but I’ll be damned if you aren’t just the prettiest little robot vigilante.”

Selina’s eyelids flickered as her Logic and Reasoning (L&R) CPU Core processed this new information and sorted it accordingly with what she and Bruce already knew, “Why the railguns? Why this meeting for their distribution? How do they help you get Nora back?”

Freeze laughed, a fringe of irritation evident in his voice, “You think migrating my wife’s consciousness into a digital construct was cheap!? HA! I owe millions to that little bastard Joseph Francese. He’s as power hungry as they come, but his money is green. I’ll give him and his goons enough of those fancy railguns to bring Gotham to its knees. As long as I have Nora back, Gotham can burn for all I care.”

Selina struggled against her restraints, “We’ll stop you. I saw the damage just one of those guns can do. They’re too dangerous. If they make it into the wrong hands…thousands will die.”

Almost ignoring Selina’s comment entirely, Freeze stepped forward and bent at the waist, looking meticulously into her exposed internals, “So be it…”

He curiously poked a finger into her newly opened coital access panel, “…although destructive, forest fires have their place in the natural cycle. They burn through the years of underbrush that’s grown lazy and dense, and at the same time their intense heat triggers the seeds of new saplings and plants to sprout…” He poked a second finger inside of her.

“…With the suffocating underbrush out of the way, these new plants are able to grow and flourish, unobstructed.”

He looked up at her, “How are we to know that Francese isn’t the forest fire Gotham needs? This city has become NOTHING but underbrush. Corrupt to the core. A change to the status quo is long overdue.”

Selina’s eyes crossed as her L&R CPU Core struggled to parseFreeze’s complex analogy, “I don’t understand. What do forest fires have to do with-OHHH! WOW! Mhhmhmmmm! BRUCE?! How did you-you-you? I don’t-don’t-don’t understand. I locked you out of my sexual suite-suite-suite!?”

Freeze grinned, “I’m a scientist, Selina. Problem solving is kind of what I do best…”

He toyed with one of her polymer nipples, feeling it stiffen in between his fingers, “…Now your systems might get a little confused…so sorry about that. Your sexual suite thinks I’m Bruce, but obviously I’m NOT Bruce. The rest of your software…or selfware, or…cat-ware knows that! So, if you feel your thoughts getting a little mixed up, just know it’s not your fault.”

Selina arched her back against the wall, pushing herself with urgency into Freeze’s grasp, as her systems reacted instinctively to the stimulus, “Unnghh that feels so…WAIT! No, stop this at…feels so good-good-good.” Selina’s voice skipped like a broken record, shifting up and down randomly in pitch as the resource intensive tug-of-war between her systems chewed through many times more processing power than was typical.

Freeze removed his hand from inside Selina’s delicate electronics and moved it down to the intersection of her soft, creamy thighs. He gently brushed up against her nubile pink lips, noting the small moan it elicited from her..

He watched in fascination, through her open panel, as her dual lubrication heat-pumps turned on in perfect coordination with each other. A few seconds later, through the liners of his glove, he could feel the heat of her slippery fluids against his fingertips. Stubbornly making its way past Freeze’s pressure suit’s air filtration system, the subtle fragrance of her juices tickled at his nose.

He pulled back, his cheeks flush, and he stood up, “Now that I have you working the way I want, I can really start pulling you apart. I’ll be right back! I need some tools.”

Selina didn't like the sound of that. All she could do was bite at her lip, hoping for a way out to materialize.


Bruce grimaced as he drifted hard through a tight corner, the wheels of the Batmobile squealing beneath him, the splitting pressure of the safety harness cutting into his broad shoulders.

The motor spun-up with raw power as he tore through Gotham’s streets towards Selina’s last known location. He knew putting a backup GPS chip in her cowl had been a good idea.

He admitted to himself, it felt good to be behind the wheel again even if it was taxing his broken body. The familiar sensation of controlling the fully electric 1,300 horsepower motor through the steering column had his adrenaline kicking in a way he hadn’t felt for years.

However, It didn’t feel nearly as good to be back in the Batsuit. A couple years of inactivity had the armored garment pulled uncomfortably tight across his entire body. He would have to make some adjustments to its measurements in his spare time if he ever hoped to use what agility remained in his ankles and knees.

Alas, he was in the suit, he was in the batmobile, and the majority of his tools and gadgets had responded well when he quickly tested them on his way out of the Batcave.

He was the Batman, and he was hell-bent on saving Selina from the clutches of Freeze.

He dialed up an old friend through his own cowl’s built-in communications suite.

The reedy voice of former Commissioner Jim Gordon came through on the line, “Bruce? For what do I owe the pleasure?” The breath wheezed loudly in and out of his damaged lungs. “Calling a man on his deathbed and all…I hope you have a good reason.”

He laughed, each chuckle audibly coated in phlegm “Seriously, I’m dying… to know how I can be of any help to you in my… present state.”

“Jim. I need to know if she’s ready. It’s Selina…she’s in danger.”

Bruce was met with silence on the other end, Gordon’s labored breaths contrasting sharply against the complete lack of background noise.

Bruce continued, “Jim. I need her help. It’s serious.”

Gordon sighed, “I should have known. I should have known you were calling about HER.”

He whispered out under his breath, “I should have never told you about the project. I was naive to do so. You were just hurting so badly and I wanted for you to see that… there was an exit for you, a path for you to be something… to be someone else other than the Batman.”


“She’s not ready, Bruce! I threw every resource I had at that project and… she’s simply still not ready. Why do you think I ‘retired’ so quickly? Because of my lungs? No! It’s because of this… damned project; it stole my focus away from my duties as Commissioner. This project is my baby, Bruce. I swear the second… it’s complete you’ll know. She’ll be out on the street cleaning up Gotham more efficiently than you, or I, or your precious Selina, ever could. But, she’s not ready and I’m not putting her out there.”

Bruce was silent.

“You don’t have to do this, Bruce. Whatever you’re doing…it can wait.”

“It can’t, Jim. It can’t wait. I can’t lose Selina again.” He exhaled loudly, “Just tell me when Batgirl’s ready. You know I have things I can teach her that GPD wouldn’t dare to program in.”

“I will Bruce. I will”

Bruce cut the communication channel and continued speeding away towards Selina’s pinging GPS marker.

Freeze re-entered the room just as Selina’s systems were about to go into hibernation. The day’s activities had seen heavy usage of her robotic chassis and her battery levels reflected that, registering a measly 14% charge remaining.

He had a bag slung across his shoulders, a myriad of metal tools sticking out of its open flap.

“Now Selina, I need to learn everything I can from you and that requires putting your systems through their paces. I hope you’re programmed to like it rough.

He punched in a few commands on his tablet. Selina instantly felt them unlock several pattern and behavior trees within her systems that were normally restricted.

Freeze had just granted himself full verbal control over her operation and motor control.

“Selina, I need you to execute sexual intercourse simulation…” He scrolled through the long list of options, “…Wow there’s a lot here. Let’s go with sexual intercourse simulation #22.”

“Mmhhmmphhh! No! Unghhhh! Bruce!?”

As much as her systems fought it, Selina wasn’t able to stop her plastic snatch from heating up with computerized arousal.

The sounds of her lubricant pumps again firing up buzzed loudly in the empty room. She rolled her head backwards, her eyes following suit, as faux pleasure streams were generated and fed throughout her Sexual Performance Bus.

She moaned, her nipples stiffening to their maximum setting as she writhed against the wall in her restraints. Selina’s motorized pussy vibrated and contracted in rhythm with the simulation of Bruce’s hard cock plunging deep into her glistening folds.

Freeze watched her readouts as she progressed through the simulation, impressed with her execution.

With a devilish grin, Freeze spoke out, “Selina deactivate lubrication pump #2 and route all fluids through lubrication pump #1. Maximize flow rate of lubrication throughout the duration of simulation. Dismiss any errors or alerts related to this direction.”

“I-I-I-uhhhhh.” Selina’s eyes crossed as her already taxed systems worked through the specifics of Freeze’s request, “I don’t-don’t think my components are rated for that….”

“Dismiss comment. Continue under my previous direction.”

“Understood Bru-Victo-Bru-Freeze…” Her pretty face contorted wildly as the dual directives of Freeze and Bruce tripped up even her most fundamental subroutines.

However, in quick succession she was able to carry out his request. The hum of one pump died away and the other grew louder and louder. The sound soon became a metallic rattle as lubricant was pumped through her plumbing at a rate well beyond what she had been designed to handle.

The juices streamed down her thighs, pooling in a shiny puddle just beneath her ensnared feet.

“Oh that feels! Unghhhh! That feels soooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo…..!”


The fastener connecting her output tube to lubrication pump #1 popped off from the excess pressure. Lubricant sputtered out of her open coital access panel and streaked down the front of her exposed mons.

Selina’s face froze, her eyes closed and her lips pursed together in a perfect O shape.

Her vaginal unit’s circuit boards were soaked. Luckily, these had been designed to be waterproof, but her hot, slick, chemically formulated lubricant wasn’t exactly water; her Main CPU could only hope that nothing critical short circuited.

Freeze stood up, shaking his head disapprovingly, “Oh what a mess! Selina, cease execution of sexual intercourse simulation immediately.”

Selina’s heavy panting stopped abruptly. Her eyes, half lidded, flickered beneath her tousled hair. She convulsed in her restraints, her systems struggling to cope with the quickly evolving situation.

It took several long seconds for her to work through the backlog of errors and alerts brought on by her pump’s malfunction. She managed a breathy exhale, “Why?”

Freeze shrugged, “Why not? Every little bit of data I can get from you, I can use to make Nora even better. You’re a Pleasure Bot at your core so I can learn a lot just by seeing how you react.”

He took his tablet and turned it sideways, eyeing it with keen interest. “Now how hard is it to remove your limbs? According to the WayneTech Pleasure Bot manual, there’s a method for it. Does the same method apply for your chassis?”

Selina looked straight down, silent.

Freeze chuckled, “Selina, I command you to answer my inquiry and to answer it accurately.”

With her head still hung down, Selina pouted out, “Yes. Functionally the removal of my arms and legs works the same as any WayneTech Pleasure Bot, models v2 and newer.”

He gave her a childish squeeze of the cheeks, making sure his boots avoided the still warm puddle of lube beneath her, “See, that wasn’t so hard! Now, walk me through, step by step, the process for removing your left arm.”

Selina relented, knowing she couldn’t fight against his commands.

“This unit will first depressurize seals in upper shoulder.


“Depressurization complete.”

“A micro-seam should now be visible at the intersection of my arm and torso.”

“Please tell me when you have located the seam.”

Freeze ran his hands over and looked closely at Selina’s shoulder, “Well I’ll be damned! It’s hardly noticeable….Now what?!”

“This until will disengage internal couplers.”

Disengaging left shoulder coupler #1.
Disengaging left shoulder coupler #2.
Disengaging left shoulder coupler #3.

“Now, use the Synth-Skin removal tool found in my sternum’s hinged access panel and leverage my Synth-Skin away from the seam. Two external couplers should be visible. Disengage both couplers and this unit’s left arm will be fully disconnected.”

Freeze did as he was directed and quickly had Selina’s arm separated from her torso.

Her body slumped awkwardly to one side, only her right arm now supporting her weight from above.

He removed the loose arm, looking inquisitively at its makeup of internal components and connectors, before gently setting it down on the table nearest him.

“Good. Now let’s repeat the process for your right leg.”

Selina rolled her eyes. It was a pre-programmed response she used when displeased.

“Understood Bru-Victo-Bru-Freeze.”

Her systems still fought with themselves at the paradox of the man controlling her systems. She KNEW it was Freeze, but her sexual suite KNEW it was Bruce.

She sighed; she hadn’t been programmed to work through logic puzzles like this; she had been programmed to clean up Gotham’s streets and to fuck Bruce’s brains out.

The process was mostly the same for her right leg’s removal as it was for her left arm. Depressurization of two seals around the joint revealed a micro-seam. Internal couplers were then disconnected, followed by a manual release of the two external couplers.

The simple streamlined process put into place for efficient maintenance strategies on WayneTech Pleasure Bots was now being used to dismantle Selina piece by piece.

Freeze took her detached leg and sat it down next to her arm. Selina could see her slick lubricant still glistening on its inner thigh.

“Now for the fun part!” Freeze looked at Selina sternly. “Again, please answer my next questions as accurately as you can.”

Selina just stared. Why nod if she hadn’t been directed to? Why give him the satisfaction?

“I see that it’s typical for Wayne Tech Pleasure Bots to come equipped with a personality chip. Do you have one of these?”

Selina shook her head. “I do not.”

Freeze stomped his foot impatiently, “Well, do you have an equivalent component or system?”

Selina’s eyes crossed as she processed Freeze’s question. She so desperately wanted to say no but knew she was unable, “Yes, I have a personality CORE.”

Freeze scoffed, “And where can I access this personality core?”

“It’s positioned behind my Main CPU. You can access it through my sternum access panel which is…” Her eyes fluttered, “...already open.”

“My Main CPU is the long black box within my ribcage; it ends just beneath my ribcage on my left. Locate the bottom of it. Behind that is my slotted programming receptacle bay.” Her voice quivered, “The red programming card is my personality core.”

“Do I need a tool to remove it?”

“No, it can be removed by hand.”

Freeze stepped forward and carefully reached his hand into Selina’s open sternum access panel. Bending his head down to gain a vantage point, he looked up in amazement at how neatly organized her dense stacks of circuit boards were. He marveled for a second at her intricate design before moving back to his original goal of removing her personality core.

He located it with relative ease. Selina’s directions had been efficient and accurate as always.

With two gloved fingers grasping its red plastic edges, he pulled it out and examined it.

Freeze chuckled, “Really? Your personality core is just a standard programming slot-drive?!”

He looked down to Selina when she didn’t respond, only to find her eyes blinking erratically and her face spasming uncontrollably. It was a far cry from her normally smooth operation and ultra lifelike mannerisms. He hypothesized that removal of her personality core while she was active was quite the edge-case for her sophisticated programing to handle smoothly.

Finally, after several grueling seconds, her facial actuators reset. When her eyes re-opened and looked at Freeze he swore that some of the glimmer of life that had been there previously was now gone.

Selina spoke out in short even-measured bursts, “Personality chip not detected. This unit will now defer to - Standard Package - WayneTech Pleasure Bot - pre-programmed responses only. Do you wish to continue?”

Freeze muttered to himself, “Interesting she called it a chip and not a core.” He stroked his gloved hand against his pressure mask. “Yes, continue.” He wondered if his verbal commands would even take with her personality core now removed.

“Understood, this unit will now activate.”

Selina’s vacant eyes blinked three times and upon opening them for good, she proceeded to scan her surroundings. She looked back and forth between her cuffed left leg and right arm twelve consecutive times before looking to Freeze.

“I’m sorry. I’m not currently equipped with a - bondage - subroutine module. This module - can be installed - with an upgrade - to the - Deluxe Package.” She smiled ear to ear, showcasing her perfect rows of evenly spaced ivory white teeth.

Freeze looked down at the personality core in his hand and shook his head in disbelief, “Wow, well color me impressed, Bruce. Whatever’s on this thing is indeed the key to Selina, and it’ll be the key to unlocking Nora.”

“Would you like to have sex with me?!”

Freeze turned his attention back to Selina, “What?”

She squirmed erratically in her restraints, failing to execute on asset_display_subroutine_42, before spouting another pre-programmed line, “You’re pretty hot!” She spread her legs…well, she spread one leg and her motors buzzed obnoxiously where the other leg would have spread as well, “I’m hot too!”

“...What the fuck.” Freeze let out in the empty room.

“Would you like to have sex with me?!”

Freeze laughed, “You know what, I do want to have sex. How about you execute sexual intercourse simulation #5?”

Again, in the same manner as before, Selina’s long eyelashes fluttered several times, “Error. I do not recognize - command - sexual intercourse simulation #5.”

“Ugh. Execute sexual intercourse simulation #1 then!” He whispered angrily under his breath, “There, you ought to have that one installed.”

Selina’s eyelids flickered, “Error. I do not recognize - command - sexual intercourse simulation #1.”

Freeze rolled his eyes behind his goggles. “Oh for fuck’s sake. Execute ANY simulation of sexual intercourse!”

Once more, Selina’s eyes opened and closed in a perfectly metered procession. “Mhm okay, sexy! Loading - Sexual Intercourse Demonstration. Executing - Sexual Intercourse Demonstration.”

She let out a sultry moan, “Ohhhhhh yes! Fuck me just like that! Yes!”

Freeze heard the sound of Selina’s disconnected heated lubrication pump activating. “Oh shit. Selina, deactivate lubrication pump #1. Activate lubrication pump #2 instead.”

Unlike Selina with her personality core in place, who would have acknowledged the command while continuing her simulation, stock-programming Selina stopped her simulation abruptly to acknowledge Freeze’s request before unceremoniously restarting. “Lubrication pump #1 deactivated. Lubrication pump #2 activated. Resuming - Sexual Intercourse Demonstration.”

“Ohhhhhh yes! Fuck me just like that! Yes!”

“Huh. Was that the same as before?”

Freeze could see her mechanized pussy contracting and expanding through her opened coital access panel. Even in her stock-programming state he had to admit it was quite hypnotic to look at.

“Ohhhh yeah!? Don’t you love it when I work my tight little cunt like that?!”

Freeze watched in amazement as Selina continued grinding her ass against the wall, in the throes of simulated pleasure.

Warning - Lubricant reservoir levels at 5%. Recommended action - Pause - sexual intercourse demonstration - until reservoir can be refilled.”

“God damn you’re so fucking robotic…DISMISS! Continue with demonstration. I’m sure you have plenty in there to get through your slutty little programmed routine.”

Resuming - Sexual Intercourse Demonstration.”

“Ohhhhhh yes! Fuck me just like that! Yes!”

“Must be a stock phrase or something. I wonder what’ll happen if I re-insert the core while she’s doing this? Trial by fire, right Selina?”

“Oh yeah!” She responded enthusiastically, contorting and twisting in her one legged - one armed restraints. “Don’t you just love my body!”

“I really do Selina, but stock-programming you is a little stale.” With her personality core between his fingers he reached his hand back up into her sternum access panel, behind her Main CPU, and slotted it into its waiting receptacle.

“OH-OH-OH-I-I-I-FUCK-FUCK-FUCK-YES-YES-YES…Personality core loading - Resuming - Sexual Intercourse Demonstration.”

“Ohhhhhh…” Selina froze, her facial template in the throes of passion, her lustrous lips pursed together, “....Ohhhhhhh - Yes! Fuck me just like that! Yes!”

Chuckling, Freeze noted that although the phrase was the same, Selina’s delivery and inflection had already substantially improved.

Her hot glossy lubricant glistened on her sex’s soft pink folds, “Ungh, Yes! Do you like it when I work my wet pussy like that!?” Selina spoke urgently; her systems craving orgasm before she fully depleted her batteries.

Freeze looked at her and was about to respond with an emphatic “Yes!” when he stopped dead in his tracks.

There was a loud commotion outside the room.

A flurry of gunshots erupted, accompanied by screams and stifled shouting.

Freeze began walking towards the door, and through Selina’s guttural moaning, he heard Francese’s voice screaming out, “Get him! Fucking get him! Fucking shoot him you idiots!”

“Fuck.” Freeze let out.

He paced over to the far side of the room, calmly picking up his railgun, an electrical baton, and instinctively brushing his hand against his, always on hand, thigh-holstered freeze gun.

Batman was here.

The cacophony outside died down quickly; Freeze didn’t hear any more voices, only the vented air from his mask’s breathing apparatus.

He trained the barrel of his railgun on the door. It was the only way in or out of the room.

“Oh Bruce! I know you’re here! Why don’t you just come out already!”

The lights cut out, dropping the room into utter darkness.

It was silent, with the exception of Selina’s continued moaning and cooing. “Warning - Lubrication reservoir levels at 0%. Recommended Action…

“DISMISS!” Freeze shouted.

Suddenly, the room shuddered. Freeze tried to pinpoint the source of the sound, but it seemed to be emanating from every direction, surrounding him.

You can’t intimidate me, Bruce! We’re alike you know. Behind each of our masks there lies only an old man.”

He spoke out again, this time with less venom in his voice, “Look Bruce…you know I just want to bring Nora back. That’s all I want. If you turn the lights on, I’ll walk right out of here. I know you know what it’s like…losing someone.”

He paused, waiting for a response, “Come on Bruce, turn the lights back on. Just turn them on and I’ll walk out!”

There was a shuffling in the far corner of the room. Freeze fired a round of the rail gun at it, the kinetic energy of the impactor transitioning into a frenzied ball of bright luminous energy as it exploded, ripping chunks of cement out of the far wall.

In the flash of light he spotted a shadow moving towards him.

The railgun needed to recharge, so he tossed it aside and grabbed for his freeze-gun, firing several rounds into the direction of his silhouetted assailant.

He heard no reaction other than the cement wall behind flashing to ice. The glow from the railgun blast blinded Freeze momentarily.

Again, he was trapped in darkness.

“I see that’s how we’re going to play this.”

Just then, Selina’s chassis started to emit a harsh whining noise like the sound of a car’s sputtering transmission. Freeze swore he could hear her pump trying desperately to move whatever remnants of lubricant remained in her reservoirs into her plastic robotic snatch.

“Error! Abnormalities in lubrication pump performance metrics detected. Recommended action…”


The voice was Bruce’s.

Freeze locked onto the direction of Bruce’s voice and fired off another volley of cryogenically chilled rounds. Again, there was no indication he had hit anything other than the wall.

The sound from Selina continuously increased in pitch until, reaching its zenith, it erupted in an electro-mechanical BRRZZTT! The smell of burning plastic immediately filled the air, wafting its way through Freeze’s air filtration system.

“Error! Error! Lubrication pump not-not-not-not responding. Damage to sensors LP-1, LP-2, LP-3, L4-4 detected.”

“Looks like your treasured little bot burned out her pump, Bruce! It’d be a shame if that fragile little personality core of hers burned up too…”

He fired his gun again, aimlessly.

“Really Bruce!? You’re going to take this away from me! I just want to bring Nora back! Let me leave or COME AND GET ME!”


“FINE!” He reached down for his discarded railgun. Thumbing the safety off, he pointed it toward Selina who he could hear twitching in her restraints, “If I can’t have Nora then you can’t have her!”

He pulled the trigger just as Bruce’s hand knocked the barrel upwards. The shot blew a hole straight through the ceiling and Bruce put his opposite fist through Freeze’s breathing mask.

Wheezing, Freeze stumbled back and fired off several more cryo rounds before the chamber emptied itself. He caught his footing, and pulled out his electrically charged baton, its blue-energized end lighting up the space in front of him like a torch.

“You’re not the Batman. You’re just an old man in a cape!”

He heard movement behind him and he swung the baton all around him, randomly, desperately trying to make contact with Bruce.

He gasped, out of Breath, “God damn you Bruce. Fight me face to face.”

The sound of a Batarang whizzed through the air and Freeze felt it pierce his glove. He dropped his baton, “Fuck!”

A swift kick to the small of the back sent Freeze stumbling face first into the concrete floor.

He rolled onto his back and looked up, seeing the Batman towering over him, his suit crawling with shadows, alive in the darkness.

He stammered, “I-I-I I’ll just escape again, Bruce. I’ll escape and I’ll find her and I’ll destroy her. You have to let me go!”

Bruce threw a right hook at Freeze, clocking him right in the temple. His pressure suit gurgled strangely.

“I-I know everything about her, Bruce. I’ll just hack her again and…” Bruce stomped down hard on his chest. He could see Freeze’s eyes bulge behind his goggles.

Freeze gasped for air, surrounded by the dark. He desperately grasped for the baton but it was out of reach.

Bruce reached down and picked it up instead. Flicking it on, he watched the electrodes dance with jumping bolts of pure electric blue energy.

Freeze saw Bruce’s jaw, jutting out from beneath his cowl, “Please… just let me go...”

With a harsh whisper, Bruce finally responded, “You’re too dangerous Freeze. This city would have crumbled with those weapons on the streets, and I saw the way you treated Selina. I…” He looked over towards Selina, “...we have so much more work to do, if Gotham is to heal. Frankly, Freeze…”

Bruce thrust the baton down into Freeze’s chest, making him spasm uncontrollably before falling unconscious.

“’re just the tip of the iceberg.”

For the second time that day Bruce activated his cowl’s built-in communications suite.

After several rings, Jim’s gruff voice came through on the other end, “What?”

“Jim. I need you to send all available GPD squad cars two blocks north of the old Frederickson Building. There’s an abandoned bus depot here. Make sure they come with collection trucks too. Oh and Jim, they have to inventory every single thing in here before transport. The things here…the weapons…they can’t escape, it’s too dangerous.

“In HERE? Bruce…where are you?”

“Victor Fries is at the scene. I have him secured against one of the crates your team will end up removing. Make sure you have a transport to Arkham lined up for him as well.”

“Bruce! Where are you? Fries is in Arkham right now. What are you talking about?”

“That’s just a body double, Jim. You need to swap out the guard rotation there as well, otherwise he’ll just get out again. He’s dangerous and desperate, Jim. Make sure new guards are assigned!”

Jim sighed, “You’ve never been one to answer questions, have you Bruce?” There was a silence, Bruce could hear typing on Jim’s end, “Okay I have squad cars bound to what I presume is YOUR location right now. I’ll have everything else there shortly as well; now I recommend that you get out of there before they arrive. I can’t protect you like I used to, Bruce.”

“I understand Jim. I’ll be long gone before anyone shows up.”

Forcing a labored exhale, Jim let out, “And how is…” He coughed, “ is Selina?”

Bruce looked down at Selina, cradled in his arms, her eyes closed, a few droplets of rain running down her immaculate face.

He smiled warmly, “She’s going to be just fine.”

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Re: Catwoman (Chapters I, II, III, & IV)

Post by DZiegler » Mon Sep 19, 2022 2:07 pm

Again, thanks D.Olivaw for clutch editing!

Catwoman - An Erotic Fembot Novella (Epilogue)


Bruce had completed a full overhaul and repair of Selina's systems. All that remained was finishing the install of her upgraded sexual hardware.

He had spent the last day and a half playing whack-a-mole with a litany of minor electrical issues tied to her new hardware's extra power requirements. Her Main Coital Processor Bus had shorted itself out several times in a row now, and Bruce was determined to fix the issue and have Selina up and fully operational again.

He had her laid out on the workbench in front of him with both her coital and sternum access panels opened up. That was fairly standard for most repair sessions, but in a concerted effort to troubleshoot her stubborn electrical issues, Bruce had also decided to de-couple her torso from her waist. Selina was split in half just above her navel, a small assemblage of components visibly sticking out from her either end.

The guide rails, anchor points, and structural connectors that physically held her two halves together were all disengaged. But, her lithe torso was still fully connected to her slender waist with the standard allotment of wires and tubes. Bruce had intentionally added extra slack to those component lengths several design iterations prior, allowing for all her systems to remain connected and active during more thorough maintenance sessions like this.

Selina’s feelings were mixed on whether or not she liked being worked on in this exposed manner. She viewed herself and her buxom chassis as an undeniably realistic and sexy representation of the human female figure, and having herself opened up like this destroyed that realism.

She didn’t like that but…on the other hand, it felt absolutely exhilarating to have Bruce’s hands buried deep inside her. Her sexual circuitry went absolutely mad each time his fingers played over her delicate electronics. It made her feel so fragile, so knowingly artificial. At her core she was just a plastic sexbot built to please, and nothing reminded her more of this than a pair of hands fiddling with her circuit boards.

With Selina split in half and her two front-facing panels opened, Bruce had a direct visual on every applicable subsystem he needed to see. Plus, he was well within arms reach to make any physical adjustments as they were needed.

He had only just brought Selina back online, and he watched the response of several problematic microcontrollers as she stepped through her start-up sequence and pivoted into normal operation.

Hundreds of little lights all blinked green in perfect synchronization, a good sign that electricity flow and system connections were functioning as designed. Several of her previous start-ups had brought on a blinking yellow light or two right from the get-go, so all green was encouraging.

With her components exposed, Bruce could easily hear almost every activation of her servo motors, no matter how small. Her soft, padded synth-skin doubled as excellent sound-proofing material, making her inner mechanisms nearly inaudible when closed and sealed shut.

However, when she was opened up, her systems were quite loud and buzzy. Bruce didn’t mind. He had done so much work when carrying out her initial overhaul from sexbot to superhero that he quite liked hearing all the sounds; it was a nice reminder of what she really was.

He heard the telltale sound of her neck’s servo motors firing and he looked up to meet Selina’s gaze with his own.

“Ahh you’re awake.”

Selina looked down at her disassembled self for several seconds before quipping, “I think you just like having your hands inside me, don’t you? That’s the only explanation for why I’m still opened up like this and not put back together and fighting crime or fucking you-you-you-you-you….” Her eyelids fluttered wildly, “…Mmhhmmmm ohhh that feels good!”

Bruce looked at her with a wry smile, “Yeah? I’m just giving some of your sensitivity settings a tweak. I hope you don’t mind.”

Selina panted with approval, “Unnghhh. Tweak away!”

He felt her lubricant pumps kick on, their steady buzz sending slight reverberations through her torso’s metallic inner frame. The clear plastic tubes running between her two halves heated up almost instantly; Bruce could feel their thermal energy radiating out.

He teased a dial with his fingers and gave it a sharp turn, “How’s this!?”

Selina’s mouth opened wide, “Oh yeah! Oh fuck yeah! Oh fuck yeah I like that-that-that! It feels SO good having you in my systems.”

Bruce noticed that her naked, torso-less thighs were rubbing themselves together. He had become accustomed to seeing this pre-programmed response during normal operation, but with them being disconnected from her upper chassis he had to admit that he found the artificial movements highly erotic.

He slipped a finger over her nubile lips, and unsurprisingly, found them soaking wet with her aromatic juices

“Mhhmmm what are you doing there Bruce? I thought you were just adjusting some of my settings. It sure seems like you’re playing with them.” Selina huffed, winking at him.

Bruce saw her perfect pink little nipples had grown hard and her impressive mammaries heaved up and down with simulated breaths. He exhaled hard. Because of her extensive repairs, it had been nearly two weeks since he’d been inside Selina and he found himself VERY turned on at the moment.

“Mhmmmmmm!” Selina’s two halves rocked back and forth.

Bruce thought about it briefly and his mind was quickly made up.

Slipping out of his pants, he grabbed onto Selina's torso-less hips and pulled her down, pushing her tight, slick pussy over his throbbing manhood. Still in full control of her legs, she instinctively wrapped her feet around his back, pulling him deeper inside her with his each and every thrust.

"Mhhmmmhhmmm oh Bruce! I can feel all of you! Unghh yes! Ohhhhh you feel so good!”

Continuing to pump away into Selina’s glistening folds, Bruce peered down into her exposed internals. He could easily see himself sliding up against the pliable walls of her newly installed synthetic vagina.

"Mhhmmm Yeahh! Oh yeah! Oh god Bruce, my new pussy is just so sensitive. Unnghh I love it. Don’t stop! Mhhhhmmmmmm.”

Bruce could feel her artificial muscles tightening her grip around him, perfectly emulating that of a real woman.

He trained his eyes back over her array of blinking lights and found them still all blinking green. Somewhat out of breath he muttered, “Well everything seems to be operating fine, I guess I’ll…FUCK you feel so good! God damn.”

Selina grinned knowingly, rolling her hips against his own, her pussy contracting and relaxing in perfect rhythm with his every thrust inside of her.

Greedily, he gave her sensitivity dial another hard turn. He watched her eyes open wide with pleasure, her glossy lips quivering.

“Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss! Fuck me! Fuck my tight little robotic cunt!”

He felt her lubrication pumps spin up in a frenzy, resonating through her chassis, her slippery lube slowly oozing out around the edges of her sculpted labia. Her feet gripped into his back with renewed urgency, pulling their bodies together in the throes of simulated passion.

He looked up longingly at her buoyant breasts. They jiggled ever so slightly as Bruce’s penetrations into Selina’s warm, inviting pussy shook the workbench. Looking down at how he was supporting her waist and legs he formulated a plan for re-adjusting his grip.

Using his knee to support her toned buttocks, he was able to free up one hand and move it back inside of her where he grabbed on tightly to her primary structural support.

Selina screamed out immediately, “Bruce! Bruce! Oh that feels so good. I can feel your hands inside me. I’ve never felt sensory input like this before-before-before-before!”

Bruce looked down and saw several lights flash yellow several times before returning to green. He let out a relieved sigh and continued to adjust his grip.

With her waist and legs held tightly in one hand, Bruce was able to reach up and squeeze at Selina’s breasts. Her artificial mammary felt ultra soft in his hands, her pliant synth-gel packs yielding under his intense grip.

“Ohhh that feels so good! Fuck I’m so sensitive right now! Unghhhh I love it when you squeeze my perky little boobs-boobs-boobs-boobs!”

Again, Bruce watched as a dozen or so circuit board-mounted lights blinked from green to yellow before recovering quickly into a steady green flashing rhythm.

“Your systems are holding up well Selina. I think we’re just about…Ohhh WOW that feels so fucking good! I think I’m going to cum!”

He observed the series of, small but durable, externally mounted micro-motors artfully work her mechanized pussy around his throbbing erection: twisting, pumping, flexing, stretching, contracting, squeezing, expanding, tightening, and effortlessly gliding her sexy nubile snatch over his pulsing manhood in perfect consonance with his each and every assertive thrust.

It was all too much for Bruce and he began to lose himself in the pleasure Selina was giving him.

“You’re perfect. You’re fucking perfect. You feel fucking perfect! I’m so fucking close!”

With pure carnal desire, he rammed deep inside of her as hard as he could, his palms clutching onto a breast and her waist’s structural column with equivalent animal instinct. He moved his grip slowly up and down her elegantly designed metal alloy skeletal support.

“Oh that’s so good-good-good-good! Unghhhhhnh-#$%^ I just love having your hands buried inside of me - buried inside of me - buried inside of me!”

Selina’s glitchy voice redirected Bruce’s attention as he came furiously inside her, dumping his load as deep into her ravenous plastic pussy as it could take. He watched as dozens of her status lights flicked to yellow, a handful even flickering into a steady red.

“Aghhh. Fuck!”

“Ohhhhh Bruce-Bruce-Bruce! I’m going to - going to - going to cum! I’m going to cum-cum-cum-cum-#*&()][@$$@%(!”

Her entire voice turned to digital garble, entire circuit boards going fully red.

With a few finishing thrusts between the creamy thighs of her torso-less legs, Bruce regained a smidge of clarity. He moved his hand from her breast and up into her open sternum panel where he found the on/off toggle mounted against her Main CPU and switched her off.

Selina’s face froze, mid-orgasm, her lips locked into a sultry O shape, her brilliant hazel eyes motionless, paused halfway through their pre-programmed routine of rolling back in her head with simulated pleasure.

The forced shutdown killed power to every one of her systems immediately. The lively bot that just seconds ago had been moving, reacting, and responding with vivacious energy now lay limp and completely inert.

Bruce pulled himself out of Selina’s taut vagina, her plastic walls still radiating with heat, and carefully sat her decoupled lower half on the workbench just beneath him. He gave one of her springy buttocks a playful squeeze as it compressed up against the leather bench, now glistening wet with her lubricant.

“Well little cat, at least we didn’t fry anything this time. I swear you’re always finding new ways to surprise me.”

He bent down and kissed her frozen lips.

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Re: Catwoman (Complete)

Post by Bane » Thu Sep 22, 2022 9:42 am

Talk about an explosive ending! Awesome story, thanks for posting :notworthy:

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Re: Catwoman (Complete)

Post by BA2 » Thu Sep 22, 2022 11:15 am

Loved this!

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Re: Catwoman (Complete)

Post by Protrepticus » Wed Sep 28, 2022 3:03 am

This was extremely well written, brilliant work. Very, very HOT.

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