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Post by BebesIsPerfect » Tue Apr 02, 2024 3:54 pm

5:03 PM, Friday, May 9th

Friday, Friday, Friday! Vinny loved Fridays. Nights coming home from work were always a load off his shoulders, but Friday nights were the beginning of the weekend. A cool sort of energy always came from Friday nights, like he could do anything. One of the last relics from childhood, that excitement for the weekend always meant anything could happen. The world was his. What to do, he pondered as the wind from the open car window blew through his hair. Go to the gym? Nah, his clothes were at home. Head to the Quickie Mart and get something fun for dinner? No, he already got everything he needed last night. Mini-golfing? No, not today, but whatever he would decide on, he knew fun would follow. It was Friday. Having put in a hard day's work all week, his time was his once again. Well, his and Cora's. She had been working hard all week, too. Harder than usual it seemed to him.

They had been married for two years, but had been in a relationship together for almost nine. He liked to think that he had a good bead on Cora's moods by now. Women were always a mystery, but a glorious mystery to be cherished. Vinny didn't mind being confused, because he always was able to figure things out just before things went too far south in their relationship. Vinny was amazed that Cora was so patient with him, so amazed that he began to suspect that she enjoyed being upset with him. Pretending to be upset with him was more like it. How else could she have stayed with him so long? There was also the possibility that she really loved him. Another mystery to Vinny. Just because they happen to understand each other, it's easy to speak to each other, they can be themselves around each other, and they are each willing to do things they wouldn't normally try with each other (roller coasters for her, and black & white comedy movies for him). Is this the basis for a healthy relationship? Thankfully, yes. And these had been fantastic nine years together.

But the last few weeks, Vinny noticed a change. Cora was working later, and she was exhausted. Despite her exhaustion, she seemed happier than usual for some reason. More than once, he asked if she was alright, and she said she was fine. He brought up that she looked tired, and she denied that she was. Vinny told her that she was working late, and she said that she was working on an important project at work. It was only this past Wednesday that he was able to convince her to take a personal day. Thursday was no good, it was too short notice, but Friday could be done, maybe. Cora still insisted that Friday morning that she was, nevertheless, still fine. Now was the time Vinny would see for himself.

5:37 PM

The sun was starting to set and the orange of dusk was beginning to take over. Vinny parked his car in the garage, and went through the door to the house's main foyer.
"Hiya, Cora! I'm home!", he called.
"Hello!", she responded stiffly. That wasn't good. Cora sounded annoyed.
"Are you okay?!", he hazarded.
"Yes!", Cora replied, similarly devoid of emotion. 'Oh, no', Vinny thought. 'What could have happened?'. She seemed better when he left this morning. Her voice sounded like she was in the kitchen, so he would try to sneak past, change out of his work clothes, into something more relaxed, and then try to soothe her feelings. As he walked lightly by the doorway to the kitchen, he tried to steal a glance and see how Cora was. She was nowhere to be seen. She must have been against the wall to the far right. That was where the refrigerator was and it was out of his sight. As he was beyond the doorway, he tried to talk to her again.
"What's for dinner?!", he asked innocently.
"Piz-za!", Cora answered. That sounded worse. ‘She sounds frustrated’, Vinny thought. What could have happened?!

5:59 PM

Vinny had changed into sweat pants and a green, loose-fitting t-shirt and sat on the coach, searching through Netflix for the movie Cora had picked yesterday. It was her turn to pick, and she picked Casablanca. Vinny found the movie and got it started. He was still worried. He had been sitting there a few minutes, and he heard no movement from the kitchen, which was also adjacent to their living room. Cora was so quiet. The movie was starting, and he couldn't watch it without her, bad mood or not. He cleared his throat and tried to speak once more.
"Hey, Cora", Vinny called playfully, "The movie is starting! Are you coming?". After a brief silence, Vinny became aware of solid, rhythmic footfalls on the kitchen floor, almost like she was stomping. He looked to the doorway to the kitchen, and expected the worst. When Cora slowly came into view, Vinny couldn't believe his eyes.

6:06 PM

"I would be delighted to join you", Cora said mechanically. And mechanical was just how she looked. Cora looked like a robot! Her olive skin was replaced with shiny silver paint. Her usual wavy, jet-black hair was straightened and pulled back, accentuating her widow's peak. Her Mediterranean, sea-blue eyes were hidden behind a large reflective visor. Her clothes were what appeared to be a form-fitting, black one-piece bathing suit with all of her arms and legs exposed and windows for her navel and partway down her breast. Her lips were a saturated burgundy color and stood resolutely closed. Her posture was tall and stiff as she stared expectantly at the speechless Vinny.
Vinny's mouth hung open in disbelief as he stupidly remembered how to blink. Presently, he began to find his voice.
"C-Cora..." he said breathlessly. "Wha-...What happened?"
"Nothing", Cora's monotone voice responded. "I have always been like this." Vinny gulped and resumed stammering.
"But... this morning... y-you were-"
"I have always been like this", repeated Cora. "We shall now resume the film." Cora turned her entire body at once in the same direction of her head, which had been facing Vinny, and resolutely and stiffly marched like the robot she was toward the couch. Vinny was intimidated to move to one side of the couch, when Cora had reached her spot. She stopped at the couch, turned in place, and with robotic precision, sat down in the middle of the couch. She subtly relaxed her body parts further into a somewhat more at ease looking state, staring blankly at the television. Vinny just stared at Cora.

6:37 PM

The classic movie played on impassively, but Vinny was more captivated by the impassive figure he shared the couch with. Unaware of anything else, he stared in disbelief at his wife. A robot. She was a robot. A shiny, mechanical, emotionless robot. They both sat in silence for some time, but in all that time, Vinny never broke his eyes away from the Cora robot. He looked all over her formerly perfect face, now robotically perfect but hidden behind a mysterious visor. Occasionally, he would scan the rest of her body from head to toe. He knew she was always attractive, but he had forgotten just how attractive she was. Every insignificant body part, from her neck, to her elbow, to her knee, to her pinky toe, seemed to take on a new alluring aura. He returned his attention to her face. She was beautiful. She was always beautiful. But now, her already perfect body now encased in silver... He began to breathe more heavily. Could it be that her human perfection was tainted by her transformation?

No. It wasn't. She was still beautiful. No amount of metallic finish could change that. He was more attracted to her now than ever before. But was it her, or her robot? He tried in vain to picture Cora from before, but more and more the picture of the human Cora started to fade, overpowered by the perfectly designed Cora robot that sat before him. Breathing became harder and harder as he concentrated more and more on Cora-bot's body. He realized to himself that, despite the change, he was undoubtedly turned-on by her appearance. He realized that he loved her before now, but he very much loved her at this moment. Thoughts began to race in his head. Just how much did Cora as a robot remember from before? Would she act the same? Would she still like him? Would she still go to work? Did she even still have a job? He felt the need to say something, but he couldn't imagine what. She seemed insistent that this was how it had always been, and probably how it always will be from now on. As he cautiously moved toward Cora Robot, Vinny shakily determined himself to try to embrace and snuggle with his wife. Her skin still looked soft enough as a human's, maybe it still was.

"Vincenzo", Cora-bot stated. She moved so suddenly and fixated on Vinny so sharply, Vinny recoiled back.
"Yeah?", he asked.
"I am uncomfortable", she said matter-of-factly. "I would like to rest my head on your shoulder or your lap." Well, this seemed like the Cora he knew. She always leaned on him during a movie night when she felt like it, though she never stated beforehand her desire to do so. In an effort to acclimate to his robot wife, he sat up and allowed an acceptable berth for his robot girl to rest wherever she liked. Cora's limbs jerked like they were being flexed, bracing for something, and then in a fluid swing, brought her legs up onto the couch in a curl, and began to bear her head down onto Vinny's lap. Intuitively, Vinny quickly leaned to the edge of the couch for a pillow to place between Cora's head and his lap, and returned to his position in time for Cora to come to rest. Her limbs jerked again, and her body relaxed in a familiar curled up position while her attention returned to the movie.

Vinny looked along Cora robot's body, processing his new normal. Yes, still so beautiful, so attractive. Maybe, he could-... yes, maybe. She was already resting in his lap, it wouldn't be unwelcome, would it? He began to softly caress her body. Mostly her right bicep and arm, which was most convenient to him. Confirmed, her skin was still so soft and warm; she was still flesh and bone. On the outside, at least. Vinny moved his hand down her arm to her hand, expecting her to grab his in reciprocation. But no, her hand remained limp and detached. Oh, well. Vinny was still cautiously fascinated, exploring her body like it was the very first time seeing it, or the first time she had a body, period.

He abandoned his focus from the impartial hand and moved to the Cora Robot's scalp. Her now straight hair, what about that? He pet her hair and rubbed it through his fingers. It certainly didn't feel like a wig to him. He ran his fingers through her hair a few times, and it still felt like her silky hair. One last test, he thought. He pinched a small lock of hair and began to pull lightly. He playfully tugged and tugged. Cora-bot's arm suddenly came to life. In an arch of motion, it moved up to her head, and swiftly gave a light smack to Vinny's offensive hand. The arm then resumed its place at her unit's side, while Cora's attention remained fully and silently on the movie in front of her. The message received loud and clear, Vinny had released Cora's hair and rubbed the spot being pulled to assuage any possible soreness. His hand also followed Cora's arm back to its original resting place, gently rubbing the same bicep as before.

Vinny rubbed her arm again and then moved to the Cora-bot's uniform. He rubbed her side, back and forth, up and down, rib cage to hip. It was a smooth, stretchy, athletic material of suit. So soft and smooth. He rested his hand on the side of her stomach. He felt her body move rhythmically in and out. She was breathing. She still seemed a human physically. But her appearance, her mannerisms. So convincing. He began to feel warmer himself. As he began rubbing her body again, this time he began to time his breathing to match hers. She breathed in, he breathed out, and vice versa. The minutes passed as they became one. Them breathing with each other, and him gingerly stroking his robot pet.

But then, a desire came over him. They had become so intimate in the last hour or so. He was still her husband and she was still his wife, transformation or no transformation. He still loved her. He was still attracted to her. So attracted to her. Her perfect face. Her perfect body. Her perfect robot body. Her perfection encased in a metallic shine, preserved forever. And she was all his to cherish. The desire grew. She was all his crave. She was all his to love. He leaned forward intent on kissing the side of Cora Robot's head. He licked his dry lips and swallowed hard.

Suddenly, Cora Robot twitched. It was almost imperceptible, maybe Vinny imagined it. There it was again! More detectable this time. And another. And another. Her whole body began shaking. What could be the matter now? He silently hoped he could fix it.

7:09 PM

Cora stiffly sat up, still moving her robot muscles spastically, and began to stand up erect. Vinny paused the movie and anxiously stared at his mechanical woman. Drawn up to her full height, her head and body stood perfectly still with the occasional jolt of movement. The robot Cora then moved, still twitching, to the center of the living room. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. She stopped and turned around, standing perfectly erect and still, yet again. The small malfunctions seemed to have abated, and Cora-bot stood like a statue as the orange of the setting sun shone through the vertical blinds of the living room window. The silver skin now glistened with an orange glow, almost approximating an uncanny human skin tone.

"Please close the blinds," said Cora-bot, "And turn the lights to a dim setting". Cora-bot monotonously repeated her instructions.
"Please close the blinds, and turn the lights to a dim setting". Curious as to what end, Vinny obeyed. He turned on the lights and set the dimmer switch down lower. This truncated the Cora-bot's request.
"Please close the blinds. Please close the blinds". Vinny bounded to the big window at the end of the room, and dutifully turned the vertical blinds side to side. The sunlight no longer shone through the blinds, but now projected the warm orange color on the panels. Cora Robot's skin resumed its silver gleam, and she had gone silent. Vinny walked back to his companion's eyesight, and when he did, her upper body leaned forward and her bent arms jutted out in opposite directions. She swiftly stood back up and shifted her hips to one side. She began gyrating her hips and moving her hands along her body provocatively.

Cora had begun to dance. Robotically, she had begun to dance. Her movements were so fluid and her stops were so precise. She popped and locked, she swiveled her hips, she spun, she marched, she undulated her back with such erotic fluidity. Vinny never realized that human Cora was ever so capable. She acted sexy to him before, but he had never seen her like this. Cora Robot then started to hum. "Mmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmm. Ooooooooh." The new vocal sounds accentuated her erotic movements, and elicited a captivating effect on Vinny. He stared mesmerized at this demonstration, unable to look away. No wonder she asked for the blinds to be closed. The sexy robot transformed before his eyes into a sex robot, his greatest guilty pleasure that he had only ever shared with only one other person. How long ago was that? Two years? 5 mon-? Vinny's thoughts were immediately drowned out by the enticing motions made by the glorious Maria that danced before him. The humming had grown in intensity and any "oooh's" had now grown into "Oh's".
"MMMMMMMMM. NNNNNNNNNN. OOOOOOH." Finally, as if to climax from the dance, Cora Robot made an ultimatum during her dance's grand finale.

"I- Am- Cora." she stated in semi-monotone. "I- Am- The- Perfect- Robot- Woman!"

With a final stomp, Cora stood in a power pose, her hands on her hips, her legs spread, and her head held up with single-minded conviction of who and what she was. After a few seconds, Vinny was prepared to make his move on his robo-wife. He got up off the couch and moved with intent toward Cora.
"Oh! Cora!" he began dreamily. He was almost halfway to her, when Cora raised a hand out in front of her.
"Stop", Cora-bot commanded. Vinny obeyed immediately.
"Stare into my eyes" said Cora-bot. Her hand had returned to her hip, and her authority resumed. Vinny didn't understand.
"Stare into my eyes" repeated Cora-bot. Vinny began staring at her visor, assuming this would suffice. It did not.
"Remove my visor, and stare into my eyes", Cora-bot elaborated. A feeling of hesitancy began to creep up in Vinny, but he started across the room again, to take off Cora Robot's visor.
"Stare into my eyes."
Vinny arrived in front of Cora and carefully remove her visor as instructed. Cora's robot eyes were now revealed to Vinny for the first time. Gone were the crystal blue irises of Cora the human. Staring back at him were two bright, solid red eyes.
"Stare into my eyes."
She repeated these instructions again with the same intonation as before. Vinny stared at Cora's new eyes, unsure of what to expect, but unable to look away. He focused and explored these eyes the same way he explored the rest of Cora Robot. Then, something changed.
"Stare into my eyes", Cora Robot repeated, but now her voice lowered a little, and had lost most of its stilted delivery. With this change, Cora Robot began to smile. What was happening?
"Stare deep into my eyes", her voice became sultrier and more seductive. Something didn't feel right.
"Cora...", whispered Vinny.
"Ssssshhh", said Cora-bot, putting a robot finger up to Vinny's lips. "You are listening now. You are staring now." If Vinny had planned to object, his plans were doomed to failure. He couldn't know what compelled him to give up, but he just knew that there was nothing he could do. He just stood there staring, just as Cora wanted. The robot Cora moved her hand from Vinny's lips to the back side of his head. She then resumed her speech.
"Gaze into my eyes. Deeper into my eyes. Focus. Concentrate. What do you see?"
Vinny found himself unable to form words. A feeble opening of the mouth and light wheeze was all he could do.
"Do you see a blinking light in my eyes?" she asked. Vinny concentrated as much as his faculties could allow. Was there a flickering in those deep crimson eyes? There must have been, why else would she ask? Did he see something there? He stared. He did. He saw... something. A faint rapid blinking light? Yes, that must have been it. He meekly nodded his head in response. Cora's slight smile widened.
"Then it is now too late to resist. Behold, it is my programming. My core.", she revealed. She spoke slowly and attractively, her words ringing through Vinny's ears. Poor Vinny was now almost limp, his mouth once again agape, and his head being held in Cora-bot's hand.

"You see my programming. You see it, entering your mind. You feel it, entering your mind. Programming your mind. Making your human mind into my personal computer. The synapses and electrical pulses in your brain are now being manipulated by my programming. By me. Your beloved Cora."
"Feel it!", she commanded. Vinny winced in response.
"Feel it.", she said calmer. Vinny breathed heavily. Cora began caressing the side of Vinny's face.
"Feel me", she said seductively. "You do love me." Cora smiled wider at the putty in her hands that was Vinny's helplessly swaying body. She then quietly deliberated, and made a decision.
"Do you like my breasts?", the robot woman asked. Vinny made no response. He seemed only capable of staring blankly.
"Now, now, answer truthfully. After all, I am in your mind. I AM your mind. You consider women superior and robots perfect. You are powerless to the superiority of the female and my robotic perfection. You are attracted to my body. Now acknowledge, do you like my breasts?" Cora snapped her fingers, expecting a response. After a moment, the mindlessly submissive Vinny nodded slowly.
"Very well, then", smiled Cora. She released Vinny's head and moved a few steps backwards. "Come to me", she instructed. "You have my permission." She held her arms out at her sides, regally and expectantly. Vinny stared blankly and barely moved. Could it be he had doubts as to his robot mistress' intentions and instructions? Cora Robot commanded again with more authority.
"Come to me, my slave", she repeated. She took the shoulders of her swimsuit, spread them apart, and stripped the garment from her body. In its stead, was now a reflective bikini set that perfectly matched her silver skin. The subject of her command was now more revealed to her hypnotized subject, it was harder for him to resist. She snapped her fingers again.
"Come to me", she said. Vinny's body held out its arms in front like a zombie, and lurched toward the Master Fembot's bosom. The Queen had commanded, the Queen will be obeyed. An eternity later, Vinny's hand touched the erstwhile forbidden zone. As Vinny's knees buckled, Cora grabbed Vinny's body and squeezed it up against her own.

"Direct connection established. Now converting human." The robotic speech of Cora Robot returned in full. With each command, Cora-bot’s robot breasts twitched, her muscles being flexed, indicating the transference of data from her body to her zombified vessel. With each flex of her boobs, Vinny’s knees grew weaker and weaker. And as blank as Vinny’s expression was before, with each robotic command, he grew blanker and blanker still. Cora Robot unwaveringly continued on with her verbal programming.
"Converting, converting. Establishing wireless connection. Establishing slave unit designation. Establishing core purpose. Enabling core processes and sub-routines. Processing... Processing...". Then, Vinny joined in.
"Processing... Processing... Processing..." Vinny then spoke alone. "Processing complete. Mental conversion complete. Remote control of Cora-unit 'Vin' 100% established. Awaiting command from Cora-Unit Prime".
"Disengage", commanded Cora Robot. Her robotic voice was once again the natural, seductive voice. At her command, Vin-Unit's arms fell fully limp to his sides, pulling his body down to its knees.
Cora was delighted. In spite of her robotic self, she chuckled at the prospect of her new robot servant. 'Cora-Unit Prime', she thought, ‘That’s me’.
"Rise", she said to her new robot. As the robot Vin gained control of its limbs, Robo-Cora watched with amusement.
"I am Cora-Unit Prime", she said to her new counterpart. She resumed addressing Vin-Unit with increasing pleasure. "You are now my pet human. My personal servant. My soldier. My puppet. My plaything. My robot..."
Vin-Unit's rudimentary programming recognized Cora's increased pleasure and embraced her body in a hug. This curiously instinctive gesture was welcomed by Cora, who rubbed the back of her new robot, and twirled her fingers through his curly hair, just as Vinny had done with her own hair previously. Vin-Unit still looked human, but it made no difference to Cora. What mattered to her was his response to commands.
"Yeeess. You are my robot. You submit to my commands. Acknowledge", tested Cora Prime.
"Affirmative, Cora-Unit Prime", replied the Vin-Unit. His voice was human and sleepy, but satisfactorily monotone.

"Stand at attention. Salute", Cora commanded. She snapped her fingers again. Vin-Unit obeyed. He stood straight up, with his mouth closed, and his eyes staring out into the distance. It was now Cora Robot's turn to admire her companion. She circled the Vin-Unit’s body in appraisal of her new acquisition. The human Vin-Unit stood only a little taller than herself, but with considerably more force being capable in his arm and leg muscles than her own. A fairly strong human, physically. He had a round head with dark curly hair, handsome chin, and eager dark-brown eyes, like a puppy dog. ‘Good boy’, she thought. She pet Vin-Unit's head and ran her fingers through his own soft dark hair. She moved up against her convert and slid her hand from his pecs around to his back and down to his rear. Standing behind him, she gave his butt a slap and returned to her appraisal.

"You love me, Vin-Unit", she stated. "I love you, too", she continued with a playful intoxication. She now embraced her new unit, intently squeezing her robotic breasts up against his chest, and gave another erotic hum. The Vin-unit did not move. So impassive, she observed. Cora was impressed. Nonetheless, she felt the Vin-unit’s squishy human body getting warm. She released her grasp, and walked with robotic purpose back to the middle of the couch and sat down.
“Vin-Unit. Approach me", Cora Prime commanded. The Vin-Unit obeyed.
"Yes, mistress", Vin-Unit said sleepily. He stomped as he moved his robotic limbs to where he was summoned, in front of his mistress. She looked her slave unit up and down. She appreciated the stiff motions of his walk that was the result of her slave’s programming. She desired more.
“Robot”, she began, “March around the room. Execute verbal programming loop. Demonstrate the effect of your Master Unit’s programming.”
“Yes, mistress.” Vin-Unit turned at a perfect 90-degree angle and proceeded to robotically march like he had before in a large oval through the room, as he began to recite his devotion to his feminine controller.
"This robot will obey. This unit will serve. This unit cannot resist. This robot’s Master-Unit is perfect. This robot will receive pleasure from obedience. This unit's greatest desire is to please its master. This robot will obey, this robot must obey. This robot receives pleasure from its master’s pleasure. This robot only obe-"
"Silence", interrupted Cora Unit. “Return to me.”
"As you command, master", Vin-Unit robotically answered and responded accordingly. Cora sat and considered her pet's next trick. She stared at the hulking subject at her control and considered. Once again, she smiled a wide smile to herself.

"Dance for me, my robot. And sing."
"What is your request?", Vin-Unit dryly queried.
"You know my favorite", Cora intimated. *Snap* Vin-Unit's body jerked, and a plastic smile appeared across his face. He began to sing a nursery rhyme in an acceptably saccharine manner, while matching the words with appropriate action.

"I'm a little teapot, short and stout
"Here is my handle, here is my spout
"When I get all steamed up, hear me shout
"Tip me over and pour me out"

Cora Robot immediately snapped her fingers again, expecting more. The Vin-Unit's face went blank once again, and began another submissive version in monotone.

"I'm a little robot, here to serve
"I am obedient to your curves
"To do as you command is what I crave
"I am your permanent, robot slave"

Cora Robot smiled and slowly clapped with glee.
"Very good, robot", she praised to the Vin-Unit. "Very, very good. I know that came from your heart", she added facetiously.
“Thank you, master”, responded robo-Vin, as he bent his torso forward in humble acknowledgment. The Cora-Robot enjoyed the display more than the Vin unit could know, not that he could know much of anything when he was like this.

“Dance for me, again, Robot”, she commanded. “Do not sing. Dance for me.”
“Yes, Master Cora-Unit”. What followed was a decent masculine approximation of the dance Cora-robot had done for the human Vinny. A series of popping and locking, robotic flailing of the arms, as well as mechanical half- and -quarter turns. Any hums during Cora-unit’s dance routine were truncated to grunts and shorter hums. A welcome addition to Cora-unit was the occasional flexing of Vin-Unit’s shoulders and puffing out of his chest to proudly display his pectoral features. The conversion process must have really left an impression, considered Cora. Presently, Vin-unit completed his dancing after a couple minutes and returned to his previous upright stance.

“Has this satisfied you, master?”, asked the Vin robot.
“Yes, robot”, acquiesced Cora unit as she stood up, “You have pleased me.”
“Thank you, my robot queen”, Vin-Unit stuttered in reply.
‘Queen?’, thought Cora with amusement, ‘Hm, I like that.’
“Yes”, asserted Cora Robot, indifferently, “I am your Queen. You are my robot. Do you like being my robot?”
“Yes, mistress.”
“Do you like being called a robot?”
“Yes, mistress”
“Do you like being a robot?”
“Yes, mistress”, Consistent in response and with equal mindlessness, Vin-unit remained steadfast in his place as her robot. Cora, however, took more and more joy establishing her place as the robotic master to her slave. Cora gleefully continued to reinforce her superiority and designation.
“Yes, robot”, she affirmed. “You are my ROBOT. You are my SLAVE ROBOT. I am your MASTER ROBOT. Your ROBOT QUEEN”. With each emphatic statement, a spasm ran throughout Vin-Unit’s body. Whether this was intentional or not is not known. Regardless, Cora took great delight in seeing her control having such a profound effect on her slave. She inched closer to her programmed human, as she resumed her verbal programming.
“You will obey without question! You will obey without thought! You will obey MY COMMANDS. You will OBEY MY POWER! You will OBEY YOUR QUEEN, my Robot!”
“Yes, my mistress, my Queen- Queen- Queen”, acknowledged Vin-Unit, now visibly moved from the pleasure he felt throughout his body from his mighty Fembot Queen’s domination.
“Look into my eyes!”, Cora Robot commanded.
“Yes, mistress”, Vin-bot obeyed. His programming wasn’t completed just yet.

“Run verbal programming commands”, instructed Cora. She spoke slowly with precision and conviction. “Repeat: You- Are- My- Robot.”
“You- Are- My- Robot.”
What? Something happened in an instant, but Cora couldn’t perceive what. She resumed her task.
“You- Will- Obey”, she continued.
“You- Will- Obey”
Again! The same thing occurred, but this one felt worse. What was it?! ‘What should I do?’, queried Cora-Unit with a tic. Continue?
“You- Are- My- Slave”
“You- Are- My- Slave”
“Y-You- Are- My- Robot”
“You- Are- My- Robot”
Something was wrong! Cora Robot’s commands were not fortifying the dominance over her robotic companion. Try again, but differently.
“I- Am- Your- Mas-ter”
“I- Am- Your- Mas-ter”
“You… M-Must OBEY!”
“You- Must- Obey”
What’s happening? How could this be happening?! Were her own commands affecting her?! This can’t be! Attempt troubleshooting and mitigation of possible errors.
“On- Your- Knees- Robot”, she commanded with a shaky, but authoritative finger snap. Vin Robot obeyed. And Vin Robot repeated.
“On- Your- Knees- Robot”. To her imperceptible horror, Cora Robot obeyed. She was susceptible to commands as well. In attempting to command her slave, she somehow managed to compromise her own authority. The established Master unit now found herself in a position of humility, commanded by her slave-unit. Cannot Process. Cannot Process. Resuming Task. Her calm robot voice became incrementally alarmed, while the Vin-Unit remained unaware.
“You- are- my subject”
“You- are- my subject”
“You will- do- as- command-ed”
“You will- do- as- command-ed”
“You- will- obey!”
“You- will- obey”
“You- are- Slave!”
“You- are- Slave”

Logic error encountered. Insufficient programming to process error. Troubleshooting complete. No errors detected. Error- Error- Logic Error loop encountered- Not detected. Mitigate- Error not found. Mitigation Failure. No errors detected. Designation information lost.
“Slave- Slave- Robot- Slave. I- I- I Robot- Perfect- Obey. I- Master-Slave- Robot Must Obey- Robot Commands- Slave- Perfec-”

Catastrophic Error Encountered. Core Programming Corrupted. Process aborted.
Restore previous backup? (Y/N) y
Backup found. Cora_Core_Backup 7:15:41 PM, Friday, 9 May xxxx
Cleaning up errors. Cancelling previous command executions.

“Stop- repeating”, Cora Robot commanded.
“Yes, Queen-Unit. Command acknowledged”, replied Vin-Unit.
“Backup Commencing. Must Restart”, warned the compromised Cora-Unit. She then suited action to the word, and slumped her body down.
“Wireless connection lost”, informed the Vin-Unit to no one in particular. “Connection dropped”.
Seconds passed. Eventually, Cora Robot came back to life, as impassive and beautiful as before.
“Rebooting… Rebooting… Reboot complete. Core Directive Restored. Scanning for Units. Scanning… Scanning… Unit found. Analysis: Designation, Vin-Unit. Now pinging Vin-Unit.” The dormant Vin-Unit received Cora’s query and dutifully acknowledged her.
“Ping request received. Ping request acknowledged”, said Vin-Unit.
“Ping handshake 100% successful. Core Directive Match 100%”, Cora Robot gratifyingly replied. Each unit on their knees, robotically approached the other, with similar openmouthed, human expressions. Both spoke with the greatest pleasure in robotic unison.
“Pleasure Robot programming commenced. Now engage with Companion Mistress”
“Pleasure Robot programming commenced. Now engage with Master Companion”

*Time Passes*

Epilogue – 12:22 AM, Saturday, May 10th

The Netflix main menu had taken over the television. The orange sun on the blinds had turned to a light blue moonlight. Cora’s one-piece still sat on the floor in a ball, but now, next to Vinny’s t-shirt. Cora and Vinny lay entwined on the couch, each breathing quietly and contently. Vinny stared into the familiar blue irises that stared back into his own puppy-brown eyes. Cora just smiled knowingly. At last, Vinny broke the silence. His fingers clasped in Cora’s fingers moved her hand into her eyesight.
“How?”, he sighed.
“Zoey helped”, Cora replied. A reflective smile at their mutual friend crept along Vinny’s face. She was the one who introduced them. He and Zoey were friends, but Cora and Zoey were best friends. The closest that friends could be without being married. “She helped me to reach those “hard-to-reach” places”, she continued suggestively.

Vinny’s interrogation continued. “How much those eye balls set you back?” Cora looked cleverly at the UV contact lenses, now resting carefully on the side table.
“About 25 bucks.”
“And how long have you had that swimsuit?”, he asked breathlessly.
“’bout as long as the eyeballs”, she replied. “I can’t believe how hot I looked in it. I have never felt so hot than I did before you came home… Except for maybe right after.”
“Wow”, he gasped. “I just can’t believe it…”
I can’t believe how suggestible you are”, she laughed. “You really are just another drooling, idiot guy, aren’t you? Lady shows a little skin and boob, and you guys will do anything she asks.”
“So, leave”, he challenged, as he started kissing her again.
“And miss literally *kiss* controlling your butt, *kiss* I don’t think so” she retorted. They kissed some more. Vinny was still thinking about what happened.

“Ya know”, he breathed, “I felt silly doing the teapot song for you.” Cora giggled.
“Sex looks silly. But you looked fabulous. *kiss* Like a real teapot was standing in the room *kiss* dancing.”
“But what’s the deal, though? *Pant* Why does that song of all songs make you tingly?”, asked Vinny asked with a vengeance. Cora sighed and pondered. After some thought, she resigned herself.
“I don’t know”, She smiled. “I really don’t know. It just always did.” She started to laugh. The interrogation continued.
“Where’d you learn to move like that?”, Vinny inquired.
“The dancing, the walk. Where’d all that come from?”
“My Zumba classes”, Cora retorted. “You ought to try it sometime like I asked. Now where did you learn to move like that?” Cora stared accusingly at her beau. Vinny smirked and gave a shrug.
“A one-time, secondhand Zumba class”, he chuckled.
“You’re a fast learner.” *She kissed*
“I gotta be.” *He kissed back* They both started kissing more intensely, but Cora slowed them down.
“Wait. Wait. I’m tired”, she panted. Vinny understood and pulled back on his excitement.
“Go to bed?”, he gasped slowly. Cora nodded silently. Vinny sat up on the couch, as Cora stayed laying down.

“A couple things, Vin”, Cora said lowly. She moved her finger in a ‘come hither’ motion. Vinny quietly leaned over her head intimately. Their heads both looked at each other upside-down.
“Zoey left in a hurry. She wants pictures”, Cora said with a smile. Vinny snickered. The three of them were close enough that, of course, she’d want in on this. He smiled right back.
“Well, fine. If you want to give her pictures, she can have them”, Vinny acknowledged. “What else?”
“The kitchen’s a mess. Clean up dinner?”
Between worrying about Cora’s well-being all day and their robot games, Vinny had totally forgotten about dinner. He noticed that he started to feel dim pangs of hunger.
“But I haven’t eaten yet…”, he playfully objected.

Cora brought her hand through his hair, to the back his head and pulled it closer her face. Her eyes looked deep into his eyes, and she smiled tantalizingly.

“Without question, my little robot?”, she bade. And she lightly kissed his lips. Vinny had no choice. He stood up straight and his face went blank.
“Yes, my Queen”, he declared robotically. He turned around toward the kitchen, and marched resolutely to obey Cora’s command, repeating his programming:
“Robot- must- obey. Robot- must- obey…”
Cora looked after Vinny lovingly. She sat up, stretched, and got to her feet. As she smiled, her own body went stiff and her eyes glazed over. She then marched to the kitchen, smiling, intent on assisting Vinny-Robot, while she repeated her own programming:
“I- am perfect. I- am perfect. I- am perfect…”
‘I love Friday nights’, she thought to herself.
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Re: Cora/Cora-Robot

Post by BebesIsPerfect » Wed Apr 10, 2024 6:33 pm

Hey, everybody. Thanks to everyone so far, for indulging me in reading this story. I hope you'll forgive me in responding to my own post, but I would appreciate your feedback. I am genuinely eager to write better. Not just fembot stories, but creative writing in general. Plus, I am curious to what you guys thought. If there was something you liked, what was it? If there was something you didn't, same question? Be brutal, but please, not savage; wear gloves.

P.S. Don't worry, no sequel planned. I write stories one-at-a-time. If there's an idea that won't go away... then maybe we'll see.
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Re: Cora/Cora-Robot

Post by propagandaofthedeed » Tue Apr 16, 2024 6:20 pm

The dommy mommy fembot doesn't hit for me. Like, I got the remote, come on now. And robots are supposed to be egalitarian. That's part of the perfection, they're above the ego, the self is manufactured. This more horror story than fantasy.

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Re: Cora/Cora-Robot

Post by BebesIsPerfect » Wed Apr 17, 2024 7:33 pm

Hiya, propaganda. Thank you for reading.

I'm assuming you're not using "dommy mommy" literally here. I understand your feelings, and it is valid concern having a dominating companion. I'm turned off on them too, particularly when physical masochism is involved (Ancient Wisdom: "I can't stand pain. It hurts me."). Ultimately though, it really comes down to taste and preference, but I see what you mean.

Regarding the egalitarianism of robots, that's true. In a "robot vacuum", or a robot made to be a robot and nothing more, the egalitarian bot would be applicable, with no sense of self, no drive or desires of its own to get ahead of another. My (admittedly weak) argument is that technology isn't perfect, no matter how well put together a device might be. When the wheel was invented, primitive man still crashed into things. These days, internet goes down and gets sluggish for no apparent reason, despite running at top speed the day before. Bottom line: that robot can, and probably will, do something unexpected, something that wasn't accounted for in its programming. My logic in this argument is sketchy, but I frankly don't have the knowledge or curiosity to speak intelligently on the real world subject. I'm a fantasy guy. Additionally, in the context of the story, the fembot was "based on" an actual human, which is decidedly not an egalitarian creature, and is prone to errors and mistakes, which helps lead to the story's climax.

I wasn't thinking "Horror" when I wrote this, so I would disagree with you on that. Believe me, if I wanted it to be Horror, the ending would different (the most important part of the punch is the follow-through). Regardless, I can again see what you mean, looking at it from the Horror perspective. To argue semantics, though, I would say it'd be both horror and fantasy. Fantasies can be horror stories, but horror stories are not necessarily always fantasy.
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Re: Cora/Cora-Robot

Post by propagandaofthedeed » Wed Apr 17, 2024 7:52 pm

You're more sympathetic than I.

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