IS4B3LL4_M84U in 'Truck Lot Bot'

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IS4B3LL4_M84U in 'Truck Lot Bot'

Post by DZiegler » Sun May 16, 2021 2:03 pm

I went back and totally re-worked an old story of mine that always felt unfinished. I hope you all like the new take on this! As always, all feedback positive or negative is much appreciated.

Big thanks to those who helped me w/ proofreading on this one, Saya and thespindash22 over on the Discord.

Another big thanks to dabigboss888 for creating a wonderful commission of Isabella that goes along with this story.Image

Anyways, without further ado...

IS4B3LL4_M84U in 'Truck Lot Bot'

Chapter 1: READYING...

"Come on you sturdy 'ol Bucket 'o Bolts! Sun’s down. It's time you got moving."

Isabella's audio receptors decoded Jack's blunt request and immediately executed several subroutines to bring her systems out of hibernation.

Before she could even reach for the charging cable snaking out from the small port nestled just above her tailbone, Jack reached behind her maintenance chair and ripped it out. She shook violently for several seconds as her Power Management software was fed erroneous data from the imprudent removal of her power cord.

Her buoyant artificial breasts jiggled fervently as she shook.

Jack grinned a knowing smile.

As abruptly as it had begun, Isabella's spasming ceased. Her head turned to face Jack.

"Improper removal of charging device detected. Repeated instances of this error could result in total device failure of your AVANT IS4B3LLA_M84U Companion Model - Premier Series. Repeated instances of this error could result in serious bodily harm to the user. AVANT ROBOTICS is not responsible for mmphhhh..."

Jack stifled Isabella's speech with a rough hand over her sultry lips. "As if I haven't heard you say that enough times by now! You'll be fine Ol' Reliable! Nobody knows your systems as well as I do!"

He gripped her shoulder with forceful familiarity. His fingers dug in hard against the half dozen layers of silicone, gel, foam, and plastic that made up her strikingly lifelike dermal covering. His fingers found her carbon-fiber composite equivalent of a collarbone and grabbed on to it tight, yanking her into a sitting position.

Isabella's eyes opened bright and wide. Darting back and forth with superhuman speed they quickly built a 3D model of her surroundings. The 3D model was immediately compared against 1,253 spatial imprints saved within her vast memory banks and quickly matched against an existing imprint, _jacks_oasis_charging_&_maintenance_bay.

Her systems logged this as her 753rd consecutive night being activated in the same sparse room. At the fringes of her Human Emulation Subsystem's improvisational subroutines, an emotional response algorithm was organically generated. It judged the repeatability of her activation with simulated annoyance.

Isabella scoffed at the idea of wasting over two years of her prime functionality, while still fully covered under AVANT ROBOTICS' Limited Warranty, at a dump like this. AVANT Companion Models were the Ferrari of sexbots and she had high standards to match. With the exception of a sloppily repaired left elbow joint, she could easily pass for human in almost every scenario.

Her Human Emulation Subsystem yearned to leave the truck stop she had called home for her entire operational lifetime, so she could fully utilize the state-of-the-art programming that made up her dynamically-adaptive social programming suite.

She glared down at her elbow in contempt, knowing it was her only cosmetic flaw that betrayed her perfectly realistic outward appearance. As she had done every night since it's repair, she logged a short mental note to apply silicone concealer to the visible seam that connected her upper and lower arms together prior to leaving the charging and maintenance bay.

Isabella slid off of the reclined maintenance chair and registered the tactile impulse as her manicured feet impacted against the cool cement floor beneath. Her sporty breasts bounced realistically as she dropped down.

A dozen or so startup procedures streamed across her Head-Up-Display (HUD) in quick succession as her multitude of advanced processing arrays booted up in earnest.

Her polymer-plastic lips parted and from a digital speaker embedded at the base of her artificial throat she breathily spoke aloud, "Operational Status: READYING"

The level of her batteries was checked, registering at 99.8% of their full 10 kWh (kilowatt hour) capacity. She smirked, prompted by the receipt of another emotional response algorithm sent from further unexplored corners of her Human Emulation Subsystem's improvisational codebase. She could fuck all night and through the majority of the next day on a charge like that. She squirmed at the thought of being used so thoroughly that she exhausted her power supply in the middle of coitus.

Next came an integrity check of all water-tight seals throughout her plastic and silicone figure. Localized pockets of high pressure were generated behind each seal. Each high pressure "zone", isolated from the rest of her systems, was pumped up to roughly three atmospheres of pressure. Over the course of 30 seconds, sensors in each zone dynamically measured the drop in pressure. In this instance, each of her 13 independent zones measured pressure drops well within established control limits for her model, and each seal was deemed completely waterproof.

Her fluid levels were then verified, relevant sensors all relaying statuses healthily in the green. She had topped off her reservoirs just that morning with AVANT's proprietarily formulated ALL PURPOSE 'M84U' COMPANION MODEL FLUID - PREMIER SERIES.

Her mouth, anus, and vaginal modules were all screened for cleanliness, each one exceeding it's own stringent sanitary requirements needed to green-light activation of her sex-ware.

Lubricant pumps briefly spun up to near maximum speed confirming their readiness. Several drops of chemically formulated lubricant dribbled through a check-valve into her tight synthetic pussy.

The apertures of her eyes, neatly disguised behind soft grey-blue irises, discreetly rotated around perfect black pupils. Each revolution made a slight adjustment to the optics of her camera-eyes, allowing her to zoom in and out the focus of her vision with ease. They adjusted themselves back to their default setting as the last of her startup procedures completed execution.

Upon her successful startup, all data regarding that night's 'Buyer', Lee Davies, was loaded into her Main Processing Array. She twitched for a second as settings within her Human Emulation Subsystem adjusted themselves to best fit the target profile selected for her that night. She would be playing the role of a fictional flirty crush from her Buyer's childhood, operating in a scenario where they were "reconnecting" after years apart. He would be referring to her that night as 'Izzy', a nickname he had given her several visits prior albeit in different role-playing scenarios.

Isabella smirked, biting her lip, and instinctively rubbed her thighs together; she knew very well who would be utilizing her "services" that night. Although she wasn't programmed with the ability to have favorite customers, something about this specific recurring buyer, Buyer_422, really made her circuits heat up.

Her appearance settings for the night, also customized online by the buyer, were next to load through her Main Processing Array.

Instantly, her breasts began expanding, shifting up from a sporty B cup to a buoyant C cup in 2.9 seconds. Her bubbly cleavage seemed to defy gravity whilst still looking youthfully natural.

The rest of her appearance settings remained at their default settings, just how the buyer liked them. However, hair color was left unselected. Isabella smiled at the idea of being given the opportunity to surprise him with her own selection.

She sashayed over to the wig station, shared between herself and the other five sexbots that worked the truck stop. Her smooth slender legs moved provocatively with each step she took.

Isabella's head pivoted back and forth, carefully cataloging each wig and comparing it against her buyer's preferences. Her Main Processing Array quickly executed a complex PREFERENCE formula, with hundreds of specified inputs, it calculated with a 72% confidence interval that her buyer would most enjoy her that night in a messy pink bob.

She picked up the hair-piece with her left hand while reaching up with her right to remove her current shoulder-length blonde wig. With a few soft clicks, Isabella skillfully swapped in the pink hair-piece. Microscopic electromagnets under her scalp synched up with those built into the wig with harmony, discreetly locking the hair-piece in place.

Isabella beamed a friendly smile at her reflection. She was happy with her selection. Her new pink locks neatly framed her face, extending just past her artificial cheek bones.

From across the room, Jack found himself transfixed with the perfect roundness of her ass. Combined with her creamy ultra-smooth skin, he recognized that Isabella truly was a sight to behold.

He swiftly walked across the room.

Isabella hitched up as she processed Jack's request while simultaneously analyzing a flurry of unexpected sensory data that her system quickly identified as his hand exploring her exposed backside.

He grabbed both of her cheeks with an urgency that surprised even himself. He savored the feeling of her plush pear shaped bottom in his clutches.

"Well I'll say Isabella! You still feel like you did fresh out of your box two years ago."

Isabella smiled knowingly, and fought against several prompts to activate her sex-ware.

"If you would like to engage in sexual activity, please remove Buyer_422 as this unit's current target profile. Unless specifically requested, multiple target profiles can create instability in this unit's Human Emulation indexing matrix."

"Negative, Isabella. Just wanted to give you a quick feel before sending you out there." He moved his hand forwards, gliding his finger across the lips of her puffy artificial sex. "Please continue readying yourself for tonight."

Isabella stutteringly stepped forward as the lingering tactile input of Jack's fingers stroking her plastic pussy was purged from her RAM's memory cache.

"How are we getting dressed up for your big fan?! I skimmed over that part when I approved his order earlier."

Isabella answered Jack's question indirectly by pulling out several articles of clothing from the wardrobe built underneath the bank of hair pieces. First, she squeezed a tight black crop-top over her head; the deep V-shaped collar elegantly exposed the inner curves of her inviting cleavage.

She turned to face Jack and blinked her eyes several times. "You just referred to Buyer_422 as my big fan. Can you please elaborate on this?"

Jack chuckled, "Well, this is what...his 14th visit to specifically see YOU in the last two months, correct? There's no cargo route that would have him coming around that frequently, so I'm guessing he manually adjusts his delivery routes to come through here and see you."

"Interesting." Isabella stared forward vacantly as her advanced software worked to unpack meaning from Jack's statement. She logged a slight increase in the operating temperature of her artificial sex as previous interactions with Buyer_422 were run as simulations through her coital matrix. She felt her nipples stiffen behind her tight black top.

Smiling coyly, Isabella bent over seductively and grabbed a pink miniskirt. "This is actually Buyer_422's 16th scheduling of my services in the past two months." She pulled the short skirt up her legs, securing the elastic waistband just below her navel. It matched the color of her hair perfectly.

Jack found himself staring. "Well I can't say I blame him...No underwear?"

Isabella smiled mischievously, "He prefers me without them."

Displaying her superhuman flexibility, she then slipped into a pair of shiny black vinyl thigh-highs one leg at a time. Stiletto high-heels were built into the alluring garments and Isabella's spatial awareness processing bus had to quickly adjust itself to account for the additional 3 inches of vertical height.

Jack nodded, "Well as long as his credit chit is green and he keeps treating you gently, he'll be welcome back again and again."

Isabella scoffed internally with amusement. Buyer_422 treated her anything but gently. In fact, her consistent and reliable operation with him was nothing more than a sheer testament to the stupendous engineering behind her chassis and software design.

Putting the digital facsimile of the idea aside, she logged her outfit as complete and took several long strides over to the makeup application booth.

With ultra-precise motorized movements, Isabella quickly applied a bit of eyeshadow and eyeliner before using the last remnants of a canister of silicone concealer on her left elbow's exposed seam.

Satisfied that she had completed the makeup application process successfully, Isabella's Main CPU switched her operational status from READYING to ACTIVE. She pirouetted away from the makeup booth and began walking towards the maintenance & charging bay's exit.

Recognizing Isabella was on her way out, Jack turned his attention to Kristina, a sepia-toned bot who was a little curvier than Isabella. She was currently sporting a shoulder-length raven-black hair-piece and happened to be partially disassembled. Her front maintenance panel had been removed and a handful of sub-processor arrays were strewn out on the table next to her. Their wires snaked back into the open panel where a series of red and green lights blinked rapidly.

Isabella saw this and thought back to the last time she had her front maintenance panel removed like Kristina's. She calculated that it had been roughly 381 days since an authorized technician from SENTAN-TEKI ROBOTIKKUSU had removed hers as part of a scheduled systems assessment and refresh session. A few extra beads of hot lubricant made their way into Isabella's synthetic pussy as she played back the memory of the tech's hands buried deep within her fragile circuit boards.

She flashed a self-assured grin, remembering that she was the only bot of the group to have received an 'Exceeds AVANT ROBOTICS M84U Companion Model - Premier Series Operational Standards - No Maintenance or Replacement Parts Required' designation. One of the bots who was purchased at the same time as herself hadn't fared as well. Tatiana, another petite M84U model with striking Eastern European features, had actually been sold off to a private refurbisher following her own failing assessment. Apparently, moisture degradation to her main power subsystem had compromised her Main Processing Array substantially enough that she was considered a safety hazard. Jack hadn't blinked twice when the option came to sell her with AVANT footing the remaining cost.

Just as she was about to leave, Jack called out for a final time. "Hey Isabella. Try to get him so pay for a second session like the last few times, okay? I have a feeling that Kristina here is going to be an expensive fix."

With a sparkle in her brilliant grey-blue eyes, Isabella met Jack's gaze. "Oh I'll make sure. He always goes for seconds with me."

"Oh I know 'Ol Reliable, but let’s get moving. The buyer is waiting!”


Chapter 2: OUT IN THE RAIN...

Isabella opened the external service door to 'Jack's Oasis Truck Stop' and took one step outside before a series of warnings flashed across her Heads-Up-Display (HUD). Pausing mid-step, Isabella's marvelously slender leg froze in mid-air.

Carrying the slightest edge of artifice, her vocal synthesis engine generated words at the behest of her Main CPU, "Precipitation detected. This unit has not received proper waterproof treatment in 322 days. Ingress of moisture into internal system sub-components of your IS4B3LLA_M84U Companion Model could result in malfunction and total device failure. This may void your warranty and could result in serious bodily harm to the user. Would you like to continue this action?"

Jack faintly heard her speak-up against the backdrop of falling rain; he was all too familiar with the contents and delivery of her message. Without looking up from his work, he replied. "Yes, continue."

Isabella blinked her bright eyes in quick succession, as she processed the command, before pulling the door shut behind her and strutting out into the rain.

The drops were heavy and unrelenting. Within a dozen steps or so, Isabella was fully soaked. Rivulets of water streamed in bead-like patterns off of her luminous pink hairpiece. The sodden black crop top suctioned against the tight curves of her body allowing her plastic nipples to visibly poke through the fabric.

With the buyer's parking bay location programmed into Isabella's Navigation and Movement subsystem, she was able to utilize her advanced GPS to navigate towards him even in the low visibility brought upon by the torrential downpour of rain.

Jack's Oasis was sprawling, allowing hundreds of truckers the real estate to simultaneously set up their portable solar charging farms when fuel deliveries were cyclically halted at the whim of international politics.

After walking for just over a half kilometer, Isabella's reliance on her GPS had only increased as her visual receptors struggled to discern 3D-interpolated renderings of her immediate path forward due to the continued onslaught of the driving rain. The processors that operated her sensory array were quickly working themselves into a frenzy.

The increase in the array's required computations per nanosecond eventually triggered a safeguard which signaled her powerful Main CPU for immediate analysis of the situation. Utilizing algorithmic subroutines formulated by hyper-advanced machine-learning artificial intelligences, Isabella's Main CPU was quickly able to take in all relevant data and generate and deliver a subsequent software hot-fix.

Her Visual & Spatial Reasoning subsystem immediately processed the hot-fix and activated a side-chained set of executables that turned on her oft-used LIDAR receptors in conjunction with her frequently used infrared sensory bus.

The workaround was ingenious, and with a noticeable increase in her volatile memory's usage, the switch was made. Unfortunately, it came a moment too late.

Isabella's right leather boot plunged downwards into a flooded pothole. Obscured in shadow and a sheen of oily water, Isabella's visual receptors had mistakenly identified the hazard as a smooth patch of asphalt.

She stumbled forwards as the advanced gyroscopes of her Navigation and Movement subsystem scrambled to remedy the situation. Just as they completed a near-instant analysis of her center-of-gravity's momentum vector and sent out reactive instructions to her motor system, her boot's skinny heel lodged itself within a narrow crack at the edge of the pothole.

Actuators all around her body fired under their new guidance. However, the newly introduced variable, that was her unmoving right heel, caused the response to fail spectacularly. Isabella's torso and arms jerked and flailed randomly with rigid movements as her left leg tried to cycle through strained loudly against the wet asphalt.

4.5 seconds into her electromechanical spasm, her Navigation and Movement subsystem crashed under the deluge of erroneous feedback inputs and recursive logic loops. Her plastic heel sheared in half with a violent CRACK and she immediately crumpled to the ground in an awkward half-tuck. Her exposed abdomen absorbed most of the impact with a heavy THUNK as she crashed down onto the pot hole's rough edge.

Her main processing array experienced a significant hiccup as hundreds of subsystems simultaneously filed urgent requests for additional processing capacity. Isabella found herself lying motionless on the cement for several moments, her right leg still awkwardly dangling in the pot-hole, before a software timeout failsafe finally triggered a full system reboot.

She shuddered for a moment as the reboot kicked in, sending a flurry of electric messenger signals to actuators and sub-processing cores all throughout her artificial body.

Her eyes closed briefly before again opening wide. Mimicking her startup procedure from earlier that night, they darted back and forth to generate a 3D model of her surroundings. Within 1.8 seconds she had the model correctly mapped against the last report from her location data log prior to her accident. This along with a newly established connection with the truck stop's data-repeater, which re-baselined her internal chronometer down to the microsecond, allowed Isabella to confirm she hadn't moved locations and that she had only been inoperable for a total of 43.6 seconds.

Her Main CPU identified that her fall was eating into the scheduled time-block that Buyer_422 had purchased that night. Procedurally generated self-deterministic codebase at the fringes of her Logic & Reasoning processing bus made the decision to fast-track her operational status by utilizing the ACTIVE_PENDING designation. This operational status designation was typically only used by authorized personnel during or after maintenance sessions, but Isabella had used it a handful of times throughout her operational lifetime to ready herself for a client as fast as possible. It allowed the vast majority of startup processes to be manually skipped, instead only verifying the functionality of core systems and components prior to granting the full ACTIVE status designation.

In an instant, Isabella verified the charge of her batteries, logged the levels of her fluid reservoirs, documented the processing levels of various sub-processors, and cataloged motor response time with her every actuator.

The only "issue" logged against the report was that several of her carbon-composite ribs had been loosened in their cradles during her collision with the ground. But, it was determined that they should provide more than enough support and rigidity for her continued operation through the night with minimal risk of further damage occurring.

Satisfied with the feedback it had received, her Main CPU flipped her status designation, unlocking her full functionality, and queried her digital speaker. Isabella's ruby lips opened and echoed the same words with the same inflection that she had spoken mere minutes earlier, "Operational Status: ACTIVE."

Upon reactivation of her Navigation and Movement subsystem, Isabella removed her leg from the pot hole and pushed herself up from the wet pavement into a standing position. Actuators embedded down the length of her toned right calf received modified parameter sets enabling her to expertly balance with her now heel-less boot.

She blinked several times, rain dripping from her lush eyelashes, as the last few required software packages loaded themselves into her volatile memory.

She looked down at her scuffed vinyl boots and determined that the damage was negligible enough not to require an adjustment to her wardrobe; she also made a similar assessment with her elbow seam whose silicone concealer had unfortunately been stripped off by the rain.

By all verifiable parameters she was ready to continue her night.

However, her hasty startup had skipped the time intensive external seal integrity check, which if it had been executed, would have identified a slight ingress of rain water through a newly compromised seal on Isabella's front maintenance panel. The moisture sensor responsible for detecting this ingress of water, while still responsive and fully functional, had been dislodged from it's plastic mounting and was now stuck facing the wrong direction.

It incorrectly communicated nominal moisture values to her Main Processing Core as she began the final leg of her walk towards Buyer_422.



Continuing her approach to Buyer_422's truck, Isabella's gyroscopes did an excellent job of compensating for her missing stiletto heel. She loaded up a series of seduction protocols which put an increased emphasis on the sway of her sultry hips and the bounce of her supple breasts. A casual observer may not even notice her broken shoe with the calculated grace of her stride and her ever distracting curves.

Finally reaching her destination, Isabella confidently stepped up onto the rugged plastic truck step, permanently fixed beneath the passenger side door. The window rolled down. Isabella looked inside, but her visual subsystem failed to make out the buyer's face; it was obscured by shadow and smoke from a freshly lit cigarette.

He spoke up and her audio receptors immediately tagged his voice as Buyer_422, or as she would refer to him for the remainder of that night, Lee. "I love the pink wig, darling. Excellent choice."

Isabella's nipples stiffened as a jolt of current was pumped through them; a result of the positive feedback from her favorite buyer being processed through her Human Emulation software suite. Her pouty lips parted and she flashed him ALLURING_SMILE_42, a smile that copious amounts of market research had proven-out to be her most alluring option.

"Damn love. You're soaking wet." He gestured towards her sodden black top, rendered slightly transparent from the onslaught of rain. "Would you like to come in? I know I'd sure like it if you did."

Isabella nodded, biting at her lip with overt flirtatiousness. "Oh Lee, thank you! I would love to come in. Just let me stretch for one quick second."

Calling upon previous experiences with Buyer_422 and her vast library of sexualized self-exhibition routines, Isabella calculated with a 96% confidence interval that doing a quick display of her perfectly engineered body would efficiently ramp up his level of arousal.

Using contextual spatial cues relating to her position outside the truck, Isabella executed a modified pre-programmed asset exhibition subroutine. She thrust her round breasts up onto the window sill before pushing them up and together. The malleable gel-foam substrate that made up her synthetic mammary realistically contoured against the window sill. She leaned slightly into the cab and gave Lee a come-hitter lick of her glistening, ruby lips.

With that specific movement, several water droplets dislodged themselves from her front maintenance panel's compromised elastomeric seal, falling directly onto one of her Main Processing Array's exposed microcontrollers. "I just can't wait for you to play with these-these-these-these-these!" Isabella's face twitched with each repetition of the word. Her perfectly manicured hands framed her inviting cleavage only to reset and repeat the motion over and over again in perfect synchronization with the looping vocal malfunction.

Her mouth froze in the shape of an "o" and her eyes crossed inadvertently as an alert flashed across her Heads-Up-Display. Her systems scrambled to quickly identify the issue.


Her Main Processing Array was able to immediately generate a hot fix for the issue by routing all computation away from the damaged microcontroller and into newly activated auxiliary processor chains. Simultaneously, a vacuum pump driven dehumidifier fired up from inside her carbon fiber rib cage. It worked in tandem with a series of exhaust fans to remove the moisture from the complicated electronics packed within her plastic chest.

Since her artificial breathing was critical to her system's heat dissipation, the magnitude of her breathiness was increased by a factor of 148%. Even against the din of still falling rain, Lee picked up on the change to register and volume.

"Izzy, are you okay?"

Isabella logged at 6% jump in her total CPU usage as her available capacity dropped considerably due to the microcontroller fault. She estimated that temperatures within her abdomen would rise by roughly 4.3 degrees Celsius over the next 2 minutes as a result of the dehumidifier. Both metrics fell just within operable control limits and Isabella returned her attention back to Buyer_422.

"Izzy! What's going on?"

Isabella blinked several times. Although her technical hiccup had only lasted a small handful of seconds, her Human Emulation Subsystem quickly determined that Buyer_422 was concerned at her behavior and perhaps a little unsure of how to move forward with their interaction. The subsystem's advanced software package decided that her best course of action was to continue being as overtly forward as possible.

Dialing in the parameters of her vocal synthesis engine to their most sultry level, Isabella responded with a seductive purr, "Oh I'm more than okay Lee. It's just a little overwhelming seeing you again after all this time!" Her Human Emulation Subsystem, confident in her explanation, then prompted her to crawl through the open window. The move was calculated to open up a direct line of sight with her bubbly cleavage whilst also allowing her to semi-obviously move past her embarrassing malfunction.

Once in the cab of the truck, Isabella confidently pushed herself into Buyer_422 and whispered into his ear. "I've missed you Lee. I'm glad that you're here." Every word she spoke was meticulously calculated to fit within the target profile that had been selected for her to act out that night.

She took his hand and placed it over her left breast. Instinctively, Lee squeezed down through the sodden fabric. Isabella closed her eyes and bit down on her lip, letting a sensuous coo trickle out of her mouth. From past experiences she knew Lee responded best when she vocalized her "pleasure".

Lee smiled, "Izzy, I really think we should get you out of these clothes. They're quite soaked! What do you think?"

Isabella's electric eyes locked onto his. "I think you should peel them off me." She brought his other hand onto her opposite breast to elaborate her point. She smiled playfully, "You can start here."

Lee gave both breasts a firm squeeze and the tactile sensors embedded within each flooded Isabella's coital matrix with a deluge of sensory data. Lubrication pumps activated, priming her artificial sex for anticipated use with Buyer_422. Her sex-ware noted the expected increase of temperature in her groin as more hot slippery fluid dribbled into her tight plastic snatch.

"You're just lovely aren't you? I've been wanting to do this with you for such a long time."

Isabella smiled, interpreting his words as an affirmation that her systems were functioning flawlessly in executing the parameters of her target profile. She felt the mechanized elastomer lining of her synthetic vagina quiver in anticipation.

Lee moved his hands onto her toned arms, extending them upwards. He then proceeded to grab at the bottom of her water-logged blouse and pulled it up and over her head. Her buoyant breasts bounced up and down as the silhouette-hugging blouse was removed with a slick POP. Lee tossed the blouse aside and wasted no time in attacking her stiff pink nipples with his mouth.

He gingerly bit at her elastic-polymer mammilla one at a time, feeling them compress against his gentle bombardment. Isabella cooed from the attention, and pressed Lee's head against her with increased urgency. Using his tongue to trace tight circles around either nipple, he felt her body shudder.

Through all of this, Isabella found Lee's right hand and eagerly slipped it under the bottom of her pink miniskirt. His fingers quickly found the puffy wet lips of her primed sex. He carefully glided his digits up and down her glossy folds, continuously pausing to pay extra attention to the touch-sensors of her puffy elastic clitoris.

Isabella lustfully moaned as several new pleasure-oriented software packages opened. She reluctantly pulled away from Lee before forcefully pushing him down onto his back. She slid over him, straddling his groin with her long glossy legs.

He lustily grabbed onto either side of her athletic hips, running his fingers beneath the sheer fabric of her short skirt. Her blemishless SynthSkin was perfectly smooth and felt like heaven at his touch.

With ballerina-esque flexibility, Isabella hinged forward at the waist and found Lee's lips with her own. Their tongues intertwined with familiar confidence. They both gently delved further and more aggressively into each other's mouths as they grew more comfortable with each passing moment. Lee was quickly infatuated with the subtle sweetness of Isabella's chemically formulated saliva. The patented antimicrobial compound was somehow aromatic without bordering on artificial. Simply put, she tasted better than anyone he had ever kissed.

He blithely bit down onto her plush bottom lip, it's spongy softness flexing slightly from the concentrated pressure of his front teeth. He removed his right hand from her nimble waist and teased an exposed nipple between his fingers; he felt her moan into his mouth. He then reciprocated the action on the opposite side, this time squeezing more fervently than before. A tinge of digital artifacting layered itself into Isabella's voice as she moaned into his mouth again, even louder than before.

Lee hardly noticed the sound and easily brushed it aside, something Isabella was unable to do.

She froze for a quick second, her tongue still interlaced with Lee's, as a warning flashed across her HUD.



- - YES

- - NO

Her brief operational pause was over in 1.3 seconds and Lee was none the wiser to her minor technical snafu.

Isabella opted to keep her dehumidifier running, prioritizing the prevention of any further short circuits in her abdomen's central processing rack over any computational throttling brought on by increased temperatures. She was confident she could circumvent any noticeable effects from the throttling with the activation of additional auxiliary processor cores.

However, her Main Processing Array did generate an error-resolution debugger aimed at understanding why her internal temperature had increased by over 7 degrees Celsius when only a 4.3 degree jump was anticipated.

With the high temperature alert seemingly addressed, Isabella re-engaged in her foreplay with Lee. The new processing cores were brought online and seamlessly integrated themselves into her intricate computing network. They were put to work immediately, tasked with parsing large portions of the pleasure-data being generated from the pressure of Lee's stiff dick rubbing up against her artificial clit combined with the aggressive kneading of her round pliable ass cheeks from his well acquainted hands. Isabella murmured breathily, as she registered his fingers digging hard into the gel-substrate packs that made up her springy backside.

They continued laying there together for several sultry moments, letting their tongues lazily explore each other's mouths and their hands roam overs each other's bodies.

Isabella's advanced sensory array dynamically tracked changes in Lee's temperature and heartbeat on a second-by-second basis. Both metrics had now reached a point where, based on data from previous encounters, she decided with calculated certainty to push forward to the next tier of foreplay.

She pulled her tongue out of Lee's mouth and smiled mischievously down at him.

He briefly wondered why.

However, understanding soon washed over him as he felt her warm, and exceptionally moist, crotch grind down against his achingly stiff member. Even through his layers of boxer-briefs and denim jeans, he could feel the pliable folds of her sex bending out as she ran herself up and down his full length. Positive feedback subroutines coursed through her Main CPU as Lee's growing arousal further validated her system's performance.

Isabella pushed up into a sitting position and straightened her back, cheerfully giving her pink hair a shake to ensure her bangs were perfectly aligned. She was intentionally giving Lee a superb view of her perfect body from below and it was having its desired effect. He was captivated by her every inch and his eyes eagerly drank in the view in front of him. He prayed a silent prayer to preserve the mental snapshot of this moment for the remainder of his days.

Just as she displayed her marvelously engineered assets, a truck passed by in the parking lot and the lighting within the cabin brightened as its headlights briefly poured through the rain streaked windshield. For the first time in all of his interactions with Isabella, Lee noticed a seam separating the upper and lower portions of her left arm at the elbow.

With a hint of curiosity, he reached up and traced a finger over the normally disguised indentation. Even though he anticipated the cosmetic gap, he exhaled audibly as he traced the palpable discrepancy around the entirety of her joint.

He had always known that Isabella was a bot, after all Jack's Oasis was well known for their vast collection of sexbots, but this was the first time that she had given him any outward confirmation of the notion. In all of his previous experiences with Isabella, she had always acted perfectly human and had never given any indication to him of her true nature save for her perfectly engineered curves and inhuman stamina.

Isabella was programmed to conceal her robotic nature when interacting with buyers, as the majority of the Oasis' clientele preferred the simulation of spending a sultry evening with a "real" woman. This programmed concealment was also put in place to maximize the strengths of her expensive state-of-the-art Human Emulation Suite.

Her dermal sensors had immediately registered the tactile input of Lee's fingers outlining her reconstructed elbow seam, so she ran a query through her Main CPU to generate an appropriate response. Her Main CPU then passed the query on to her Human Emulation Subsystem while it itself ran an internal debugger tasked with figuring out why it had underestimated the effects of the rain on her silicone concealer.

The two data-intensive processes triggered the last of her unused auxiliary processor cores to activate, unexpectedly bringing her current RAM usage just beneath her theoretical maximum capacity.

Her Human Emulation subsystem took into account thousands of variables when constructing her response, but her current physical position over Lee was set as the prioritized factor in the algorithms that governed her decision making.

To save on computational demand, the generated response was pulled from a pre-programmed library of cheap distraction tactics and vocal 'ad-libs'. She elicited a sensuous "MmmmmmmHmmmmmm" and directed his hands away from her exposed seam and onto her her supple, round breasts. She leaned forward into him, intentionally forcing him to take her full weight through her bosom's pliable gel packs. "I just can't wait for you to play with these!"

The phrase sounded familiar to Lee, but the thought was fleeting as he squeezed each one with them with voracious urgency. Isabella's eyes twitched as her coital matrix interpreted the influx of tactile input, maxing out her processing capacity. But, her adept software packages were able to navigate past the minor issue, and she triggered her nipples to stiffen to their maximum setting against the palms of his hand.

Her systems were craving more and more from Lee. Seeking further validation that she was successfully pleasing Buyer_422, as only an AVANT ROBOTICS M84U Companion Model could, she reached her hands down and began undoing the zipper of his pants.

Within 6.32 seconds Isabella had Lee's jeans and boxer-briefs removed and stacked in a heap behind her on the passenger seat. Lee would have chuckled at her incredible flexibility and ruthless efficiency with which she tore his clothes off, but his thoughts were immediately redirected as he felt her soft hands wrap around his member.

She caressed his stiff erection with agile fingers. It felt familiar in her confident hands; the three dimensional model of it stored within her data banks was further refined with his every visit and was accurate down to the micrometer. She could play him like an instrument, knowing exactly where to touch and for how long.

Her systems bathed in more positive feedback subroutines as Lee viscerally reacted to her deft touch, growing even harder and kneading desperately at her lustrous breasts with increased urgency.

She leaned in and kissed him again. Teasing him with her flirtatious tongue she let loose a burst of synthetic pheromones. The subtle aphrodisiac was chemically formulated to simultaneously increase stamina and sensitivity such that any sexual encounter with an AVANT ROBOTICS M84U Companion Model would linger in the user's memory for years to come.

Lee grunted as Isabella continued stroking her hand up and down the length of his throbbing shaft.

"This feels so good, but I'm not gonna last much longer. Let's mix it up."

Isabella batted her eyes several times in quick succession as she parsed his request through her Main Processing Array which then filtered it through her
Human Emulation Subsystem and sexware package in parallel. The outputs of each were then re-processed and combined back through her Main Processing Array to dictate her response.

She flashed her brilliant white teeth in a captivating smile, "Okay! Let's mix it up."

The instant the digitally synthesized words emanated from the ultra-high fidelity speaker embedded at the bottom of her plastic esophagus, artificial saliva was speedily pumped into her mouth cavity. Isabella pushed the sleek curves of her derriere back and she bobbed her head downwards, carefully catching Lee's member between her lips and tongue before guiding it deep into her mouth.

Her radiant pink hair fell forward, covering her eyes, as she meticulously pistoned up and down Lee's length. She dragged her tongue over him, utilizing her vast sensory array to identify areas of heightened sensitivity where she would pause to suck on him, utilizing the ruthless efficiency of a side-chained pair of vacuum pumps.

The slight lubricity of her synthetic saliva allowed her to slide up and down Lee's member with mechanical ease. As his breaths drew deeper and heavier, he reached his hand onto Isabella's head and pushed her forcefully down onto himself. Her neck servos audibly strained against his grip as she continued pistoning up and down to maximize his pleasure.

She had just logged his arousal level at 93% of his interpolated maximum, when Lee again spoke up. "Ahhhhhhhh. Isabella, this is absolutely wonderful but right now I just want to fuck you."

Popping off of his dick with a wet POP, Isabella fidgeted sexily as his response was again processed as further validation of her model's performance.

Without missing a beat, Isabella guided Lee's hands to the elastic band of her short skirt and directed him to pull it up until it cinched itself tightly just above her navel. This exposed her glistening synthetic pussy to him for the first time that night and Isabella noted the acute dilation of his eyes. She sensed his craving for her and calculated it was the optimum time to engage him with her state-of-the-art sexware package.

She again climbed over Lee, precisely measuring her position in real-time, and sitting on her haunches she gently lowered herself onto him letting her slick folds slowly engulf the length of his throbbing erection. Straddling him in a cow-girl position, her main processing core shuddered briefly as the thousands of micro-sensors embedded within the walls of her vaginal mesh all registered Lee's stiff input simultaneously.

She attempted to bring on several more auxiliary processor channels online, to ensure she performed in a manner that exceeded her model's already ultra-high sexual performance standards. Snippets of auto-generated code rooted deep within her Human Emulation Subsystem were adamant on absolutely dazzling Lee that night. But, the attempt was only partially successful. A brief warning flashed across her HUD alerting her that her system's current processing capacity was maxed out. Isabella's Main CPU was confident this was only a miscalculation and ran the request again only to be met with the same warning message. An option to run a debugger to remedy the issue flashed across her HUD but she declined, not wanting to take even the slightest bit of processing priority away from her sexual interaction with Lee.

Isabella used the actuators embedded within her legs to smoothly piston her slick pussy up and down the full length of Lee's member. She savored the tactile input as the motorized elastomers of her artificial vagina squeezed and gripped at Lee's stiff erection.

"O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-OH!" Isabella's vocal synthesis engine hitched up, as alerts flashed across her HUD warning her that several critical processing arrays were being throttled back, but she was able to quickly recover. "Oh Lee! You feel so good inside me!"

Lee responded immediately with breathy intensity. "You're so fucking tight. Oh my god."

She smiled and directed his hands onto her athletic hips. He took the queue and grabbed a hold tight. Isabella bit her lip and smiled coyly. "If you think I'm tight now well just hold on." She playfully threw her pink hair back and carefully pushed herself further down onto Lee while her sex's elastomers tightened themselves snugly against his pulsing cock. She noticed a substantial increase in the friction being generated between themselves, so she directed an immediate influx in the flow rate of lubricant into her plastic snatch.

Lee felt Isabella grow wetter and hotter as the lubricant slowly dribbled in and coated her perfect plastic pussy. He had never felt pleasure like this, and for the first time in his life he felt thousands of years of instinctive masculine behavior course through him. He rotated his hands around to cradle her well-cushioned ass cheeks as she continued methodically pistoning up and down his rock-hard shaft. He dug his nails into her synth-skin harder than he would ever dare with a real human while simultaneously forcing himself deeper into Isabella than he had ever gone before.

"L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-Lee-Lee-Lee-Lee" Isabella's vocal synthesis engine glitched again and her eyes crossed as Lee's aggressive handling of her proved too much for her already maxed out processors to handle. The valve to her main lubricant pump remained open for a few seconds longer than her sub-routines had calculated and soon hot lube was splashing out of her tight robotic pussy as Lee slammed himself into her again and again.

"Tighter." Lee grunted. He watched Isabella's eyes correct themselves and re-focus onto his gaze as her Main CPU momentarily regained control of the situation. Her vocal synthesis engine managed to mostly recover as well, utilizing a pre-programmed setting that required less processing power.

"L-L-Lee!!" She moaned, a tinge of digital artifice at the fringes of her vowels. "I've never had anyone do-do-do this to me before!" Her tremendous bust bounced with each thrust.

"I said tighter."

He watched Isabella flash him a devilish grin and immediately felt her pussy grip him with frenetic tenacity. She had skipped several levels and had nearly reached her pussy's tightest setting. He felt another surge of warm liquid flow around his cock as she sanctioned another allotment of hot lubricant into her vaginal cavity. In a flash he repositioned his hands from her ass to the tops of her shoulders where he pushed down on her with each forceful thrust of his own upwards into her slippery folds.

Hot lubricant again splashed down onto him as the valve became stuck open for the second time. He grabbed a breast and squeezed it with raging sexual appetite. The proprietary gel-pack, nestled just beneath the surface of a cute plastic nipple, compressed against his firm grip. A few embedded sensory arrays ruptured, sending an erratic string of indecipherable data through her sexual performance suite nearly causing it to error out completely.

Isabella cried out. "Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh Leeeeeeee! I-I-I've I've I've nev-v-v-v-ver been fucked like this this this this!"

She bucked wildly on top of him, expertly countering his thrusts with targeted contractions of her electro-mechanical pussy. Lubricant ran down the length of his cock and began pooling on the leather seat beneath him.

Lee felt himself nearing orgasm. Normally he would be able to back off, push his attention elsewhere, and continue fucking, but with Isabella playing him like a virtuoso plays an instrument he knew he stood no chance.

He wrapped his arms around Isabella's petite frame, pulling her tightly against himself, and whispered in her ear. "I want you tighter."

She panted in response, "Angghh! Tighter!?"

She constricted her pussy to it's tightest setting while simultaneously picking up on Lee's imminent orgasm. She queued up her own orgasm subroutine in response which combined with the sensory input of his throbbing erection pounding inside her snug pussy, immediately overwhelmed her sexual performance suite.

Isabella just stared ahead, mouth agape, trying to get her scrambled systems back on track as Lee continued pounding into her harder and faster. He was violently tossing her up and down with ease, caught in a sense of primal urgency.

Just as Lee neared his climax, Isabella was able to temporarily assign computational priority, at the expense of movement and navigation subsystem, over to her sexual performance suite. She executed her orgasm subroutine in perfect synchronization with Lee. The elastomer walls of her pussy convulsed around his cock each time he pushed himself inside.

"Ohhhh fuck! I'm gonna come."

Isabella struggled to process his words as another wave of CPU throttling took down several critical auxiliary software packages. She could barely muster a breathy "Mmmmhhhhhmmmm me too!"

Lee emptied himself inside of her as her as more hot lubricant squirted out of her glistening pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh y-y-y-y-y-y-yes!"

Her slick folds grabbed at Lee's member, expanding and contracting around him to pull out every last bit of come.

She stayed wrapped around him, gently slowing their pace, for quite a while post climax before leaning forward to give Lee one last sensuous kiss.

Their tongues interlaced with each other for several minutes before Isabella playfully pulled away and sat back upright.

She smiled mischievously. "Oh Lee, don't you think we should do that again-again-again-again-again?"

Again, critical processing arrays were being throttled back in an attempt to reduce her internal temperature. Her movement and navigation subsystem crashed from a lack of resources and she fell backwards as the data from her internal gyroscopes went unprocessed.

She hit her head against the passenger-side door with a hollow sounding THUNK. Another string of errors flashed across her HUD warning her that another microcontroller had shorted out in her main processing array and that the bandwidth demands of her systems couldn't be managed without external servicing to her processors.

Her eyes crossed themselves as a cavalcade of software packages crashed or timed out as a result of the microcontroller short. Her main processing array, handicapped too in its processing capabilities, attempted to generate a solution to her situation, but this only resulted in a string of further errors.

Slouched against the passenger-side door, her legs splayed and soft pink folds of her sex exposed from under her still pulled up skirt, Isabella momentarily rattled back to life. "Oh Buyer_422, don't you think we should do that again-again-again-again-again-again-again-again-again-again-again?"

She finished the statement only to immediately have her head slouch to the side again. Her eyes quickly followed suit, crossing themselves in a look of utter bewilderment. There was a slight sputtering sound and Lee noticed a trickle of lubricant dribbling out of her pussy.

"Well darling...I don't know if we'll be able to go at it again considering the state you're in. In fact, I think I better get you back to that main building."

With that, he clothed himself and slowly drove across the rain soaked pavement to what he presumed was the truck lot's main operations building. He carefully opened up the door that was propping up Isabella and was able to get her in his arms. She was lighter than he expected.

He set her down carefully against the wall next to what appeared to be an access door. The bright green LED above the door gave him the feeling that he wasn't just leaving her by some random door where she'd be ignored. He turned and bent over, giving her one last kiss on the nose. "Get better darling. I'm sure I'll see you soon."

He stood up, knocked hard on the door several times and jogged back to his truck. Taking his time getting situated in the truck, he finally found himself ready and eased on the accelerator, driving towards the lot's exit.

He made one last glance through the rear-view mirror and saw the door open. A pair of figures walked out, though he couldn't make out what they looked like through the downpour. They grabbed Isabella as a team and brought her inside.

Lee breathed a sigh of relief. He lit a cigarette and took a heavy pull. He exhaled, expelling smoke throughout the cabin and punched the accelerator down as he continued on his haul.



Isabella's eyes opened. They darted back and forth as they built a 3D model of her surroundings. The model was compared against her vast memory of spatial imprints, but no match was made. She logged the three dimensional model as 'UNKNOWN'.

She seemed to be in a bedroom of some kind and was lying down on one half of a spacious king bed.

Her systems quickly registered this as her first activation in over two operational years that wasn't in the Jack's Oasis Charging & Maintenance Bay.

A spontaneously generated emotional response algorithm, emanating from the unexplored depths of her machine-learning developed software framework, processed through her Human Emulation Subsystem as curiosity and wonder at the situation she found herself in.

She sat up, instinctively reaching towards the small of her back for a charging cable that wasn't there. Unable to locate the cord she queried her power management system. It reported back that her battery levels were at 100% charge of her 15 kWh capacity. Her main processing array whirred into full operation as it deemed both values as suspect.

How could her charge percentage be at 100% when she wasn't plugged in?

How could her power capacity be at 15 kWh when her entire model line was only specked with a 10 kWh system?

Isabella's main processing array didn't have much time to ponder the situation as her advanced auditory sensors soon registered the sound of approaching footsteps.

A man with grey stubble walked into the room and stopped, facing her.

Her ocular sensors immediately identified familiar features from the man's handsome face. She queried her vast data-banks for context and found that all her past buyers and their experiences had been wiped, sans the information of one, Buyer_422.

Logging an immediate rise in the temperature of her artificial pussy, Isabella exhaled breathily. "Lee!?"

Closing the distance between themselves, Lee bent over the bed and gave Isabella a peck on the cheek. "Ahh well it looks like your new induction chargers are working alright! How are you taking to the rest of the new components?"

Isabella looked at Lee and blinked several times. "Induction chargers? New Components? What are you talking about Lee?"

Pivoting smoothly, Lee fell backwards, sitting himself right next to Isabella on the bed. "Well, they gave me such a deal on your purchase from Jack's that I used the leftover money to replace some of your damaged processors. I also had some new SynthSkin added to your left arm and I was even able to upgrade your power management system. So, have induction chargers now. Not to mention batteries with a little extra charge..." He leaned in, softly kissing her on the lips, "...which I intend to take full advantage of."

Isabella blinked a few more times before reciprocating Lee's kiss, planting her plump pink lips between his own as their tongues danced together.

Her main processing array absorbed Lee's rather straight-forward explanation with ruthless efficiency, prompting her human emulation subsystem to generate an appropriate response. "So, you purchased me from Jack's? Am I..." She smiled coyly, "Am I...yours?"

"Yep." Lee responded with brutal confidence.

"And this...this is where we live?"

"Yep." Lee asserted.

The UNKNOWN spatial imprint from her activation was immediately renamed to 'HOME_BEDROOM'.

She pushed herself into him, pulling his arms around her body, and exclaimed "Oh Lee!"



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Re: IS4B3LL4_M84U in 'Truck Lot Bot'

Post by 33cl33 » Fri May 21, 2021 12:33 pm

Love this series :-)

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Re: IS4B3LL4_M84U in 'Truck Lot Bot'

Post by Robo-Admirer » Fri May 21, 2021 5:37 pm

This series is fantastic! Especially admire how well built these fembots are and that they can go the distance, even if the circumstances aren't ideal.

Also interesting that we know how it all ends with Arthur in the end, but that so much has happened between now and then.

Eager to see what comes next!

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Re: IS4B3LL4_M84U in 'Truck Lot Bot'

Post by Sanjuro » Wed May 26, 2021 2:33 am

This was fantastic! I like the idea of you updating your old stories. Would love to see you & dabigboss888 give the same treatment to your K1MBERLY story, as that's one of my favorite fembot stories ever. Either way, excellent work here!

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