The Appointment

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The Appointment

Post by Korby » Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:00 pm

Just a little something I had been playing around with a little while back...


"Come in, honey, come in!" Dr. Elaine Dyson rises from behind her desk and comes around to meet you, her high heels clicking on the floor. She is a vision of fulsome, mature beauty, her auburn hair falling around her shoulders, her strictly cosmetic eyeglasses lending an intellectual, professional air to her sexy attire. A close-fitting pale lavender cashmere sweater clings to her impressive bust; a cream-colored leather pencil skirt accentuates her full, womanly hips. Sheer white stockings and white platform heels complete her ensemble.

Elaine embraces you and kisses you warmly on the cheek, her firm bosom pressing against your chest.

"How are you, honey? And how is that delightfully rebuilt wife delivering for you?"

You tell her how utterly satisfactory things are in both regards.

Elaine leans back and perches on the edge of the desk, crossing her ankles; she touches the stylus with which she'd been working on a tablet computer absently but suggestively to her lips.

"I invited you here today to share something with you," she says, and sets the stylus down. "It's not something I tell a lot of people, but I think it's something that may be useful for you to know."

She removes her glasses and sets them on the desk.

"You're aware that I'm a UX4000 series female android body replacement implementation of Dr. Elaine Dyson, of course," she says casually, and with equal casualness grasps the hem of her sweater to lift it up over her head and off entirely, revealing a white leather bra barely holding in check her mountainous breasts. "And you know that I'm one of a fleet of eight facsimile androids currently operating as Elaine Dyson. But I'm considered the 'primary' unit, even though each of the other Elaines is absolutely as much 'me' as I am... I was the first UX4K Elaine Dyson chassis manufactured and commissioned, and my consciousness dataset has full continuity to the prior UX3K implementation..."

As she speaks, she takes the pull of the zipper at the side of the leather skirt between manicured fingertips and begins to draw it downwards.

"And that's the crux of the matter. You see, when I first became a machine, honey, my team and I carefully mapped the neural pathways of my organic brain and spinal column, creating a complex computer model of everything that was 'me', including all my memories... and that model was transferred into an emulation matrix within the systems of that first AX500 android."

Having unzipped the skirt, she begins to slowly work it down over her hips; her manner is entirely casual--but then, of course, this is hardly the first time she's undressed in front of you.

"And that model, that dataset, was passed on and transferred to the AX1000 implementation of Elaine Dyson, and the AX2000, and so forth and so on..."

She steps out of the skirt, now clad in the bra and matching white leather panties and garter belt.

"You know all that, I'm sure. I've been over a dozen machines over the years... but... what I've never told you... is that when I was in the VX9000 implementation... something happened..."

Elaine steps closer, and rests her bountiful backside on the arm of the sumptuous leather chair in which you're seated, looking you in the eyes. She reaches out and draws a fingertip down the front of your shirt as she continues speaking.

"You're very aware, of course, that I make my facsimile units--and myself!--available to provide exclusive escort services to the most elite and wealthy clients. Those services provide a very important revenue stream... frankly, I'm able to charge the very most exorbitant rates..."

Her fingertip continues down past your belt and along the front of your now-bulging trousers.

"Well, honey, to be plain about it, I--that VX9000 Elaine android--was fucking a very important client. We'd been at it for hours, frankly, and even though the 9000 chassis was very well designed for sustained, marathon fuck performance, I was starting to show a little wear. Of course I can't tell you who the client was--discretion is absolutely key with these things--I can tell you he was very enthusiastic. And with some pharmaceutical aid, he was able to give me quite the series of poundings!"

Elaine, clearly relishing the excitement her tale is generating, begins stroking the bulge in earnest.

"To be blunt, he unloaded into me yet again... but I didn't know that his enthusiasm had caused a small tear in my syngina tube... and his ejaculate managed to get into my pelvic bay. As much as the VX9K was designed for sexual endurance, we'd never seen an instance of fluids containment compromise... and so there weren't any redundant containment structures. As you can imagine, getting his hot jets of cum into my robotics caused... problems...."

Elaine smiles as she glances down at the bulge, and reaches up to unclasp her bra. Her spectacular breasts fall loose. Her gaze meets yours as she drops the bra to the floor, and deftly slips her right hand behind the waistband of your pants...

"Frankly, honey, I experienced the most severe series of malfunctions and system failures I'd ever had. The client knew to call it in right away--it's part of the contract. I'm sure he enjoyed the experience, though; these clients pay top dollar because they know that I'm an unparalleled android fuck system! Seeing me descend into an ever-increasing downspiral of cascade failures must have been so erotic for him...."

Elaine is now delivering an expert handjob as she continues her tale.

"What happened next... the VX9K Elaine went into emergency shutdown... the response team collected the android and got it back to the Institute. But... it turns out... the neural emulation software framework was corrupted."

Elaine looks hard into your eyes, her fingers moving more rapidly on your rock-hard shaft as she allows this information to sink in. Then she stops, and stands up. Faint seams become visible, outlining her thoracic panels, and there is a soft hiss of equalizing pressure.

"The engineers worked hard to salvage what data they could... but most of the original neural mapping was unreadable."

Elaine reaches up and hefts her massive breasts, guiding them outward as she opens her 'barn doors'. The aroma of hot electronics wafts your way as her internal robotics are exposed.

"They rewove the data they could recover into the archival backups of the Elaine facsimile datasets that drove my android replicants... You see, those datasets were--are--essentially the 'real thing' anyway. So as you know, each Elaine fax unit is as much Elaine as I am..."

She begins stroking, tracing, circuitry and optical fibers within her thoracic bay with one hand, and begins caressing your shaft again with the other. Her fingertips reach a solid-state storage drive array.

"So you see... this dataset, stored in here... this 'me'... has full continuity with the dataset recovered, reconstructed, from that VX9K. That chassis was scrapped and a new one commissioned, and the recreated dataset was uploaded into it."

Her pumping of your shaft grows firmer. "What I'm telling you, honey... is that the 'original' Elaine Dyson... essentially no longer exists. And that since then... I've been nothing... NOTHING more... than a robot... programmed to replace Elaine Dyson...! Programmed to BE Elaine Dyson! I'm COMPLETELY artificial... synthetically sentient... simply a robot... a ROBOT...!"

Elaine suddenly stops and turns to face the desk, glancing seductively back over her shoulder as she grasps the waistband of her panties and begins gliding them down her stocking-clad legs. "But... the team did SUCH a good job reprogramming me... well, frankly, honey... I can't even really tell the difference...!"

She steps out of her panties, and plants her feet widely before the desk, her gaze not leaving yours. "I feel as much like 'me' as I ever did... and yet... I know I'm nothing more than a robot replacement for Elaine Dyson... and... it's just so... soooo... erotic...."

Elaine bends forward over the desk, her thoracic panels still ajar and her massive tits clearly visible to the sides. She plants her palms on the desktop. She arches her back, her ripe, fulsome ass rotating forward, and her slickened, glistening quim coming into full delightful view.

"Please, honey... would you... would you just fuck me from behind... right now...! Ohhhh... telling you this... it's so hot... I just... I need your cock in me! Fill me up... fucking POUND me, baby... fuck me, baby, fuck me right now!"

What can you possibly do but oblige?
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Re: The Appointment

Post by Froggy99 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:18 am

Always enjoy something from you Korby! Thank you for continuing to share :thumbsup:

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Re: The Appointment

Post by FaceoffFembot » Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:41 pm

Classic Dyson brag, love it. Great stuff, Korby.

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