Is Anyone actually into IT or Computer Engineering?

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Re: Is Anyone actually into IT or Computer Engineering?

Post by fembot_stalker » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:30 pm

MrPassable wrote:
Fri Nov 16, 2018 4:05 pm
Since were all Technosexuals, and we all love technology and what not, Is there anyone actually pursuing stuff relating to it? Like is any of you have jobs as an IT support or an actual Robot Engineer?

Im actually an IT myself and I would like to know if there anyone else here as well?

I'm glad that you asked. A long time ago, I pursued a major/degree in computer engineering at ODU at the beginning of the 1990s, but things didn't turn out so well. For one thing, I attended ODU for just less than 2 years, and also, since I was very young and naïve during those days, I was too busy opening myself up to a lot of things that I had never experienced back home given the fact that I was often sheltered as a child. Given the fact that I was so much into scifantasy robots such as TRANSFORMERS :transformer: and TERMINATOR :faceoff: [I'm going to see T6 (2019) and MIDWAY (2019) this weekend!], I wanted to get involved in the real business of computing and AI very badly. Not only was I fascinated with the newest high technology of those times, but I also knew that there was (going to be) money in it also. (Of course, I had an idea even back then that I probably wouldn't mind having a female AI, especially since I was always a fat and ugly dork/geek/nerd whom no decent flesh-and-blood chick wanted to be seen around.) Sadly, as I transitioned from high school to college, I wasn't really prepared for the type of STEM courses that I had to take at ODU in order to complete my comp engi curriculum - and also - I let a whole train of distractions (such as that video arcade over at ODU's Webb Center and a nearby comic book shop) derail me from my main goal(s). I reluctantly switched from comp engi to business economics as a major to study - but I still got dogged. (Incidentally, that first ECON class that I took at ODU had one of the hottest blonde student chicks on the campus at that time!) As my grades continued to sink lower and lower, I took time off from school for a while and lived with my Grandparents up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA for a while back in the early part of 1992 (I remember those chaotic Rodney King-LA riots that happened back in April of that year.) As an employee of the local zoo up there, I learned 'a little more about the World' on my days off. My fascination with dark social subcultures (such as goths, metalheads and punks) specifically began to grow - which was predated by some of my earlier experiences at ODU. While living up in Phillie, I got more into the Worlds of both underground/erotic/alternative/adult comics (as well as other porn media) and alternative radio (WKDU) and music (such as early EDM, industrial, heavy metal, punk, etc.). After taking all of this in, I began to look at the more mainstream cultures in a very different light, indeed. To be honest with you, I wasn't even feeling the Church Thing like I used to. (During that year, my Grandparents often took me to Church on Sundays if I was off from work.) Eventually, towards the end of 1992, I transferred over to VSU and eventually earned a degree in Business Management in May of 1995. After my college years, I had so many job highs and lows that to name them all would take several more book chapters to write - and not to mention that to this very day - I have still never found my flesh-and-blood DreamGirl, which is why nowadays - as I approach my fifties - I'm just going to acquire whatever money and STEM knowledge that I can acquire and just build the Fembot Of My Dreams and/or buy one (or some) of those sex dolls/mannequins that are on the market now. That's my story in a nutshell. :thumbsup: :applause:
( AI and UFOs are spreading all over the Globe! 2 see more, just visit us at Malestrom1000's Youtube Channel. Thank you 4 visiting us as we get closer 2 creating our (female) repairbots, (giant) r⊙b⊙t gladiatrices, fembots, sexbots & h⊙b⊙ts; now how pimpadelic is that? :transformer: :rockon: :thumbsup: :nerd: :D :) :-o 8) :lol:

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Re: Is Anyone actually into IT or Computer Engineering?

Post by Robomakr » Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:27 pm

24 years in software development; before that I did LAN administration for 4 years.

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Re: Is Anyone actually into IT or Computer Engineering?

Post by Robo-Admirer » Sun Nov 17, 2019 5:22 pm

Probably the only one here who isn't in IT of Computer Engineering. I'm doing Construction Project Management at uni right now. I've been big on computers for a while and i'm also intrigued by robots. But tbf, if it wasn't for terminator, i wouldn't be here :lol: .

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