Policy about linking Fembot central across the web

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Policy about linking Fembot central across the web

Post by --NightBattery-- » Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:00 pm

Hello my name is Battery and I am not an alcoholic.

TL:DR= I would like to ask about FC and FW link policies.

Given last year and seemingly past experiences with brigading, I am a little reluctant to ever mention Fembot central anywhere else.
I have sometimes asked about art advice on other forums, and I have been asked about the place where I post the robot stuff.
Heh...I gotta say that the interest feels nice, not gonna lie about it~
but I have never shared any link here in fear of being the one that comes to open a portal to hell, also out of respect for the admins.
though I don't really think that's how hell portals work.
unless you are actively trying to do that.

I understand that fembot central was once harassed by massive trolling from something awful on the dawn of the Internet.
And given that, a lot of users avoid mentioning fembot central given also that the admins of the forum are very few and have to deal with all digital and physical management duties by themselves.
(Thank you. I can barely comprehend how you got this project going.)

But I know also that fembot central used to be linked to other like minded pages some time ago.
gotta say also that many of said sister pages that linked here have either disappeared like admin Xos-mos or became irrelevant or out-dated.
And so, maaaaybe fembot central is a little disconnected from ta' internerd now days...
I don't know... It was like that when I arrived.

I have sometimes come to see fembot central and wiki mentioned in threads about ASFR in deviant art and even 4chan, and no portal to hell has yet opened.
seemingly shit storms and flaming come from people either too dense to realize that use FC as a personal army is like trying to summon cats that are not even yours to combat or are actively trying to do harm, like the something awful experience probably was.

So maybe we could get a set of recommendations about FC and FW link policies for those of us that are lawful good?


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Re: Policy about linking Fembot central across the web

Post by Robotman » Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:38 pm

The two incidents you mention are different in the way they happened and in the way they were handled by staff here, so I'll just talk about them briefly.

Something Awful just found us and made fun of us, and like anyone else on the internet, they're welcome to. Posting things on the internet is posting them in public for the entire world to see after all. I wasn't part of the staff here back then, and I don't recall any action being taken. It blew over when they found something else to make fun of the next week.

The other incident - and the one that necessitated an update to this rule - is when Adama2014 went over to Something Awful and tried to stir up shit on purpose, leading a very clear trail back to us.

With that explained, I'd like to say that I have no problem with people mentioning Fembot Central or FembotWiki in other places. By far, we are good people and we mean well. Like I mentioned when that whole shitstorm happened, we only have 11 banned members out of 2019 total, and some of those accounts are the same people.

So feel free to mention this place and the wiki if it's appropriate. I really doubt that anyone here will do again something as idiotic as what Adama2014 did.

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