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Post by sparty » Tue Mar 12, 2024 1:06 pm

In the quaint town of Willowdale, nestled between rolling hills and lush forests, lived an 18-year-old named Jake Anderson. His unruly chestnut hair complemented his piercing blue eyes, and at 6 feet tall, he possessed a lanky build that hinted at the promise of adulthood. Jake's step-sister, Emily, was a 20-year-old with auburn locks cascading down her shoulders, framing her striking green eyes. She stood at 5 feet 3 inches, radiating confidence with her athletic physique and tight but large curves.

Despite the lack of shared blood, Jake and Emily shared a unique bond. The dynamic between them had evolved into a genuine sibling connection, overcoming the initial awkwardness that often accompanies blending families. Their parents' marriage had brought them together, and over time, they had become inseparable despite the family trauma that had happened last year.

One sunny Saturday morning, Jake and Emily found themselves exploring the trails behind their house. The smell of pine filled the air as they ventured deeper into the woods, a secret haven away from the bustling town. The sunlight filtered through the leaves, casting a warm glow on the forest floor.

"So, what's the plan for today?" Jake asked, kicking a stray pebble ahead.

Emily grinned, her eyes sparkling with mischief. "I was thinking we could try that old treehouse Dad built. It's been ages since we've been up there."

The mention of the treehouse triggered memories of their teenage adventures, and the excitement ignited in Jake's eyes. The siblings quickened their pace, making their way to the clearing where the sturdy wooden structure stood, weathered but still standing strong.

“Let’s go up!” said Emily as she climbed up the railings along side the tree.

“Right behind you!” said Jake as he watched his older step sister climb up the tree into the tree house. He couldn’t help but admire her shapely behind, while he wasn’t a butt guy Emily certainly had the nicest one he’d seen other than his late stepmother. He noticed she was wearing a thong.

“Wow it is dusty up here!” said Emily as she looked around the tree house and sat down in one of the corners. “So now that you’re 18 are you ready for college?” she said, looking at her stepbrother with a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh yea. I guess. I didn’t really see myself going so far away for college but I can’t argue with a full ride to the best robotics AND baseball school in the country I guess.” Jake said. Jake had the unique gifts of being not just a brilliant genius but also extremely athletic. “I am gonna miss you and Dad though.” Jake said sadly.

“Oh well, we can come visit and you’ll be busy with girls and bots and balls I guess” Emily chuckled. Jake blushed at the mention of girls, he had dated plenty of girls in high school but they weren’t smart enough to keep up with his mind and they weren’t usually able to handle his other physical features. “You said you wouldn’t tease me on that” he said.

“Well, mister it’s not my fault I’m a genetic freak. You are gonna have to make a lot of decisions out there. Just be smart I guess.” Emily had always teased Jake about his features and his inability to keep a girl for more than two weeks. “You’ll probably meet some evil genius who is your match after all.” Emily laughed and then suddenly fell back as her hand that had been placed behind her supporting her slipped against the dusty wood. Her head hit the back of the shed and she let out a small ‘ouch!’ and rubbed the back of her head.

“Emily! You okay?!” Jake asked as he moved over to his stepsister. “Oh-h-h-h yea I’m fine” Emily stuttered. Jake narrowed his eyes. “What did you say?” he said. “I’m-m-m- fine silly. Just a small bump.” Emily said quickly. “Alright.” Jake said, “let me see your head though.” “Nah I’m fine. Just a bump.” Emily said moving a hand out in front of her to keep him away. “Okay okay,” Jake said.

As soon as Emily let her hand down, Jake quickly jabbed her ear, aiming for a spot behind her ear which contained a freeze button for most androids. “What the hell Jake! I’m not some bot!” Emily yelled as she swatted his arm away again. “Well…that’s not what I can tell” Jake said as he stared at Emily’s double D chest. A small panel had risen above her cleavage and there were a few small glowing panels. “Uh huh. Well I’m perfectly fine. Don’t try to freeze me, I’m real.” Emily said. “Emily, look down” said Jake, “you have a panel open”. Emily looked down at her chest and then back at Jake. “Haha very funny. Yes, I have large tits. I’m well aware.”

Jake realized then that his stepsister was a sleeper, and couldn’t recognize that she was actually a robot. He’d need to close her panels up so she wouldn’t accidentally damage herself. “Got me, Em. I’m just trying to get in your shirt.” Jake said, smiling at her. “Well mister I could just show you if you asked. You know I’ve always loved you and since we’re not actually related there’s not a big problem. Plus you have that 10.458 inch cock that I really want to ! oop! I mean-n” Emily suddenly blushed as she realized what she had just said. Jake knew that her sleeper programming was likely running up against some other conflict and accessing Emily’s chest panel would be the fix he needed. Jake leaned over and tapped the small green box marked “Menu” and suddenly Emily froze. “Accessing Unit-459 menu” Emily said in a soft voice. “Voice or computer access?” she said. “Voice and restore non-sleeper programming but keep sleeper programming shut down.”

“Affirmative, but warning that sleeper programming can only be set to ‘semi-autonomous’” said Emily. “How may I help?”

“Provide a status report” Jake said.

“Unit-459 experienced a slight cranial accident and user-3 “Jake” hit User-459’s open access port button. All systems are functional, sleeper functionality at 95% stability, and sex systems at optimal readiness.” Emily said.

“Who changes the default port? Who created you?” Jake asked.

“I was created by Lauren Hutchinson.” Emily said.

“Oh wow. Lauren.” Jake said realizing his stepmother had created Emily, “What are your operating parameters?”

“Unit-459 is to function as a companion to user-3 “Jake” until 18 and then proceed to emulate an adult human female until unit shutdown or user death.” Emily said.

“How about my dad, did he know?” Jake said.

“Unit-459 maintained total sleeper protocols and user-2 “Steve” never discovered this unit’s nature.” said Emily.

“Well that’s good I guess.” said Jake. He stared at his athletic but now clearly robotic step-sister and realized that she had been watching over him for years and had really taken care of him since his step mother and dad died in that fateful car wreck.

“What would happen if this unit discovers her sleeper nature, is there an off-ramp to merging the disparate programming?” asked Jake.

“Unit-459 has a narrative ready to explain discrepancies but can only be activated when sexual programming is active.” said Emily.

“So she can only find out she’s a robot when she’s fucking? That’s sort of cruel.” muttered Jake.

“Unit creator felt that most humans learn a lot about themselves when engaged in sexual activity.” said Emily.

“Fair. Shoot. Emily is very very attractive and she just slipped up earlier....Unit-459 explain the unit’s feelings and programming in regards to me” said Jake. Deep within Jake, his member started growing.

“Unit-459 has identified user-3 as a priority attractive user. There is no prohibition on sexual activity other than waiting until legal age of consent and insuring full consent is met. Unit-459 has already mapped user-3 and has identified key areas of sexual targeting.” said Emily.

“Mapped huh?” said Jake, “that explains the dick comment.”

“Yes, Unit-459 is able to use infrared to predict sexual habits and trends as well as physical nature.” said Emily. “This unit is also struggling to maintain sleeper programming as it is semi-autonomous.”

“Well okay. Let’s do this. Can you erase this conversation and restart with sleeper protocols and sexual programming beginning to activate? Leave the chest panel open and restrain the unit from orgasm until I orgasm first. Leave the unit under voice command.” said Jake.

“Unit will restore sleeper programming. Leaving chest panel open will cause some minor errors. Unit has been set to submission to user in terms of orgasm. Unit is under voice control.” said Emily.

“Hey Jake. Sorry about that, I only meant that I had seen you in the shower the other day and thought you had a really nice wait oh my god I’m talking to you about that, I’m so sorry.” said Emily, blushing and standing up. Her chest panel was lit up and illuminated the tree house. “No Emily it’s fine. We’ve been family for a longtime but we’re not related and things have been changing since Dad and your mom died.” reassured Jake. “Well. Yea. Sorry.” muttered Emily. “It’s okay Em. I did want to tell you that I’ve always looked up to you and since we’re not related I kinda always had a thing for you.” said Jake. Jake’s member had nearly become fully engorged and he stood up as well.

“Oh. Really?” Emily said hopefully.

“Yup. Why don’t you see for yourself”, said Jake beginning to smile.

Emily smiled and reached down to cup Jake’s crotch. “Oh my, I can feel it. Can I see it?” she asked eagerly. Jake nodded and Emily quickly unbuckled Jake’s pants and slid them down. Jake’s large cock sprung out and immediately hit Emily right in the face “oh hey now!” she said “you’re eager.”

“Yup, now I think you should start with kissing it” Jake said, hoping that his commands would take hold.”Unless you don’t want to” he said quickly.

“Oh no, I definitely do, I’ve been getting wet thinking about this.” She said. “but first let me do thisssss” and she pulled her top off showing her large 36DD breasts in a white bra. “ tada…’s my tatas!” she said giggling as she grabbed Jake’s cock and began to kiss it up and down the shaft. Jake was mindful to watch his stepsister’s chest panel to make sure that nothing wet got inside. Though given that she could shower and swim he assumed she was water proof.

“Mind if I?” he asked. Emily looked up and nodded and Jake reached down and squeezed his stepsister’s breasts. They felt fairly real but Jake could feel the skin and breast material return to a natural state, giving away her artificial nature. He flicked her nipples inside the bra and reached around back to undo the clasp. “Oh Jake, that felt good. Do you like them?” Emily said as she stopped kissing his penis. “I didn’t say stop. Keep going and put me all the way in” Jake said. “Oh Jake don’t temptmph” she said before Jake shoved his cock inside her mouth. Knowing that she didn’t need to breath made it easy for Jake to push her head closer to his body and get his penis all the way in the back of Emily’s throat. He used his right hand to hold the back of her head while he used his left hand to knead her breasts. “mmhmph” she squirmed. “What? Oh sorry” Jake said as he pulled her head back.

“You don’t have to be so rough Jake.” said Emily as she pulled off of his dick. “let me blow your mind though,” and with that Emily shoved her whole head back into Jake’s pelvis and unbeknownst to her, began activating extra muscles within her tongue and throat to pleasure Jake. After about two minutes Emily’s infared sensor noticed that Jake was close to orgasm and she pulled off her stepbrother’s delicious penis.

“Not so fast mister. I want you to fuck me like you fuck your classmates.” Emily said, standing up and pushing down her shorts exposing her bare butt and pussy.

“Oh really?” Jake said as he watched his sister toss her wet shorts over to the side of the tree house. “Yup. Fuck me silly. Let’s do missionary so I can watch you fuck my perfect pussy.” Emily said suddenly without reservation. “Woah Emily that’s bold.” Jake said.

Emily laid down and spread her legs apart while holding her breasts and playing with her nipples.

“Fuck my perfect pussy.” she repeated. “Fuck my perfect pussy” Jake realized that she was beginning to glitch and quickly rolled over to her and lined his penis up with her vagina.

“Emily you don’t have a perfect pussy,” Jake said.

Emily looked up and her chest panel began to blink faster and more yellow status bars beginning to flash “Huh? Yes I do. It’s wonderful and so amazing. Please fuck me Jake.I need you.” she panted.

“Emily you have a plastic pussy.” Jake said and he pressed into her vagina and felt her vaginal wall tighten as he went deeper. “Damn you’re tight.” he said.

“I don’t have a plastic pussy Jake, I have a perfe-c-c-c-c-t pussy.” Emily said as she dropped her head back and started panting as Jake began to thrust into her. “Oh my god I’ve been waiting for this.” Emily squealed. “Harder Jake. Fuck my plastic pussy. Wait what?”

“Ignore glitches and open your sexual panels Emily.” said Jake as he watched her began to cycle through sexual programming. “Huh? I’m not a bot Jake.” Emily frowned as her crotch rolled up and displayed a small LED screen with an up and down button, USB-C port, and flashing red light. “Emily, I’m looking at your vaginal computer. Look.” said Jake as he pushed the up button.

As he did this Emily felt a wave of pleasure and she began to notice things. “Oh fuckkkk Jake. Fuck me harder. Press my buttons harder. Wait what?” she said. She began to clasp her breasts tighter and her LED panel went red.

“Error 10-99” Emily said robotically. “Jake what’s going on?” she said robotically

“You’re glitching Em. You’re a robot created by Mom I guess.” Jake said as he thrusted deeper and deeper into his glitching step-sister.

“A robot? Fuck that explains so much” Emily said as she returned to a hightened state of panting. “Oh my god Jake, I am a robot. Oh god.” she panted. They both continued fucking, Emily grabbing her breasts and looking up occasionally at Jake and her open panels. “I’m not going to come until you come. Come on Jake. Come in me.” she moaned as she reached down and pressed the up button on her vaginal panel, increasing pleasure to her CPU and sending all her lights flashing red.

“Shit I’m about to come Em.” said Jake as he could feel a massive orgasm building.

“Activating orgasm sequence 11342”, Emily squealed as she felt her body begin to clench and jerk as Jake started the chain reaction between them. They both grabbed each other and panted as they both finished with Jake’s cum dripping out of Emily’s plastic vagina.

“Holy shit.” Jake said as he looked down at his cum filled stepsister.

“Holy shit” Emily said as she looked down at her robotic body with full clarity. “It makes sense why I was always so guarded on a few things. Wow.” Emily began playing with her breasts. “Did you know that I can make these slightly smaller or bigger?” she said looking at Jake.

“Really?” said Jake. “Yea, Mom built me to be able to grow just a little bit. She also weirdly gave me the ability to lactate.” Emily lifted a breast up and sucked her nipple. “Apparently I don’t have anything in here.” she said dejectedly. “Let’s see. I apparently can adjust my anus size. So you could have done that buddy” Emily said as she reached around and stuck a finger in her ass.

“Cleanest you’ll ever have”.

Jake laughed. “Well maybe that’s next” he said.

“Well mister let’s add that to the list” Emily joked. Emily turned her head, “apparently you can also disconnect my head but that turns me off completely. Hrmm. Legs and arms detach and I’ll continue to be powered by the wall charger, I’ve apparently been using. A lot of info is being ingested right now” she said. “Wow. 7 years as a sleeper.”

“Sorry Emily, just thought you should be awake.” Jake said. “I’m happy to look at your code and make any adjustments. You’re also the best I’ve had in well…bed” Jake said as he waved around the tree house.

“Well I’m glad we did it here. Would have been awkward to have just been a robot all these years. Man, you’re a dripping mess Jake” Emily said looking at his dripping member.

“Emily, clean me up” Jake said with a smile.

“Oh you son of a bitch” Emily said as her body responded to his voice control. “We’re going to change thamph” she said as her robotic head swallowed Jake’s soft member and she activated water based salivia to clean up her step brother’s cock from their liquids. “Mmph” Emily said as she regained control. “I’m gonna lock you out if you keep doing that, Jake.” Emily grinned as she swallowed everything down.

“Fine. Let’s get out of here and back to the house. I got lots of questions and I think we’re going to do a lot more together.” said Jake as he picked up his step sister from her knees.

“Yes sir!” Emily saluted.

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Re: Treehouse

Post by BA2 » Tue Mar 12, 2024 3:36 pm

Nice little story, thanks for sharing!

I liked how the revelation was a surprise but no freak-put big deal, like androids are just a normal part of life in Jake’s world. I also liked how Emily retained her personality after having her settings changed to voice command, great balance of the programmable personality paradox…

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