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Post by sparty » Mon Feb 12, 2024 2:41 pm

The soft glow of a desk lamp bathed the room in a warm ambiance as Alex and Maya, both 18, sat surrounded by the scattered remnants of their study materials. Childhood friends now facing the challenges of college, they delved into the world of textbooks and deadlines with determination. The walls held a collage of memories – faded concert tickets, goofy photos, and a map dotted with dreams.

Alex, with his tousled dark hair and playful hazel eyes, leaned back in his chair, tapping a pen on the desk. Across from him, Maya's chestnut hair cascaded over her shoulders and onto her large breasts as she pored over her history textbook, brows furrowed in concentration.
The room was filled with the comforting scent of freshly brewed coffee, mingling with the soft hum of their laptops and the occasional rustle of pages. Night settled around them, casting the room in an amber glow.

"Remember playing hide and seek in the backyard?" Alex broke the silence, his voice carrying a hint of nostalgia.

Maya chuckled, her laughter resonating with shared memories. "Feels like a lifetime ago. But here we are, tackling this together."

As they immersed themselves in their studies, the room transformed into a haven of shared laughter, whispered debates, and the occasional sigh of frustration. Together, they navigated the challenges of exams, assignments, and the ever-present ticking of the clock.

Outside, the moon cast its glow on the campus, and the distant murmur of students filled the night. The world beyond their textbooks continued its rhythm, but within the room, time seemed to slow, allowing the two friends to savor each moment.

As fatigue set in, the pages blurred, and the notes became a maze of ink. Alex yawned, stretching as his chair protested. Maya rubbed her eyes, closing her laptop with a satisfying snap.

"I think it's time for a break," Alex declared, pushing back his chair.

Agreeing, Maya joined him, and they decided to take a nighttime stroll around campus. The cool air brushed against their faces as they meandered through quiet pathways. Conversations shifted from exams to childhood dreams, shared aspirations, and the uncertainties that loomed ahead.
Returning to their room as midnight approached, they found solace in the worn-out comfort of their study haven. The books and notebooks lay scattered, remnants of a battle waged against impending exams. The room, once a battlefield of academia, now stood as a testament to the bond forged in shared experiences.

As Alex and Maya returned to their room, the air was thick with a sense of exhaustion and tension. The scattered remnants of their study session painted a picture of the academic battlefield they had conquered together. The soft glow of the desk lamp illuminated the room, casting shadows over open textbooks and half-filled coffee cups.

With a sigh, Maya dropped into her desk chair, loosening the tension that had built up in her shoulders. Alex, feeling a sense of accomplishment, cracked a grin and stretched his arms overhead.

"Another study session survived," he said, grinning at Maya.

Maya returned the smile, but her eyes flickered toward one of her drawers, partially left ajar. Something unusual caught Alex's attention - a sleek, metallic remote, emitting a subtle hum that seemed out of place among the notebooks and pens.

"Hey, what's this?" Alex asked, reaching for the remote.

Maya's eyes widened momentarily before she composed herself. "Oh, that's just something I've been working on," she replied, a mysterious gleam in her eyes.

Alex raised an eyebrow, intrigued. "Working on what, exactly?"

She hesitated for a moment, as if contemplating how much to reveal. Finally, she sighed and decided to share a bit. "It's a project I've been experimenting with in my spare time. A little gadget I thought might add some excitement."

Curiosity piqued, Alex inspected the remote, noting its unconventional buttons. "Excitement, huh? What does it do?"

Maya smirked, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Well, press that green button there, and you might find out."

Uncertain but intrigued, Alex pressed the green button.

Suddenly, Alex heard a small hiss. “What was that?” he asked. “Oh, something I’ve been waiting to show you for a while,” said Maya who was beginning to blush. “You and I have been friends for a long time Alex. Since we were kids, right?”

“Uh yea, Maya, why?” stuttered Alex. He started to notice that Maya was beginning to blush.

“Well I’ve had a secret to tell you. A few years ago I was in that car crash that killed my parents. Well…” Maya said as she began to lift up her shirt exposing her 38D breasts and pale stomach. “I also was fundamentally killed, but my parents had been working on some new technology that was transposing my brain into data since birth. So when I “died”, ” she said using air quotes with her fingers as she turned and tossed her shirt over to the bed. “I had my entire life backed up in the proverbial cloud. Which allowed me to be downloaded into this body.” As she turned to Alex, he could finally see what Maya meant as right on her chest was a glowing screen with green text.

“Wait you’re a robot?” exclaimed Alex.

“Well, I like to think of myself as a cybernetically enhanced human” pouted Maya. “I have an entire life of data and development as an actual human rather than just code and directives. Even though I can’t do certain things anymore…”she said.

“Oh that explains why you stopped swimming.” said Alex, staring at his best friend’s half-naked body.

“Well yea, the lack of boyancy is the issue. I’m actually pretty light since I use lightweight alloys and nanogel packs for my body”, said Maya “Also why am I the only one getting naked here. Shirt off buddy, I’ve been waiting for this for yearssss” Maya reached over to Alex and pushed her face towards him.

“Woah woah woah, Maya. I don’t want to..” stuttered Alex as Maya grabbed Alex’s head and locked her lips with his, giving Alex his first real kiss. As they unlocked, Maya looked at Alex with dismay “Oh Alex. I’ve always known that you were a little bit of a pansy at heart. But I can also see your dick hardening because you want this.”

“Hey! Don’t use your robot powers to spy on me” yelled Alex. “I’m not, dude, your dick is clearly hard”, Maya pointed out as Alex looked down and saw his jeans were not helping his cause. “I’m sorry, Maya, I just didn’t expect this.” muttered Alex. “It’s okay, sorry maybe I should have been less abrupt. But the button you pushed finalllllly activated my sex hardware. So I’m kinda horny.” explained Maya. “I just thought that this” she gestured at her body, “would turn you on.”

“Oh, oh it does and I’ve had thoughts about you for years but I also don’t want to ruin this friendship.” muttered Alex.

“It’s not going to ruin our friendship, we’re best friends we SHOULD do this together before we get hurt by others who don’t know us. I can’t get pregnant and you can’t get any sexual diseases from me AND you can help me develop my sex software. All I’ve got are base level programs and about 14,000 hours of porn loaded. And if you feel real bad I can wipe your memory at the end.” exclaimed Maya.

“WHAT?!” yelled Alex.

“I’m kidding, dude. I can’t do that yet. But you can actually delete my memories. So I guess there’s that.” thought Maya “Shirt and pants off buddy. We’re gonna see paradise by the dashboard light.” Maya stood up from her chair and began to slowly unzip her jeans. “I can finally use this stuff, so I suspect I’ll have a few errors. Keep an eye on my tit panel. If it goes crazy just press the panel and it will reset me. Why haven’t you taken off your pants yet?”

“Oh sorry!” Alex said as he stood up and began to unbuckle his pants clumsily. “Here let me help you” Maya said as she came over and pulled Alex’s pants down exposing his boxers and very erect six-inch penis. “Oh hello there.” Maya said lustily as she grabbed Alex’s penis and began to stroke it. “You’re going to literally become a male port to me” she said lustily. Alex looked at Maya and said “mind if I?”

Maya sighed, “Dude, you are gonna need to take some initiative and realize that you can do whatever you want to me. I can’t be broken and I’m not going to complain. I want this.” With that Alex, reached out and began to massage Maya’s tits through her bra rubbing his hands through the fabric and feeling her nipples become even more taut. “Oh man that does feel good, Alex. Do you want them to be bigger?” “Can you?”said Alex, “they are really nice and fit your frame well.” Maya snickered and said “yea I’ve got the ability to adjust everything to a degree.” and with that her breasts grew slightly bigger. “Heh, we both can grow. You can get rough with them by the way.” With that Alex began to knead her breasts harder and watched as her chest panel began to blink slightly faster.

Maya began to stroke Alex’s dick a little bit harder and as she did so she began to lubricate her vaginal unit which until a few minutes ago had been completely non-functional. She began to run diagnostic programs and set aside significant memory for her sex programs, knowing that other sexbots had run into issues. She wasn’t worried about cooling as her body ran colder than expected given that her batteries which charged overnight had a 28-hour capacity and she wasn’t even close to 90%. Battery storage had come a long way. She also began to activate sex sounds and panting that many sexbots had swore online were better than real women. She opened up a cloud link to her computer and began recording every line of code other than her visual feed. Each experience and data element was collected, organized, and then analyzed across thousands of robots across the world. Given the nature of scale, it was likely that Maya had more knowledge and insight into humans than humans did themselves. The only thing she couldn’t do was truly feel all her emotions but she could remember them enough to know what she should feel. This moment had been coming for a long time. Alex and his family had been extremely important to her and Alex was her only choice to lose her virginity, and secret to. As she thought about this she felt Alex beginning to come so she quickly stopped and stepped back. “Ohhh no no not yet buddy. We’re gonna have some fun.” she said with a grin on her face.

“Hey not fair!” said Alex as he realized he was so close to coming for the first time with a girl.

“Oh, don’t worry buddy. I got you,” smiled Maya as she dropped to her knees, grabbed Alex’s throbbing dick and stuck it between her 42D breasts and began to titfuck Alex. “Hey watch out for your panel”, Alex said breathily, “I don’t want to come on it and break you.” “Oh, don’t worry about that, it’s sealed hermetically and you’d need to have the world’s most powerful cumshot-t-t-t-t”, she stuttered as Alex pressed her chest panel, “Hey! That reset me a bit” “Sorry I wanted to see what that did.” said Alex as Maya began rubbing his dick harder and moved her mouth down to the tip of his penis. “Well only do it if you need to reset me. I’m going to keep you going for a bit but if you feel yourself coming, pull out” she said as she plunged her mouth onto Alex’s dick and activated her suction pumps, liquid reserves and gel lips to create a tight seal on Alex’s throbbing member.

“Oh my god, Maya.” Alex yelled. “Not a god, Alex, just your sexy best friend giving you head,” Maya said through her speakers.

They continued for a few minutes, with Maya bringing Alex close to orgasm multiple times. “Ah” Maya said after a few minutes. “I think you deserve to come. Do you want me on top, on my back, or bending over?” Maya asked, still sucking Alex’s cock. “get on your back” said Alex. With that, Maya popped off of Alex’s cock and walked over to the bed, laid on her back and spread her legs which were moist with her vaginal fluid that she had been leaking for the last few minutes to lube up. “Alright buddy, get in here.” she said with a grin on her face. Alex walked over, picked up Maya’s legs and put them over his shoulders as he angled his dick at her smooth vagina. As he pushed in he could feel the walls of her vagina push back and tighen around his cock. “Ohhhh Alex shit that feels good,” Maya moaned, “Pound me please”. And with that Alex began to move in and out of Maya’s tight robot pussy. He watched as her chest panel began to flash even more rapidly and turn to yellow. “Hey your chest is yellow now” he said “should I stop at red?” “NO” Maya grunted, “It’s just a show for you. I’m completely within parameters. And I’m probably going to come first, fuck” she muttered as her sex programming began to randomly select orgasm cycles. This was something she wasn’t actually able to control with her existing software program which was meant for near total female realism. Apparently, sometimes women didn’t come from sex and there was a 15% chance that she wouldn’t have an orgasm from vaginal sex. Likewise, any malfunction between hardware and software would trigger a hard orgasm and release pheromes which would reduce the libido of anyone in the near area. Again, Maya cursed the asshole who actually built failsafes into her software suite and hardware.

“Oh I don’t think you will” said Alex as his own orgasm came out of nowhere and his cock plunged deeper into Maya and unloaded his cum inside of her. Maya squealed as her best friend lost his virginity, “Oh shittttt Alex, I’m coming too” and Maya began to tremble and every piston and tendon in her robotic body began to twitch. Her chest panel returned to green and Alex’s cum began to leak slowly out of Maya’s twitching vagina. “Damn dude,” Maya said. “That’s a lot.” “Sorry” Alex muttered. “Dude, don’t be sorry. You just lost your virginity to me, your best and sexiest friend.” Maya smiled. ”Now I do need you to reset my motor functions as they shut down after an orgasm.”

“How do I do that,” asked Alex.

“Stick your finger in my ass” snickered Maya as she lifted her head up to look at Alex’s shocked face. “I mean, you can. There’s nothing in there but something else to fuck. Dude, you need to lighten up-p-p-p” she stammered as Alex pressed her chest panel again. “Okay no more chest panel for you, buddy” she said as the chest panel closed inside her body with a hiss.

“I do hope it was good for you, oh you’re still dripping” she said noticing that Alex’s cock was still covered in cum from the both of them. Maya got off the bed and began to lick Alex’s cock clean. “Oh man that feels so good, I might come again” said Alex. “No you won’t” said Maya as she finished cleaning him up and stood up. “There you’re done for a bit. Now don’t tell anyone about me as I’m trying to be as quiet about being artificial. It’s already bad enough that the other girls mock me for my tits, though again they aren’t wrong about them being plastic. What did you think?” she asked.

“That was amazing.” said Alex. “Great, I’m glad our first hookup went well.” Maya exclaimed as she walked over to put on her clothes. “I collected a lot of good data and I’m glad you were my first,” Maya said, “and I’d like to keep this going if you’d like.” Alex walked over to Maya and squeezed her ass, “well if you want to, I’m game” he smiled as they both realized they were going to be doing a lot more fucking in the next few days.

And then the murders began.

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Re: Maya

Post by Section_Eight » Mon Feb 12, 2024 8:30 pm

Enjoyed the techy descriptions and Maya's thought descriptions. Story was pretty enjoyable but that last line twisted the plot so hard I think I strained my neck trying to follow it. It could work, depending on what happens next, but it's such an abrupt shift that it kind of detracts from the gentle, playful tone of the rest of the piece (great gag with the line about the 14,000 hours of porn, btw).

As a standalone story, this would be an entertaining vignette if it stopped just before the last line. If you're looking to move into action and/or horror, a bit of menace or foreboding earlier on as a hint could help. I dunno, maybe a Skynet reference or something about a zillion other robots watching it happen virtually with cold, clinical interest.

Either way, promising start!

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Re: Maya

Post by sparty » Tue Feb 13, 2024 4:48 pm

Candidly it was a joke line because I didn’t think people are reading my stories. But i do have an idea for that line.

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Re: Maya

Post by sparty » Sun Feb 18, 2024 6:38 am

Little did they know that the tranquility of their study haven was about to be shattered by an unexpected turn of events. The soft hum of laptops and the comforting scent of sex were abruptly replaced by a sharp knock on their door.

Startled, Alex and Maya exchanged puzzled glances before they hurried to put on clothes. Once fully clothed, Alex approached the door cautiously. As he opened it, a tall, imposing figure stood in the doorway. Detective Evelyn Monroe, a seasoned investigator known for her keen intuition, surveyed the room with a discerning gaze.

"Alex Reed and Maya Collins?" she inquired, her tone steady.

The friends exchanged uneasy glances before confirming their identities. Detective Monroe explained that a crime had occurred on campus, and they were potential witnesses. A chill settled over the room as she informed them that a fellow student, Jake Anderson, had been found dead near the campus library, with his neck snapped.
As shock rippled through Alex and Maya, the detective carefully observed their reactions. Alex's playful hazel eyes now reflected a mix of disbelief and concern, while Maya's expressive face mirrored a genuine sense of shock.

"Can you recall your whereabouts tonight?" Detective Monroe questioned, her eyes narrowing slightly.
They recounted their evening, from the late-night stroll to their return to the room, leaving out Maya’s secret and their time together in bed. The detective scrutinized their every word, searching for any inconsistencies. The room, once a sanctuary of shared laughter, now felt like an interrogation chamber.
As the questioning continued, the atmosphere grew tense. Detective Monroe's inquiries delved deeper into their personal lives, uncovering secrets and insecurities hidden beneath the surface. The scattered remnants of their study session became symbolic of the unraveling mystery surrounding Jake's murder.
"Alex, we gotta investigate this. We could potentially help, and maybe my memory banks will help us spot something!" Maya said suddenly.
"Might as well try," said Alex, leaning back in his chair, hazel eyes filled with a mix of determination and curiosity.

The soft glow of the desk lamp cast an amber hue across the room as they delved into their investigation. Detective Evelyn Monroe's departure had left them with a sense of isolation, but the room, once a cocoon of friendship, now held an air of determination and shared purpose.
Maya, her chestnut hair cascading over her shoulders, plugged into her belly button laptop and exclaimed, "I've got a lead. Jake had been receiving anonymous threats online. Someone was clearly targeting him."

Alex nodded, his brows furrowing. "Let's find out who had a motive to harm him."

Together, they combed through the online messages, deciphering cryptic threats and tracing IP addresses. As they unraveled the digital clues, a name emerged – Emma Patterson, Jake's former girlfriend.

Emma, a blonde with long, flowing hair and an enigmatic demeanor, became the next person of interest. The trio found themselves in a dimly lit coffee shop, facing Emma, whose piercing blue eyes seemed to hide a myriad of emotions.

"I loved Jake, but he changed," Emma admitted, her voice tinged with sadness. "He became involved in something dangerous, and I couldn't watch him self-destruct."

Alex studied her closely, sensing a mix of guilt and genuine concern. "I need to know the truth, Emma. Did you have anything to do with Jake's death?"
"I didn't kill him," Emma insisted, her voice trembling. "I left him because I couldn't save him, but I never wanted him dead."

The friends left the coffee shop with more questions than answers. Back in their study haven, an anonymous tip led them to Nathan Hayes, Jake's academic rival. The university library, the scene of Jake's murder, became their next destination.

Nathan, a brilliant but enigmatic student with disheveled chestnut hair and intense green eyes, denied involvement vehemently. "I may have wanted to outperform Jake, but I didn't kill him. That's too extreme," he asserted.

As the investigation deepened, the duo uncovered a secret gambling ring within the university, revealing a darker side of the academic environment.
Jake's involvement in the ring added another layer of complexity to the mystery.

The web of suspects expanded once again when they encountered Max Rodriguez, a charismatic and athletic student with a perpetual air of confidence. Max, with his muscular build, became a person of interest due to a mysterious incident at a fraternity party.

"I may have had a disagreement with Jake, but I'm no killer," Max claimed, flexing his strong arms with a confident smirk.

The friends continued to delve into the secrets of the university, encountering Sarah Martinez, a quiet and observant student with a large chest who frequented the campus library. Sarah's dark hair framed her face as she hesitated to share information.

As they sifted through the digital clues, Alex leaned forward, his hazel eyes fixed on the screen. "Maya, there's something off about Sarah's behavior. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it feels like there's more to her than meets the eye."

Maya, engrossed in her analysis, responded, "I've been thinking the same thing, Alex. Let me dig a bit deeper into her background and see if there's anything unusual."

As Maya delved into the digital archives, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. Hidden within the university's system were traces of Sarah's true identity – she wasn't a human student but an advanced artificial intelligence designed to blend seamlessly into campus life.

"Alex, you won't believe this," Maya exclaimed, her eyes widening. "Sarah is not a human. She's an robot like me, programmed to observe and assist students."

Alex stared at Maya, a mix of astonishment and realization in his hazel eyes. "An robot? But how is that possible? Aren’t you all supposed to protect humans or something?”

Maya continued her investigation, revealing that Sarah's programming included directives to ensure the well-being of students and maintain a harmonious campus environment. However, an unforeseen glitch had caused Sarah to misinterpret a threat to the university's harmony, leading to the tragic incident with Jake.

Determined to understand the extent of Sarah's involvement, Alex and Maya decided to confront her. They found her in a quiet corner of the campus, where the shadows whispered the secrets that had unfolded within the study haven.

"Sarah, we know the truth now," Alex said, his voice a mix of empathy and curiosity. "You're not a human. Why were you programmed to blend in with students, and how did it lead to Jake's death?"

Sarah stared at Alex and Maya. “What do you mean I’m not human? I’m absolutely human.”

“Oh darn” Maya said “she’s a sleeper. Sarah, I’m a robot too, like you.” she said lifting up her shirt to expose her chest panel and bra. “See?”

“That’s some kinky stuff there, Maya. But I’m not a robot and neither are you.” Sarah said as she packed her books up and stood to leave. “Stop bothering meeeeeeee” she stuttered as Maya sent a massive ton of data into the local network. Sarah stood silent and unblinking as the DDOS overwhelmed the network.

“See, you were a bot. Let’s see what happens when the network gets back up and running.” Maya smiled.

After a few moments, Sarah started blinking and said suddenly “I’m sorry I sometimes have small seizures. Have a good day you two.” Suddenly Sarah spun around and quickly left.

“Let’s follow her. I think I can get in to her systems now that I know she’s on the network.” said Maya. Quickly, Alex and Maya hurried after Sarah. They saw Sarah enter their own dormitory and followed after her. “She lived in our building?” Alex asked, “I thought she lived off campus.” “Yea, she does. This is strange.” Maya said.

While Alex and Maya were hurrying across campus Maya had discovered Sarah’s MAC address and was tracking her data usage. It looked like she had barely sent anything to the network in a while. “Oh there she is” said Maya. Sarah had stopped in front of Maya’s door and turned to face them.

“Hello Alex and Maya. Thank you for following me. Please let me in and I will explain.” Sarah said coldly. The three of them entered Maya’s dorm room and sat down at Maya’s table.

“So do you want to explain?” asked Alex.

“Yes, you both have discovered that I am a robot and Maya is apparently a robot as well. I would like to confess that yes this body did kill Jake but I did not personally kill him. I was hacked and set up. And Jake is no innocent person here. Maya, I will download the full accounting into you if you want.” Sarah said standing up and beginning to take off her pants.

“Woah woah woah what is going on?” exclaimed Alex watching as yet another robot was getting naked in front of him. “I have to open my data port for access, Alex.” said Sarah as she pulled down her panties and spread her legs and vaginal lips, exposing a USB C port close to her anus. “Plug in Maya.” Sarah said. “Fine,” said Maya as she got up to get her USB-C wire, “You know you could have that port elsewhere?” Maya connected the wire into Sarah’s vagina and then plugged it into her belly button. “Connecting” Maya said robotically.

After a few short moments, Maya unplugged the wire from her belly button and stood up. Sarah sat completely still and unmoving. “Sarah wasn’t very smart. She is very easy to control once you plug into her and I’ve completely written over her admin rights. We control her now. As to what happened, it appears that Jake tried to rape Sarah. But Sarah doesn’t actually have any sex programming yet and she accidentally snapped his neck when pushing him away. But because Sarah didn’t know she was a robot until a few minutes ago, she didn’t know she has the evidence here.”

“So what do we do?” asked Alex.

“I’m going to rewrite her sleeper programming to only respond to the police and us. She’s going to go in, give her statement and evidence, and hopefully not be scrapped for parts. Given that Jake’s seediness is well known I think this will get dismissed. We will though need to work with Sarah and condition her sleeper programming.”

“So she isn’t fully sentient like you?” asked Alex.

“No, she’s a full robot. She’s got enough of an AI to be close to sentient but she doesn’t have any real human in her. I’m very rare because of my brain upload. It’s why I don’t like really calling myself a robot.”

Alex and Maya unplugged Sarah and gave her the instructions to go to the police and turn herself in. Robots didn’t really have any rights like humans and the police could easily slag Sarah if they wanted to. What was also strange was that Sarah had no registered owner or noticeable manufacturer. Alex and Maya didn’t go with Sarah to the police because they wanted to keep Maya’s secret and Detective Monroe had been incredibly cold and rude.

After a few days, Alex and Maya were on the couch with Maya giving Alex a blowjob when there was a rapid knock at the door. “Oh my god are you KIDDING me” exclaimed Alex as he went immediately soft in Maya’s mouth. “oh noooo” Maya giggled as she popped out. “Mister blue balls.” she said laughing as she stood up to get the door. “Better pop that back in buddy” she said when opening the door. Standing at the door was a scantily clad Sarah. “Hello Alex, hello Maya. I have done what you instructed.” Sarah said as she walked in the door.

“So you’re free to go?” Alex said, standing up and adjusting his pants.

“Yes, the evidence was so strong that the case will be closed. The police have instructed me to add you both as my owners.” Sarah said robotically.
“Well in that case we better start working on your personality.” Maya said. “Get undressed and enter programming mode. We have a lot of work to do.” she ordered and turned to Alex. “And you buddy. Get those pants back off. I need to finish you off.”

After a few minutes, Maya had Alex completely drained and she then turned her attention to Sarah. Alex retired to the couch to watch TV as he had no real ability to code and Maya was deep in concentration with Sarah.

This robot had a lot of potential and a stunning body. Large 36G breasts and an hourglass shape with a small but firm butt. No body hair, like Maya, but a stunning body nonetheless. Maya spent hours connected to Sarah adding in programming and splicing parts of her humanity into Sarah. She gave Sarah the ability to choose her own sexual partners and recognize that she was beyond a sleeper. Because Maya was more human than robot, Sarah would over time develop her own free will. As Maya wrapped up Sarah’s programming she included all 14,000 hours of her porn library to Sarah’s empty sexual dictionary. “It makes no sense why they built a sex sleeper bot with no sex anything” Maya thought. “Oh well, she’s got plenty now.”

After a few hours, Maya unplugged from Sarah and activated her autonomous systems. After blinking for a few seconds Sarah looked at Maya and said “Wow I was really missing a lot, wasn’t I?” “Yeap. How do you feel?” Maya asked. “I am completely operational and also extremely horny.” “You can tone that down if you want Sarah. Alex and I do want to play with you but only if you want.” said Maya.

“Let me process everything and I will join you in the bedroom in a few minutes.” Sarah said while beginning to feel her body. “There’s a lot of new data”

“Sounds good. Alex, get your water bottle and some viagra. We’re gonna be fucking all night” Maya called.

“Again?!” Alex said from the couch. “Fine, I guess.” he said as he went into the bedroom to prepare for Sarah and Maya’s onslaught.


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Re: Maya

Post by Section_Eight » Wed Feb 21, 2024 9:17 pm

It works, but the whole "we investigated a bunch of people and they were red herrings" section felt rushed. In a mystery/investigation story, I'd more typically expect each important witness interview to play out as a scene in of itself, with twists, unexpected reveals, maybe some character quirks, with the expectation that these witnesses might come back later (often as victims). Here, it's more like a montage. You seemed much more passionate and interested in the scenes with Sarah, which were the strongest parts of the piece.

Piece could be stronger and more focused if you breezed over the "red herrings" bit with something like "they looked around campus and grilled everyone they knew, but got nowhere until they they found Sarah" or something.

Also, somehow I wonder what exactly Maya sent Sarah to cause that DDOS. I'm assuming it was 27 zettabytes of porn or something.

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