Story Finds - 2021

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Story Finds - 2021

Post by Sanjuro » Sat Jul 17, 2021 2:47 am

I'm not sure if there's already a thread for this, but let's post other fembot stories we've found online. Here it goes:

'Kill the Power Gamer' by Eric Vall - Kindle

Basically the plot of the first Terminator except a sexy cyborg is sent back in time to stop the birth of the future human resistance leader. A surprisingly fun & great read. Includes first-person robo dialogue, details about her construct, & she talks in a cold, logical Terminator speak.

'Fembot Factory' by Valentino DeMarco - Kindle

A guy ends up working at a factory that makes very lifelike sex androids. It's short & sexy, featuring a fembot orgy under control by voice of the main guy.

'Girl Electric: A Sexbot Oddessy' by R.C. Daniels - Kindle

A ditsy blonde sexbot gets stolen from her owner & sent across the US. She escapes & takes the long journey back to her master, getting into many erotic hijinks along the way. There's a few scenes of repairing & her drinking various engine fluids for maintenance purposes.

'The Lengths One Will Go To...' by mythtrav16 - Literotica

A unique spin on the Pygmalion myth involving a programer and his advanced AI girlfriend. I won't spoil the twist, but definitely check this one out.

'The Passenger' by themightyxyloph - Literotica

A sci-fi adventure where a lone space courier picks up a mysterious & inviting woman as a passenger. It's a decently long read broken up into several chapters, but it's well-written & has some great android stuff.

'Sentience' by CycleWriter - Literotica

A short, insightful exploration of a domestic gynoid's AI ability to involve. It's short, well-written, sexy, & a surprising stimulation of thought regarding artificial life.

Hopefully this becomes a whole thread, if it already isn't somewhere else on the site.

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