Dustball Chronicles - An alternate ending

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Dustball Chronicles - An alternate ending

Post by evil_boo » Tue Nov 19, 2019 7:16 pm

Howdy folks. I'm not going to call this a part 2 or anything, its more of a side story. Basically I was commissioned to write a sequel to the first Dustball Chronicles, but with an alternate ending.

So, this is a side story, the next installment of Dustball Chronicles will be coming soon, but for now enjoy this little side jaunt!


The evening was quiet on board AEG348. The majority of the human crew were sleeping soundly in their bunk rooms, with the exception of a station mechanic and a crewman in the launch bay. Ortiz was in the repair bay, nodding off with a book in his lap, still open to the page he had been on with his thumb stuck between the pages. Private Simon was in the launch bay, feet resting on the guard rail between himself and the deployment pods. He was flicking idly through a social media feed, letting out small singular laughs as he came across something amusing. In both rooms the gentle hum of fluorescent lights was the only sound breaking the silence of the night.

Night may have been the wrong term to use in space - orbiting a dusty brown planet below didn’t allow for a proper day and night cycle. The station's main computers took care of simulating that in a small way. An arbitrary time had been set once the station entered orbit and an approximate sun down and sun up time had been established. Near sunset the lights in the halls and rooms would start to dim slightly, automated shutters would begin to deploy and block out light from the two suns that heated the planet. Human crew members would check watches or their comm devices and know that their shift was coming to an end, and naturally begin to move to the mess hall for dinner followed by some free time before retiring to bed.

The android crew on board the AEG348 station would conclude their shifts as well, then move back to the launch bay where an automated system would connect them to the station mainframe for updates and recharging. Normally the robots were used solely for combat scenarios, but with the planet being quiet so far, the androids were authorized to engage in other duties around the orbital platform.
Some of the tasks drew on more of their intended design and programming parameters...

These particular robots were originally constructed to be sexual companions for wealthy individuals, or perhaps bought en mass for something like a strip club. Their programming was supposed to have been stripped away during their initial setup and configuration, but either by oversight or simply laziness, the technician who deployed them allowed their programming to be mixed together.

The result was a squad of ten sex robots, all who were equally capable of giving a man or woman an entire night of hedonistic pleasures, or caving in a person's skull with a single punch. They were both deadly and beautiful, but the crew learned to trust them in the weeks on board the station, where the girls would assist with the crew's routine tasks by day and then gladly sneak away to the bunkroom for a quick blowjob. There was one other android on board the station that no one so much as dreamed of asking to help lift heavy canisters of fuel, or sneak away for a quickie. R10, the station’s commanding officer, who spent the majority of her existence on the bridge. All information and every event that happened on board the station passed through her and the station mainframe. Nothing happened on AEG348 that she didn’t know about, and every experience was tagged, compiled, analyzed, and integrated into the programming updates that were passed out to her, the station, and the other androids every night.

The station had been in operation for upwards of six weeks at this point, and it hadn’t taken long for the soldiers on board to muster up the courage to ask their commanding officer for permission to make a request to R10, whom everyone now simply called “Rio” in an effort to make her more approachable. The clearly sexual robots, in their barely present skin tight jumpsuits were spending the majority of their day deactivated and charging. The pitch was to activate them during the day to help make the station more efficient, allowing them to gather more and more data on how to better operate, and to allow the human crew on board some form of a morale boost. R10 had listened to the request and the information seemed logical enough - it didn’t interfere with their military operations and the girls were equipped with the correct hardware and software, so the request was approved.

The unforeseen consequence of allowing this request was that the crew on board used the androids for sexual encounters whenever they could, on or off duty. The end of day reports and data collection became more of an integration on new sexual techniques to R10 and the station itself more than it was an exercise in an efficient space station. The numbers, however, didn’t lie, morale was on the rise and so was productivity, and so R10 and the station A.I. both concluded that the androids and humans on board continue as they were. R10 however, noticed some side effects in her own programming. She spent large chunks of time watching the soldiers on board engaging in every kind of sexual activity with the girls, not to mention stored footage she had of various units in the repair bay, taken apart and stripped, sometimes, to their bare framework for repairs.

R10 was also equipped with the same kind of hardware and software as the other gynoids on board, but had much less opportunity to utilize them. Tonight in particular was causing her to feel the call of her secondary programming. She was currently suspended by metal cables in her shoulders and heels, dangling from the top of the bridge’s domed ceiling, bathed in the green and blue glow of the array of monitors in front of her. A thick bundle of cables, all tied together in one long mesh sleeve, stuck out of her back just between her shoulder blades. Any number of data and power cables were woven together into one single plug head and inserted into the appropriate connection port in her back. This allowed her some control over the station, and in turn allowed the station to directly pass her orders. It worked as something of an umbilical cord between R10 and the station A.I.

R10 and the station were in the process of packaging and distributing a new update for the androids, all quietly charging in the launch bay. There was a large amount of sexual data today, she noted, but again the numbers didn’t lie - both statistically and anecdotally, this was good for the crew. R10 couldn’t help but feel left out though. Maybe it was some of the software running through her computerized A.I. brain, but she let out a sigh, something that machines like her were not known to do. She wanted, longed for, even craved that same level of physical intimacy with someone.

The small motors in R10’s plastic skill moved her optical modules from monitor to monitor, a simple check in on the status of all the units, the humans, the station at large and most of all, the video feeds. There was little to no movement at all, Ortiz’s book had fallen from his lap and his arm dangled there. Seeing that there was no official tasks to take care of at the moment, R10 decided that she would simply have to take the matter of her own sexual satisfaction into her own hands, quite literally. She scanned through the library of stored and saved video that she had tagged as interesting to her since the station began operation and found a favorite video of hers. Robots weren’t normally known for picking favorites, but the amalgam of military and sexbot coding in her core had left her with a strange mixture of cold and robotic programming and nearly human A.I. qualities.

The video started suddenly in her field of vision, it was one of the station’s cameras in the repair bay. Currently there was one of the android combat units on one of the stainless steel tables, deactivated and completely free of her normal uniform. One of the other mechanics walked into view, dragging along a cart full of tools and an attached computer terminal. When R10 saw him step into view it was almost as if she had no control over herself, her arms moved down to the waistband of the thin skirt she was wearing and dragged it down to about mid thigh before stopping. Under her skirt was a simple white garment, roughly triangular and stretched thin over her crotch and much of it was tightly pulled between her two gel-filled artificial ass cheeks. R10’s slight fingers slipped between her soft yet cold synthetic flesh and the stretchy fabric of her lower uniform. In a similar movement to her skirt, she dragged the tight bottoms off of herself and exposed her hairless, human-looking sexual module.

It was set perfectly between her legs, and though it was a module that was common among the sex robot line that she was manufactured from, she felt it somehow looked unique and special, as if there were some small subtle difference than made it hers. Of course, that wasn’t true, upon any kind of close inspection it was easy enough to tell that it was the exact same size, shape, tightness, and configuration as the sexual module lodged in the hips of every female android on the station. R10 thought of exactly that, about how she was nothing more than a machine, and the lines of code in her A.I. the controlled her sexual components began to initialize. The small assembly of motors that lined the fleshy lips on her artificial sex twitched and quivered to life.

The video playing in her heads up display was still running, now showing the mechanic finishing up the small repair that was needed to patch up the leg joint that had suffered some miscalibration after the android had dropped from a four story building carrying some hostages. It was an easy fix, but once the repair was done there was a short conversation between the two. The girl sat up and nodded vigorously and smiled.

It was about this time that R10’s slim delicate fingers gently spread the outer folds of her synthetic sex and began to gently massage the densely sensor laced flesh. Even at these early stages she let her sexbot programming take hold of her actions. The bridge quickly filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and panting and the occasional small softly whispered moan. The processor core in her chest began to heat up as more and more data passed through it on its way to a variety of locations throughout her body. The quick breaths transitioned into panting as more and more fresh, cool air was required to help dissipate some of the heat generated by the bank of processors.

The robotic woman sitting on the table in the video screen, which now took up the majority of R10’s heads up display, was looking coyly at the soldier in the, batting her eyes and fully embracing what she was made for. She nodded vigorously for a moment, her bright blue shoulder length hair bobbing back and forth as she did. The girl reached up and, placing her hands on her jaw line, lifted her head up and off of her neck, then held it out to the man. He took it and began to fumble with his own flight suit, zipping it down. His back was to the security camera, but it was clear what happened next. The girls disconnected head was lowered to his crotch and then his hips began thrusting forward and back, his arms in front of him, clutching her head. Her body sat still on the table, wiring and silvery mounting points jutting up from just below the soft skin around her throat.

R10 sank her teeth into her lower lip just a bit in conjunction with her sinking her fingers deeper inside of her self. Her eyes fluttered for a moment and her mouth hung open. At this point the hot and cool air was flowing in and out of her in rapid, back and forth succession. Soon her eyes closed altogether as her sexual programming was designed not only to let her experience the pleasure of masturbation, but also to make her look as human as possible while she enjoyed herself. The logic was that some of her sister units might have been used for cam shows or private viewings where masturbation was the primary focus, and few people requested a robot to masturbate without reacting in any way.

Had R10’s eyes been opened she might have seen the holographically projected monitors around her flicker for a moment. Their displays distorting slightly as their light faded and winked off and on again in a random smattering of glitches. Before long though, they came back online and were working as expected, though the station A.I. at that point had stepped in to lend the system some of its own processing power to stabilize everything. The video on R10’s internal display was coming to its conclusion, the man was lining up the girls head with her neck and slotting it into place. Once there she brought up her hand to her mouth and wiped something clean with a finger before popping that same finger back into her mouth. She hopped off the table, picked up her uniform and walked out of the room, hips swaying the whole way.

Seeing that, R10 finally gave in to resisting the programming inside of her. She allowed her operating system to first randomly select an orgasm sequence and then start to load it into her queue. She specifically designated a list of the more intense sequences as well, since this was not an everyday occurance, she wanted to feel something big, something unforgettable. As soon as her A.I. detected the orgasm sequence that was chosen and all that it involved, she let out a mewling gasp. She even sent a request to the central mainframe of the station to help her process the sequence so that she could devote more processing power to parsing the influx of pleasurable data that would soon be coursing through her mechanical body.

Even before R10’s grand rolling orgasm loaded, the station's A.I. selected and quick loaded a smaller sequence for her. Foregoing the usual process of loading the series of commands into her temporary memory banks and then loading it from there, it instead just simply executed each command on her system as they were outlined in the blocks of code. While this was a surprise, and a pleasant one at that, for R10, it took a tremendous amount of processing power from the station’s computer systems. So much so that as R10’s eyes rolled up into her head, reaching the very upper limit of what the small motors inside her skull were capable of, the monitors in front of her flickered - some even completely shutting off - no longer able to keep up with processing the sheer volume of data.

Elsewhere on the station other things were happening as well. The overhead lighting in the repair bay flickered and with an angry electrical buzz turned off completely. Ortiz was soundly sleeping there, and didn’t notice at all. The kitchen, located right next to the repair bay experienced a similar crackling buzz before the lights went completely out and all the electronics there went out. Even the launch bay began to see some effects. The row of pretty android girls there all lost their connection to the network and power briefly. This wouldn’t normally pose a problem, save for the nightly patch that was in the process of installing. Each and every one of them were struck with a half loaded update to their core operating system and their personality cores.

R10 let out a deep throaty moan of absolute pleasure. Her fingers were dug deep inside of her artificial slit, wiggling rapidly back and forth. As she pistoned them inside herself, a small opening at the very top of her sexual module, deep inside of her hips, opened and released a short jet of artificial juices into her sexual mechanism. The warm, wet fluids coated R10’s fingers in sticky, warm cum. She let out a deep sigh, hot air flying past her fake teeth and out into the cool open air of the bridge, but her fingers did not move. Instead they stayed put and R10 smiled a genuine smile of sheer delight - she felt like a sexy desirable machine. Her free hand moved up to one of her breasts, slipped under the sheer fabric there and began to gently squeeze and massage it. After a moment of feeling the simple sensation of skin on skin, she began to toy with the artificial nipple that capped her rounded breast. As she did so she lifted up her wrist and managed to wiggle the bikini like pad that had held back her ample chest away. She began to massage her own breasts again and before she could even consciously send the command to do so, her fingers began to slide in and out of her wet, slick folds again.

R10 sucked in more cool air for her processors, but those came as short quick almost gasps for air. The Stations central mainframe computer was regaining some of the processing cycles it had dedicated to R10’s sexual programming though the cable in her back. There were errors and alerts lighting up all over the station of power loss, tasks that needed her attention immediately. R10 looked at the screen through half open, artificial lust-filled eyes and couldn’t quite clear the long queue of commands in her system. Her operating system had loaded the queue while she was not needed and her programming dictated that she clear that lineup before new tasks could be added. So, she kept her fingers moving, and soon her knees were clenching together and her hip writhing against her fingers, attempting to get every last ounce of pressure against her robotic clit.

The AEG348 station attempted to connect directly to R10, passing its own administrator credentials to the suspended robot in an effort to truncate the line of sex commands that R10 had yet to process. R10’s own A.I. entered into a sort of contest of will’s against the station itself, attempting to make logical arguments about why R10 should or should not continue with her line of requests. All the while though, R10 kept her fingers planted inside of her artificial sex, though her movements became more and more stiff and mechanical instead of the smooth, almost human movements she previously had been executing.

At some point, R10 began to speak her arguments out loud instead of sending the information through the data line in her upper back, though the station itself fed responses back through the data cable, as it was not equipped with anything more than a station wide PA system.

“Request for truncation denied. Internal protocol de-demands a clear interrupt request queue before new re-re-request can be. Can be. Can be made. Made. can be made.” R10 said, rather flatly and punctuated by another breathy sounding moan as her fingers dragged across a particularly dense patch of sensor laden flesh. The station responded with another direct order to clear the queue manually, but R10 made the same argument verbally again. The pair went back and forth like this for several long minutes. In which time R10 achieved no less that three more orgasm sequences while continuing to argue her points, while slowly clearing her internal queue of deeds.

Unbeknownst to the pair, the processing power of both of them was being sapped away, and systems on the station began to break down. There was a fine balance of minute corrections in trajectory and upkeep that ran in the background as a small process, but as soon as the CPU inside of R10 hit maximum capacity the station attempted to keep her functional by truncating many of its own smaller processes. Part of that included the small corrections in the station’s orbit, the mixture of oxygen in the environment and the upkeep of many independently minor systems. Soon, the station was beginning to slowly but steadily fall towards the planet below.

Once the station pressed its mass against the atmosphere of the planet that it was plummeting towards sexual and military programming became irrelevant. The human crew on board never woke, even as the station began to enter the atmosphere - the oxygen levels having decreased steadily for the last half an hour and, as a result, any being on board who required oxygen just simply dropped out of existence. R10 snapped out of the sexual process queue she was trapped in, the line up of protocols and commands flushing itself immediately as the situation presented itself.

The station began to rumble and vibrate as it entered the upper rim of the atmosphere, an arena it was never built for. The construction of the station relied heavily on the low gravity of space to support much of it, and as the gravity of the planet below began to impress itself upon the station much of the structure began to suffer. The first was one of the girders bolted into the ceiling above R10 came loose from the bindings that were perfectly safe in a low gravity. The beam immediately swung down in an arc, slamming into R10 just above her hips and bisecting her. The thin steel cables that suspended her from the ceiling remained in place for the time being though, so her torso swung forward until it reached the end of the data cable plugged into her back. With a sudden jerk her torso stopped its gliding arc, but the force was enough to pull the connection port free of the circuit board it had been attached to her back. Taking scraps of her artificial flesh with it, the data cable was free of R10 and began to swing in its own wild arc.

“Emergency Al-al-alert. Critical. Warning- there is an an an emerg- there is an emerg- critical- er-er-er-er-error-or” R10 babbled as her complex processor core, desperate to work out the hundreds if not thousands of new points of data, struggled and began to overheat.

“There is- alert- alert- emergency-gency. Alert plea-please. Alert. Er-errrrrrrror-error.” R10’s eyes began to twitch and spasm as they tried to not only find the holographic monitors, but read the data. It was an impossible task, even for an android as complex as she was, the monitors flickered and powered down and then back on as power to the station began to wane. R10 did manage to catch a glimpse of her lower half though, swaying back and forth, still suspended by the hooks in her heels. It was still running on its own smaller power module and utilizing the small amount of processing power in her vaginal module. Fluids were dripping from the synthetic sex and dripping upward, towards the severed portion of her hips. Her legs moved, clenching together and wiggling weirdly.

R10 could see into the bowl-like hip assembly from where she was. The small amount of metal components inside of her lower half glinted off of the light streaming through the domed window at the front of the bridge which was now filled with oranges and reds of fire from re-entry into the planet's atmosphere. The majority of that chrome-like metal was from her spine, a module that had shockingly survived the impact from the beam. It had simply ripped the artificial spine from R10’s upper torso and left it attached to her hips. There were scraps and pieces of R10’s synthetic skin clinging to the device, now wedged into the space between many of the shiny metal vertebrae. Her hips looked as though they were still sending data and feedback up the spinal column, as white hot showers of sparks sprayed out of the frayed and damaged wiring at the core. Flashes of lights and pops were easy to hear as R10 watched as her lower half finally ran out of power from the continued sexual movements, the short circuits and the simple fact that there was only so much power in the small battery pack in her lower half.

The next component to give out was the rivets that held the motorized cable lift that R10’s upper torso was attached to. First one side, which caused R10’s still active upper half to swing once again wildly around the room. The station's lights began to flicker, and soon they were off more than they were on. Finally the second motor gave out and R10 fell to the floor of the bridge with a dull thump. She attempted to lift her head upward to asses the damage to herself and to the station. The movement was completed with a jerking, stuttering motion. The beam that had severed her body was embedded in the flooring in front of her, the electronics and thick cables that kept the station running could be seen through the floor below. R10 pushed with one arm to try and flip herself over, as she lay face down on the floor, she needed to assess the damage to the upper portions of the bridge.

Anyone walking in on R10 would have seen a glorious display of her inner workings. When her robotic spine was torn out of her body it pulled open the skin and many of the panels that had been installed to help shield her inner framework and circuitry. Though now it was flayed open and there was an odd mixture of the darkness within her torso and the circus of angry red status LED’s that screamed to be noticed inside of her body. The keening whine of servo motors and the buzz of short circuiting electronics prevailed in the air as R10 pushed with one arm to try and roll herself over.

To her credit, she did manage to flop herself onto her back. She even had a precious few moments to observe and record the condition of her station - a full 13 seconds of uninterrupted video recordings of the status of the upper half of the station deck. Her processor core however, had been working over time, taking in as much data from all points of entry as it could and now it was time to pay the toll for working so hard. R10’s eyes clicked in her plastic skull and looked down towards where her legs had been. What drew her eyes was the curling black wisps that entered the lower portion of her peripheral vision. She looked down in time to see her chest begin to cave in, her flesh melting inward in white and pink strands. Much of it dribbling through the protective plating and onto her circuitry.

The substance that made up her artificial skin, on its own, was not conductive. That was by design - no one wanted to manufacture an android whose skin could carry an electrical current. However, the heat from her processor core had grown so hot that the flesh over her chest-mounted motherboard melted, taking the gel packs that made up her breasts along with it. The cheap gel splattered across her internal circuitry, easily dripping between the plates and directly onto the wiring and circuit boards inside of her. Electricity arced through the mess of combining chemicals. If R10 still had a spine, she would have arched her back and spasmed, but her spine was no longer there, and instead her entire body simply whirred and whined and sprayed sparking electrical heat out of it.

R10 let head head fall back to the hard flooring one more time, taking in the last sight of her lower half, swinging lazily from the ceiling, bathed in the undulating light from outside. Her eyes clicked straight forward, looking up at the ceiling above, as one of the beams overhead broke free and fell towards her. She made no movement to hinder its impact. The beam landed directly onto R10's face. Her facial panel, crafted to make her look like a beautiful young woman, crumpled into itself in an instant. Her sparkling blue eyes shattered into hundreds of thousands of small shards immediately and peppered the inside of her head. The steel support crashed onward and utterly destroyed everything in its path. R10’s head was simply gone, though it made her torso buck once from the impact, it flopped right back to the hard surface below and lay still. The array of wires, cables, tubes, and motors on display for any and all to see. All tucked nicely into a slender feminine neck, coated with soft flesh. R10, was offline permanently now.

In the launch bay, the crewman there had fallen asleep and then fallen out of his chair. He was dead soon thereafter. But before he died he saw two of the androids there take halted steps off of their charging pads. Even as the station began to rumble violently, they seemed unfazed by it. They looked at each other and began to dash towards the door. As they sprinted across the room, the shielding on the floor below them began to fail as the station began to re-enter the atmosphere of the world below. The iris style hatches in the flow below exploded inward as the pressure build up below them became too much for their structural integrity. The burst caused the scythe-shaped panels of the iris to fracture into hundreds of sharp metallic projectiles which scattered around the room.

Several of those flaming hot shards pierced the thigh, knee, and calves of one of the gynoids sprinting for the door. The girl’s heads up display immediately cascaded with critical damage warnings, alerts of non-functional systems and prominently, an incoming impact alert. She fell forward, arms and hands flying in front of her to help brace herself, but she hit the ground regardless. Her arms could only absorb so much of the impact and her face ended up slamming into the floor. There wasn’t a lot of damage to her actual face, save for a small patch of skin on her forehead which had torn a bit and was now dangling from the places where it still held on. Below the skin an off white plastic plate could be seen.

There was a snap and where her leg used to be, frayed electronics and wires spewed white hot sparks. The girl brushed her long hair, pink and purple, out of her face and looked down towards her leg. Just below the knee her entire leg was gone. She spotted it a few feet away on the deck of the launch bay where it lay limp and lifeless. Seeing this triggered something inside of her, something that she knew from her log files was only a recent addition to her programming. It had been included by R10 personally in a package that was pushed out to all robotic crew members upwards of a week ago.

She couldn’t help herself, in a very real and literal sense. The programming that had been passed to her was something like a virus, it infected her silently and when the conditions were right it sprang up. She bit her lower lip and looked up at the other android who had stopped running to look back at her fallen sister. By the time the other android had turned the first was already pulling her own swimsuit-like uniform aside and plunging her fingers deep inside of herself. Her eyes locked on her damaged leg. She was lifting it up and clearly trying to move it which only made the damaged servos there whirr and buss loudly.

M36, the android in the launch bay still on her feet looked away and sprinted for the door, even as she heard the first soft moans from the other android on the floor, feverishly pleasuring herself. M36 tapped the open door button, but the power to the station had clearly been diverted somewhere else, because nothing happened. She immediately stepped into the middle of the door and pulled down on the panel just above it. Inside was a manual plunger that would unlock the door and allow someone to, with some effort, manually open it. Normally two full grown men would be required to wedge something in between the two sliding halves of the door and pry it open enough to slip their fingers in and then brute force would open the door. With no power to the opening there was no risk of it slamming closed, it just cranked open.

M36, who herself had the same bubblegum pink hair that faded into a midnight purple looked like she was no more than a perky twenty something girl, with scrawny arms and a slender frame. She was, after all, built to be used only for sex, and the military programming and augmentations to her internal systems were purely an aftermarket addition. She picked up a large shard from the shattered iris and jammed it into the center of the door and shoved hard. It was more than enough to slide the door an inch or two, certainly enough to allow M36 to slip in her delicate fingers and start to pull both halves of the door aside.

She had managed to manually force the door open about a foot and a half, just enough room for her to slip her slender frame though it. She began to wiggle her way into the opening in the door, and soon was emerging into the hallway beyond the door. She poked her head out into the hallway first, then began slipping the rest of her torso through the half foot thick doors. It was about this time that a power surge rippled through the station in an effort to get some system back online. This caused all the doors on the station to return to their default position, clamping shut.

M36 had only just barely heard the warning siren of the door reset when the door that she was wiggling through clamped shut with enough force to completely crush her plastic and metal ribcage in on itself. The complex configuration of electronics and circuitry inside of her was crushed as well as the door sealed itself. A diagonal cut stretched from M36’s left hip up to just below her right arm caused the petite android girl to fall from the door down to the waiting floor below. What was left of her torso swung down from the door and her head landed fully on the ground, followed by her body rolling over her. The motion was more than enough to put too much strain on her neck and with a sickening crunch, her head snapped free of her neck. A moment later the half of her torso that made it into the hallway with her crumpled to the ground as well.

The door had not only cut M36 in half, but it also had the unfortunate luck to sever a good portion of her power cell. Now destabilized, the small reactor inside of her burst, sending M36’s head flying down the hall only to be stopped as it slammed into the wall at the end, shattering both eyes coverings and tearing more than a few pieces of the soft flesh from her face. Her torso, meanwhile, scattered all over the hall into a dozen different indistinguishable pieces.

Inside the launch bay the lower half of her body had not moved, it was simply crushed into the door, staying right where it was. The android girl who was still actively masturbating on the floor of the bay looked up at M36’s lower half and let out a cry of delight and pleasure. The sound didn't carry for long, as the shielding on the safety door below the iris gave way and opened the bay to the last remnant of the vacuum of space. The little android was quickly swept out into the atmosphere and even as her bright hair swirled around her the flames from the station caught her uniform on fire. The blaze was so intensely hot that the uniform was simply gone the moment she left the station and much of the girls synthetic flesh was turned to ash as well. Almost immediately the one beautiful sex android was nothing more that a metal and plastic skeletal frame with burning electronics. Not that she stayed in one piece too much longer - the heat vaporized the plastic components, then the wiring and circuitry and soon she was nothing more than tumbling, flaming, sparking debris.

The station entered the lower reaches of the planets atmosphere. To many ground observers it looked like a large meteor blazing through the sky. The wreckage of the station splashed down into the murky ocean on the surface and sunk. The water around it boiling as the station, its inhabitants, and the machinery on board descended into the waters below.

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Re: Dustball Chronicles - An alternate ending

Post by liliwinnt6 » Wed Nov 20, 2019 7:04 am

i like that malfunctioning part!
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Re: Dustball Chronicles - An alternate ending

Post by TW » Mon Nov 25, 2019 9:06 am

So great to see how awesome this came out! Rio's malfunction and destruction were expertly written, and I'm glad to know there's more to this story coming down the pipeline!

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