A long time in the waiting spin off - Julie

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A long time in the waiting spin off - Julie

Post by Robo-Admirer » Sun Nov 17, 2019 3:52 am

Hi all! I decided to take a break from the main story and write up a little squeal. This involves the same character "Julie" from the original story and is set at a later date.

Hope you enjoy this!

Spin off 1 – Julie

Julie faced the ceiling of her spacious apartment, scanning the room with several sensors before activating her human emulation. As the programs parsed through her visual HUD, a small alert made itself known in the bottom right. Julie’s simulated intelligence sprang into action and identified the alert as a notification for a new software update.

She smoothly sat upright with her arms by her side; the white sheets sliding off her bare chest and pooling by her lap. She stared straight into the mirror as she opened her mouth slightly.

“FOCUS OS 13.0.1 Patch installing. Please wait” the words left her un-moving lips in a flat tone through her light Scandinavian accent. A few seconds passed before a small cat came through the opened bedroom door. The fluffy white furred cat jumped onto the bed.

The cat looked at its owner, frozen in an upright position and meowed curiously.

“Patch installation complete. Restarting. Please do not interfere in any way” Julie blankly said as she stared ahead, looking very much like frozen doll.

The cat slowly approached Julie and moved to her side before looking closely at her small left hand. He moved beside it and looked up at his owner.
“Restart complete. Activating personality Julie 1.9.1” Her posture immediately relaxed as a smile crept across her cute face. She looked to her left as her visual sensors littered through her body analysed the scene. Her processors quickly determined that the animal to her left was her cat.

“Aw Joey, come here baby” she picked up the feline and brought it face to face. The cat licked her nose as she brought it close. “Come on, let’s get you some food”

She let Joey down before leaving the bed. Her boastful chest softly bounced with every step as she walked down the stairs in the nude. “Man, who ever invented carpeted stairs is a goddess” she chirped to Joey as she entered the kitchen first. Bending over at the waist, she retrieved the catnip and placed exactly 300 pieces into Joey’s bowl. She kept her legs slightly separated apart giving anyone a good view of her privates, just as she was programmed to.

“Now you eat up! I’m going to be home late tonight so you better ration it!” she giggled. She left the cat at the kitchen before heading to the downstairs bathroom. The small spark, which leapt from her right fingers to the doorknob, went unnoticed by the machine. It wasn’t the first time she’d experience the elements before. Once she entered the small bathroom, she faced the vanity and opened the mirror doors, retrieving her toothbrush and toothpaste.

Once she brushed her carbon made teeth, she dried both items and returned them to their original place. She then made her way back upstairs and entered her bedroom, leaving the door open.

“What to wear, what to wear?” she pondered with her hands on her wide hips as she looked through her wardrobe. She retrieved a white office shirt with jeans, a summer skirt and a red dress and placed all three on the bed.

All her human emulation efforts were wasted as there was no one to watch her graceful movements. She took the summer skirt off the coat hanger with precision and placed it against her body as she looked at her own reflection in the wardrobe mirror.

“Hey babe, you’re looking sexy today” she seductively whispered. A few seconds later she placed it back on the bed and retrieved the red dress with a waist buckle. “Hey babe, you’re looking sexy today. Even more so than before!” she repeated in an identical tone. She finally retrieved the office shirt and jeans and held both up against her body. “I look too sexy in everything!” she giggled.

Her processors in the meantime had determined that an adequate threshold had been achieved. They had no clue as to what was happening, all they did was collect external data and interpolate meaning from them.

She stared into the mirror, face frozen for a few seconds before changing on a dime. Her stare turned into a seductive grin as her breasts expanded by a couple of cups. “Hey babe. Look at you, you can’t be that sexy and be a real woman!” she softly moaned as she pinched her right nipple.

She blushed at the reflection before moaning softly. “Well, if you must know I am not a human. I am better than a human! Just look at these breasts!” she clutched both firmly as she held them up against her chest. “How can any woman have such perfect boobs? I am flawless!” she laughed as she let them go, causing them to wildly jiggle before leaning in towards the mirror, causing the large mammaries to sway.
“You know, I can…..” her voice trailed off into nothingness as she stood frozen. “Error in tactile sensor 2WF, “Right nipple sensor number 4051”. Running program 74. Please do not interrupt this test.”

She stood straight up at an unnatural speed before running her hands all over her body in a seemingly random pattern. As she reached her flat, well-toned midriff, Joey entered the room and froze at the sight of Julie. He knew his owner was odd, but he couldn’t make sense of it.

He slowly moved up towards Julie and brushed his fur against her feet. “Program 74 has been interrupted. Starting again. Please do not interrupt this test.” She spoke, her lips as animated as her expression.

Joey jumped at her abrupt tone. He hissed at her for a few seconds before slowly moving back towards her feet, this time placing his right paw on her left foot.

“Program 74 has been interrupted. Starting again. Please do not interrupt this test.” She repeated, causing Joey to flex his clipped claws into her synth skin, leaving a small, dull scratch on the surface.

“Program 74 has been interrupted. Starting again. Please do not interrupt this test.”

Joey’s paw hadn’t moved at all. “ERROR, Reverting A.I to earliest safe point. Earliest safe point not found. Restarting Program 74.”

Joey still had his paw on her foot, causing the machine to freeze. “ERROR, ERROR, ERROR. Restartttt….. Restar….. Prog. Error. Erroooooorrr……”

Julie’s voice once again faded into nothingness as the robot froze. Her vibrant blue eyes dulled into a black abyss as she stood there, frozen.

Joey on the other hand removed his paw, meowed a few times before moving back to the kitchen.

Julie stood there, frozen, her breasts and ass on display for any neighbor to witness should they look at the right direction through her windows. Her processes were stalled, something which had never happened before.

She stood that way for hours, right up until 6pm, when her head twitched slightly to the left. “Personality Julie 1.9.1 has recovered successfully. Detailed log has been stored and is awaiting review by an authorized technician. Warning, this unit will be limited in operation and may not fulfill its human emulation programming.”

She took one labored step forward before stopping again. A moment later she took another, smoother step. She looked around her room before coming across her own reflection once again and stopping.

She stared at her own face for a few seconds before smiling. “Hey babe, you’re looking sexy today. Oh, and look at the time, I don’t want to keep my date waiting!”

With a skip in her step, she turned around and retrieved her red dress. Smoothing it out on the bed, she placed it over her head and bare body. She went to do the buckle to find it already connected. “Oh neat, a magnetic buckle!” she said to no one before turning to look at her reflection in the mirror. She immediately frowned.

“Now that’s all wrong!” she whined as the thin fabric struggled to contain her enlarged breasts. In a few seconds, her breasts shrunk back down to their regular D cup, only for her left breast to continue to shrink even further.

Julie looked on at her body, unaware of any issues until the resizing process was complete. Once her left breast settled to a B cup, she reacted. “Ohh no! Now this won’t do!”

In a few seconds, her left breast re-expanded to its normal size. She looked at the mirror and grinned seductively. “He will struggle to contain himself… himself…. Self…. Self... ERROR, Target date data corrupted, attempting to rectify. Rectifying, rectifying, rectification complete. “She will struggle to contain herself!” she giggled as she retrieved her 4-inch red heels and her handbag and stepped out of the bedroom. Her breasts bounce uncontrollably as she made her way to the exit.

“Henry, you behave yourself baby!” she called out to her cat before closing the door behind her.

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Re: A long time in the waiting spin off - Julie

Post by Bane » Sun Nov 17, 2019 6:52 am

Very nice! Hoping for more :P

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Re: A long time in the waiting spin off - Julie

Post by Sanjuro » Sun Nov 17, 2019 10:02 am

This is excellent! Keep it going please :lovestruck:

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Re: A long time in the waiting spin off - Julie

Post by Robo-Admirer » Sun Nov 17, 2019 5:23 pm

Thank you guys! Part 2 is on the way soon!

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Re: A long time in the waiting spin off - Julie

Post by Robo-Admirer » Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:25 pm

Julie swiftly navigated the stairs with her heels in her left hand. Her bare feet pitter-pattered against the concrete as her breasts swayed and bounced uncontrollably. She climbed down the 30 flights of stairs in a matter of minutes before reaching the ground floor, and hastily made her way across the lobby, passing many people who turned and stared at the sight which passed them.

Julie’s processors anticipated this and did their best to put on a seductive display, which she would relish. Her creators did give her the ability to enjoy some things, after all.

“Hey guys!” she chirped as she passed several businessmen whose positions formed a lopsided circle. The only person she knew, one Brian, waved back.

“Ah, hey Julie!” Brian tried to get her attention to no avail. “Oh well.” He sighed.

“Cheer up man, she’s a freak from what I hear” another, cleanly shaven man reassured. “Did you see her just now? Bare foot and all! And those breasts were out of control!” he laughed.

“I know, it’s just that you’d think there would be some progress after two months is all.”

As Julie left the building, her auditory sensors left the men’s range. She made a small reminder in her personality profiles that one Brian D may have a sexual attraction towards her. Just as his file was updated, a familiar woman approached Julie.

Julie’s processors immediately identified the woman as Margret Rodnik.

“Excuse me ma’am, but umm, maybe you’d like to go and change into something more…appropriate?” Her Australian accent came across as cautious, and Julie picked up on this. She looked down at her figure as her social programming analysed the scene. They determined that since her breasts were not on display, she was adequately dressed for public display. She then looked back up at the woman as her processors determined her next move.

The Australian waved her hand at Julie’s smiling, frozen face. “Excuse me ma’am, are you OK?” her concern and words were enough to alarm Julie. In a matter of microseconds, the machine’s weight shifted onto one leg as her hand was pressed against her hip, accentuating its width to that of her waist.

“Are you referring to my dress miss? Because I am about to go on a date, and I need to look my best!” those words sounded oddly familiar to her. Maybe from a conversation she overheard, or maybe from the television. Whatever the context, she was quick to put it out of her mind and press on.
“It’s misses Rodnik, and it’s that and your bare feet!” she pointed out. Julie looked down at her feet as her social programming determined that being bare footed wasn’t appropriate for public display. She quickly blushed.

“Oh yes! How foolish of me!” displaying inhumanly perfect balance, she brought her left foot up and placed the heel onto it. She then displayed the same elegance with her right foot and heel. “There, all better! Was there anything else?”

Misses Rodnik was impressed with her display but reminded herself of apartment duties. “Your… well… your lack of bra is concerning too. Your breasts are just going everywhere! And you can faintly see your nipples too!” she pitched loudly at the end. Julie once again struggled to understand her meaning.

Had the now shorter Australian woman not been so infatuated with Julie’s proportions, she would have noticed the seemingly minute long stare Julie had given her. Her earlier events were starting to take their toll on the beautiful machine.

The thought of seeing those breasts uncovered was getting the better of her.

“Misses Rodnik? Rodnik?” Julie placed her small left hand of her shoulder, breaking her free from her trance. “I can assure you; I do not require a bra. And thank you for alarming me of my nipples!”

Just as she said this, her breasts seemingly tightened and appeared to defy gravity. Her nipples also enlarged to cartoonish sizes. She could not believe what had just happened.

“Um, ma’am, are you… are those… Ummm, please excuse me!” she quickly moved past her, struggling to understand what was going on.

Julie, as pleased with herself as a robot can be, continued to the bar. Her processors were reminded to ignore the null feedback received from her right nipple as the cool air contacted it. It came down to predictive programming for responses from here on out.

She briskly made her way to the bus stop. She had a date to catch.

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Re: A long time in the waiting spin off - Julie

Post by Robo-Admirer » Wed Nov 20, 2019 12:53 am

The bus trip over to “Reggies Bar” was a peaceful one. Julie stepped onto the empty bus, happily paid her fair and sat near the front end. On the next stop, a tall, beautiful red-haired woman stepped on the bus and sat next to Julie.

As the bus started moving again, the woman looked over at Julie, leaning in near Julie’s right ear and whispered, “Excuse me ma’am, may I just say, you look sexy tonight!”

Her American accent matched her alternate look, with the ginger woman being covered in tattoos and piercings. Julie looked at the woman with a blank expression as her software determined everything about her.

Behind her silicon coverings, the machines processors collected the following. “Red haired female, appearance matching that of Gothic display. Approximate proportions 30 DD bust, 24-inch waist, 45-inch buttocks. Remark indicates sexual attraction, respect and the time of day. Appropriate response, compliment of equal stature.”

On a dime, her stare melted into a seductive grin. Julie reached over and placed her right hand on the other woman’s right breast, playing with her nipple piercing. She leaned in and whispered, “May I just say, you look sexy tonight as well!” she giggled.

The other woman smiled and stared at Julie, something the robot didn’t register. The bus driver on the other hand was as confused as anyone would have been. He kept on driving, looking back regularly at the frozen women until his inattention to the road caused him to speed over a speed hump, causing the whole bus to bounce.

“Ah shit! Sorry ladies!” he yelled back only to see them now staring straight ahead, their smiles never leaving their static faces.

Once at the 4th stop, Julie gave fair well to the Gothic woman and swiftly stepped off the bus, thanking the driver as she walked towards the bar.

The red-haired woman stood up and approached the bus driver a few seconds later. “Hey sexy, looking for a good time?” she whispered into his left ear.

As the bus left Julie’s auditory sensor range, she entered the bar and scanned the large, dimly lit room. She stood perfectly still, a wide smile on her face as her processors blazed through corrupted memories. “Searching parameters defined. Blonde hair, 6 feet height, Size DD to F cup, 30 inch bust band, 20 to 24 inch waist, 36 to 48 inch butt size. Searching, searching, sear…. Subject found. activating Program 66, seduction. All errors will be ignored in the pursuit of appearing perfectly human”.

She walked straight past a bearded man who waved at her from the bar.

“Um, OK then that just happened” he said, stunned before facing the bar again. “Yo mate, a whisky on the rocks. I just got stood up so leave the bottle!”

Julie’s auditory sensors focused in on the blonde woman, sitting all alone in the corner of the bar. Her short skirt and tight tank made Julie’s searching process a whole lot easier. She was idly fidgeting with her napkin before noticing Julie. She smiled as the mechanical beauty approached her.

“Hey babe! May I buy you a drink?” Julie purred as she leaned in, giving the woman a full view of her ample cleavage.

“Um, yeah! Some vodka please, straight up” she ordered in a thick Canadian accent. Not before long both women were sculling back shot after shot of a full bottle of vodka.

“So, Julie, tell me about yourself, miss mysterious woman!” she laughed as she took another shot. Julie knew that while her eyes met Jess’s, Jess’s eyes were exploring her chest. Julie crossed her long legs as she leaned back into her chair, giving Jess a better view of her under breasts.

“Oh hun, I’m not too interesting. I’m just one horny gal, looking for a really, really good time” she smiled as she took her 7th shot. Her processors detected the alcohol intake and monitored her intake limit. A restriction on her position also was put in place. Under no circumstances was she to orientate her body at such an angle that would cause the alcohol to rush back up the way it went down.

“But come on! I’ve told you my name, my job, my business in town. Come on! Give me something to go on!” she pressured on, her eyes piercing into Julie’s blue, inviting optical cameras. Julie’s sensors detected that in her current state, any more alcohol would cause her to pass out. It also gave her a good reason to take her back to her place.

“Come on Jess. Look babe, let’s go back to my place. I know you want me” she moaned softly as her breasts slightly expanded. Jess stared at them with disbelief before looking back at the bottle.

“OK, I…. I…. I’ve drunk too much. Let’s go” she managed before almost stumbling onto Julie, her 5-inch heel piercing her left foot again, leaving a tiny tear in the synthetic skin.

Julie helped Jess out of the bar, showing no signs of being drunk at all. She moved smoothly, like a trained dancer on a stage through the bar and onto the street where she called down a taxi.

“17 Oats Ave. please!” Julie chirped as they started driving. “Now stay calm and relax babe, we’ll be there soon” she reassured her.

Jess in the meantime had other plans. She reached over and pinched Julie’s engorged right nipple hard and was surprised to see no reaction. Julie’s breasts also felt hard, almost like plastic “Um Jul… Jules hun, you *HICK* you ok?” she managed. Julie looked over at Jess and smiled.

“Yes hun, I am quite operational I assure you” she winked as she lifted the hem of her skirt, revealing a bald, leaking pussy. Jess in the mean looked down as her eyes shot wide open. A few seconds into staring, Julie let out a rather loud moan.

“Ooo baby yes! I love it when you pinch my nipples!” she bit her lower lip as she shivered in the seat.

“HEY! You too, knock it off! Not in this cab, capische?” the driver yelled.

“Yes sir, sorry!” Julie apologised. Jess’s surprise also grew as she watched Julie’s pussy stop leaking almost immediately. Her breasts were now soft and pliable too.

“Holy fuck, I’m drunk” she laughed. Julie just kept smiling.

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Re: A long time in the waiting spin off - Julie

Post by Robo-Admirer » Sun Nov 24, 2019 5:57 am

Both women burst through Julie’s bedroom door as they reached the bed. Jess raced for the bed and spread her long, well-toned legs wide giving Julie a perfect view of her trimmed pussy beneath her short skirt. “Babe! I *HINK* I want yous!” she moaned as Julie stood in front of the bed.

She stood straight up and smiled. “I am designed to be perfect. My skin is perfect, my breasts are perfect too. I can be anything you desire. All you need to do is ask” she moaned as her breasts expanded even more.

“Are those implants?” Jess laughed as she clutched her own large breasts. Julie’s smile turned into concern.

“These girls are as real as they get!” she grinned as she seductively approached Jess. As she crawled on to the bed on all fours, there was a knock on the door.

“GO AWAY!” Jess yelled at the top of her lungs. Julie placed a finger over her mouth.

“It’s ok babe, I’ll handle this” she reassured in a seductive breathy voice, kissing Jess for what seemed like forever before going to the door.
Julie already knew who was at the door thanks to her sensors. Internally, her processors readied themselves for what came next.

“Ahh, good evening Ms Rodnik!” Julie chirped in a sing along voice.

“Um, yes quite. Um ma’am, um.” Misses Rodnik’s eyes immediately went straight to Julie’s bare breasts, she couldn’t get over how exquisite they looked.

“Umm Ju… Julie right? Umm”. Julie’s sensors leaped into action, scanning Misses Rodnik in every way they could. She needed to take command of the situation.

“Female, 5 feet 11, long silver hair, tanned skin, 32 C, 22, 40 measurements, heart rate ERROR unknown, perspiration ERROR unknown, sensors detect elevated heat regions around breasts and navel. Conclusion, sexual attraction. Activating Program 04 Insatiably horny, 06 Sexual talk, 05 Lesbian. ERROR, Program 05 Lesbian deactivated, Activating Program 03 Lesbian Threesome.”

“Julie?” Misses Rodnik’s concern grew as Julie’s stare pasted the 10 second mark. Instantaneously, Julie’s eyes met with the shorter woman as her hands immediately wrapped around the tanned girl and brought her in for a tight hug.

“Oh babe! We have a 3rd member for the party!” she called back at Jess.

“But… This is highly, random and… And…. Ahh fuck it” Misses Rodnik said before shedding her tight white shirt and jeans quickly before lunging at Julie.

Jess entered the living room and was stunned to see the other woman sitting on Julie’s face. “Ahh fuck it *HICK*, the merrier the more!” she laughed.

Jess quickly closed the door as Misses Rodnik sat on Julies face, rocking her large, firm ass back and forth over the mechanical beauty. Jess watched on as Julie seized the other woman’s amazingly shaped breasts, playing with every inch. Jess’s own hands slowly grasped her nipples at the sight, enjoying the steamy view.

“Oh, fuck you are a machine!” she screamed as she violently came all over Julie’s face. Jess was amazed at how fast she came. Misses Rodnik immediately stood up and faced Jess, freezing at the sight of the other woman. “You and Julie together?” she questioned with a laboured breath.
“Ah no, we just met” she grinned as she looked at Julie, withering on the floor as her hands plunged into her own leaking pussy.

“Then come here baby!” she pulled in Jess close for a long kiss. Her hands rubbing every smooth inch of her back before she too joined Julie on the floor. “Sit on my face!”

Jess eagerly did so and was amazed at how good her tongue was. A few moments of loud moaning passed before Julie moved closed to Jess and kissed her as she toyed with her nipples.

“Oh, fuck yes! Oh yes keep going baby!” She moaned loudly as Julie sucked on her nipples hard. Jess was in pure bliss.

“OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK YES YES!” she screamed climaxed; her juices covered Misses Rodnik. Julie quickly bent over and joined her as they shared what left Jess’s pussy.

Jess on the other hand lay on the floor, enjoying the post orgasmic bliss. A few moments went by before she stood up and found both women, eating out each other’s pussy. She was amazed at how sexy they both were, and at their stamina. “Hey, ladies! Wanna role play?” she blurted out.

Julie immediately stopped and stood up, leaving Misses Rodnik on the floor. “Ahh not fair bitch!” She then turned to Jess and frowned. “What the hell?”

“Silence, both of you!” She blurted, still masturbating as she watched Julie’s counterpart join her. Sit down and let me suck your boobs!” she ordered to Julie who happily obliged.

She crawled over to the machine and planted her lips against her right mammary before she started to suck. “Mmmm you are amazing!” she moaned between kisses. She quickly realised that Misses Rodnik had joined her, sucking along on Julie’s left breast.

Suddenly, Jess felt a squirt hit against her throat. “Fuck are you lactating?” she looked up at Julie’s grinning face.

“I thought you may enjoy it” she giggled as she squeezed her breast, causing more milk to squirt all over Jess’s face.

“Oh fuck yes!” she moaned as she sucked on. Misses Rodnik didn’t acknowledge it, she kept on sucking and moaning as her own hands plunged into her dripping pussy.

A few minutes later, Jess moved back and grabbed Julie’s breast, squeezing it hard. “OH fuck!” she moaned as her eyes rolled back into her metallic skull. Little did anyone know, her milk squirted all over her long legs, and dripped into her pierced skin on her foot.

“Ohh fuck! ERROR, ERROR IGNORED. FUCK YES BABE!” Julie moaned as she twitched hard.

Jess immediately backed off. “Ahh are you ok??” she seemed genuinely concerned.

Julie grinned on as Misses Rodnik continued to suck on her left breast. “Ahh Julie?” she waved her hand at her staring face. Suddenly, she flinched hard and faced Jess.

“Oh dear, I am quite alright! Come suck on my boobs some more!” she clutched her breast hard and squeezed it, spraying Jess with more milk.
“Umm, I think something might be wrong here” Jess sounded concerned, but Julie wouldn’t have any of it.

She pushed Missed Rodnik off her breast and crawled towards Jess. “I am perfect babe. Let me show you!” she held both of Jess’s thighs and pulled her in, her face meeting her pussy as she started eating her out.

“Oh fuck!” Julie moaned as Missis Rodnik joined in, eating out Julie.

This continued till the early hours of the morning, Misses Rodnik pleasuring Julie pleasuring Jess, right up until Jess passed out from exhaustion.
Jess woke up on the couch, tired, sore and hungover. She struggled to her feet as she grabbed a glass of water before putting her clothes on again and leaving the two women by themselves without a word. She felt weird about all this and was eager to move on. Misses Rodnik was the next to get up from the carpet.

“God damn, my wife’s gonna kill me if she ever finds out about this!” she sighed as she quickly put on her panties and jeans. “Yes yes, a maintenance issue down in the basement all night. That should work.” She placed on a bra and entered the bedroom before stopping. “Yea babe, you still have it!” she grinned as she admired her sexy display. Her grin suddenly turned into a frown. “Now that’s all wrong!” she winced as her breasts barely fit Julie’s bra.

She stared ahead as her breasts expanded to fit perfectly in the bra before reacting. “Ahh, now that’s better!” she chirped. She retrieved her button up shirt and stepped out of the apartment.

Julie was the last one to get up. Staring up at the ceiling, her eyes shot open as did her mouth. “ERROR, breast fluid levels near depletion. A total of 12 ERRORS were logged in the last 8 hours, please review and correct.” Her stare turned into a contempt smile as she rose to her feet and looked around the apartment.

“Another successful day! Another successful day! Another successful day!” She twitched her head hard to the right before recovering. “Another successssss…. ERROR. Maintenance request sent, shutting down to prevent further errors.”
She stood there, perfectly still as her cat slowly approached her, meowing in curiosity.
The end.

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Re: A long time in the waiting spin off - Julie

Post by Rexxy » Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:49 pm

This was really good! Especially loved the first part

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