Emily and Mrs. Smith

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Emily and Mrs. Smith

Post by sparty » Sun Sep 24, 2023 8:55 am

Emily's stepmother, Mrs. Meghan Smith, was a woman of habit. She was tall and slender, with long, flowing brown hair and sparkling green eyes with a fair complexion and a warm smile. She had a set routine for every day, and she didn't like to deviate from it. This included her TV-watching habits. Every evening, after dinner, she would sit down on the couch and watch a movie or her favorite TV show.

One evening, Emily and her stepmother were sitting on the couch, watching a movie. Emily was munching on popcorn and enjoying the show. Mrs. Smith was sitting next to her, her eyes glued to the screen.

Suddenly, Mrs. Smith stood up and started pacing around the living room.

"Where is it?" she muttered. "Where is it?"

Emily looked at her mother in confusion. "What's wrong, Mom?" she asked.

"I can't find my remote control," Mrs. Smith said. "I've looked everywhere."

Emily started to help her mother search, but the remote control was nowhere to be found. They looked under the couch, behind the cushions, and even in the kitchen, but it was nowhere to be found.

Mrs. Smith was getting more and more agitated. She started to pace around the living room again, her hands clenched into fists.

"I can't believe it's gone," she said. "I can't live without my remote control. I need it right NOW!”

Emily put her arm around her mother's shoulder. "Don't worry, Mom," she said. "We'll find it."

But as the minutes ticked by and they looked around the house, Emily started to lose hope.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Emily had an idea. "Maybe it's in your bedroom,” she said.

Mrs. Smith's eyes widened. "What are you talking about?" she asked.

"I mean, maybe you put it in your night stand by mistake," Emily said.

Mrs. Smith shook her head. "I'm sure I didn't," she said. "But I guess it's worth checking."

Emily went to her bedroom and opened her mother’s private drawer. She rummaged through the contents for a moment and her eyes widened. Her mother had a significant amount of, well, let’s say toys in her drawer. Emily took one particularly large toy out and asked, “ How can mom use this? It’s bigger than her arm!” She shook her head and let her mother’s private life remain private. She dug deeper and then let out a sigh of relief.

"Found it!" she said.

Emily came back to the living room and pointed the remote at the tv to push the power button on the remote when Mrs. Smith suddenly exclaimed, “No, Emily don’t!”, as Emily pushed the power button.

Or so she thought.

Emily stared at the TV while nothing happened. Then she looked at her mother who was now glaring at her.

“What?”, Emily asked.

“Well, you see Emily,” Mrs. Smith said, “that’s not the TV remote.” And she lifted her top to show her 36DD breasts that were bound by a white, lacy bra with a front clasp. But what was really surprising was the panel that was now exposed above Mrs. Smith’s chest that had green lettering scrolling on it.

“Mom?”, asked Emily in shock.

“Well I guess I have to explain this” said Mrs. Smith, “But please don’t be upset, Emily, I am in fact very real”

“You’re a robot?” said Emily.

“I am now, I was activated after your mother died to help care for you and raise you to be the woman you are today. And then when your father died, well, I just decided to continue to raise you.” said Mrs. Smith who had removed her top and unhooked her front clasp, displaying her firm breasts and large nipples. “Sorry, I just need to take care of this.” she said as she undid her skirt revealing nothing underneath.

“But are you like just code?” said Emily.

“No, I’m actually the mind state of my original template. She had terminal, early on-set Parkinson’s and decided to upload early. So I’m very human and could you please hand me my remote. I need to de-activate something.” said Mrs. Smith reaching for the remote.

“What do you need to de-activate?” said Emily, stepping back quickly.

“Well the button you pushed was my sexbot button and if I don’t turn it off in the next few seconds, we’re going to have to have sex.”

“What?!” said Emily, who was beginning to get turned on. She had always liked women and men but found the sight of her stepmother’s breasts and true nature very tempting.

“Well, I can explain if you give me the - OH ENTERING SEXBOT MODE hello there Emily” Mrs. Smith purred as she walked up and kissed Emily on the lips. “I’m glad you activated sexbot mode. I can show you how to use me or we can get right to it. Please inform me now”. Mrs. Smith took a small step back and stood at attention.

“Well…I was horny” said Emily to herself. If her newly discovered sexbot of a mother, was just a sexbot then why not take advantage of her?

“Ok,Meghan. Tell me how to use you.” said Emily.

“Entering tutorial mode” said Mrs. Smith. “You can use my nipples to maneuver the menu or instruct me using voice control. Please note that I have 40% battery life left.”

Emily reached up to grasp her mother’s breasts. “Wow these are nice and heavy. I guess they’re fake but you can barely tell.” She took both nipples in her fingers and started to use them like small joysticks. On her mother’s panel, different menu options started to appear. Emily scrolled through her mother’s menu and was surprised to learn that she could make different changes to her mother.

“Oh wow, you are very adjustable,” Emily said. “But I think I want to get right to business”

“Okay Emily.” said Mrs. Smith, “let’s get down to business.”

The thin android began kissing Emily who quickly returned the affection. Mrs. Smith began to take off Emily’s clothes and pushed Emily to the couch. Emily and her sexbot stepmother spent the next ten minutes kissing each other’s breasts and mouths. “Eat me out, Meghan”

Mrs. Smith moved her mouth down Emily’s body to Emily’s crotch. Mrs. Smith activated her lesbian mode and extended her tongue into Emily’s folds. Emily took her mother’s head and held it close to her vagina as her mother lapped and tongued her clitoris.

“Oh my god. You’re amazing. Keep eating my pussy” Emily said.

“Yes, Emily.” said Mrs. Smith through her throat speaker. “I am your perfect sexbot.” Mrs. Smith turned on her tongue vibration mode which created micro-vibrations. Mrs. Smith’s pussy began to leak fluid, and she activated her pheromone program to create a more sensual environment for her target. Mrs. Smith wouldn’t come until her target came and told her to come as well.

Emily was caught in pleasure waves as her sexbot mother completely took over her body. “Oh my god, I think I’m going to come” said Emily. “You’re going to make me come, mom!” Emily began to shudder as her body took over and her orgasm flooded her body. “oh my god” Emily whimpered as the orgasm subsided.

Mrs. Smith licked up Emily’s crotch and moved back up her body. “How did you like that?” Mrs. Smith asked. Emily looked at her naked stepmother and said “It was amazing. I want to do that again sometime but I don’t want to do this in sexbot mode everytime” Her stepmother looked at her and said “official casual sexual partner 324 registered. Voice command permissions granted. Leaving sexbot mode. Returning to human emulation mode.” Mrs. Smith’s head drooped down and then came right back up

“What the fuck!?” Emily’s stepmother said. “Why am I naked?” Mrs. Smith looked down at her leaking crotch and open chest panel. “Wait .Oh no. Oh no, Emily we didn’t.”

Emily smiled at her sexbot stepmother. “Oh yes. And you loved it.” Emily said. “No, my sexbot programming loved it. You should have given me my remote back,” said Mrs. Smith.

“Well you should have told me you were a robot and could give great head. Do you know how hard it is to get off around here?” Emily said.

“I can only tell registered users, Emily!” pouted Mrs. Smith, “Can I get cleaned up?”

“Yes. Let’s tidy up. Also, your panel seems to still be open. Can you close that?” said Emily.

“Oh, yes.” said Mrs. Smith who closed the chest panel. “I hope you won’t tell anyone” she said quietly.

“Oh, I’m going to keep this our secret,” said Emily. "I'm glad I found this remote."


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Re: Emily and Mrs. Smith

Post by Motto-motto » Sun Sep 24, 2023 7:45 pm

I hope see more!!!
maybe you can make emily a slepper bot....

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Re: Emily and Mrs. Smith

Post by sparty » Sun Nov 19, 2023 5:41 pm

Sunday afternoon, Emily and her stepmother, Mrs. Smith, were curled up on the living room couch, sipping hot cocoa and watching the latest episode of their favorite reality show. The commercials were on, and Mrs. Smith turned to Emily, a knowing twinkle in her eye.

"So, Emily," she said, her voice soft but insistent, "any developments on the boyfriend front?"

Emily rolled her eyes, a groan escaping her lips. “Meghan,” she sighed, "I'm fine without a boyfriend. I'm happy being single and a catch.”

Mrs. Smith wasn't convinced. "But Emily," she persisted, "you're a beautiful, intelligent young woman. You deserve to have someone special in your life."

Emily sighed again, running a hand through her long hair. "I know," she admitted, "but I just haven't met anyone I really connect with."

Mrs. Smith smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry, dear," she said, "the right one will come along when you least expect it."

Emily forced a smile, but deep down, she felt a pang of insecurity. All her friends seemed to have boyfriends, while she was still flying solo. She couldn't help but wonder if there was something wrong with her.

The show came back on, and Emily tried to focus on the screen, but her mind kept wandering back to her conversation with her stepmother. She couldn't shake the feeling that Meghan was disappointed in her.

Emily decided that she wasn’t going to take it anymore for the rest of the day. She reached over to the table and took the remote.

“Emily, what are you doing?” her stepmother asked in surprise.

“Well, if you’re going to be on me to get a boyfriend then I’m going to at least get something out of what I know about you,” said Emily, with a smirk on her face as she pressed a button on the remote. “Meghan, take off my pants and pleasure me until I give you further direction.”

Mrs. Smith sighed as her sexbot programming was activated. A few weeks ago, Emily had found out about her remote and secret as a sexbot and was taking advantage where possible. Mrs. Smith had noticed that Emily had figured out how to adjust her body and her breasts had expanded a bit while her butt had shrunk a bit. Emily wasn’t really much of an ass girl, Mrs. Smith supposed. She got up from the couch and got on her knees to undo Emily’s jeans. As she unzipped Emily’s pants, Mrs. Smith began to emit pheromones from her body, knowing that it would help Emily come quicker, Mrs. Smith got Emily’s pants off and noticed that Emily wasn’t wearing any panties. “Naughty girl”, Mrs. Smith murmured.

“Give me your best and don’t use that tongue vibrator you have - I want to see how you’d act if you were back in human mode” Emily said, as she began to get hot and felt her body wanting her stepmother’s tongue along her clit as soon as possible.

“Yes, Emily” said Mrs. Smith as she began to eat out Emily. She activated a number of lesbian cunnilingus applications and loaded them into her motor queue to pleasure her stepdaughter. After her former husband, Emily’s father, had died she had tried to raise Emily to the best of her ability without exposing her secret as a sexbot. Mrs.Smith’s advanced bionics and constantly upgraded software and components meant that she had been able to grow with her stepdaughter but at the end of the day, she was still just binary code running a mind state of a human woman that had seeded her development into the woman that she was now. That woman’s identity had been shielded and she had no memory of being human but the mind state allowed her to pass more closely as human and have both emotion and the ability to choose.

However, the remote and programming within her code did restrict her own free will. Not that she minded, she had been built to fuck and fuck well. She wondered if Emily knew that one of the dildos in Mrs. Smith’s drawer had a special connection that would attach to Mrs. Smith’s pubic panel. Inside her mind state, she wondered if Emily had issues with men. Emily had always been reluctant to tell her what had happened with Tim, Emily’s last boyfriend. Mrs. Smith did want to help Emily grow as a person. Plus, getting Emily out of the house would allow Mrs. Smith to go back to her favorite hobby, picking up people to test new sexual positions and trick with that she could submit to other bots across the world. With Emily back in the house, Mrs. Smith had been more reluctant to do anything inside the house and would often pick up subjects at the mall or out on the town. Most people wouldn’t complain about a tall, mature, beautiful woman offering to give them a few minutes of pleasure. Though one time she had come close to experiencing a severe error when one of her partners got a little too rough and had nearly broken Mrs.Smith’s skull during some aggressive doggy style in a shower.

As Mrs. Smith thought about all this she continued to pump pheromones into the air and was busy licking, flicking, sucking, and tonguing Emily’s pussy. Mrs. Smith had noticed that Emily had been squirming, bucking and gasping for some time as Mrs. Smith had been working her hard. “Oh god, how are you this good. Tim didn’t even come close to this” Emily panted. “Oh godddd” Emily moaned as she began to come. Mrs. Smith grabbed Emily’s hips and shoved her face even deeper into the girl’s pussy as she began to lick up all of Emily’s fluids. “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” Emily panted, “do you need to come? I’m sorry I forgot about you. How are your systems” Emily exclaimed. Mrs.Smith felt her AI run a quick status check “Emily I have about 75% battery life left and have reached a horniness level of 80%. I would like to come if possible through organic means” “Oh, okay. Uhhhh take off your pants and I’ll get you off I guess,” Emily said.

Mrs. Smith stood up and quickly took off her pants as Emily got up from the couch and positioned herself underneath the tall sexbot and began to lick out her stepmother. “I guess we could have sixty-nined,” Emily thought as she tried to get her stepmother off. Emily remember reading that sexbots in particular had higher thresholds than humans and that she was going to have to work quickly to get her stepmother off. “Meghan, I’m sorry” Emily said as she pulled away from her stepmother. “Huh?” said Mrs. Smith, “I’m so close” she moaned. “I know,” said Emily as she smiled at her horny sexbot stepmother and said “but this will be fun!“ With that Emily shoved her hand up into Mrs. Smith’s pussy and began to pull it back and forth aggressively.

“What the hell ar-ar-ar-ar-are you doing, Emily?!” Mrs. Smith moaned as her pleasure circuits began to overload. “Trying something new!” said Emily as she moved her head back closer to her stepmother’s pussy which was getting absolutely pounded by her fist. Emily could feel and see her hand within her stepmother and felt the synthetic vagina expand to accept the limb. Emily pushed her face into her stepmother’s pssuy and began to ferociously lick her robotic clit. “Oh god, no one has done this before.” moaned Mrs. Smith, “I’m going to come!” “Come! Come! Come right now!” yelled Emily as she felt Mrs. Smith’s entire body begin to shake and seize up as her orgasm programs began to execute. Mrs. Smith felt her body overload slightly and she began to shut down unnecessary programs as she executed her orgasm programs. She felt the young woman below her slowly remove her fist from her vagina and both women stumbled to the couch.

“My god, that was awesome” exclaimed Emily.

“You nearly broke me!” exclaimed Mrs. Smith.

“Oh I read up on your model. You can handle just a little bit bigger.” said Emily. “Now I’m going to the shower to clean up. Why don't you clean up in here and get started on dinner?"

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