An Unexpected Offer - Chapters 24, 25, 26 & 27

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An Unexpected Offer - Chapters 24, 25, 26 & 27

Post by botfriend2000 » Sun Nov 20, 2022 8:55 pm

For those of you who have waited patiently here are the next 4 chapters in this story. I appreciate your comments this far. Hopefully these chapters will continue to keep you interested and intrigued. Let me know your thoughts and perhaps where you think or how you think the story might wrap up.

Enjoy 😉

Chapter 24 -

Meng Li informed us that they would be leaving all the data cables attached to Celeste during her boot-up in order to watch for anything significant or abnormal. I noticed that Mandi had wheeled over a small cart with a couple of one-liter bags full of clear liquid on top. They sort of looked like hospital saline, but I wasn’t sure of their purpose at the moment.

Meng Li walked up beside Celeste’s new body, reaching behind her right ear, and, as if by muscle memory depressed her activation button. Stepping back, she patiently folded her arms.

Celeste’s eyes opened slowly, followed by her head pivoting fully to the right, then to the left, and back forward. Her whole head seemed to be doing some sort of full-motion calibration as she then began to roll and loll her head in a circular motion.

“You didn’t do that either time when I restarted your systems,” I whispered to Adalynn, as she held my hand firmly with our fingers interlaced. “Those were different circumstances and not an initial activation startup. Celeste went through the same calibration when I first powered her up.” Adalynn explained.

Celeste's whole body seemed to tense up for a moment and then relax. She flexed her wrists, fingers and then balled her fists tightly before relaxing them once again. There was a series of chime-like beeps right before she spoke. “Hello, I am Synth-Replica AI Technologies unit: 003SXSC, serial number: 00387SSXF098, Siren series female companion android. Registry identification: 001B Verified via wireless connection and confirmed. Designation: Celeste. This unit is registered. Michael Humphreys and Adalynn Ardent are listed as primary registered owners.” She paused for about eight seconds. “Thank you for your patience as I load my stored settings and personality profile matrix.” She said in a flat monotone.

The silence was almost deafening as all eyes focused on Celeste. Glancing between Mandi and Meng Li, whose expressions were passive, then over to Adalynn who just had a soft smile, as if this were just a normal, everyday kind of occurrence.

I looked down at the monitor in front of Mandi. Lines and lines of information and code blurred as all of Celeste’s systems came back online.

“Hey!” Celeste said excitedly, finally breaking the silence.
Whipping my head back up to look at her, everyone else seemed to relax at her announcement.
“Why can’t I move?” She asked.

“It’s a precautionary measure, Celeste. With your service ports open and you still being connected via transfer cables for boot-up diagnostics, we’ve temporarily disabled your motor function capabilities.” Mandi informed us all.

Adalynn gave my hand a few quick-like pumps and then a solid squeeze. I turned to look at her, questioning why. Her smile broadened as she leaned in close. “Celeste opened our link. It’s her Michael.” She whispered.
“And to think you had your doubts,” I replied quietly.

Over the next several minutes both Mandi and Meng Li asked Celeste several questions. The two of them compared information, and status readouts and they appeared both confident and enthusiastic about the transfer results. Meng Li began to disconnect the cables from inside Celeste while Mandi moved over to the cart containing the bags of clear liquids.

“What are those?” I asked aloud, not to anyone in particular. Meng Li looked to Mandi who nodded and then turned to me. “These are fluids for Celeste’s oral saliva and sexual systems. Every Synth-Replica android uses them. You’ve probably noticed that when kissing either Adalynn or Celeste that there is a mild fruity scent or taste?” Mandi stated.

I nodded, “Yes.” Well, their sexual lubricant systems operate similarly to their oral systems and are also flavorful. The lubricant fluid has a higher viscosity than the oral but still has a pleasing taste.” Mandi continued to explain.

“Ahh. Yes, that explains enough.” I said, probably blushing just a little. Understanding that the sexual system fluid is also the androids flavored cum.

Mandi turned back to Celeste and handed her one of the sacks, having placed a straw in it, and asked her to begin ingesting the fluid. “You learn something new about us every day,” Adalynn said, letting go of my hand and wrapping her arm around my waist. “That I do. How often do you ingest that stuff?” I asked, curious.
“One bag of oral is usually sufficient for up to a week. The sexual system lubricant will vary depending on how many times we regularly have sex. The more we fuck, the more lubricant is required. Drinking up to two quarts of water helps both fluids last longer. As a side note, Celeste and I will usually purge and cleanse our vaginal and oral openings within a few hours of you expelling your semen inside of us for hygiene reasons.” Adalynn explained.

Once Celeste had finished re-dressing and both Meng Li and Mandi Porter had told us they were done with her, Celeste gave Adalynn a huge hug. Clearing my throat after their ten-second embrace I felt that it was my turn. Adalynn parted first and looked at me pursing her lips. “Yes, Mike?” She asked teasingly. Shaking my head and rolling my eyes I replied, “Nevermind, have your moment.” And I began to turn away.
“Mike, a word with you please,” Mandi asked, as she sat in her chair at the computer.

Stepping over toward Mandi and leaving Adalynn and Celeste in their embrace. “Yeah, what’s up?” I asked. Mandi looked away briefly and then back up to me, taking a deep breath. “I’d like to ask a favor of you, and I know that you and I haven’t exactly seen eye to eye and I am sorry about that. But may I ask you for one thing? A big favor actually.” She said, looking timidly at me.

Mandi was correct, we hadn’t seen eye to eye, and our first two interactions were mostly hostile, but we did have an understanding and with her explanation earlier I’d come to understand her a little better. “Ok. What do you want?” I asked curiously.
Her eyes darted between me and the girls behind me. “Would it be too much to ask for an hour with Celeste, alone, in a bedroom? I’d like to make some comparisons.” Mandi asked. Her eyes finally locked with mine. I could see her resolve steadying with hopefulness.

Taking a deep breath I answered, having already formulated the reasons behind why she was asking me for this favor, “I’m fine with it if Celeste is. She’s the one you should be asking though.” I told her. Mandi’s expression was one of confusion. “What? But you're her owner.”

Taking a step closer.“ I am her owner, but I don’t control her. I’d like to think Celeste and Adalynn have a say in what activities they participate in. I’m not an overlord or master of all the machines in my house, Mandi. I’d like to believe that they have sentience over themselves. Ask Celeste yourself and maybe you’ll be surprised by how she replies.” I told her bluntly.

Just then Celeste walked up behind us. “Sorry, I heard my name mentioned several times. Is there something else you need from me, Ms. Porter?” Celeste asked, placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Serena, would you…” Mandi quickly caught her mistake and cleared her throat with a fake cough. “Celeste. Please forgive me. Celeste, would you.., could you and I have some time alone in one of the upstairs bedrooms before I leave?” She asked, blushing deeply.

Celeste stepped around me and leaned in close to Mandi’s right ear. Her answer was too quiet for me to hear, but it was evident that Mandi was overjoyed by her answer.

Standing up Celeste turned and looked at me and licking her lips. “You’re going to have to wait your turn for the new me I’m afraid.” She said with a wink and continued to walk past me back over to Adalynn.

“Thank you, Mike. That was delightfully surprising and insightful,” Mandi said, musing, turning in her chair back to face the computer and monitor. Shaking my head and deciding it was either time for a nap or a few shots of whiskey, I looked over at Adalynn who was in a hushed conversation with Meng Li now. Meng Li kept peering my way as she tried to keep her focus on Adalynn.

“Ok you two, seems everyone’s got an agenda or a request of some sort. I’m going to head back upstairs now before I get dealt a losing hand and have no say in anything.” I told them. Celeste, who was only a few steps in front of me, spun on her heels, stepped back, and wrapped me in an embrace. “Please don’t be a party pooper, Mike. There are things this body can do that my previous one couldn’t and, I oh so want to show you. I overheard your conversation with Mandi before walking over to you both. You continue to amaze me and Adalynn both with your respect for us as individuals and not objects. After Mandi had made her comparisons and we have played out her little sexual fantasy, it’ll be your turn with me alone. You and I. After all, you said you’d help recalibrate my systems.” Celeste whispered privately into my ear as she pressed her body close to mine.

Instantly my cock sprang to life and my heart started pounding a little faster. “Easy girl, don’t get me too excited, too early, and I promise to be patient and nice to everyone,” I replied.

“Thank you, Mike,” Celeste whispered, then grabbed my hand and towed me back over towards Adalynn and Meng Li.

“Meng Li, please tell Mike what you just told me,” Adalynn said in a rush of excitement. Meng Li smiled as she turned to face me. “Mike, I was telling Adalynn two things. She’s like a little girl who gets so excited about toys, jewelry and shiny things.” She nodded at me, pausing.

“First, we can build a new body for Adalynn if you wish. A Siren series body just like Celeste’s so both of them would be top of the line for you. Better than her current line of housewife and lover. I could help with a discount if you needed it, like a coupon.” Meng Li patted my hand. Reminding me of something my grandmother might do or say. “Second, if you don’t want to upgrade Adalynn yet, I would put in a request for a backup android body for Celeste. So you can be prepared like you are with Adalynn in the event of an accident or critical failure.” She explained.

I liked the idea of upgrading Adalynn. But I wanted to respect her wishes as well. Especially after what I’d just said to Mandi and what Celeste had mentioned from listening in on that conversation. So I turned to Adalynn. “What would you like to do babe?”

“Both!” Adalynn said without hesitation. “We’ve got enough funds, you and I together in our joint account, and in case you didn’t catch it when we went over it in the paperwork, any products manufactured by Synth-Replica as a result of you being a product tester are reduced to fifty percent of the cost, not retail. Mike! I want to do this and I think you should really consider it.” She said with excitement. Celeste stood behind me on my left, patiently listening to our conversation.

“Wow! I knew there was a reason I handed you the papers after I sped through them. You don’t miss anything. Thank you, Adalynn!” I said, brushing her right shoulder and holding on to her. “We’ll Mike?” Meng Li asked. I happily nodded, “Yes, we’d like to upgrade Adalynn to a Siren series body, and obtain a backup body for Celeste as well. Thank you for your offer to assist financially but we can handle the cost.” I confirmed with her.

Both Adalynn and Celeste erupted in joyous applause and then ambushed me with a group hug. Meng Li watched and laughed at the same time. “Thank you, Mike!” They both said simultaneously as they planted kisses on my cheeks. Suddenly I was the superstar once again.

Chapter 25 -

Promptly at six pm the technicians and Meng Li left for the day and indicated that they would be back again tomorrow at ten a.m. Mandi Porter patiently waited at the top of the stairs as we saw them out.
Celeste turned to me, “I offered to have Mandi stay the night with me in one of the spare bedrooms. She asked for only an hour and I said that wasn’t long enough for either of us.” Celeste winked at me. “We’ll try to be discreet and not too loud.”

Cocking my head and presenting Celeste a surprised look. “I appreciate your awareness of the noise volume that sex can have,” I said chuckling. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your design and how you came to be. I think this could be an amazing learning experience for you both.” I told Celeste. “Absolutely, I have a long list that I may or may not get through depending on our other extracurricular activities,” Celeste replied.
“You and Adalynn both fixed me a meal a short while ago but I don’t think Mandi’s eaten dinner yet, what about her?”

“Oh, I’ve gotten some things prepped and some food ready for her in the bedroom,” Celeste stated, placing her hands on her hips. I leaned into Celeste and planted a kiss on her lips. “Go, have some fun and learn a few things. Be as loud as you want. That’s how I’ll know that you’re having a good time.” I told her, saying it loud enough I knew that Mandi could hear.

Glancing over I could see that Mandi was blushing again as she turned away. Celeste brushed my arm and told Adalynn and I thank you again as she walked away. Turning to Adalynn I shrugged my shoulders. “Celeste seems like herself alright.”
Adalynn smiled, “She’s excited for her first time with a human female. Knowing that it will be with Mandi who helped with her original designs and all. Celeste is ecstatic with anticipation. If you hadn’t set her preference to bi-sexual, she’d feel a little lost I think.” She explained.

Wrapping my arm around Adalynn’s waist, I walked us over to the sofa. “Want to dim the lights and turn on the fireplace?”

Without saying a word, Adalynn took control of the house lights via her internal remote and did as I had asked. The lights in the main room dimmed to a low setting. The lights in the entry, kitchen, and dining turned off then I heard the front door lock. Sitting down close together with Adalynn cuddling close against me this time. She brought her legs up underneath her as I wrapped my arm over her shoulder

“What a busy day.” I began. Adalynn nodded, “mmm.” The quiet of the home was peaceful and serene. “Do you realize, in all of the minutes over the last forty-eight hours that we’ve shared, you and I have only cuddled like this maybe twice before in all that time?” I asked.

She turned her head, looking up at me with a look of unbelief. “As in quiet alone time together? Or do you mean us not being rushed?” Adalynn quizzed me.

“I mean us, not being rushed.” I sighed. “This morning in bed talking together, and earlier after we got back from town when I was the one laying against your chest. These quiet moments take on a deeper meaning for me.” I explained.

Adalynn watched me, studying my face as I told her what I was thinking. “All the time we’ve spent together has meaning for me, don’t get me wrong. The hot, passionate, steamy sex, laughing at you and along with you. The ride to town and back. All have been great, but the quiet alone time with you and me where we can talk and get to know one another better means a lot more right now. Does that make sense to you?”

Reaching up and cradling my head in her hand, Adalynn smiled. “I do understand, Mike. I do.” We were both silent for a moment before she spoke again. “So what you're saying is I really need to crank up the sex to make it more meaningful for you.” Adalynn teased, tickling me with her free hand.

She made me laugh and I held her even tighter to me for a few moments. The fireplace fan kicked on and I could feel the movement of air and the slow warming of air around us.

“When you were here alone, after Nicholas’s death. What did you do to occupy your time? What did you do?” I asked, wondering as that subject had crossed my mind more than once since learning of her time alone.

Adalynn shifted her body slightly and looked up at the ceiling as if remembering. “Chat rooms. I participated in lots and lots of online dating chat rooms. At first, I was naive to how the world worked and the inconsistent behavior of humans. Nicholas and I would go out on occasion, either to a restaurant, to the park, or for a drive, but I had very little interaction with humans for the first several months of my existence. You know people can be ruthless and deceitful, saying what they think you want to hear, but the inflection of their voices say otherwise. I only made one mistake in all that time of searching for a new owner.” She explained.

Now I was curious. “What mistake was that?” Again, Adalynn shifted, stretching out her legs the length of the sofa and laying back across my legs, her head resting on the arm of the sofa, her back against my lap. She turned her head to look up at me. “Am I ok like this, laying here on top of you? She asked with sincerity.

“Absolutely my dear. As I said, I love these moments together where we can learn from each other.” I said with a nod and smiled back at her.
I watched the rise and fall of her chest as she seemed to expel a deep sigh. “I’d agreed to an actual in-person date once, late last fall, down in Veteran’s Park, by the memorial across from the children's playground. This man whom I’d come to know and befriend in one of the many chat rooms seemed genuine and over time I felt I could trust him with the information he shared, what he did for a living, along with the few personal stories he had related during our chat sessions. I would say we clicked, and I discerned no deception from him. I would laugh at his jokes, he would say sweet little things about my voice when I felt comfortable talking on the phone with him and I believed that I had found someone to replace Nicholas. But I was wrong.” Adalynn said, sounding sorrowful.

“Now that look right there, if you were human, a real woman, this is where you would tell me “to never mind” and that’s where this conversation would end. You are marvelous, how everything works within you simultaneously. Motors, servos, synthetic muscles, your circuitry, programming, everything! Because of all that together. That right there, your expression just now, is one of the reasons why I see you as I do, like a real flesh and blood woman. I hope that I can always live up to your expectations and what you need and deserve from me, as your friend and companion.” I confessed to her.

Adalynn batted her eyes. “That means so much to me, Mike. I look forward to being able to demonstrate real tears to you in the future. Just as Celeste can now.” She admitted.

“What?!” I gasped. Adalynn nodded with excitement. “One of the many new features her upgraded body can mimic.” I rubbed my chin, amazed at the prospects. “And soon you too,” I whispered.
Her smile broadened. “I know, right.”
“Wow!” I paused, “ok, we digress for a moment. What happened at the park with this guy. Don’t leave me hanging.” I told her.

Looking back up at the ceiling, “It was fall and the rain had stopped earlier in the day. I’d told him what I’d be wearing so it would be easier to spot and recognize me. He had told me likewise stating what he would be wearing. Well, at the appointed time and location for our date he was a no show. Or so he led me to believe.” Adalynn pausing for effect I’m sure.

“After fifteen minutes had passed and I was alone on the bench and some of the families had started to disperse from the nearby playground due to the lateness of the hour, this man wearing a trench coat and ball cap covering his eyes came along and sat down next to me. He told me that I was beautiful and that his friend, my supposed date, had sent him. The alcohol content on his breath alerted my systems to be wary as I knew his judgment was most likely impaired. Mike, that man tried to get me to follow him to his car and back to his house. I wouldn’t go and he attempted to forcibly remove me from the bench grabbing my arm. He immediately became both vocal and physical, using profanity, and grabbing at my throat. I was about to use a self-preservation defense mechanism when an on-foot police officer who had witnessed our altercation ran up and pulled him off of me.” Adalynn recalled in detail to me.

“My God, I am so sorry. Oh, Adalynn.” I whispered, leaning over and planting a kiss on the top of her head. She was silent for a few moments. Either she was choosing the right words, or this was a part of her sophisticated emulation programming.

“I pressed charges against him and he’s now in jail. Probably for a long time.” Adalynn added, filling in the answer to my next question.
“Damn, you’re right, as humans, we can be pretty brutal to one another,” I said.

Adalynn half turned her body to look at me, again reaching up with one hand to touch my cheek. “But you are not that type of human Michael. You are sweet and honest and I know that you have a temper and I can see how I must change aspects of my personality to help you better be able to manage it. Yes, there is still so much I don’t know about you. Your history, etcetera. Every minute we spend together not only confirms my choice to ask you, but strengthens our blossoming relationship and my bond to you. I owe you so much. Celeste and I would have been studied, recycled, and wiped clean by Synth-Replica to be sold to whoever, wherever. Without your choice to accept my offer you’d still be you, but me, everything that makes me who I am might be all for naught. As you mentioned previously, every choice has ripple effects. Some good, some bad. I see your choice as a good one with absolute positive ripples for us both. Far better than where either of us would be today had you decided to walk away the other night and never look back.”

There was no disputing Adalynn’s logic. My choice did have some pretty amazing benefits now. Life-altering benefits that would be with me till I died.

While I played with her hair as she just lay there, sometimes Adalynn would look at me and smile, other times she would look at the ceiling. Both of us enjoying the quiet solitude, me reflecting on her words, her pondering on a previous conversation. “Earlier today, I said that I’d let you touch and explore me more fully. The inside of me, where you could see my metal skeletal frame, wiring, servo motors and such. All the inner workings that I am composed of. What makes me, me.” Adalynn randomly said.

“Yeah?” I questioned. Wondering where this might lead.

“Can I ask how that makes you feel? What are your thoughts about seeing me that way? My true nature and makeup?” Adalynn asked, turning her head to look at me.

“Maybe we should go to the bedroom and find out how I feel. You can ask me once you’ve shown me.” I replied.
Adalynn bit down on her lower lip, teasing me, then took a deep breath and held it. Pushing her breasts up and out. “That would require me getting undressed, you know.” She laughed.

“Then I’ll join you,” I told her, leaning down and giving her a tender kiss.

Chapter 26 -

As Adalynn and I entered the bedroom we could hear a muffled conversation between Celeste and Mandi Porter. Nothing clear, just that they were talking with excitement.
I closed the door to our bedroom securely behind me as Adalynn began to undress, tossing her clothes onto the chair in the corner by the bed.

Mesmerized by how smoothly she moved from removing one article of clothing to the next and by just how sexy her body was from her backside. I stood up against the door and stared at her. Bending over and pulling down her panties she finally turned around to see me. “Mike? What aren’t you doing?” She asked.

“I’m staring at you. Watching you undress. Looking at all your sexy curves, I’m unable to take my eyes off of you.” I explained in a hushed voice. Adalynn slowly sauntered over to where I stood. “You’re saying that I've stunned you into silence and immobilized you?” She asked, batting her eyes at me teasingly.

Taking a hard swallow and nodding as she traced a finger from my lips down to my belt buckle. Her eyes never broke contact with mine. “Now listen here and pay attention mister. Either you strip down of your own accord, or I will withhold any, and all sexual activities from you for an entire month.” Adalynn teased in a sultry voice.

“Yes ma’am. Understood.” I said, reaching for my buckle. Adalynn assisted with unbuckling it and then stepped back towards the nightstand closest to her. As I finished undressing I gathered my clothes up, setting them near my duffle bag. Turning around, Adalynn had moved over midway between the bed and the doorway to the bathroom and was patiently waiting for me. She held out a folded piece of paper.

“What’s this?” I asked, pointing to the paper in her hand. Adalynn’s smile brightened as she explained what it was. “I found my verbal command phrase codes and printed them out for you. Yesterday morning while I was configuring Celeste I was directed to a file containing them and I knew you would want them for future reference.” She explained.

Taking the paper from her hand and opening it so I could read it. The phrases only filled the paper about three-quarters full. There were simple phrases for Adalynn’s immediate shutdown, passive command mode, rebooting after a software patch, an obedience command, along with a few others. The obedience one was probably the one issued by Nicholas for the maintenance room. There were a few others with one in particular that had been highlighted. ‘Full access panel and full maintenance service mode’. Looking up at Adalynn I pointed to the highlighted line. “It’s this one isn’t it?”

Adalynn nodded, “Yes, that’s the one I want you to use for this demonstration. It’s seldom used and I must be in a standing position for it to work. I will shut down fully and you’ll need to press my power button behind my ear to restart me afterwards. Mike, please be very careful when touching or exploring my inner workings as many of my systems will still be powered on and a direct current shock would be most unpleasant for you. I want you to see me this way and I hope it’s not too much emotionally for you to handle.” She explained.

“Emotionally?” I asked with concern. Reaching out and touching my cheek Adalynn nodded, “You’ve said more than once now that I am real to you. Mike, this command will demonstrate and show to you that I am not a flesh and blood woman, but artificial, plastic and metal with wiring and circuitry..I can and will always be as real as you need me to be, but the truth is I am an android, a machine, a construct. Pure and simple.” She explained somberly.

The lights came up to full brightness in the room as Adalynn took a few steps back. “So go ahead, I’m ready, Mike.”

Looking down at the paper and then back to Adalynn. “How shocking is this going to be for me? You make it sound as if I’m not going to like it.” I asked.
“Mike. Just say the phrase and let’s get this part of the evening over with. We are both naked and I think other physical activities would be a wonderful way to end the day.” Adalynn said with some mild frustration as she pulled her hair back into a ponytail securing it with a black band.

Mouthing the word ‘ok’ to her I looked back down at the phrase and read it aloud.
“Adalynn, command echo tango one one three whiskey bravo open.” Looking back up I watched as Adalynn went rigid and stiff.
Her arms extended out at a full ninety degrees. “Command acknowledged, maintenance mode, full access granted. Powering down in fifteen seconds. Manual restart required upon completion.” She said in a flat monotone voice.

Her face went blank and her mouth opened slightly as a discernible hissing sound could be heard emanating from within her. I watched as her breasts seemed to reduce slightly in size and visible seams began to appear on her arms, legs, down each of her sides, and center of her chest. There was a series of quick rapid beeps followed by what sounded like a muffled car door locking mechanism, but that was the best analogy as to what I was hearing.

The hissing sound stopped and for a moment there was no sound as Adalynn stood there. Her eyes were now a dark blue and her breasts did indeed reduce in size by a full cup. The seams that I had looked so hard to find last evening when I explored hers and Celeste's body were now so prominent. There were a series of soft clicks and that’s when her appearance began to completely change.

I’d seen movies and read a few books where the android was partially disassembled and described with open panels and disconnected limbs, but nothing compared to how Adalynn now appeared, standing before me. The skin on each of her arms surrounding her biceps was now separated in two halves extending out. Exposing artificial muscle, tissue, tendons, and cabling.

Similarly, with her legs, her upper and inner thighs and lower calves had separated and opened, extended outward by three to four inches. Adalynn’s abdomen panel had opened downward while each half of her chest and breasts opened like a side-by-side refrigerator. Her backside had identical split panels. The most disturbing was her facial panel. Her face had split into four separate sections and each had hinged outward and away revealing a chrome-like skull beneath with glistening white teeth. As I slowly started to tiptoe around her robotic form I felt slightly nauseated and uncomfortable. Adalynn had tried to prepare me for this, but seeing her in this manner, up close, her true nature. Was both surreal and frightening.

With all her panels open, light from the room poured through her as well as illuminated parts from within her reflecting out. From the bathroom, the lamp on the nightstand, and the overhead lighting, the different lighting created eerie shadows within her body and frame. As I came to stand directly behind her, I carefully extended my arm out to touch her metal spine.
It was warm and smooth, with a myriad of several ultra-thin cables attached to every artificial vertebra as I scanned it up and down. My mind could envision how it might all work, but with all the intricacies of what she was, Adalynn was an engineering marvel. In all my years of mechanical HVAC work and as an electrician I had never seen anything remotely similar to what I was looking at right now. All the wiring, flashing LEDs, synthetic muscles, tendons, and cabling made Adalynn what she is. I had never seen or been this up close and personal with such a creation.

Chapter 27 -

I’d lost track of time as I peered into and around Adalynn’s immobile android body. There were times I had to sit and digest what I was looking at, and then resume once more looking again as curiosity piqued my mind. My nausea and hesitation had slowly turned into a sort of sexual arousal as my dick had started to stiffen and thoughts of foundling her while in this state entered my mind. I could see her fluid reservoirs, balancing gyros and many other unknown components as I circled her there in the bedroom.

Suddenly a knock on the bedroom door broke my stupor of thought. Turning I saw Celeste open the door a crack and stick only her head in. “Mike, is everything alright? Adalynns has been offline for over fifteen minutes now. She asked me to check with you if she was off for too long.”

Sitting down on the edge of the bed and shaking my head while looking at her. “No, I lost track of time and…Celeste! I had no idea what was underneath her skin. I’m just dumbfounded and in awe of it all.” I told her.

Celeste looked me over and then back to my eyes. “Listen, sweetie, it looks like you may also be a little turned on by her current appearance based on the size of your dick right now.” She giggled. “Press her button and that will close her up and make her whole again. I’m sure Adalynn will help to comfort you. Maybe you’d like to compare me some time too.” Celeste giggled again and blew me a kiss as she closed the door.

Looking down at my dick between my legs, I was certainly not soft by any means. With a deep sigh, I stood back up, walked over behind Adalynn and pressed the button behind her ear, and waited.

Once Adalynn’s android body had put itself back together and seams were no longer visible I turned and hopped back on the bed to finish watching her restart. Her breasts returned to their normal size and firmness. Her simulated breathing resumed and her eyes brightened as did her smile as she finally turned to look at me. “Twenty minutes Mike??!!” She asked surprised. “Wait!” She added, holding up a finger. “Whew. I’ve run six different system checks and I’ve found nothing wrong. Babe, twenty minutes? What happened?” Adalynn inquired again as she came to sit beside me.

“You tried to warn me about what I’d see. About how you would appear. It was intense, Adalynn.” I told her.

She reached for my hand and began to caress it. “Please tell me what you're thinking, was it awful, horrible, inspiring, what?” She asked, wanting more information.

Instinctively I turned and embraced her in a tight hug, closing my eyes and just needing to feel the softness and warmth of her skin again. I needed to feel her as a whole person once more. “At first it was a little nauseating and unsettling seeing you that way. I touched you a few times, here and there. At first, you were warm to the touch, and then as time passed you became cold and mechanical. The weird part of it is I think I became aroused by the sight of it all. You, your open panels, and everything. Just a machine. It was then that Celeste knocked on the door and brought me out of my stupor. I’d taken too much time to think about everything. It was smart of you to inform her, to let her know what we were doing. Oh, God, Adalynn, I’m not sure I want to see you that way again.” I confessed.

Adalynn wrapped her arms around me, matching my embrace. “I’m sorry that it was so unsettling for you. I know you’ve come to see Celeste and me as equals and just as real as you are, you see us from the outside so to speak, forgetting our true nature. But I felt you needed to fully see what we are. The synthetic, mechanical, circuitry, and wiring. All of it.” She said softly as we held each other.

After another minute or so I relaxed and sat back away, looking at her. She had quickly moved her hand and began to slowly graze her fingers across my cock. I noticed how her nipples had hardened and were now jutting out from her tits. “You minx,” I said, licking my dry lips. “Pheromones?” I asked indirectly. Adalynn cocked her head and her sly grin said it all as she nodded.

“Crawl back on the bed and I’ll take care of you. Tonight, I’ll treat you to another fabulous and wonderful sexual experience like none other. You are mine to please now, Mike Humphrey.” Adalynn stated.

As I positioned myself in the center of the king-sized bed, I also pushed the bedspread and sheet down so any mess we might make would be on the bottom sheet itself. From Adalynn’s statement, I figured that I would be on my back for the duration. Blood began to flow to my groin and my cock was already hardening as she gently wrapped her fingers around its base.

Crawling beside me on all fours, Adalynn leaned close to my cock and placed a single kiss on its tip before turning to look at me. “Let’s see who can make more noise tonight. Us or Celeste and Mandi.” She suggested, then turning her head back to my hardening dick. Adalynn stuck out her tongue and began to slowly lick upwards, starting at the base of my cock. Her eyes darted between me and my dick.

As she entered her second minute of licking, stroking, and kissing my hard dick I relaxed my head back against the pillow and stared up at the ceiling. Adalynn began to moan in delight as she continued to go down on me. “Oh baby, I love the taste of your hard cock in my mouth. Mmmmm it’s so hard.” She quickly said as she popped off, making a rather loud noise.

Releasing a moan myself I reached down to cradle her head as she began to bob up and down along my length. “Oh, fuck. That feeling alone of what you're doing is so intense!”

I ran my fingers through Adalynn’s golden locks as she gently pumped my cock. The sound of her slurping along with the occasional gagging sound made the moment all the more arousing and surreal. Reaching around to the back of her head I found the simple black elastic tie holding her ponytail and slowly pulled it from her hair. Her wild blonde mane unfurled, draping her hair over my mid-section and I couldn’t help but twist my fingers through it. “Mmmmm..mmmmmph!” Adalynn moaned between slurping sounds and the occasional faux gagging.

At the apex of one of her slow bobs, I commented, “Oh fuck yeah! Oh, Adalynn, suck my cock! You’re sucking it so good, it’s making me so hard! That feeling of what you’re doing to me .. Oh shit! Fuck! Right there! Right there! Oh, fuck you’re good! You’re a master blow job giver.” I said as I continued to comb my fingers through her luscious hair.

From the other bedroom across the hallway, Mandi Porter released a muffled scream as she cried out. “Oh God, Celeste, yes! fuck, fuck, fuck, yes!” I brought my head up and looked at Adalynn as she made eye contact with me, continuing to swirl her tongue across my dick.
Her speed instantly increased as did her suction. “FUCK ME!! OH SHIT!” I yelled out uncontrollably as waves of emotion and sexual sensation rocked me as Adalynn stepped up her own sexual ministrations.

Reducing her suction and slowly popping off Adalynn gently began to stroke my cock in a different manner, one that helped to pull me back away from the edge of exploding inside of her mouth. “Not yet, baby. I want your hot cum deep inside my wet synthetic pussy.” She cooed. “Ooohhh, you’re so hard, so fucking hard.”

“Oh, how I want to fuck you right now!” I cried out as I thrust my hips upwards as Adalynn stroked me downward. “Ssshhhhhh. You are to lay here while I take care of you, remember. Don’t worry yourself. I’m ready to have your pole buried inside my waiting pussy.” She softly told me. “But first,” Adalynn added as she once again took all of my cock deep in her mouth. Her lips closed around the head, sliding her mouth down to the base of my shaft as she cupped my ball sack tenderly in her hand. Unexpectedly her tongue began to swirl and twirl about the length of my cock again, sending me right back to where I had been only seconds before.

“OOHHHHH DAMMIT!” I exclaimed, pounding my clenched fists hard against the mattress repeatedly. Adalynn placed her free hand squarely atop my abdomen as she gently squeezed my ball sack, sending a conflicting yet small pain signal to my brain. What immediately resulted was a retreat from my urge to release my orgasm and cum in her mouth. The sensation wasn’t overly painful, more distracting. The loud popping noise that Adalynn made pulling off my cock was sure to heard from outside the door.

Sitting up and tossing her hair to one side, Adalynn gave me a sideways lustful glance. “Please hand me back my hairband, there may come a time soon when you’ll understand why I put it up in a ponytail. Aside from your inspection of me.”

Reaching off to the side and picking up the band between my fingers, I handed it to her without letting go of her hand. “I need a kiss,” I told her.

Adalynn shook my hand off and then crawled up beside me. “And I need your hard human cock inside my wet android vagina.” She said as she lowered herself over my face. I pressed my lips hard against hers. “Mmmmmm.” She moaned. Her tongue pushed through and into my mouth where my tongue waited to dance and swirl around hers. We kissed like that for several seconds before she sat back up and away. Her right hand darted down to the bald snatch between her legs. “Oh, I need you inside me!” Adalynn cried out loudly as she rubbed her mound rather vigorously. Her eyes rolled upwards as she thrust her hips forward as she knelt beside me. Something in my brain clicked just then, recognizing the one action she said that she was unable able to perform by herself. “How the fuck are you masturbating?!”

Adalynn tilted her head and looked down at me with hungry eyes as she moved to pivot on one knee and straddled my lower abdomen. Her hand moved from her groin and reached for my hard cock, pointing it straight up while the other hand began to caress my chest as she raised her hips up, positioning her hips and the entrance to her hole over the tip of my cock. Licking her lips in the process. “I’m so hot for you, Michael. I can play with myself while we are engaged in foreplay, just not by myself when I’m alone. Want me to do it again before I ride you?” Adalynn explained, asking me in a deep husky voice.

“Sweet fucking mercy. Yes! YES!” I yelled.
While holding her posture perfectly Adalynn kept a firm hold on my cock, pinching just under the head slightly with her fingers to keep me hard and moving her left hand from my chest to her clit. Starting slowly she rubbed her mound in a circular motion, her facial expression was of sheer ecstasy. As she sped up her hand and changed up how and where she rubbed she began to moan louder. “Oh yes, baby I’m so wet for you. Please let me fucking ride your cock. Let me fuck you, Mike! Yes, please, please let me fuck you!”

With some effort to restrain myself from any physical movements, I watched as Adalynn masturbated while straddling over me. When her fingers moved to spread her folds apart I elevated my hips and pushed my cock in, entering her soaked pussy with a single rapid movement. Her whole body convulsed as she unleashed an orgasm. “MIKE! OHHHHHH! OOHHHH!! OOOHHHH! FUCK. ME!” She moaned, emphasizing each word.

The hand she had been using to hold my penis head jumped up to her left tit, pulling hard and pinching at her nipple while her other hand continued to vigorously massage her clit as she lowered herself fully into my hardened shaft. Grunting, I made several rapid thrusts upward as she clenched her pussy around my cock, winding down from her orgasm.

“Oh, Wow! You feel so amazing, uuhhh, yeah! So perfect!” I told her as I flexed my cock within her. Adalynn arched her back as she began to ride me cowgirl style, moaning in pleasure with each downward bounce. “Oh yeah! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me good!”

After several minutes of Adalynn polishing my rod with her dripping sex, she leaned over for another hot passionate kissing session, allowing me an opportunity to cool down in order to maintain my erection without exploding prematurely within her. Breaking our kiss she pressed her cheek against mine and whispered, “I do enjoy riding your cock, Mike. The sensation of full penetration within me of your engorged cock has me firing on all cylinders.”

Her words sent chills through me as I pushed my hips up, driving my cock deeper into her folds. Her nipples were rock hard as her breasts pressed against my chest. Adalynn had made me completely forget once more that she was an android, a machine, the experience of seeing her inner workings earlier was lost as all I could think about was how she made me feel. The sexual, raw, euphoric pleasure of our intimacy was the only thing I wanted or needed at this moment.

Adalynn rocked her hips to match my movements as she lay atop me. “Oh, man, oh, man, oh man. WOW! God! What you’re doing feels so incredible. Fuck me Adalynn, fuck me as hard and for as long as you want.” I moaned.

“I am fucking you. .. Oh, baby! That feeling that your hard cock gives me as I ride you. When you flex, uhnnn….ooohhh, yeah, just like that. How I’m able to squeeze and milk you and make you feel.” Adalynn whispered as she tightened her synthetic muscles around my shaft. “Oh, SHIT!” I cried, feeling so wonderful as a result of what she was doing.

We kissed again as Adalynn lay on top of me. I continued to rock my pelvis, pushing ever so slightly in and out of her hole. After another few minutes, Adalynn sat back up and quickly spun around, changing her position to that of the reverse cowgirl.

She asked me to take hold of her ponytail as she resumed fucking my cock. This position was entirely new for me, as I had never had a woman sit on me facing away. It felt similar to fucking her from behind doggie style, with the exception being a fuller, deeper penetration as she bounced her entire body down onto my shaft. Holding her hair and pulling on it added to the moment. The tighter I would pull her hair, the tighter she would clench down around my cock, pushing me closer to the edge of my release and orgasm.

We continued fucking like this for a few more minutes until I couldn’t hold back anymore. “OH SHIT!! I’M GONNA CUM!! GOD! This feels so incredible!! OH FUCK ME!!”I cried.

“No, wait!!” Adalynn yelled as she pulled up and off of me faster than I thought possible. Spinning her body around once again and while lowering her head, her lips and mouth closed back down over my swollen cock. “OH FUCK!!” I exclaimed as I thrust and bucked my hips in motion with Adalynn’s head bobbing, holding back for only a few more seconds before spewing my hot jizz inside her amazing mouth. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK YOU’RE SO DAMN HOT!!!” I cried out, as she expertly milked my cock for everything.
Her tongue continued to swirl over and across my shaft. Looking down at Adalynn as my heart raced and breathing started to slow, I noticed a small dribble of cum escape out of the corner of her mouth as she worked to swallow my cum, then she too slowed her pace. She angled her head slightly towards me, peering up through her blonde lashes and tangled hair.

Slowly sliding up and pulling off with a soft pop, Adalynn licked her lips. “Oh how I’ve wanted to do that with you since we met at the doorstep Friday evening. Wanting to suck you off and have you cum in my mouth. Even before I had completely decided if I would ask you to take possession of me. I formulated a possible plan for us to fuck, Mike. I had a desire for one final exercise of all my sexual systems.” She explained softly as she crawled up beside me, laying her head on my chest.

“Really?” I asked incredulously.

“Really. But this, here and now, was much more personally fulfilling and fun.” Adalynn said as she blew soft kisses against my skin. Her left hand took hold of my still hard dick, gently stroking it. I cocked my head back, chin up towards the ceiling, enjoying the feeling of her hand wrapped around my cock and her soft kisses.

“Oohhh wow! You’re still pretty hard, Mike.”
I slowly arched my back relishing in the sensation of her stroking. “If you keep that up, I’ll be sure to come again.” I moaned, relaxing my posture and reaching up to run my hand up her back. “Promise?” Adalynn teased. Letting out a deep breath, “Get back on and face me, and I’ll cream in your pussy this time.” I told her, teasing right back.

Adalynn raised herself away from me and in another series of fluid motions she mounted me once again and began to rock her hips slowly against mine. “Oh! You are close again, I can feel it, you’re so hard. You’re so good to me, Mike.” She whispered as she leaned in for another soft kiss this time.

In less than three minutes we both achieved our climaxes simultaneously again. As Adalynn rolled off me pressing herself close against me and whispered, “Mike, do you think it’s possible for me, as an android, to know what love is?” Shifting a little I peered down to meet her gaze, pausing as I thought about her question. Not wanting to delay too much, “I believe you have a clear definition of what love is supposed to be. I’d imagine you’ve got a database and numerous examples to pull from describing love.” I stated, pausing, clearing my throat. “Are you trying to say that you love me?” I asked timidly.

Now it was Adalynn’s turn to change position, propping herself up on one elbow and looking me squarely in the eye, tilting her head ever so slightly. “I am … unsure at this time.” She said, caressing my chest with her other hand.

“Adalynn, I think you know what love is. When you saw Nicholas’s video yesterday morning and you spoke his name, I could see it in your eyes, and in your expression. Love and longing were what I saw. Speaking from what I know of computers and programming, ones and zeros as well as from a human perspective. Love is unquantifiable. It’s everything and nothing. So, by you telling me that you’re unsure about me. That’s ok.” I told her.

She relaxed, rolling back over onto her side facing me, taking my hand in hers and interlacing our fingers across my chest as we lay there. I knew that I would never understand how her mind works. If I had to guess she was still using some processing power to calculate and work on her question along with what I had said.

“Promise me you’ll lay here all night beside me. Let’s shower together in the morning before I call into work.” I asked.
Adalynn relaxed some, breaking our hands and reaching up to caress my cheek. “I promise. Thank you, Mike, for everything.” Then she leaned over and kissed me.

We held each other for who knows how long before I finally fell asleep. My final thoughts were of Adalynn, my last waking moments were of her soft smile as her eyes closed. It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening.

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Re: An Unexpected Offer - Chapters 24, 25, 26 & 27

Post by Bears55 » Thu Nov 24, 2022 8:14 am

I love all of these updates., thank you so much for them.

The one question I had was how Adalynn could press charges against the guy in the park. This may be an element in the plot line that I missed earlier, but in the real world, someone else would have to make a complaint and the DA would charge for destruction of property, because she isn’t human.

But that is just nitpicking on my part…

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Re: An Unexpected Offer - Chapters 24, 25, 26 & 27

Post by botfriend2000 » Sun Nov 27, 2022 12:37 pm

…🫢 Yes, that would be a story line issue and I see your point. I hadn’t given much thought to that subject as I was writing that narrative. Seeing as how Nicole, being the attorney that she is, had drawn up paperwork indicating that Adalynn was married to Nicholas she may have procured additional legal documents and or identification that would show her as being human and not an android and thus she could have pressed charges against the man.

This story is purely for entertainment purposes and I do appreciate… how ever nit picky it may seem… comments and questions in regards to it. Good catch and I hope you all continue until the end.

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Re: An Unexpected Offer - Chapters 24, 25, 26 & 27

Post by EliteGuardAnode » Sun Nov 27, 2022 10:24 pm

I'm loving the backtrack Adalynn did. I've felt that this storylacked having the bots be treated as you know, bots. Property, objects.

I get that Mike doesn't want to think of them as such, and that Adalynn and Celeste at least have the beginning of a consciousness. But at the end of the day they are Mike's sex robots, and I feel he should accept that and enjoy the really unique opportunities this relationship brings.

Also i really hope that Mandi and Nicole are also androids secretly.

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