An Unexpected Offer - Chapters 13,14 & 15

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An Unexpected Offer - Chapters 13,14 & 15

Post by botfriend2000 » Tue Sep 27, 2022 9:04 am

A few more chapters for you all to enjoy. A few more plot twists. I hope you’re all enjoying this story as we are nearly half way through it. Kudos to you all. Enjoy

Chapter 13 -

The girls had me wait in the den off the entry foyer while preparing the living room for their show. They moved furniture around and brought in some additional lighting to help set the mood. I knew I was in trouble when at one point I entered the room and offered to assist, but Celeste kindly escorted me back to the den at that point.

I sat patiently waiting in this remarkable oversized leather office chair here in the den. I moved the mouse on the desk, bringing the computer monitor to life. The screen flickered and helped to brighten the darkened room. The home page was simple, with only a few files and folders and the background was of a mountain range I didn’t recognize. As I looked at the tiles and their names, I noticed one in particular: Personality Profiles. I clicked on it.

The file opened up, displaying five additional folders: Adalynn, one through four, and Celeste-Siren one. “Hmmm,” I said aloud. Curious to see what these were, I clicked on the Adalynn two folder. That brought up a page with Adalynn’s picture in the top left, followed by multiple windows with what appeared to be programming code. I was lost, as this was not my area of expertise.
I’d want Adalynn with me herself so we could figure out what these personality files were or were meant to be. Clicking on the X at the top right, I closed out all the open pages. With Adalynn’s help, she would be able to explain the contents. It might also provide more insight into who Nicholas was, which could also be beneficial to understanding Adalynn’s character a little better.

“We’re ready for you to come and take your seat, Mike,” Celeste called out from the hallway.

Pushing back from the desk and standing up, I exited the den and headed out to the main living room with some trepidation. “Oh boy!” I exclaimed, taking in the changes the girls had made to the living room.
They had pushed the sofa back to the stair railing. The recliner and armchair had been moved over by the French doors that led out onto the deck. This allowed for a lot of walking space in the central area. A rather sturdy-looking marble-top coffee table had been positioned midway between the sofa and the now active fireplace, which added a nice ambiance to the room. Two photography-type lights at each end of the room were on and aimed towards each other, brightening the area and highlighting the coffee table.

“What have you two planned here tonight? Should I be concerned about the purpose of this table?” I asked, taking a seat in the center of the sofa.

“Just a little show for you. There are no safety concerns, Mike. The table is plenty sturdy for what we have planned, I promise you.” Adalynn explained from back down the hallway, out of sight.

“What kind of dress show is this? I think you might be missing a pole or two in here if it’s what I think it is.” I teased.

“Mike! ” Adalynn scolded. “You’re giving Celeste ideas.”

I sat back on the sofa and extended my arms out along each side, chuckling at how easy our bantering flowed between us. Taking a deep breath, I readied myself for whatever these two had cooked up. An instrumental pop soundtrack began to play through the sound system, and the main lights dimmed throughout the living room. Laughing inward to myself, I still couldn’t believe all that Adalynn could do and control remotely inside the house.

I next noticed Celeste out of the corner of my eye, walking purposely and slowly as she entered the living room wearing the blue silk robe I’d seen her in earlier, now untied and open, revealing a matching royal blue lace lingerie bra, panty, and garter set. Celeste wore a pair of black four-inch stiletto heels which she effortlessly walked in as she made a wide circle around the coffee table. She stopped and faced me, posing to show off the outfit and her shapely, sexy body.

“Do you like it?” Celeste teased, licking her lips seductively and lowering her head slightly while watching my reaction.

Bringing my hands to my knees, I leaned forward to look closely at her face. The lighting highlighted everything about her. “Yes.” I croaked out. “Very much.”

She smiled, winked at me, then stepped up onto the coffee table in one smooth motion. She spun slowly around, removed her robe, dropping it on the ground and stood tall with her hands on her hips. My eyes were glued to her perfect form and what little clothing she wore as it clung to her body.

“Do you like my frontside..” Celeste paused, then bent forward at the waist facing me. Her head pivoted to look at me as her tits hung inside the lace bra, her cleavage on full display. She had pulled her luscious dark hair up in a bun. I swallowed hard as she held that pose for a few seconds.

“Or maybe my backside?” She teased me, slowly yet delicately pivoting around in her heels while standing on the table. Her ass was now facing me. The thong panty wedged tightly between her crack and the thin strip of exposed lace, barely hiding her snatch.

“Oh, God!” I moaned, blood quickly coursing to my hardening cock. “Both,” I answered her. “I like all your sides.”

Celeste twerked her ass cheeks a few times before standing up and turning once more to face me. She tilted her head to the right before stepping down off the table. “I thought so.” She said, blowing me a kiss, picking up her robe, and sexily sauntering back towards the hall.

My mind was racing and highly aroused with no time even to think as Adalynn walked out of the hallway wearing what appeared to be a tennis outfit. She wore a pair of white tennis shoes with soft yellow laces. Her short pleated skirt had a yellow line trim at the bottom and did little to hide the curves of her ass. Adalynn’s midriff was fully exposed, and her top had a front zipper at the center between her breasts and seemed three sizes too small as her tits bulged behind the tightly stretched fabric. Her sandy blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, with a sun visor capping off her outfit.

She walked up to me, placing a kiss on my forehead. “Hi,” Adalynn said as she, too, began a slow circle around the table in front of me. Stopping periodically to pose and strut, except this time, unlike Celeste, who stepped up onto the table, Adalynn sat down on the table in front of me, spreading her legs wide apart so I could clearly see her white lace panties under her skirt.

“Mmmmm, it’s so hot in here.” Adalynn moaned, fanning herself with one hand while reaching up to the zipper of her top with the other, and very slowly began to pull it downward. She batted her lashes at me.

My eyes had to have been bulging by now. Not only had Celeste gotten me fully stiff with her display, what she wore, and her teasing, but now Adalynn was upping it another notch as well.

“Ooopps.” Adalynn cooed softly as her top sprung open, exposing her ample bosom supported by an underwire lace bra. Her nipples attempted to poke through the thin flowery material.

“Uhm.. how many more?” I managed to whisper.

“How many more..what?” Adalynn asked with a sly teasing grin, shaking her breasts back and forth, enticing me further.

“Outfit changes? How many more outfits are there between you two?” I asked, staring at her chest, unable to tear my eyes away.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe a couple, maybe … seven.” She teased, standing up, turning halfway around, and bending at the waist to show me her tantalizing ass again.

I lost my control, jumped off the sofa, reached out, and spanked her cheek with my right hand, holding it there in place for half a second.

“Ouch! Oh, baby. No touching the goods just yet.” Adalynn said with a pout on her face. She stood, turning to face me as she began to walk away. “Good things come to those who wait, Mike. Now sit back down.” She told me, pointing a finger towards the sofa as she walked away.

I quickly dropped my jeans and underwear, freeing and exposing my stiff penis, and sat back down, placing my arms back along the back of the sofa. Taking a glance towards the hallway, Celeste hadn’t made her second entrance yet, which gave me a second to kick my clothes off to the side. If the two of them wanted me to get aroused, it was working. Now, I would also tease them back.

When Celeste finally did make her entrance into the living room, this time, she was dressed as a country cowgirl. Complete with two-tone boots, low rise, slim-fit denim jeans that she had to have poured herself into, they fit her all too shapely and perfectly. A brown belt with a matching rodeo-style belt buckle. Celeste wore a white twin peaks restaurant t-shirt that hugged her in all the right spots and showed a hefty amount of cleavage, and beneath that, I could see a black lace bra.

Similar to that of Adalynn, her midriff was bare, showing off plenty of her belly. Her hair was down below her shoulders, and she held a cowboy hat in one hand.

Giving me another wink, she paused before stepping in front of me. Her mouth gaped open, and her free hand went to cover it. “What the fuck, Mike?! She yelled, staring directly at my groin and stiff, vertical cock.

I smiled back at her, laughing. “Oh, please, continue. I had to make myself more comfortable. You girls have my blood pumping so fast and hard, I had to do something about it.” I said, motioning my hand and fingers as if they were walking, indicating she should continue.

Celeste tossed me her hat. “You cover up right now. It’s unbecoming of a gentleman to expose himself in such a way in front of a woman,” She said in the most believable southern drawl. There was no hint of her previous French accent.

I placed her hat over my erect pole, nodding my head while smiling. “Wow, I love your accent. South Carolina, perhaps?” I continued to tease.

“Close, you're too far north. Atlanta, Georgia baby. Maybe we can roll play sometime because I kinda like it too.” Celeste bantered right back.

She sauntered around the table twice this time, occasionally winking at me and running her hands up and down her body. She stopped just in front of me again and turned around so I could see her backside.
“Mike, could you make sure my zipper is all the way up?” She asked in her sultry southern tone.

I hadn’t noticed it before now, but her jeans did have a zipper on the backside. From the belt loop down to the middle of her crotch.

“Why yes, little lady, you’re all zipped up,” I answered her.

Celeste spun around and bent over, facing me, providing me another luscious view of her tits and cleavage. She reached out and cradled my face in her hands. “Thank you. You’re such a cutie. Keep the hat for now ya hear.” She whispered. Then she hurried off to the hallway once again.

Shaking my head in disbelief, I tossed my head back, looking up at the ceiling. Where did they come up with the idea for this insane display of T & A, I wondered? Adalynn cleared her throat as she returned to the room again, bringing me back to the moment.

“It’s unlikely that you’re tired with your elevated heart rate,” Adalynn said in a sultry voice, rounding the corner of the sofa and looking down at me.

When I opened my eyes and gazed upon Adalynn, I thought my heart skipped a beat, and my cock sprung to full attention once again. She wore a two-piece bra and panty lingerie set with matching stockings. Dark blue and pink lace, her thong panty barely hiding her snatch. She wore a pair of dark blue high heels as well that matched the thin sheer stockings.

Slowly and seductively, she walked in front of me and around the coffee table, posing and touching herself, teasing me.
From behind the table, she raised her right leg out and then her heeled foot slowly onto it, looking at me as she licked her lips. Then effortlessly, she stood up onto the table, placed her hands on her hips, and delicately turned around to give me a 360 view of her absolutely perfect body. Once she faced me again, she paused. “Ready for this?” Adalynn asked.

Swallowing hard and watching her intently, “Oh, I’m more than ready.” I told her.

Adalynn smiled and winked at me. She raised her right knee high and slowly extended her foot out as she adjusted her posture to balance herself. Then she rotated her right hip and grabbed her ankle to complete a standing split.

My eyes danced between her elevated foot and her crotch. What little fabric there was on the lingerie panty stretched tightly, and I could see the contours of her folds beneath them. Adalynn smiled back down at me and winked once more as she held her balance with no shakiness whatsoever.

“How are you doing that?” I asked in amazement. Reaching down, I grabbed the cowboy hat covering my erect penis and tossed it aside, allowing Adalynn to see how excited I was. “Do you know how hard it is for me right now? Not to just jump you and fuck you right now?” I asked adamantly.

Adalynn nodded as she brought her foot and leg back down to the table, then stepped down off and towards me. “I believe I do, but you can’t have Celeste or me just yet. Trust me. Answering your other questions about how I can do what I just did, as androids Celeste and I are far more limber than a human female. But it helps to have several internal balancing gyroscopes, hardware, and the software to accomplish this.” She whispered to me. Turning slightly, she bent forward, and then slowly and sexily, she removed her thong lace panty, dropping it over my erect cock. She gave me one last ear-to-ear smile, stood up, and strutted away. I watched her ass cheeks sway with each step she took. My cock was throbbing with a need to exercise and be exercised.

They’ve each displayed two outfits, two seductive and sexy outfits each, while I’ve sat here panting, groaning, and longing for them. I wondered if I would ever tire of the amount of sex or become complacent eventually with how seductive these two android women could be. I never thought of myself as a hyper sexually, active man. Now with these two hot babes, that apparently was quickly changing.

The music changed from the upbeat runway pop to a smoother, softer piano as Celeste entered the room barefoot, wearing only a silk split thigh red night slip that barely went below her mid-thigh. Her ample, firm breasts pushed out, and I could make out the soft indentations of her nipples behind the fabric. Once again, Celeste had pulled her hair back into a loose ponytail.

She eyed me as she walked her route around the table once, then she slowly sat down on the side edge and laid herself down, turned her head towards me, and licked her lips seductively.

I was about to say something to Celeste as Adalynn entered the room wearing similar attire. She was also barefoot, wearing a cream-colored silk nightshirt with a deep v-neck. Celeste continued to lick her lips as she brought her hands up, running them over her breasts through the silky fabric.
Adalynn walked an opposite circular route starting behind the table and then around to the front. She stopped and teased me as well, running her hands over and across her body, from her inner thighs to her breasts and up to her neck seductively.

“Sweet mercy. You two are driving me wild with all this teasing.” I exclaimed to them both.

Adalynn raised an eyebrow, “We know.” She replied. Adalynn then turned and carefully straddled the coffee table with Celeste beneath her. Taking two steps backward, she bent at the waist, bringing her face down even with Celeste’s.

Both women looked at me with lust in their eyes, then turned back to look at each other. With only inches between them, Celeste stuck her tongue out and slowly lapped at the air between them. Adalynn lowered herself over Celeste’s tongue until they kissed each other.

Chapter 14 -

I watched them passionately kiss one another for over a minute. Celeste slowly reached up, taking hold of Adalynn’s breasts, holding them firmly through the silk fabric of her lingerie. After several more seconds, my brain clued into the fact that they were done with the dress-up show for now and had moved on to the sex show now, and I could either continue watching or join in and participate.

I slowly stood up from the sofa and pulled off my shirt. Adalynn’s thong fell off my lap and onto the floor as well. An idea popped into my head in regards to how to proceed with this. They weren’t truly flesh and blood women but androids, and I was their owner, their master, which made me surmise that they would have to obey my commands if so directed.

“Adalynn, Celeste, as much as it pains me to have you stop kissing each other, I command you both to stop, stand up, and face me, please.

Immediately both girls did as I had asked and stood up. Each had a smile on their face as they looked at me with mischief.

“Ladies, are we finished with the dress-up show?” I asked.

“Yes, master.” They replied in unison. Their voices were melodic sounding.

I rolled my eyes, thinking I’d never get over being addressed in that manner.

“Are you ok with me taking charge now and telling you what to do?” I asked.

“Yes, master. We will obey your commands.” They again replied in unison.

Reaching up, I rubbed my chin and scruff, remembering I hadn’t shaved in over a day, anyway, back to the moment.

“Adalynn, please tell me what you are?” I asked.

She turned her head slightly to look at me more squarely. “I am an android designed to appear and act as a human female. I am your friend and lover,” Adalynn answered with a wink.

“Alright, and what are you ready to do?” I continued.

Adalynn batted her eyes and ran her hands over her tits, squeezing them together. “I am ready to have you fuck me, master.” She cooed in response.

I winked back at Adalynn, then turned to Celeste. “Celeste, tell me what you are, please?”

She, too, turned her head to look at me. “I am an android in female form, designed and programmed for sex, your friend and cock sucker,” Celeste answered with a smile.

“Wow, not identical answers. I like it.” I stated with surprise. “And what are you ready to do, Celeste?” I asked.

“I am ready to suck your hard cock and to have you fuck my wet pussy, master,” Celeste exclaimed in a sultry voice.

“All excellent answers, ladies. Please remove your clothing and hand it over to me.” I instructed.

Both Celeste and Adalynn removed their lingerie by either sliding them off or pulling them over their heads and then handing them over to me as instructed.

“Mmm, neither of you wore panties underneath I see, just the slips?” I inquired.

“Yes, master, Celeste believed you had reached your limit in our presentation and would be requiring immediate access to our physical pleasure openings in order for you to fuck us,” Adalynn stated.

Looking down at my erect pole as it stood out between my legs, I looked back up at them. Their eyes, too, had focused on my hard cock.

“Oh, I think I will have a little bit of fun with you two before I get down to fucking you both,” I informed them. “ I would like a few minutes to see how your patience holds up, as I believe I can hold off for a few more minutes as well before entertaining the idea of exercising my cock within either of you. How do you feel about that?” I asked them.

Celeste’s smile faded and turned to a pout. “What would you have me do to hasten the process, master? I see that you are so hard and rigid. Adalynn and I are both wet and in need of having your rigid cock sliding in and out of us.” She asked.

I watched her for a moment as she patiently awaited my response. I looked at Adalynn to see if she had anything to say or add. “Adalynn?”

“As your android companion I am yours to command. To obey gives me pleasure and purpose.” Adalynn droned on in a flat tone.

I scoffed, then burst out in laughter, finding this situation to be just too much. I wasn't a master of androids or robots or whatever. Neither Celeste nor Adalynn joined in with laughter, though, keeping in character as stoic androids, awaiting commands.
After nearly a minute of laughing and then catching my breath, I looked back up at them.

“Ok, ladies, it’s too weird and ridiculous for you both to call me master, so please, address me as Mike. Maybe over time, I might enjoy it as a fetish or something, but for now, let’s keep it real.” I stated, watching for their reactions as they continued to stare back at me, showing no change in emotion.

Shaking my head, I continued. “Alright, Adalynn, Celeste, thank you both for the fashion show. It was truly amazing and titillating .. oh, I mean, tantalizing. I did enjoy it immensely, and you’ll need to do another demonstration soon to show off the rest of the outfits you didn’t get to tonight.” I informed them. They both seemed to relax a little and began to giggle amongst themselves.

“Additionally, before we get to the sexual activities of the evening...Celeste, Adalynn, I’m fairly sure that sex was a part of the plan with the fashion haul, wasn’t it?” I asked, hinting.

“Absolutely a part of it!” Celeste exclaimed. Adalynn nodded and giggled like a schoolgirl. Both girls finally acting normal once again. “Master Mike.” They added, speaking in unison once more.

“Fine! Call me what you wish.” I laughed too. Taking a deep breath before continuing, “Yesterday, Celeste, you allowed me to inspect and examine your body while you rebooted. I realized then that I hadn’t had that same opportunity with you, Adalynn, even though we’ve fucked and have had some amazing sex together. So, I’d like to ask you both to indulge me if you would. Seeing how you’ve brought in this fantastic lighting, I’d like to conduct a simple physical inspection of you both. Adalynn, would you please stand up on the coffee table, legs slightly apart with your arms out to your sides so I can inspect you first.” I said.

“I would love to, and Mike, take your time,” Adalynn said excitedly.

As Adalynn followed my instructions, I turned my attention to Celeste. “Celeste, I’m giving you two options while you wait for your turn. You may either stand here and watch as I inspect Adalynn’s body, or ..” I paused for effect. “ may relax on the sofa behind me and play with yourself. Take note that “you may” is a command form. However, if you choose the latter, you are not to orgasm and soak your pussy before I can inspect you.” I instructed her.

Celeste’s smile widened as she clapped her hands in excitement. “Thank you, Mike. I want to play with myself.” She exclaimed as she slowly brushed past me, touching my arm as she did so.

“I am ready for your inspection Mike,” Adalynn informed me, pulling my attention back to her.

Walking around to Adalynn’s backside as she stood on the coffee table, I gently placed my hand on her ass cheek, giving her a firm squeeze and noting that it felt like a woman's ass cheek. I noted that there was even some discoloration of her skin as I pulled my hand away.

Slowly and deliberately, I examined the back and sides of both her legs, from her crotch to her foot, and found no visible seams, connection points, nothing that would indicate her artificial nature. Taking hold of her ass cheeks again, I gently spread them apart, looking closely at her crack and anus, noting she was anatomically correct. “Are you both capable of anal sex?” I asked. “Yes,” Adalynn replied. “Did Nicholas ever exercise you from that hole?”
“No, I have yet to experience anal sex. Nicholas preferred fucking my pussy and a lot of oral sex.” Adalynn explained. I took note of her response as something to remember for future occasions.

Once I had walked around the table to her front side, I made the same slow, meticulous examination of her lower body and found the same results. Raising my right hand to her crotch and extending two fingers, I slowly pushed aside Adalynn’s folds and slid them up inside her pussy. “Aaahhhh!” She gasped.

“Mmmfff!” Celeste moaned simultaneously. I looked over at her as she was rubbing her mound rather vigorously with one hand and playing with her tit in the other. She bit down on her lower lip as she was enjoying herself.

“Please, Mike.” Adalynn whimpered. Bringing my attention back to her. “Oh, sorry,” I said as I removed my fingers from her hole.

“Oooohhh, no, not that. Play with me please. Put your fingers back up in me.” Adalynn cried out.

“You would enjoy that, wouldn’t you?” I said, teasing her right back.

Adalynn’s bottom lip quivered as she looked down at me. “Yes, but as I told you previously, I am yours and will obey my masters commands.” She replied sarcastically.

Nodding back at her without returning my fingers to fondle her pussy, I continued with my exam of Adalynn. “You may step down and face me, my dear.”

Adalynn held out her hand for me to take as she stepped down and turned to face me. A look of sheer lust played across her face as I pulled my hand back from hers. Moving closer to her, I raised my other hand with the two fingers wet with her juices and placed them over her lips. Adalynn stuck out her tongue, licking them clean, then leaned in closer to suck them into her mouth. She moaned in delight as I treated her to a taste of her nectar.

After a few seconds of this, I pulled my fingers slowly out of her mouth. “I’m almost finished with your exam,” I told her softly.
“Raise your arms, please,” I asked.

Adalynn stuck out her tongue and slowly licked her lips, teasing me. Taking one step closer towards her, I ran my hands down her sides, from her armpits to her hips, wondering if I might feel something different than what I’d expect from a woman her size and stature. Once again, I was amazed by the deception of how real her body appeared. She truly felt real. Our eyes met and locked, Adalynn was both captivating and alluring, and my cock was beginning to throb with need and want.

Reaching out with both hands, I cupped her tits, running my thumbs over her stiff nipples. They continued to harden as I played with them. “So beautiful, so perfect,” I said, barely a whisper.

I then leaned in and kissed her without warning. Adalynn reached around me, pulling me tight against her in a bear hug. She thrust her hips against my groin and rigid member. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly. Her unexpected actions took me by surprise. I was unprepared but welcomed it all the same.

It took me a few seconds to push her away, breaking her hug and looking into her eyes. “That’s an unexpected side of your behavior. I’d expect something like that from Celeste, but not you.” I scolded her.

“Mike! I’m burning inside, I... I’m not sorry for what I just did, but please hurry this up. I think I understand how it was for you to watch us and have that need to be fulfilled.” Adalynn pleaded.

I nodded, looking between Celeste and Adalynn, realizing something. These two beautiful female androids were linked wirelessly and were using that link to increase each other's sexual urges and responses.

“For the next ten minutes, no wireless communication or transmission between either of you two,” I told them, pointing at each of them. “Seems like that advantage is wreaking havoc on a few of your sensory systems, and you're both enjoying it too much,” I stated.

Celeste and Adalynn nodded in agreement with my request. “As you wish,” Celeste answered for them both.

“Alright, Adalynn, you’re more beautiful and sexy to me now that you’ve allowed me that opportunity. If you two will exchange places, it’s now Celeste’s turn to be prodded.” I said teasingly.

Both girls started to move from their locations. Adalynn paused, grabbing my arm gently. “What would you have me do while I wait?” She asked.

Surprised by her question. “What would you enjoy doing, my dear?” I asked her.

Adalynn’s eyes widened in excitement as she answered, “There is a vibrator in the bedside nightstand drawer. May I use it to play with myself while I watch you two?”

Once again, I was surprised by her being so forward and blunt, but I also knew she was now primed and ready for sex. “A vibrator?” I asked.

“Yes,” Adalynn replied.

Thinking quickly, “You are full of surprises tonight. OK then, I command it, but the same rule applies. No orgasm unless you beg me, and I agree.” I answered, changing my stipulation from that of Celeste’s no orgasm or soaking her pussy. She smiled and hurried away towards the back bedroom.

Celeste had already taken her position standing up on the table without me having to ask. However, she was facing forward, towards me, with one arm extended out from her side while the other hand was at her vagina, her fingers holding apart her folds, ready for me to insert my fingers and inspect her as I had Adalynn.

“Excellent, Celeste. Thank you for being ready and eager,” I told her.

“Thank you for wanting to inspect each of us a little more thoroughly. I will always be ready for inspection should you ask me.” She cooed.

Celeste’s body was slightly shorter than Adalynn’s by three or so inches, making her examination relatively easy and yet not identical to Adalynn’s. Now I understood why she chose to face me first as she had. Being the minx she was, I concluded she thought I’d place my fingers up inside her pussy as I had Adalynn if she faced me first. The little minx was starving to get off by me touching and fondling her, especially after playing with herself and not being able to orgasm and release.

Celeste’s sexual aggressiveness was admirable though, but this portion of the evening was my idea, and I would play it out the way I wanted to. I might have to dial down her settings later if that was the root cause of her super horniness. Hopefully, if I needed to make that change, it wouldn’t affect her personality. Then again, I like her personality and assertiveness.

Adalynn bolted back into the room and onto the couch, holding the device tight in her hand. “Thank you, Mike!” She practically yelled. “Until today, I've never thought about how this would make me feel. To masturbate.”

“You’ll have to tell us all about it later. But for now, just enjoy yourself.” I told her.

Turning back to Celeste, I reached up with both hands, starting with her hips, and applying gentle pressure, I slid my hands down the outside of her legs until I reached her ankles. Pivoting my hands and using my thumbs, I then traced the inside of her legs up to her inner thigh, stopping just short of her slit and folds. Her hand was still in the position of holding open her pussy.

I paused, looking up at Celeste. She was biting down on her bottom lip. The tell-tale sign of her mood and just how horny she was.

“Mike? Why did you stop.” She asked, in a shy tone.

I blew a hard-pointed stream of air at her crotch.

“Mmmmm.” Both Celeste and Adalynn moaned in unison again, ironically. Her mound seemed to spasm for a moment, a glistening drop of cum oozing between her exposed folds.

Celeste reached down with her free hand and began to run her fingers through my hair. “Won't you put your finger inside me, like you did, Adalynn? Please?” She asked, practically begging me.

I smiled back at her as I thought about how to reply to her question exactly. “Eventually, but not immediately,” I told her.

“Ohh, is .. is this what it feels like when we tease you? That deepening need to just feel? To complete what stimulation has been started? As Adalynn mentioned.” Celeste asked, with disappointment, pulling her hand and fingers from my hair. Her other hand over her pussy relaxed and closed her hole. “Well, if so, I won’t hold you up from your examination.”
She added.

“Oh Celeste, yes, that is a wonderful description of how it feels. I will touch you and fulfill your needs before too long.” I consoled her.

Giving her thigh a tender squeeze, “Please step down and face away from me.” I asked her. Celeste made no additional comments but did as I had asked.

Adalynn continued to moan behind us on the sofa as she played with herself. The hum from the vibrator was barely noticeable, but I could tell without looking that she had inserted the device by the type and frequency of her moaning.

Pulling Celeste’s hair to one side, I ran my hands across her shoulders and down her backside, stopping at her hips and cupping her ass cheeks. I gave them each a solid squeeze. Celeste made no sound or moaning. I’d disappointed her by not fingering her. Leaning down to her right ear, “I’ve finished your inspection, minus my putting a finger or hard cock up inside you.” I whispered.

“You’re serious?” Celeste whimpered as she pushed back into me. My erect member wedged between us. “You’ll slide your cock deep inside me, Mike?” She asked.

I reached around her to give her a hefty hug from her backside, my arms just under her luscious tits. After a moment, I then ran my hands up to cup, and fondled them, keeping her building in anticipation, when suddenly Adalynn was at my side and tapping my shoulder.

“Huh?” I asked in confusion.

Holding Celeste and pausing my actions, I turned my head and looked at Adalynn whose expression was now more serious. Simultaneously my cell phone began to chime from the dinning room. “You’ll need to answer that call.” She informed me.

I was confused by her sudden appearance by my side and her statement, along with my cell ringing. I released my hold on Celeste, backed away, and turned to face Adalynn.

“I don’t understand. What’s going on?” I asked.

The look on Adalynn’s face wasn’t one of worry, more of disappointment. “I am truly sorry, but you need to answer this call.” She stated. “Now.”

Hurrying, I stepped around Celeste, who looked just as confused as I did, and made my way to the dining room table, my erection dissipating as I reached down picking up my phone. The display showed the same number that I had missed earlier in the day from the California area code. Accepting the call, I held the phone up to my ear.

Chapter 15 -

“Hello, this is Mike,” I answered in my normal confident, and professional voice. Curious, yet guarded.

“Michael J. Humphreys of Vancouver, Washington?” Asked a female voice on the other end of the line.
“Yes, that’s me. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with?” I inquired.

“It’s nice to finally speak with you, Michael. My name is Nicole Hansen, and I represent Synth-Replica Corporation. I have made several attempts over the course of the day to contact. Albeit I didn’t leave any voice messages. Obviously you’ve made yourself busy or screening numbers you don't recognize.” She told me.

Turning back to look at Adalynn, both girls had begun to put the room back into order quickly. Catching her attention with a wave of my hand, I motioned her over beside me. Adalynn made a quick comment to Celeste before heading my way.

“Well, the last twenty-four hours have been enlightening and engaging and chock full of surprises! I take it you’re not one who likes to leave messages and prefers a more direct approach.” I said, emphasizing the last word and looking at Adalynn with a questioning look.

Adalynn mouthed the words, “I’m so sorry.”

“Yes, exactly, and I can understand you’ve had a few surprises, which is why I’d like to take the opportunity to discuss some of those surprises with you, in person, immediately if I may?” Miss Hansen asked.

Scratching my head, I looked at Adalynn. She nodded her head in agreement. “Ok, when would be a good time for that?” I asked. Thinking I had more than a day to prepare.

Miss Hansen comically laughed before answering. “How about in five minutes? I’m already in the driveway, and you probably would prefer to wear something more modest before we formally meet. Will that work for you, Mr. Humphreys?” She asked.

I could feel the beads of sweat start to form on my brow. Here I thought I’d have a day or more, and now it was just mere minutes. “Uhm..Sure, I would appreciate that. How, did you know I wasn't? “ I asked, stumbling over my words.

“Oh, Adalynn told me what you've all been up to. But only because I asked her politely. She will fill you in, I'm sure. See you in five, Mr. Humphrey's.” Ms. Hansen said comically.
“I’ll have Adalynn let you in,” I said, trying hard to hide the shock and frustration in my voice.

“I look forward to it. Thank you.” Miss Hansen replied, then the line closed.

Taking a deep breath, I set the cell down on the table, looking at it as I paused, trying to quickly set my mind and focus on what was about to happen.

“Mike, I didn’t know they would come so quickly.” Adalynn softly said.

I grabbed her arm with more force than I should have and looked at her. “You knew? What the fuck is going on, Adalynn? I feel like a pawn in a chess game where I have no control over what's going on.” I demanded.

“I had intended to tell you to expect a representative from Synth-Replica.” Adalynn began to explain. I chose to let go of her arm, shaking my head as I brought my hand up in front of her in a stopping motion. Stopping her from explaining, then stormed away towards the living room where I had kicked my clothes.

“Mike, here,” Celeste yelled from the hallway, holding out a fresh change of clothes, walking in my direction. Moving back towards her, “Thanks.” I said in passing, taking the clothes and heading towards the spare bedroom, closing the door behind me.

Once again, my temper had flared, and I’d taken it out on sweet Adalynn. I was going to have to be better and not let surprises get the best of me. I knew that Adalynn and Celeste would need the primary bedroom to get clothed. I had guessed correctly as there were no additional outfits from the show on the bed in this room, and I wanted a few minutes alone while I dressed. I began to question what I knew and thought about Adalynn and her ownership. What did this Nicole Hansen person need to discuss with me that was so important and urgent that it couldn’t wait, and how was my world going to change once again because of it? Adalynn had looked more sorrowful than surprised. She must have been caught off guard by all this as well since fucking haf definitely been on the menu for tonight.

Having changed into the clothing, Celeste handed me. I left the bedroom. Walking past the kitchen and dining area, I rounded the corner and was met by Celeste and Adalynn, who both were waiting patiently for me by the front door of the home. “Mike, please don’t worry about this. Nicole may have information to share that you’ll find appealing and not be at all bad.” Adalynn told me, hoping to alleviate my concerns.

The knock on the door grabbed my attention. “Adalynn, if you would please.” I motioned for her to open the door and greet our guest.

Adalynn brushed past me, touching my hand as she passed. “Please don’t be angry with me. I was going to tell you to expect a representative.” She whispered. I wasn’t angry or frustrated with her, just unaccustomed to so many rapid and unexpected course changes.

Celeste scooted over beside me, taking my hand in hers. I looked at her. “Mike, relax, please. Your heart rate and blood pressure are above what’s normal for you.” She informed me.

“I don’t know if I can. I’m sorry that you, Adalynn, and I didn’t get to finish.” I told her, squeezing her hand.

“Just relax! This visit will be ok. You’ll see.” Celeste continued to reassure me.
“How do you neglect to inform me of something so critical when you're both walking computers? Selective human emulation sub-routines?” I chided back at her.

Adalynn opened the door, and we both turned our attention to her and the woman standing at the threshold.
“Hello Nicole, it’s good to see you again.” Adalynn greeted her.

“And you, Adalynn, it’s been far too long.” Nicole Hansen said, giving Adalynn a quick hug and patting her back.
Then she quickly leaned to the side, looking at Celeste and me.

“You must be Michael, and you would be Celeste.” Ms. Hansen said as she smiled at us. Adalynn stepped aside and motioned Nicole inside.

Taking a few steps forward with Celeste close in tow, I extended my right hand to greet her. “Yes, we are. Welcome, welcome.” I said, trying to be funny and breaking some of the tension. Taking my hand, she gave it a firm shake. Adalynn closed the door.

“Well .. is there somewhere we can all sit and visit?” Ms. Hansen asked.

“How about here in the den? There are enough chairs for you, Mike and Celeste. I will be fine standing.” Adalynn suggested, pointing to the room just off from the entry.

“Mmm. Perfect.” Ms. Hansen hummed with a surprised tone.

Once in the den, Adalynn had me sit behind the desk with Ms. Hansen seated on the opposite side. Celeste took a seat on my left near the corner while Adalynn stood at my right side. This was certainly a more formal space for introductions and business versus the more casual and relaxed living room area.

“Michael, I appreciate your willingness to meet with me on such a short and I’m sure surprising notice, and I want to also apologize for not asking which name you prefer? From here on, I’ll be more mindful.”

“Mike works great,” I informed her. Feeling a little more at ease now and placing my hands on the desk, I trying to size her up. “No need to apologize. May I ask how I should address you, though? And please, feel free to start, ask away, tell us why you’re here, whatever the girls or I can help with.” I stated.

“It’s Nicole, please.” .. she paused, glancing at Adalynn and then to Celeste, then back to me. A serious expression on her face. “With the formalities of introduction now over with, let me explain why I am here. You obviously noticed my little greeting at the door with Adalynn. She and I have previously met and are well acquainted with one another.” Nicole began.

I nodded, but I hadn’t been too concerned about it either. “Yes, I did notice that.”

“A few years back, Nicholas Faraday asked for my assistance in certain legal matters regarding Adalynn. This was all before his passing. Legal matters of which I was happy to arrange and settle. At the time, I was practicing both privately and on retainer by Synth-Replica. Since then, I have shifted my practice solely to Synth-Replica Corporation. Both Adalynn and Celeste are android models of their design and origin.” Nicole continued to explain. “But again, you already know that.”

Again I nodded, not having any immediate questions as this was not new information to me.

Leaning in with what appeared to be a genuine smile, “Mike, I can see your apprehension, and I want you to know that I am here for your benefit and that of the corporation. We feel that what I am here to tell you. To .. propose to you .. will not only put you at ease but also be mutually beneficial for all parties. Including Adalynn and Celeste individually.” Nicole said.

Her smile did help put me at ease, along with the tone of her voice. Nicole appeared relaxed and neither on the offensive nor on the defensive in nature.

“Ok, I must really look tense then.” I said, taking a quick glance at Adalynn. “I mentioned to Celeste a few minutes ago, I don’t know if I can relax until I know what’s really going on. I’ve had so many life-altering experiences in the last twenty-four hours. It’s hard to keep up. I guess I should just expect more from now on.” I informed her.

Smiling, Nicole nodded with understanding, “That seems to be the case, at least here with you, Mike. I'm sorry” Then she turned her head to look at Celeste. “Celeste dear, it’s truly a pleasure to meet you. Mr. Faraday spoke of you prior to his passing.” She said, eyeing her as if she were a piece of jewelry that sparkled. “You are more lovely in person than he described you to be over the phone. I was delighted when I heard the news of your activation and registration. ”

“Thank you. It’s nice to meet you as well.” Celeste replied, sitting a little taller in her chair as I caught the exchange from the corner of my eye.

“I have an idea of why you’re here, Nicole. I hadn’t anticipated you reaching out or being here so quickly, though. That is an error on my part, which I also failed to inform Mike would happen after him having taken possession of me and Celeste.” Adalynn explained. She was interjecting herself into the conversation.

I reached over to take her hand and looked up at her. Adalynn smiled back at me.

“Yes, that would explain some of your apprehension Mike, wouldn’t it. Thank you, Adalynn. You always have been perceptive. That’s one of the attributes Nicholas liked about your personality and one he also helped create.” Nicole stated, shifting slightly in her chair.

“Let me get right to the point, Mike, Adalynn, Celeste. I address you all as this does pertain to each of you collectively and individually. As you are aware, Mike, Adalynn had a time-sensitive directive to find a suitable new owner after Mr. Faraday's death. Cutting it close to the wire, she chose you, and you agreed to be her owner, as well as being a co-owner of all property and assets that once belonged to Mr. Faraday and Adalynn combined.” Nicole stated.

“Yes, that’s how I understood how this wild ride would work,” I said in agreement.

Nicole looked at me with a grin. “I like your dry humor, Mike.” She said, pausing. “After Mr. Faraday officially parted ways with Synth-Replica, he was approached a few months later to work on a special side project regarding specific character and personality aspects of android programming, coding, and the like, which he agreed to do. He had a knack for writing code. Adalynn and Celeste here prove how real their personalities can be.” Nicole paused for effect.

“Mr. Faraday’s second and final personality code creation..” Nicole paused once again, turning to look at Celeste. “ .. is yours, Celeste. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to finish your full code. Was he Adalynn?” Nicole asked, turning her attention now back to Adalynn.

“You are correct. Nicholas left detailed instructions for me on how to complete Celeste’s personality using certain lines from my own personality coding and a mostly untested character program he had been developing.” Adalynn explained.
I spun, looking up at Adalynn, confused and slightly annoyed at her confession. “Why didn’t you tell me any of this? Why am I hearing this from her instead of you?” I asked poignantly.

“Mike? Stop it!” Celeste yelled, bolting out of her chair. “When, Mike? Tell us when Adalynn would have had the time or opportunity to tell you any of this? Hasn't life moved from moment to moment for you since you arrived yesterday?” Adalynn raised a hand in her defense to halt Celeste’s approach and scolding of my attitude.

“Mike. It's my fault alone that I didn't inform you. Having you here with me physically, emotionally and sexually has placed volumes of information necessary for you to know on the back burner. Nicholas may have also tweaked my original priority and decision making coding unbeknownst to Synth-Replica. These changes if in fact they exist, may have allowed me to be more selective in what I disclose in conversation, as well as the timing of disclosure, making me act more human-like. I have not lied to you, Mike, and I will never lie to you. I had intended to tell you, but I saw that you were just as enamored with me, as I was with you, with my body, with the sex, and then Celeste entered the equation. I haven’t had or asked for any alone time with you to inform you of these things.” Adalynn explained.

I looked to Celeste, who lowered her head, ashamed of her outburst. Then to Nicole, who was harder to read. She seemed to find our exchange amusing based on her expression.

“You certainly have an interesting dynamic between the three of you,” Nicole commented, pulling out a folded piece of paper from her business jacket. “So emotional, and human-like as Adalynn stated. All of you.”

“Celeste, Adalynn, I'm sorry as well. I know there will be time to fill me in on everything and I shouldn't be so short-tempered. I apologize to you as well Nicole for my outburst.” I said humbly.

With a nod from Nicole, I looked at Celeste who mouthed the words: I'm sorry too, as she sat back down. Adalynn gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. I motioned for Nicole to continue.

“Let me state what Synth-Replica Corporation is asking and requesting of you, Mike.” Nicole began as I repositioned myself to focus my attention back on her.

“The corporation would like access to all of Mr. Faraday’s servers, files, and basement lab equipment. No computers or equipment will be removed and no files are to be deleted, only copied and transferred. The corporation now recognizes you Mike, as the owner of all items on the premises. The corporation requests access to the active running profiles for both Adalynn and Celeste here and they ask for your permission to download copies of each android matrix.” Nicole paused.

“Where Mr. Faraday’s passing occurred premature to the completion of his contract, we feel that this request would suffice and fulfill his original commitment and obligations to the company. Furthermore, the corporation would like to ask for your support in future development and testing of their female android lines. That’s plural, not singular. As new prototypes enter the testing and evaluation phase, you will be notified and asked to provide vital feedback regarding each android. Monthly or annual compensation of your choice will be settled upon at a future date should you be agreeable to the terms of the corporation’s request.” Nicole looked up from the paper at me.

“Oh, should I say something now?” I asked. I was stunned by these new developments and requests. They weren’t restrictive, demanding, or difficult.

“If you have a question or questions, then yes, now would be a good time, please feel free,” Nicole answered.

I sat back, reclining somewhat as I stared at Nicole. Adalynn squeezed my hand as we held tight to one another. She was letting me think. They all allowed me to think and gather my thoughts on this news and information.

Letting out a deep breath, I focused back on Nicole. “So, let me see if I understand what you've said so far. Pretty much everything remains the same relating to Adalynn, myself, and Celeste?”

“Yes,” Nicole replied.

“Synth-Replica wants access to everything here in the home that Nicholas had his fingers into including Adalynn and Celeste and what makes them tick, but they won’t alter or change who they are,” I said, reiterating my understanding of what Nicole had explained.

Nicole nodded, smiling. “Yes, that’s also correct.”

“And they want me and the girls here to help with in-home testing of new androids?” I asked with wonder.

“Yes, Mike. All of that as you understand it, yes.” Nicole confirmed.

“Synth-Replica will not be removing any items from the home?” I asked her.

“No, everything will remain as it is. All the property within the home, including the androids,” Nicole waved her hands indicating the two beauties at my side. “Adalynn and Celeste, are yours.” Nicole confirmed once more.

I rubbed my chin, quickly deciding if I was daring enough to ask my next question. I went with it anyway. “Are you an android Nicole?”

“Really, Mike?” Nicole asked, rolling her eyes at me and sitting a little taller in her seat, a questioning look on her face. “No, I’m not a bot.” She finally answered. Emphasizing the word bot.

Laughing, I raised my hand. “Sorry, I had to ask. Adalynn fooled me when I’d first met her, and their realism is just so beautiful.” I told her.

“I’ll take your question as a compliment then, Mike,” Nicole chuckled.

“What support exactly for future developments are you talking about here? Help me understand what that would entail if you would please.” I questioned.

“Simply put, you would become a field tester for the corporation. As new products are designed and rolled out, you would help quality test them. Adalynn and Celeste would also be expected to aid in this, experiencing both male and female androids to make it fair to you all. The corporation is in the business of creating life-like companions. The in-house testing provides only so much data. You’d be writing reports and providing the necessary feedback after an evaluation period.” Nicole answered.

“And the compensation?” I asked lastly.

“Well worth your time and energy, Mike. So worth your time.” Nicole stated as she appeared to be thinking of something or someone else. Her cheeks reddened slightly before she refocused her eyes back on me.
“Any additional questions?” Nicole inquired.

I looked over to Celeste, who shrugged her shoulders. “Sounds like a reasonable request with benefits, Mike.” She admitted.

“Adalynn, what do you think of all this?” I asked, squeezing her hand and attempting to reassure her that I was not upset with her.

“I believe it’s of great benefit for us all. I have no reasons to believe otherwise. One question I do have, Nicole, is, during this period of the contract, may we travel unrestricted? Either as a couple or the three of us, if we so desired?” Adalynn asked.

“Absolutely, you're free to do as you wish. And live as you wish.” She paused, watching me closely. “Mike? What are your thoughts on this proposal?” Nicole asked pointedly.

I nodded my head while pursing my lips together, pondering all that this would change. My life had changed overnight with Adalynn alone. Now it seemed that I had won the lottery without even purchasing a ticket. “I’m agreeable to it all, but I would like it in writing,” I stated.

“I wholeheartedly agree. Having it in writing makes it a legally binding document. I’ll have everything drawn up by the end of the day tomorrow if that works for you?” Nicole informed me.

I stood up, extending my hand to her once again, assuming we had finished our business. “Yes, it will,” I told Nicole, and she returned the gesture and shook my hand.

We all seemed to relax simultaneously as Nicole, Adalynn, and Celeste all stood. “Alright then, I guess that’s my cue. Unless you have anything else?” Nicole asked.

I shook my head as I answered, “No, I hope I wasn’t too premature by standing and shaking your hand.” I admitted.

“No, perfect timing in fact.” Nicole replied, turning around and starting to head towards the doorway. The girls and I moved to exit the room, following behind her.

“Oh, one more question, if I may? Although I have an idea.” I asked abruptly. Nicole stopped and turned to face me. “Sure, what is it?” She replied.

“Adalynn told me to answer your call. She had been .. preoccupied with ..”

“.. Self-pleasuring herself.” Nicole cut me off and finished for me. “I pinged Adalynn’s wireless system as I got closer to the home here, and she responded, giving me her status and what was going on here. I sent a manufacturer command with a greeting which she was obligated to respond to.” Nicole informed me. “Nothing harmful, just a hello with a status request. I quickly informed her of who I was and what I was here for,” Nicole added.

“Thanks for that explanation and your candidness, Nicole,” I told her.

Nicole glanced at the three of us as she reached for the door. “My team and I will be back in the morning to get things started, probably ten-thirty or so.” She told us, then pulled the door open and exited out into the cold.

“Tomorrow morning??” I asked aloud, another quick surprise to add to my already long list of surprises by the hour.

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Re: An Unexpected Offer - Chapters 13,14 & 15

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I love the twists and turns this story is going in, didn't expect chapter 15 to go that way.

Looking forward to what the future holds for the occupants of the Faraday house and Nicole's true intentions.......

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