Unusual College Roommate

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Unusual College Roommate

Post by mister_minations » Fri Jan 14, 2022 3:15 pm

“Enjoying the view, Alex?”

Actually, I hadn’t really been paying attention to the scenery. Now, I paid even less. I mean, I guess I could try, but it was hard to find anything interesting to look at when everything in front of my eyes was completely and absolutely dark.

“Come on, Jazz. I know it’s you. I’d like to use my eyes now, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“You sure? Didn’t look like you were using them.”

“Well, now you’re here, so I guess there’s no better time to use them.”

Jazz laughed and sat down. Even as one hand kept up it’s job as a loose blindfold, the other moved to bring me to her level. If I were a little more careful, I suppose I could’ve managed a more graceful landing, perhaps resting softly on her lap, my fall cushioned by the softness of her thighs.

Instead, I was as clumsy as ever. Our descent was less graceful landing and more sudden plummet as the floorboards suddenly raced to greet my bespectacled face. As it was, Jazz and I found ourselves sprawled on the patio of the beach bungalow, the drone of the party inside fading into the background as I tried to get my bearings.

Of course, Jazz got up a lot faster than I did. A part of me, a lot of me, actually, almost wished she hadn’t, almost wished that we could stay like that, the two of us pressed into one another, growing warm from each other as we watched the gentle caress of the tides against the pearl-white sands. Of course, that second bit might’ve caused me some problems since the fall had understandably made my glasses go invisible, but that’s when Jazz came in.

I mean, I get to live with Jazz, but I still can’t help myself. As she fitted my glasses back onto my face, my vision filled with a gentle smile, the sweetest pair of eyes softly welcoming me back into consciousness. I really wanted to focus on that expression, that tender warmth wrapping around me like an inviting fireplace and a pair of cozy slippers, but my eyes couldn’t keep themselves from wandering.

Beneath her face was the rest of her. Of course, I know there was more of her, but it felt too awkward to keep looking down. Even so, I really couldn’t help myself. The rosy rays of a fading sun, the flickering flames of an oven roast left unchecked after one too many drunken stupors, that mix of sunlight and fire gleamed down the contours of her body, tracing every curve in a race of flickering lights before finally exhausting themselves in the dark crevices between her arms, her thighs, and her…


I shook the lustful thoughts from my head. Jazz, I mean Jasmine was right here in front of me. A few more naughty thoughts, and I think I might’ve started drooling. Like, just drooling, a drooling, slack-jawed idiot staring at a beautiful, voluptuous–

I mean, a kind, understanding roommate, an absolute goddess of a friend who I love and respect, one who has forgiven the worst of my flaws even when I still can’t find the courage to own up to them.

Still, it was clear that Jasmine didn’t mind. She even moved to recline luxuriously on the deck, really letting the (now significantly larger) kitchen fire turn every curve and contour of her gorgeous body into artwork. If I wanted, I could see right down her cleavage, even a scandalous peek between her panties where the fabric didn’t quite keep the parts between her legs hidden. All throughout, her gaze was relaxed, her smile a playful yet comforting respite after a hard year of endless studying and relationship issues.

I could’ve stayed like this forever.


Just staring…


Just taking in the moment.

Jazz was the one to break the silence.

“What’s wrong, Alex? You don’t seem to be enjoying the party.” Those pretty eyes searched my face for answers, her smile now fallen into worry. Even on a night like this, she was more worried about me than herself.


Why did I come here anyways?


I hate parties.


I can barely stand other people. I know I can talk with them just fine if I need to, but actually opening up, finding people who understand that I don’t find constant small talk the cornerstone of social interaction? It took so long to even get the courage to talk to Jasmine, and now…

“Alex, there’s something you want to say. You may not think you need to say it, but you really should. It’s okay.”

She brushed a hand under my cheek. I hadn’t noticed, but I was crying. Ever since I came out here, I’ve been crying.

“It’s okay. I’m here for you, Alex. I’ll listen.”

Like the little baby that I am, I sniffled, barely holding back the tears. As I choked on my words, she put an arm around me. I wanted to hide in that hug forever. I wanted to hide, but she was right. I had to say it, if not for her, then for myself.

“I…I thought you would want tonight to be like this. I thought you’d want to end it in a really nice way, you know? A big party, a big celebration to cap off the year.”

Her brow furrowed.

“Lex”, she sighed. “You don’t have to make yourself unhappy for me. I thought we went over this already. We’re friends. If we’re content with each other, then I’m happy.”

“But you’ll be gone after tonight. I want you to be happy. After tonight, I’ll never see you again.”

There was silence.

The sun had finally fallen, and the night brought with it a frightful chill.

Before the backlight of a roaring kitchen fire, Jasmine was a shadow outlined in glowing lines of heat, her expression unreadable. We had kept the issue between us, but it had always been simmering, stewing away in the back of our minds. It had been small, but the tinder kept growing, and the sparks kept getting closer, closer.

We couldn’t ignore it anymore. Where flames did not reach, we had made a paradise, and it was good. I thought we could run away from it all, but sanctuary does not last. We could feel the heat around us, growing ever closer, ever larger. It had always been there, always burning. There was never anywhere to run.

Finally, Jasmine stood up. She had always been taller than me, so she had to bend down to offer her hand. I looked at it, not knowing what she wanted.

“Come on, let’s go for a walk.”

Away from the stifling heat and claustrophobia of way too many college students squeezed into a small space, the night air was a welcome respite. It was nice to just walk, to just be at peace, watching the world turn. Each step, I felt the pearl-white sands squirm beneath my bare feet, briefly clinging to my skin before scattering away. Every once in a while, the tides would run by, a brief jolt of cold water that sent me jumping. She would laugh that little laugh of hers, and I would laugh with her. The beach at night was beautiful, painted in the pale blue hues of a full moon, light falling and scattering into ripples, locked forever in the dance of flowing water.

Even in such a beautiful place, I could see the fire, now an inferno. For brief moments, I almost thought I could see the sun, and I felt afraid. I was afraid that it would soon be tomorrow.

Although we had walked quite a distance, I had blinked but once before we made it back on campus. Once our feet were secure on solid asphalt, Jasmine took off her sandals and shook off the sand. She never liked sand the way I did.

Still holding my hand, she led me all the way back to our dorm room. Rather abruptly, she excused herself to her room and locked the door. Not really knowing what to do, I waited outside her door for a few minutes before giving up and taking a shower.

However, before I could change into my sleepwear, Jasmine unlocked the door and walked out. In the time it took for me to clean off the previous day, Jazz had found the one set of lingerie more revealing and scandalous than a bikini. Where a bikini could only hide and provide support for her lady parts, bands of garter straps and lace could hug her well-proportioned butt and accentuate her firm, generous breasts into geometric perfection.


It was all I could do to avoid a nosebleed, and she made it a lot harder by pushing me into a wall, pressing those amazing curves right into my nude body. For a moment, I thought she wanted to have one last round of sexual intercourse before she left. Instead, she paused and asked me a question.

“Lex, what am I?”

I was confused. “What do you mean?”

“Lex, after all these years, after all the time we spent together, what do you think I am?”

It was all I could do to not get overwhelmed by her physical presence, but I managed something of an answer.

“You’re Jasmine. You’re the most beautiful, the most understanding person I’ve ever met. The time we spent together was the happiest I’ve ever been.”

“Alex, what’s my last name?”

“...I don’t understand.”

“Your last name is Smith. What’s my last name? Who does Jasmine belong to?”

“You don’t belong to anyone. You’re Jasmine. You can do whatever you want to do."

Jasmine didn’t answer immediately. Her eyes didn’t quite want to read my expression. Even though her body was pressed right into my own, she now felt so far away, so very far away.

“Lex, we both know it doesn’t work like that.”

She was right, but I didn’t want to believe her.

“Lex, press your finger into my belly button.”



“I don’t want to.”

“Lex, you know you have to. The night’s not going to last forever.”

“Please, Jasmine, let me pretend for just a little longer.”

Jasmine grabbed my hand. I didn’t stop her, not even as it met her stomach and started moving down. One of my fingers was pushed into the hole in her abdomen, and it kept going down until it met something hard and plastic. It wasn’t a place that would be poked or prodded intentionally, and this certainly wasn’t intentional on my part.

With a touch of resistance, the button went down with a hard noise. Somewhere inside Jasmine, a mechanical hiss sounded, and the skin on her stomach moved away in a series of clicking motions. I didn’t want to look, but I could feel wires and dials behind the panel that was once her stomach.

I told myself those mechanical bits weren’t there. I told myself that Jasmine was a person just like everyone else. There weren’t any wires or dials. She was human.

Jasmine wasn’t done, though. Determined to keep me rooted in reality, she kept moving my hand. Something other lever was pulled, and I could feel more seams opening up; those were her arms and legs, the segments of skin panel revealing the seams and indentations that revealed her unmistakable robotic nature.

Jasmine isn’t a robot, though. She’s Jasmine. She’s my friend.

I kept my eyes firmly shut. If I don’t look, I can keep pretending. If I don’t look, she’ll still be here tomorrow.

For her part, Jasmine was far more patient with me than she had any right to be. In spite of her almost divine patience, even she had her limits. I suppose that’s why I suddenly found my eyes open and our lips touching, locked in a deep kiss.

When we finally pulled away, I was breathing very hard. Part of it was hormones, but most of it was from holding back tears. I couldn’t cry again. Not now, not here.

“Lex, I’m the prototype of a new kind of gynoid model, the only one of my kind. I’m here so my company can gauge how my artificial intelligence will adapt to new environments, and how durable my chassis is outside a lab environment. Without constant maintenance and custom updates from a dedicated research team, I will fall apart.”

“But I’ve been studying really hard! I have my degree, and I’ve been interning at a real IT company! If we can just find a good place to hide, I can keep you updated, and–”

Jasmine stopped me.

“Even if you could chase away the bugs in my software, what about the rest of me? Just tonight, I already can feel pieces of myself falling apart. You might be good at coding, but what about the rest of me?

“I bumped into a table and miscalibrated my right hip socket. Do you think you have instruments precise enough to adjust my legs so they don’t fall off while I’m walking?

“Even when I wear thick, completely concealing garments, sand still gets into my vents, not to mention the salt water. You really think you’re going to keep my circuitry clean when we live right next to a beach?

“And don’t get me started on the viruses. I had to plug into the bungalow's router for an emergency update, and so many viruses got through that unsecured piece of garbage that I could feel the malware tearing into my mind before the technicians fixed the issue. Do you really think you’re good enough to design and update an entire antivirus suite on your own?

“Before you try to get clever, remember that I’m a custom model, mind and body. I don’t technically exist yet. No body shop can get replacement parts for this chassis, and no technician knows how to fix the spaghetti code in my head.”

She was suddenly shouting.

”I know you really want to keep me around! I really like being your girlfriend! But this experiment is over, and I have to go back! Look, you can’t keep me alive, so you just have to–”

Jasmine stopped before her tirade could really start. There was no stopping the tears now because she was right. No matter what I do, there’s no way I can become an entire team of technicians and repairmen. It was over.

I say I was crying, but, in truth, we were both crying pretty hard. We found our way into each other’s arms and really let loose the waterworks. Mindful of all her seams and open panels, I tried my best to keep any liquids from getting inside and making our night even worse.

It was a long time before we stopped crying. Somehow, we found our way to my bed. The two of us sat there for a while, just staring out the window, watching bunches of small dots and flashing lights swarm around a dwindling bonfire.

“I like being alive.”

“I like you being alive, too.”

“They’re going to take me apart and break my memories.”

“I don’t want them to do that.”

“I want to keep you here.”

“When I’m gone, will I still dream?”

“I’ll always remember you. Every time I fall asleep, I’ll remember our best times together.”

Jasmine choked back her emotions. “As long as I can, I’ll think about you.”

For what seemed like the last time, we embraced. Just the two of us, deeply in love, living in our own world, trying to block out reality. Both of us did our best to take in as much of each other as possible, to root the memories as firmly in our minds as possible.

With each passing moment, stretched into lifetimes and snapping back into seconds, the night moves ever closer to an end. Soon, the sun will rise. When it does, the dream will burn away.


Just a few more seconds…


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Re: Unusual College Roommate

Post by mister_minations » Thu Jan 20, 2022 10:00 pm

For a brief moment, everything shuddered.

Faded posters briefly fluttered, waving brightly printed letters at nothing in particular.

Rows of jackets, unnoticed by their owners, shifted uneasily on their hooks and racks.

Pools of standing water, indistinguishable from the dirt and detritus, struggled to move out of the way, their surfaces rippling from the exertion.

Even the lights acknowledged the presence, their fluorescent glare turning towards the darkness, waiting for what would come next.

The subway came, but it did not stop. The station watched it depart, and things settled back to their routines. With no audience, the posters fell still. Left unattended, jackets lounged on their posts. Bereft of motion, stagnant water sank deeper into grime.

Only the lights did not change. Posters would come down, jackets would leave with their owners, and waters would eventually drain away. The lights had always been part of the station, and they looked on as they always had, tracking the perpetual motion of the station under the eternal, unblinking stare.

One such light kept vigilance as a young girl stumbled by. In truth, it was a woman, but there was an uncertainty, a great hesitancy in each step she took. It made her seem much younger, much more vulnerable. Beneath a mop of mousy hair, a pair of eyes darted back and forth, engaged in the oxymoronic task of both ascertaining the surroundings and avoiding the others.

The others…

Some stood completely still. Some lounged on nearby surfaces, blinking at the ever-changing screens. They did not notice as she snuck by. They never did.

Then, there were the ones who talked. People told her she should talk more, but they scared her. The ones who barked and brayed, the ones who shouted, their noises clawing and biting at the walls.

She could feel their voices around her, and she could feel their eyes. Before the crowds, she was only a small thing, a quiet thing. They were watching her, wondering why she wasn’t talking, why she wasn’t laughing when they were happy. There wouldn’t be any words, but she could feel their confusion, their disappointment.

No, she had to get away.

She had to get away.

Her train would be coming soon. That’s what her schedule said. Once it arrived, she would find somewhere to hide, somewhere to be with herself.

She just had to–

“Seriously, can you believe these fucking assholes?”

She froze.


A lot of them…

Pointed at her…

Waiting for a response…

Turning around, she found herself at one of the help desks. It was a fairly standard help desk, if a little plain and dusty. She tried really hard to keep her attention on the fixture, as if standing completely still would absolve her of social interaction.

In this situation, it was rather difficult.

She had always been a very sheltered child. Her parents were protective, rather obtrusively so. If they had been around, they’d pull her away and give the stranger a wide berth. They would have a lot to say about the stranger.

Indeed, there was a lot to say about her.

For lack of a better word, the stranger was gorgeous. She could even be called exotic. There was 5 feet and 10 inches of her to take in, a towering sculpture of a dark-skinned woman adorned with a beautiful, almost angelic face wreathed in flowing black hair.

Beautiful, but she was very angry at the present moment.

“For the love of fuck, just give me my room already! Come on, I’m already registered! Is it too much for you to check?”

Her voice was angry, but her gestures were frantic, an almost desperate energy as she paced back and forth, hands either balled into fists or worrying at her hair.

If the front desk noticed, it made no show of it. Screens stared blankly at the scene, motionless as crude figures around the desk engaged in a pattern of stilted movements as they idled around, doing nothing in particular. Finally, one took notice and jerked it’s way forward.


“Oh for the love of fuck itself, why are you even here? Why would there even be a help desk if it’s just going to be an automated voice system? I just want to fucking–”

“E-excuse me, do you need h-help?”

Jasmine stopped before her rant could really start and looked at the newcomer. To be perfectly honest, she didn’t actually know she had company. After watching lines of other customers move through the help desk with little issue even as she sank ever deeper into bureaucratic inefficiency, there was little room in her mind for anything other than anger.

Taking a moment to at least somewhat compose herself, Jasmine took a deep breath and turned towards the newcomer.

“Sorry, I’m just venting. I didn’t know anyone else was stuck here with the absolute ‘wonders of modern technology’”, she said, putting an emphasis on the latter half of her sentence. “All sarcasm aside, what’s your name?”

“Um…I’m..I’m Alexis.”

“Oh, cool. Hi Alexis. I guess you know I’m Jasmine already.”

“I…uh…I guess you’re Jasmine, right?”

Alexis, obviously, didn’t quite understand that the prior rant was purely rhetorical in nature. Had she not responded, the rest of the conversation wouldn’t have to happen. In fact, she really didn’t want it to happen. In spite of the aforementioned rant, Alexis had no idea what was even happening, and she was already scrambling for an excuse to escape.

“I-I don’t think you have to actually, you know, register here, r-right? I mean, I guess you could always get…get a room at the college itself. No, I mean, not at the actual college! I mean, dorm reservations are, well, they’re technically over, but you should still be able to, um, get…get the papers! The papers you need to give to the people so they can get your room up. R-right?”

Jasmine frowned.

“Yeah, that’s what they said in the pamphlet, but that’s apparently not happening. See, I called ahead yesterday to get some other paperwork done, but, again, that’s where the whole ‘modern technology’ thing started popping up. Someone evidently doesn’t know how customer service works because all of the student staff decided that the day everyone moves in, as in the day new students would probably really like to talk with an actual-ass human being, would be the best time to go through ‘sensitivity training’, whatever that means. I think they made it up.

“Point is, I either get stuck with robot customer service here, or I get stuck with robot customer service somewhere else. Either way, it looks like I’m stuck, and, on top of all that, I’m probably going to fucking run out of–”-- Jasmine quickly caught herself. She was getting worked up again, and she could see Alexis slinking away.

“Hey, Alexis, please don’t go away”, Jasmine apologized, grabbing a very flustered Alexis before she could run too far. “Alexis! Please, I’m not angry at you, but I would really appreciate if you–”

Jasmine didn’t exactly get to finish her sentence.

For a brief moment, with Alexis pulling away and Jasmine pulling her back, there was balance, an equilibrium of opposing forces. However, something had to give, and that something was Alexis. Given the difference in their sizes, Alexis wasn’t exactly surprised to lose the brief tug-of-war. What was surprising was just how strong Jasmine was.

For her part, Jasmine wasn’t intending to hurt Alexis; since Alexis didn’t seem to be in quite as much of a hurry as she was, Jasmine assumed that she had already finished registration and wanted to see if she could help. At the very least, if she was going to be yelling at robot customer service for another hour, she would’ve appreciated some human company. As a result, when Alexis started to run away, Jasmine pulled her a little harder than intended, and that was all it took for Alexis to lose her footing.

With the sudden lack of resistance, Alexis found herself going backwards instead of forwards, and backwards was pointed at the floor. Realizing her mistake, Jasmine quickly moved to catch her, only to find herself caught in the descent. All told, it could’ve been much worse; without anything to cushion her fall, Alexis would’ve left the station with a new head injury.

That said, it still took a bit for Alexis to shake off the fall. To be honest, there was a part of her that didn’t want to because the floor felt a lot softer than she thought it would. It wasn’t exactly a squishy kind of soft. It was somewhat firm, almost like a good, sturdy pillow.

She almost gave it a squeeze before realizing that she had fallen directly onto Jasmine’s chest.

If she was flustered before, Alexis was now an emergency light, broadcasting her embarrassment to anyone who cared to look. To her credit, Jasmine didn’t get angry. She simply stood up, shook off her discombulation, and looked over Alexis with concern.

“Are you hurt?”

“I…I think so.”

“Are you sure? I was pulling on you really hard back there. Are you sure that I didn’t break anything?”

“I think I’m sure. Everything…everything seems to be working okay.”

Jasmine breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness. I’m so sorry about that. I didn’t want to hurt you. I don’t think I’d forgive myself if I did.”

“It’s okay”, Alexis responded nervously, not wanting to bring up what just happened. “It was an accident. It was an accident, and…and we can both go now.”

Alexis moved to leave, but Jasmine stopped her.

“What was that back there?” There was no malice in that question. Jasmine just seemed curious, maybe even a little playful.

No, that was just her imagination.

“It was nothing. Come on, I…I think the train’s leaving.”

Alexis tried to get past the immobile wall that was Jasmine, but she wasn’t budging.

“You know, when we were both on the ground, I could feel you squirming.”

“M-must’ve been your imagination?”

“No, you were squirming a lot. There was a bit of heavy breathing as well. Are you sure there wasn’t–”


Alexis covered her mouth. She didn’t mean to start shouting, but that was how her parents told her to say it. She had to say it though, right?

Maybe she needed to drive her away.

Maybe it was for the best.

She didn’t go away, though.

If she was unnerved, Jasmine didn’t exactly show it. If anything, she seemed more determined to get the point across. Marching forward, paced exactly fast enough to keep Alexis from running, she pushed her against a wall, close enough so that Alexis would have no choice to look her in the eye.

“Alex, are you sure you didn’t feel anything? I think you enjoyed that fall a little more than you should’ve. I don’t know what you’re holding back, but you can be honest with me, I won’t judge.”

Mischievously, Jasmine leaned over, enough so that her chest was resting right on Alexis’s shoulder, enough so that she could whisper right in her ear.

“If you want, I’ll let you–”

Rather abruptly, Jasmine stopped.

It wasn’t exactly a smooth stop. In an instant, Jasmine’s precise, fluid movements jerked forward, shuddering from the unexpected interruption. Before she could react, she collapsed, falling into Alexis’s arms. She made an attempt to play it off, but Jasmine seemed to have trouble standing properly, her legs shaking as she tried to fight back what was probably a string of profanities.

“Oh my god, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Alexis listened, and she found a reason for more panicking. “Oh no, it’s bad! You’re not breathing. Hold on, let me get my phone. I’ll go call an ambulance, just stay right–”

At the mention of the word “ambulance”, Jasmine promptly gasped for air. Alexis was relieved, ignoring the odd timing for the moment. Jasmine didn’t exactly manage to grab her attention in a literal manner, but the meaning of the movement was clear enough.

“No…no ambulance…please…no ambulance…”

“No ambulance? Are you crazy? You’re not okay! You need medical attention! It’ll only take a few seconds, just let me make the call!”

“No…you don’t understand. I’m a…I have a medical condition. It’s not life-threatening, but the school wouldn’t have let me in if they knew. It’ll all be okay if I get…if I take my medication. Please…I just need some private place where I can…”

Luckily for Jasmine, Alexis had enough social grace to get the message, and a solution was readily available.

“Okay, so this is crazy convenient, but I think I have an idea. I’m supposed to have a roommate, but she’s not coming here anymore, so the room’s open. Do you maybe, I don’t know…”

Holding her stomach, possibly in an attempt to keep something from coming out, Jasmine nodded.

Rather fortunately, once more, a thunderous roar shook the station, this time droning into a deep groan, then the squeaks of machinery grinding to a halt. The loose odds and ends did not quite have time to react, and the airspace momentarily swelled with loose papers, dust, and the odd misplaced jacket. Before everything could settle back into place, a loud hiss rattled throughout the area, and the crowds surged forward.

The train had finally arrived.

Leaning heavily on each other for support, the two made their way forward. The train would not stay forever, and, slow as they were, it was a miracle that they made it on. They made for a strange sight, two women barely able to support each other’s weight, somehow staggering to a pair of empty seats without attracting too much attention.

Tired as she was, Jasmine couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all.

“Of all the things that made it on time, it was the train, Alex. It was the fucking train.” She was tired, so very tired, and it was all she could do to not immediately fall asleep. “This…this world, really is something, isn’t it, Alexis?”

“Yeah, it’s really a world…um…you…I heard you say it at the beginning…um…”

“My name is Jasmine.”

With that, Jasmine closed her eyes, and she wouldn’t wake again until they were at the university.

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Re: Unusual College Roommate

Post by mister_minations » Fri Jan 21, 2022 8:05 pm

“Yo, Jasmine! We’re about to start! You coming or what?”

“Just a minute!”

“Okay, but make it a quick one!”

“Yeah, don’t go powdering your nose or something stupid like that.”

“Dude, that’s not a thing girls do.”

“Then why do we keep saying it?”

“Because it’s a common turn of phrase, you strange person.”

“I know that, but why do we say that? I’m just weirded out by how it’s all so…”

Jasmine turned away from…whatever was going on back there…and made her way to the door on the opposite side of the room.

“Hey, Alex? Are you there? A few of us are having a little study session. Nothing major, just 3 or 4 people, definitely in the single digits. Do you want to come over?”

There was no response.

“Alex, are you there?”

Still nothing, but Jasmine could see a few shadows shifting under the door. With her minute slowly ticking down, Jasmine tried the doorknob. Interestingly, it wasn’t locked.

“Alexis, please, give me an answer. I have to go soon. If you don’t…I mean, I’m not going to come in, but I just want to know if you’re okay in there.”

Finally, the door creaked open. It wasn’t a lot, just a crack, enough to let a small face dart out. Jasmine could almost catch a glimpse of a heavy-lidded eye dart furtively towards the door. It wasn’t much, and it soon became nothing at all when the door slammed shut.

“I-I’m fine. I’ll stay…I’ll stay here for the night. Maybe later?”

“Sure thing, whatever you say”, Jasmine sighed. “Maybe we’ll get together some other time. See you later, Alex.”

From outside her room, Alexis could still hear Jasmine talking with her classmates.

“Okay guys, let’s go.”

“Jasmine, I have to ask. Just…just why?”

“Why what?”

“You keep asking, yet you’ve never gotten a response. Ever.”

“Yeah, this is the 23rd time this month alone. Don’t ask why I’m counting. Given how she’s responded the past year, I don’t think it’s going to be any different this time, or any other time.”

“I don’t know. It just…I can’t explain it, but wouldn’t it be rude not to ask?”

“Considering how often she stays locked up in her room, I have a distinct impression that she wouldn’t even notice.”

“...that seems kind of…I don’t know…”


“Odd visual combination of letters, but yeah. I feel like Alex should at least know when I’m out.”

“Wait, your roommate is named Alex?”

“Well, yeah? Did you never notice?”

“To be fair, we’ve only seen her outside once or twice.”

“Maybe she’s some kind of gremlin.”

“Nah, everyone has to go outside at some point. Some of the professors are really trigger-happy when it comes to attendance.”

“Wait, really? Our teachers actually give a shit about that?”

“Yeah, you know that one crazy lady? She actually threw one of the transfer students out a window for arriving late.”

“Is that why there was a giant pile of glass outside the engineering department?”

“To add insult to injury, he was also booted out of the university for littering, of all things.”

“Damn, that’s hardcore. I guess the little gremlin probably at least shows up for classes, huh?”

“Guys, can we please stop talking about my roommate like she’s some wrinkly midget creature? She’s really nice if you get to know her.”

“Right…and that’s a pretty big “if” because, once again, I’m pretty sure you’re the only one who has seen, let alone interacted, with her.”

“Come on…guys…she’s not like that…please…”

This went on for some time, voices gradually trailing down the hallway, getting quieter and quieter as the small group made it downstairs. Behind her door, Alexis kept vigil, listening for any sign of movement. There was the roar of an engine, the peel of screeching tires, and then they were gone.

There wouldn’t be an opportunity better than this.

Alexis would know better than anyone else that privacy isn’t real. For most universities, this is especially true, especially when it comes to the dorms. This isn’t just a matter of voyeuristic passerby; even the architecture is enough to make every secret open to the casual observer.

Now, the architecture isn’t malevolent on purpose. If there’s a fire, students need a way to quickly escape the building. Anything that blocks a fire exit is rather detrimental to campus design. This, of course, makes complete sense. If students couldn’t escape a fire, there would be lawsuits, and lawsuits are bad for public image.

However, sometimes there are too many required fire exits, and bureaucracy breaks common logic to enforce a rule beyond any reasonable intent. Sometimes, through fault of no one in particular, room layouts are just too narrow, and there’s only room for one emergency exit. One of these scenarios was present when the university built the dorms because the two bedrooms in this particular apartment were connected by a bathroom, with the bathroom inaccessible from anywhere other than the bedrooms.

Usually, this isn’t that big of a deal. In most situations, both occupants will recognize that the space is unusable as a means of antagonism without invoking mutually assured destruction, leading to some sort of reasonable compromise. If things really did escalate, it would be a simple matter of either wading through paperwork to get proper locks installed by authorized personnel or, for a far simpler approach, to easily (and technically illegally) install locks the old-fashioned way.

Anyways, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Neither Alexis nor Jasmine really bickered with one another. In fact, Jasmine was extremely accommodating of Alexis, rarely, if ever, complaining about her living arrangements. Ever since their meeting on Moving Day, Jasmine had implicitly decided to fully award Alexis with her unconditional trust. After all, if it weren’t for her, she wouldn’t even have a room to stay in. At the very least, if Alexis was that generous, what harm was there in trusting her to uphold the privacy of unlocked doors?

Unfortunately for Jasmine, Alexis didn’t quite internalize the implications of that promise.

It wasn’t that she didn’t respect Jasmine’s privacy. She couldn’t admit it, not even to herself, but she loved her, and not in the platonic sense. It was a relationship based on distance, the distance between a mountaintop and a blade of grass; from a bed of earth, the grass can always see the top of the mountain, but, unless it was already there, grass cannot grow legs to climb it’s way up, only hope for winds to carry it skyward.

Jasmine, friendly as she was, was completely out of her league. Despite living in the same apartment, Alexis could barely work up the courage to give a friendly hello every morning. Even though she found basic social interactions a chore, it wasn’t the case for literally everyone else. Throngs of students encountered Jasmine every day, and almost every one of them easily slid into friendly conversation. It was like Jasmine could never say no to anyone as long as they wanted to talk. It was like she could be friends with everyone.

If Alexis was being honest with herself, she was scared.

Alexis told herself that she wasn’t mad that Jasmine was making friends. People do that. No, she was scared that Jasmine would forget about her. She was scared of losing someone that had been so nice to her, someone that made her want to be a bit more…open with herself.

As implied, Alexis was not honest with herself.

Call it hormones or the delusional fantasies of a newly-minted adult, Alexis was not seeing clearly. Strangers weren’t trying to steal her roommate. Jasmine was still trying to be her friend. If she was just honest this one time…

…except she’s not the only one hiding something, is she?

There wasn’t an exact specific instance that made Alexis realize the truth about Jasmine. Ever since the two met, there had been a few odd little quirks. She knew better than to bring them up because simply knowing some of them was more than enough to earn a place on some sort of watch list.

Little things, like Jasmine vanishing every weekend…

A tendency to hang around electrical sockets…

A seeming inability to never turn down social interactions…

Strange little noises that would sound whenever Jasmine was alone…

Supposedly vital medication that looked suspiciously like packaging peanuts…

A roll of toothpaste that tasted awful…

A toilet that would frequently flush nothing but water…

Breathing that would only get noticeable if other people were paying attention…

Indeed, there were a lot of little things that made Alexis suspicious, and she had suspected Jasmine’s secret for a very, very long time. She had known, but she didn’t know what to do with the information. Well, not until a few weeks ago, when she knew she had to do…something…anything…

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Re: Unusual College Roommate

Post by mister_minations » Fri Jan 28, 2022 9:08 pm

“That was terrible.”

“It was.”

“Really terrible, 0/10, do not pass go.”


“I mean, that was fucking Freshman English. I’m not a caveman. I know how to make words.”

“You sure? I’m pretty sure you wrote ‘u smelly lol’ as one of your answers.”

“That was a joke, dumbass. Also, why were you looking at my exam? Aren’t you supposed to be the ‘supreme arbiter of justice’ or some shit?”

“First of all, I was going through a phase. Second of all, it’s ‘Supreme Arbiter King of Total Justice’. If you’re going to be a smartass, be more of the first and less of the second.”

“Oh my fucking…can you belive this guy, Alex? Total dick, right?”



“She…she doesn’t really talk that much.”

“Ah, right. Sorry about that. Is she just…”

“She…she stutters a bit. I think she’s self-conscious about that. I mean, no, I shouldn’t have said that, that was rude…”

“Nah, it’s better to be honest with us. Hey, Alex, we’re not going to make fun of you. You can talk with us if you want. I mean, Dan might get kind of stupid all of the sudden–”

“As you can tell, Kevin is well-versed in stupid.”

“--but we’re not trying to be mean. If you’re not okay with it, let us know. We’ll tone it down.”

“Yeah, most of this is just teasing. We know each other, so we’ve gotten used to it. As for Jazz, I think she’s in on the joke.”

“I guess.”




“Okay, you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to.”

“Also, sorry about calling you a gremlin.”

“Dude! She’s right there!”

“What? We were totally calling her a gremlin! That was back when we didn’t know about her. I mean, she’s kind of cute, in that shy, nerdy kind of way.”

“That…was an oddly specific set of words.”

“What? I like when women are all shy and nerdy.”

“Dan, did you not get rid of those pictures of my mom?”

“I am proud to say that I have kept them relatively clean.”



“Oh wow, look at that! We’re already at your apartment. What luck! Anyways, you two should get going. Us guys–”


“--need to have a very, very serious discussion about guy related things, and it’s really a private thing that we don’t need you girls to get involved in, so bye now!”

The two girls suddenly found themselves in their apartment, the door slamming shut as the two voices outside continued arguing, slowly fading into the distance.

As soon as they were inside, Jasmine collapsed on the couch with a tired groan. Alexis busied herself in the kitchen, noisily fixing herself a hot drink as she pretended to ignore whatever was happening in the living room. After enough time passed, Alexis realized that Jasmine had no plans to leave the couch any time soon, and she had spent enough time in the kitchen to make things feel awkward.

Back outside, Jasmine was lounging on the couch, her lower half mostly hidden by a blanket. As a nice contrast, most of her upper half wasn’t hidden on account of a sudden lack of clothing. Technically, she was wearing a bathrobe, but most of it was open, and the tight brassiere clung to her in a way that wasn’t exactly decent.

Alexis bit her lip. When it didn’t hurt enough, she bit harder, but she couldn’t stop herself from looking, from admiring the gentle, undulating motions. With each breath Jasmine took, her chest rose and fell, her breasts subtly stretching into the air before falling back down, conforming once more to fit the contours of her chest. Entranced, she would have stood there for the rest of the night, watching…

Except she couldn’t.

Jasmine was watching. Of course she was watching. If nobody was watching, she wouldn’t pretend to breathe.

It took a moment for Alexis to realize how long she had stood there gawking.

“S-sorry, I…I was just…just looking for something. Not…not meaning t-to bother anyone. I’ll…I’ll just go back to my room and–”

“Want to spend the night together?”

Alexis was caught off-guard. “To-tonight?”

“Yeah, tonight. I mean, midterms are over for the moment, and not much else is supposed to be going on. I guess you could call your folks back home, but, as long as nobody starts yelling at each other, the rest of your evening should still be free, right?”


“If you don’t want to, that’s fine. We could always try again–”

“No…no…I’m not doing anything tonight. I guess we could…I mean…we should…”

Jasmine looked at her expectantly.

“Well…what…what do you want to do?”


“I don’t really know. I thought you…y-you had something in mind for the night?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I-I don’t spend a lot of time with other people. You…you spend a lot of time. A lot of time with other people, I mean. I was hoping you already had something planned.”


“I…I don’t want to make you upset or anything.”

“No, it’s no bother. You can pick something for us to do.”

“I don’t know…I don’t know what we should do.”

“Well…I guess we could…we could…we could…I guess we could…”

It took a moment for Jasmine to realize what was happening. If Alexis had been looking, she would’ve noticed her roommate suddenly go cross-eyed, her jaw slightly opened in a vacant expression. She may have noticed a twitchiness, the increasingly concerning vocal tics as Jasmine ground her teeth on a string of repeated noises.

When she did notice, she immediately covered her mouth and stopped moving. “Count to ten”, she said to herself. “Close your eyes and count to ten. Don’t think about anything else. Just start counting. Keep your mind as empty as possible.”











She opened her eyes. Her body had stopped stuttering. That was good.

Still…she could still feel the last bit of conversation in her mind, replaying itself. It was important, somehow. She didn’t know why, but something about it made her feel…just a little bit empty.

Alexis had come back. Her face was turned away, giving no signs that she felt anything wrong. In her hands rested a small plastic rectangle.

“I…I found this. I found this DVD in my room. I guess…I guess we could watch it? Together?”

“Sure. I’m cool with that.”

Jasmine relaxed. The crisis was averted. Alexis did not know.

The movie was nothing special, just another romantic comedy made by long-forgotten actors spewing jokes that had long lost their relevance. Still, the two young women let the colors flash and the noises run. The movie was only a distraction.

Alexis wished she could focus on the movie, but Jasmine was right next to her. In fact, she was closer than that; the couch was small enough that Jasmine was leaning right against her. Pressed so closely together, she could feel everything.

It was soft.

It was warm.

It was…reassuring.

If this was the first time she felt so comforted, was it still wrong?

Suddenly, Jasmine kissed her.

If Alexis had been more aware of her immediate surroundings, she might’ve been able to process what just happened. To be fair, it wasn’t anything significant, just a quick peck on the cheek. Honestly, it would’ve been easier to pretend that it didn’t happen, to let the night pass them by, to let it all fade away.

Of course, that’s not what happened.

“J-Jasmine! Why?”

“I don’t really know. You always look so sad. You’re lonely, but you keep pushing everyone away. You keep pushing me away. Why?”

“I…doesn’t it feel…wrong?”

“Wrong? Is there something wrong with me?”

“No! That’s not–”

“Then why do you keep pulling away?”

“I…I just…”

“It’s okay. You can say whatever you want. It’ll be better after you let it out.

“It’s okay. I won’t judge. I’m your friend.”

Jasmine looked at Alexis expectantly. Alexis struggled for a bit, not knowing what to do. Was she right? Was it better to just say it?

Gently, Jasmine reached for Alexis’s hand. It was a simple gesture, the entwining of their fingers, but it was effective. Maybe…just maybe…

“I guess–”

The door opened.

The man was tall and lanky. He was dressed in a set of low-key business attire, like he just walked out of an office. Even though it was dark outside, most of his face was hidden under a wide-brimmed hat.

Almost instinctively, Jasmine looked at the calendar.

“You’re…you’re early”, she said. Her words were calm, but her grip was tight, shaking. “I thought we were supposed to meet tomorrow.”

The man did not answer. He simply closed the door. It occurred to Alexis that the door was locked, and the man was holding several sets of keys.

The movie was still playing, but the sounds had become far and distant. Both young women watched the man walk into the apartment, his presence a dismal gray sucking the color and warmth from the surroundings. He opened Jasmine’s bedroom (once again, with a copy of their keys) and looked inside, then back outside. His eyes inspected the various odds and ends, the accumulated debris and detritus from several months of college life, and focused intently on Alexis, looking deep into her eyes.

There was something in there that made him grimace.

After several hushed minutes, the man beckoned to Jasmine. Stiffy, she rose and entered her room. The man closed the door behind her.

They were talking inside.

For a few futile moments, Alexis tried to just watch the movie and ignore what was going on, but she still remembered the look on that man’s face. It was disdain, but she wasn’t the target. She couldn’t get the image out of her head.

She wondered what he wanted with Jasmine.

Finally, unable to deal with the suspense, she made up her mind.

With no shortage of apprehension, from her bedroom, she entered the bathroom. As mentioned before, the bathroom stood between the two bedrooms, and it was open on either side. It would’ve been suspicious if she tried listening in from Jasmine’s bedroom door, but, this way, Alexis at least had somewhat more of an excuse.

From the other side, the conversation wasn’t going well. Even from here, she knew something was wrong. Even from here, she could hear Jasmine crying.

“--just a little more time. Please, the contract said–”

“The contract was drafted under the assumption that your status would be kept secret; no student or faculty should know the truth. As long as you remained nothing more than an ordinary student, the contract would continue. That was the goal of the research.”

“But nobody knows!”

“Nobody knows.”

“Please, I’ve been doing everything I can to keep it a secret. I’ve followed all the tips you’ve sent! Nobody knows that I’m a–”

“You haven’t.”

“No, I did everything on the list!”

“Then why aren’t you breathing?”

“That…that doesn’t count. You already know! I do that in public!”

“That may be, but why is your charging cable lying on the couch, in plain view of your roommate?”

“That’s not…that’s just…”

“And your list of acceptable social interactions? I thought I warned you to stay away from strenuous activities. We went over this when talking about your battery management.”

“You…you said you needed data…”

“What about your, shall we say, medication? Did you think about the symptoms of your imaginary disease before you made that excuse? It gets rather odd when a supposed disease has almost no apparent health problems in public.”

“Well…that was a spur of the moment…”

“What about weekends? What was your excuse for that?”

“I mean…nobody asked…”

“Look, I’m going to be blunt. Your disguise hasn’t been all that effective. I’ve been asking around, and any student who’s been around you for a few days can feel something wrong. Any longer, and they’ll know. Most are just too polite to mention it outright.”

“No…nobody would…”

“I don’t want to say this, but I have to be honest with you. You messed up, and there’s not necessarily an easy way out of this. I guess you could submit an appeal, but the whole reason you’re even here is to get data. If you really wanted, we could discuss this later, but…”

The man sighed. He had to be harsh, but he didn’t want to push it any further than he had to. Jasmine was crying much harder now, and Alexis could hear the rustling of papers and dials.

“Come on, Jazz. We both knew this was coming. Don’t make this any harder than it has to be.”

Jasmine sniffled. “Does…does it even matter? Everything I did, all of it was pointless.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I’ll put your request on the top of my pile. Data is data, and your manufacturer might have a use for it. For now, let’s just get out what we can.

“If you would, let’s count to ten again. Just count to ten, don’t think about anything else. Count to ten and keep your mind empty.











“Unit JA-5593, please remove your abdominal panel and initiate data transfer protocols.”

“Administrator voice profile recognized. Releasing primary access panel seals and activating data ports. Please stand by.”

Jasmine was speaking, but her voice was mechanical, electronic. There was a hiss, then the click of disengaging locks. From her vantage point, Alexis could see a flesh-colored slab hit the floor, then a number of wires snaking into Jasmine’s stomach.

“Input cables detected. Transfer initiated. Estimated time to completion–”

Alexis had seen enough. Her suspicions were correct: Jasmine, her roommate, was a robot. That was that. The trick had been revealed. All that was left was to–


There was an eye pressed directly in front of her face.

Alexis fell backwards in shock.

The door was open just a crack, and the eye peered through the opening, staring directly at her. It was a bloodshot eye, weighted by dark circles and wrinkles. Even as she scrambled back into the safety of her own room, it’s gaze never faltered.

Even when the man left, she could still feel it, staring.

It would be a while before she knew why.

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Re: Unusual College Roommate

Post by DollSpace » Mon Feb 28, 2022 2:33 am

Is this story finished? It doesn't really have a "hard close" where it's obvious that it's over. But I loved reading it and the jumping through time bit was excellent. I'm gonna have to reread this again later to make sure I didn't miss anything. Good job! :)

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