Subliminal Competition

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Subliminal Competition

Post by Robo-Admirer » Thu Aug 26, 2021 11:07 pm

The early morning sun crept through their second storey bedroom window, lighting up still scene of ruffled sheets and tossed clothes. This calm was short-lived, ending when a feminine figure on the left rose, carefully; smoothly as to not wake her man. The light glimmered off her clear, smooth skin, shining on the faint, short blonde hairs of her arms as she removed the white sheets which once covered their bodies. Sitting upright on the mattress, forcing the firm material to contour to the shape of her tight rear and limbs, she carefully slipped her left hand underneath her man’s black boxer shorts, softly pressing into his groin with her elegantly soft palm.

Gentle, petite fingers lightly wrapped themselves around his morning shaft as they began toying with his third leg, something the man could faintly tell in his groggy fog of consciousness. Her touch seeping into his dream was the most logical conclusion she could possibly come too.

“Hmmm…” his soft whisper was instantly detected and acted on. She added a slight twist to her slow pumps, completing the same action she’d done over a hundred times before with the lessons she’d learnt from the previous mornings. She made the act of appearing in the moment seem as real as her being; simulating enjoyment where there was none, all for the sole advancement of her mission.

Several slow minutes passed, each as precisely perceived as the last before she decided a more active action was needed. Without missing a pump, his boxers lost their grip on his stiff penis, now exposed to the warm spring breeze which passed through their slightly opened window. As quickly as the breeze was felt, it was lost to the denser environment that was her mouth as she leaned in, her heavy chest softly bouncing off his thigh before squeezing lightly under her own pressure. Her long tongue effortlessly wrapped itself around his shaft, pumping him with ease as she sucked in with the force of a small vacuum.

While her internal composition allowed for an endless, powerful suction, with the excess air leaving through several other available openings, her mission parameters strictly prevented that. While she couldn’t actually care or feel disappointment with this, it was a slight hindrance with the goal at hand.

By the third minute of her doubled efforts, a widening smile finally overtook his face as he sucked in deeply. “Ohhh yesss… Is it morn…morning already” he managed through a yawn intruding moan, his arms stretching upward at the ceiling as he became aware of what was happening.

Her mechanised snake of a tongue answered his question as its grasp tightened. Unexpected to her, the daily routine wasn’t on schedule. The lack of hands on her hair, head and breasts caused the android systems mild concern. However, a quick decision decided that avoiding the anomaly was preferable, given how close he was to finishing. Any hindrance to her mission was, as always, ignored and suppressed.

Within moments of her prediction, she detected his chemical composition squirt against the back of her throat, and drip down her internal tubbing just as it had many times before. That very same mechanical tongue altered its skin friction, allowing the majority of his cum an effortless journey to its resting place.

She stayed on him during this process, lapping and cleaning him until he said otherwise, attempting to salvage some of their ordinary morning routine. He on the other hand suddenly scrunched his face at a sudden realisation.

“Hey, babe, what time is it?” he half-asked, turning his gaze to the alarm clock on his bedside table.

07:25 shone in bright green.

Lifting from her hold on him, she licked her soft red lips clean.

“A good morning to you too Brad” she replied in between kisses to the tip of his penis. “And it’s…”

“Seven thirty, I know… Look no time for any more fun, I have to get ready… Play with yourself in the meantime. I need a distraction” He commanded as he moved out from under her and took to his feet.

True to his order, she quickly returned to her side of the bed, bent both of her long, slender legs at the knees and spread her thighs out to a near perfect splits.

“Yes master, like this…?” she cooed, her fingers lightly brushing the ridges of her crafted vagina with her medium length nails doing most of the work.

“Doesn’t matter” he answered as he positioned his boxers back over his manhood, ignoring the flutter of her eyes and the tensing of her feet.

Without another word, he paced to the wardrobe at the end of the room and retrieved his black business suit and shoes.

He turned and watched Lana play with herself, half taking in the scene of her artificial muscles tensing, her toes flexing and curling as did her fingers. He wanted to play with her at that very moment, her erotic, submissive display close to forcing his instincts to take control. But with practiced patience, he resisted as sometimes sacrifices now had to be made to continue enjoying the future.

Dressing himself to the sweet noises that escaped her soft, plump lips, he combed his thick brown hair over and checked the time. “Okay, we still have some time. Lana, make us some toast with butter and jam for breakfast.” He ordered quickly as he adjusted his tie in their full body mirror.

“Hmm a please would be nice” she teased as three fingers continued to slip into her damp folds.

“Lana… Please…” a particularly load moan drowned him out as she shivered in simulated bliss as a result of his unspoked order of ‘stop playing with yourself’.
The moment her breathing calmed, she gave him a scene of protest and ‘reluctantly’ released herself, quickly bring both legs together with a soft *SLAP* and stood to meet his eyes. A little playfulness worked in her favour, at least to a reasonably calculated extent. However, this morning had put that in doubt given the lack of data she’d experienced with him during a mildly stressful time.

Inexperience here however forced her to rely on primarily stock operations, something he’d seen time and time again, and taken as parts of her odd personality.
“Should I bother getting dressed?” she asked as she stood there in the nude, twirling her long blonde hair idly with her right hand as her deep blue eyes investigated his, completely ignorant of the trail of cum which slid down her left thigh.

Ignoring her once again, he moved straight to the bathroom behind her to run some cold water over his warm face, closing the door once he was inside. Lana on the other hand waited for an internal response timer to run out before making her next move.

Finding her bra and panties tossed at the foot of their bed, she quickly placed them on. He didn’t specifically order her to get dressed, or to clean up her mess, but a randomised instruction set brought her to those actions. Additionally, the phrase ‘get dressed’ wasn’t associated with anything more than a bra and panties as part of his repeatedly poor choice of commands over the last six months.

At the same time, she established a link with the wireless, house wide speaker set up, and started the Micro-Tech jingle on repeat in a frequency just above that of the human ear. Lastly, she took hold of her anniversary gift perfume and sprayed three squirts against her neck. At the same time, micro pours within her artificial skin emitted a odourless scent which was present at every Micro-Tech consultancy store.

Satisfied with the subtle volume, effect and smell of the air surrounding her, Lana paced downstairs and entered their living room first. She took hold of their TV remote and brought it to the table near their kitchen. Placing it within arm’s reach of where Brad would sit, she turned and entered the kitchen to prepare their breakfast. An additional randomiser protocol was prompted, calling for a side of bacon to go with Brad’s breakfast.

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Re: Subliminal Competition

Post by DZiegler » Fri Aug 27, 2021 1:46 pm

Would love to see this elaborated upon!

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Re: Subliminal Competition

Post by Robo-Admirer » Sun Aug 29, 2021 1:23 am

Thanks DZiegler, I intend to do just that. Enjoy part 2 everyone!

A few sizzling and oil spitting moments caused by the stripped bacon passed without interruption. Every drop of splattered oil which landed on Lana’s carefully detailed silicon covering went unnoticed, leaving a slight scare which promptly vanished under the instructions of her processor.

The mere moments worth of attack from the bacons supply of fat ceased as the tapping of Brads hard sole shoes was heard against the pale white tilled steps. He found Lana shuffling the bacon next to his golden coloured toast with a spatula which was discarded in the sink the moment its use was no longer needed.

The eye contact she made with him the second his platter was in her hands lasted to the dining table. She placed his plate just off centre from the chair and moved over to her chair. She ended her act by leaning forward against the chair, her heavy cleavage on full display through her tight blue bra, coupled with a submissive, yet desired smile. Her now frizzed blonde locks of hair didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, Brad admired the touch of change she’d displayed the last few mornings, and this was no exception.

While his lower brain made its craving obviously known, his bigger brain took charge… barely.

“Hunny… let’s just eat. Time isn’t on my side. These damn people… I can’t be late.” He sighed, much to her naturally seeming protest. She stood back upright and pulled her chair out before joining him.

She turned to look at him as her faint, but powerful pheromone became lightly noticeable in the air as it seeped out through the tiny pours in her plastic skin.

His scent of worry he created was detected quickly, which when combined with his other physical parameters prompted an immediate need to calm him down.

“Babe, relax please. Let me help you relax! First off, you’ll kill at this meeting. Second of all, you can’t lose. Micro-Tech is our saving grace, you said it yourself!” she replied, the affect of her uplifting smile reassured him slightly, albeit temporarily. But, as quickly as his nerves settled, the reminder of time returned.

He glanced at their oven clock as she went on.

‘Twenty minutes. Okay, this can work…’ he thought as a large slice of bacon was pierced on his fork and forced into his mouth. Several chews in, he heard Lana groan softly. His focus left from her and was now founded in anticipation of today’s event. Only her faint protest about what he forgot to do brought him back to the present.

“Oh right… Lana… give me a neck massage” he stumbled, eventually committing to his command. True to her programmed submissiveness, she dashed behind him with a satisfied smile and placed her advanced mechanical fingers on his shoulders.

Actuator connected titanium, coated in a soft, pliable silicon gently pressed into Brad’s shoulders as Lana followed his order. A power dynamic which took weeks of building, designed to make him believe in the lie that he was in control.

The first few weeks of awkwardness came primarily from his lack of instructions, coupled with her limited A.I abilities in decision making and operating without a dedicated, aware master. However, Brad was quick to pick up on her ‘quirks’, and the two discovered what worked.

It took a moment longer than she expected, but he did eventually reach across the table and take hold of the TV remote. Lana connected with the TV the instant it turned on and altered what exactly was playing next.

She leaned in and slowly nibbled his ear lobe and neck as the Micro-Tech commercial came on at her demand. Deducing that Brad was more suggestible in a relaxed, aroused state, it only made logical sense for her subliminal messaging tactics to occur during these moments. Relating an aggressively sexual creature to that of Micro-Tech’s registered logos, audios and physicals was all she needed.

Today was a major steppingstone to the success of her mission, and every effort she spent with him was in service to that very goal.

Nothing would get in her way.

The commercial promptly ended along with Lana’s neck rub, with the final few seconds ending in a deep kiss as the jingle of the company which constructed her played in the background. Brad, as always, enjoyed the sights of the realistic machines performing a magnitude of tasks effortlessly, and the much more personal touch of one his lips were connected too right now. Much like the rest of the populace however, he was painfully oblivious to just how realistic a Companion could be.

“Hmm, that was good babe. You know, the timing is so odd recently. So many commercials and ads about Micro-Tech, I’m sure they could be spending their money on more important things. I mean, the commercials are great and all, but I don’t believe those ‘Companions’ are anywhere as real as you or me. I could easily tell them apart from you from a mile away!” he continued on, looking straight into her factory-built eyes as he argued his point.

As usual, Lana let him rant. She’d steadily built up an illusion of patience, but even a forgery had its limitations. She moved round to her seat and gracefully simulated her interest and enjoyment of his voice. Physically, she acted intrigued, appearing to contemplate his thoughts in such a depth as to maintain the illusion and the act.

The very same processors which maintained her act analysed, recorded, and stored each word for later use. It had proved invaluable in the past.
He continued on until her processors deemed it necessary to stop him at the risk of breaking the illusion.

No human had infinite patience, so why should she?

“Sorry, but…” Lana was quick to place her slim finger over his moving lips. He quickly noticed a common, special look take form in her eyes; one she got every time her dominate side broke out from the depths of her submissive facade.

Standing, she backed a step up before effortlessly throwing her left leg straight up into the air, holding it in place in a perfectly vertical split. Her soft left breast was squished against the top of her firmer thigh as she held the position naturally.

Her right hand slowly traced across her flat, slightly contoured stomach, down to her groin and finally to her blue panties which covered her silicon vagina.

“Babe… Brad, listen to me. You see this here?” she lightly traced around her panties, moving them to the side to reveal her wonderfully detailed, crafted vagina.
“This is your reward for tonight if you close this deal. You know the odds. You know the stats. You know that this will generate a lot of money for everyone. But what you don’t know is how real Companions are, especially the model 3’s. If you’re lucky, you might just get to experience the difference between a real woman, and…” she slipped two finger into her vagina, gasping softly as they disappeared within her “…a Companion”.

The scene ended as quickly as it began when Lana brought her left foot to the ground, leaving Brad with a slight shiver. In those brief moments, he forgot who he was talking too as a far more dominating figure took hold of her body. It drove him crazy, but he kept the feeling a secret, one she detected well before he himself did.

She sat back on the chair her panties still shifted to one side, a fact only known to Brad when he looked between her widely spread thighs.

“You really know how to… Makes me wonder who’s in charge here” he stumbled, chuckling lightly as he forced his breathing to soften. A moment of stillness passed before reality slowly crept back in.

He glanced at the clock, only to glance twice in disbelief.

“Fuck… ok I need to run. I’ll call you after the meeting!” he was quick to his feet and dashed to the kitchen, leaving his unfinished platter behind. Drinking straight from the tap, he wiped the extra water from his chin and headed for the door. He took his car keys from the bowel sitting on the side table next to the door and opened the large piece of oak halfway before pausing.

“Lana, I forgot to mention, I need you to pick up some things for the house. Some milk, bread, and butter and whatever else you want. Also, there’s a package for you coming today. Try it on and do the mirror thing again. Record it for me this time. Love you!”

Closing the door, he hastily jumped in his SUV and began his journey into the city.

He hadn’t noticed how little Lana had moved in her seat during that scene as his mind was pressed on the largest deal of his career. Meanwhile, Lana’s instruction set was slowly updating itself at the rate of a trickle. The second stage of her builders plan was close to beginning.

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Re: Subliminal Competition

Post by Extyr » Fri Sep 03, 2021 10:53 pm

Interesting. I always love it when the fembots are programmed for subversive seduction. Though I'd really love it if for once the man was playing her instead. Kinda like fection's stuff, but instead of playing on baby mode, there was actual challenge.

Anyway, with the title of this story, I'm guessing a rival company will show up and try to influence the deal too. I look forward to the competition.

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Re: Subliminal Competition

Post by botfriend2000 » Tue Sep 07, 2021 5:12 pm

:D WOW! Amazing story and one to remember. I believe the bar has been raised and a new standard set. Can’t wait to see what happens next between Lana and Brad👍

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Re: Subliminal Competition

Post by Robo-Admirer » Tue Sep 07, 2021 11:44 pm

Thank you guys for the kind words. This will be a longer story given... well life. But none-the-less, here's part 3. Enjoy!

“Nineteen out of the twenty clients… Brad that’s fucking outstanding!” he now heard after pressing the phone firmer against his ear. The bustling hum of foot traffic passing by in the large, open floor lobby increased with every minute, increasing the difficulty of separating the excess noise from that of his supervisor; something he regularly found difficult to distinguish.

He was forced to shift in the lavishly decorated single seat sofa which he sat in as its uncomfortably firm cushion strained against his rear.
‘All looks, only looks’ he thought.

“This one client though” he further explained, “a much older woman just won’t budge. We’re talking seven figures here that just won’t yield. She’s so hesitant about this opportunity...” Brad shifted in his seat again, swapping his crossed legs out as his left died, the discomfort only subtly above that which echoed from his lower back.

“Look Brad, it’s only fifteen percent. Think about at the big picture here, it seriously won’t matter. At the growth these guys are experiencing, it’ll cover this old bag’s portion within a year tops. Seriously, let it go…”

The silence which followed was short lived, broken by a sigh from both men.

“Look, I’ve gotta run. You should celebrate! Take the rest of the day off, go home to that sexy lady you have and enjoy. Seriously, she’ll be tough competition with the complementary robots we’ll be drowning in this time next week. Can you handle two sexy babes at once? God knows I will!”


The call ended before Brad could finish. For a short while after, he just sat there, withering the discomfort as he wondered about what the day so far had entailed. ‘Only three hours in, and the pay-check is more than I deserve.’

A few moments on idleness passed before he looked down to his phone. Opening his gallery, dozens of pictures of Lana and himself appeared on the large screen, all from their numerous holidays, social events, the many dates they’d been on and of course, the nudes and sexual poses which by themselves covered over forty percent of everything he had.

‘How the fuck did you get into my life?’ he wondered, making his mind on what he wanted next. The number he dialled was memorised, both mentally and in muscle, and the jewellery store owner he spoke with knew him by name.

“I’ll pick up the ring Monday next week… Yes, over dinner… Thank you Kelly, I hope she loves it also. You too, bye.”

Breaking into a smile, he slid further into the seat, completely ignoring his body’s protest as he revelled in anticipation. The few moments of peace reflected the dying crowds as the lobby moved into a modest tone.

He completely missed the woman who approached him a mere second later.

“Excuse me?” she asked.

Standing to his side, he was quick to notice her professional attire, complete with a navy-blue blazer, black stockings and matching, modest pumps. She clutched a tablet under her right arm tightly; its edges contouring the thick blazer fabric almost violently.

“Mr Banks?” she continued with her light British accent.

“I suppose. What can I do for you?” he confirmed, shifting into an upright position.

“Susana Cloff, chief representative of ‘Omni Robotics’. May I buy you a drink?” she offered, standing oddly stiff as he looked her over. Seemingly too young to be an actual chief representative, he reasoned that she couldn’t have passed for a day over twenty-five.

“I’ve never heard of you before, but I’ve had my fair share of run ins with Omni… And if anything, I should be the one buying drinks after today.” He replied, standing up to meet her at eye level.

Only now did he notice her pale hazel eyes, brightly lit by the rays of light which caused the entire lobby to shine spontaneously.

“Oh, that’s exactly why I’m here. But please, would you like to talk about this over a drink?” she persisted, shifting her stance slightly as her deep gaze pierced through his, its softness fading momentarily.

A short battle played out, his mind over his body; a potential opportunity or what was waiting for him at home. It didn’t take long for his mind to emerge victorious for the second time that morning.

“Sure. Brad” he introduced himself, offering and shaking her left hand awkwardly with his right.

With Susana leading, the two moved through the hotel lobby, weaving through the flurry of people who passed them. A few moments passed before Brad settled for the ‘The Cheating Cat’ bar towards the far north end of the building. They both ordered their drinks from the bar and sat in a brightly lit booth towards the back end.

“Nice place you have here. Do you always pick the fancy ones for these meetings?” she asked in between sips of her coloured Martini.

“We like to maintain a certain prestige with our clients. And besides, you’re the one who suggested a drink…”

“But not the bar” she quickly slipped in.

Brad nodded with a slight chuckle before taking a large gulp of his own Vodka and Coke.

“The deal’s already been done. This time next week everyone will vote, and the opportunity won. I’ll most likely retire, marry the woman of my dreams, and become a father. So, I don’t see how you could change my mind.” He confidently remarked, taking a second gulp of from his thick glass cup.

“I’m at the point of my life where my needs are met, and my desires fulfilled. I’m only here out of curtesy for you and your time.” He concluded with, folding his arms directly after against his chest.

Susana grinned before leaning in over the table, her tablet still tightly held against her person.

“While I wish you the best with your life, words don’t persuade people. Actions however, can. All I ask is for one hour, and I’ll at least convince you to consider an alternative option.”

Brad leaned in to meet her, stopping merely inches from her face. Only now, under the dim lighting did he truly appreciate her soft complexion; high cheek bones and overall soft face which could easily mislead anyone of her more assertive tone.

Something about her look, or rather how she looked at him reminded brought forth memories of Lana, but he couldn’t quite determine what it exactly was.
He thought it over briefly, before deciding to take a left turn for the day.

“One hour? You have it. What did you have in mind?” he settled, blocking out the small voice inside which advised him otherwise.

A gleaming smile broke across her face as she quickly shuffled out of the booth. “Our hour has begun. Let’s get a room. What I’m going to show you is... a little personal and private I’m afraid… Company policy you know…” she explained, her tone breaking momentarily before veering back on track.

Raising an eyebrow, Brad downed his drink, took to his feet, and followed Susana out of the bar and to the reception opposite the lobby. Within minutes, they had a room on the top floor and headed straight up.

Rob’s mind was running wild with anticipation, and mild concern. That small voice made itself heard once again, echoing his doubts.
‘Is this cheating?’ he wondered as they paced down the hallway.

Brad stopped just before reaching their room. “Susana, wait… This feels…” she placed a finger across his lips, similarly to how Lana did that very morning.
“Just wait” was all she offered.

Needing to swipe their pass thrice, she held the door open for him. Brad and Susana entered the small single bedroom, overlooking the vast metropolis below. He heard the faint sounds of car engines echoing against the surrounding buildings, giving him some unexpected comfort. Almost as much comfort as the endless sea which dominated the top portion of his view through the glass.

Susana moved past Brad to the middle of the room before turning to face him; her figure now blocking the view which brought him comfort. “Okay, now we continue. Tell me, has ‘Micro-Tech’ ever sent out a demonstration model to you? Or even offered one?”

Brad thought about her question as he sat on the edge of the bed. “No, should they though?” he replied.

“What kind of company won’t do such a simple thing? You’ve promoted them, definitely increased their sales in the last few months… It’s not the personal touch that we at Omni will provide you.”

“And what personal touch is that? A representative offering herself to me? I’m not about to cheat” he insisted.

She just chuckled. “Oh, I won’t even need to offer that to convince you, believe me” With a grin, she stepped back and turned around. “Shhhh, everything will be revealed shortly.” She reassured in an oddly calming tone.

Weirdly enough, his demeanour softened with each passing moment. ‘Even the air smelt sweeter’ he realised idly as he watched Susana remove her blazer, white button up shirt and cream coloured bra, followed by her panties, leggings and finally her black pumps.

Now in the nude, she turned around to face him, showing off her bare, athletic, and boastful frame to him. The first thoughts that came to mind were that of Lana, whose body shape was remarkably similar to Susana’s.

“What do you think? Perfect isn’t it, right down to the ligaments in my hands and toes, how my breasts contour and flex under pressure” she began as her hands gave her breasts a light squeeze; taking a step closer as she played with her chest.

“Inspect me if you will, it’ll only make the grand reveal all the more incredible.”

“And what might that reveal be?” Brad smirked, eager to see how deep of a hole she’d dig for herself, only for his eyes to light up as bright as the seams which appeared across her face did.

Within seconds, her soft face gave way to a complex series of lights and flashes, circuits, and other multi-coloured hardware he’d never seen before. Her unmoving eyes remained fixed, both in place and to his gaze during the entire process.

She took a step closer, giving him a better view of what he stared at for several moments.
“I watched you drink…”

“Fluid sacks within my torso. That’s where everything goes. One of many actually” she spoke through where her mouth would be, as clearly as if her mouth never left.

They both stood there, still for a while, Brad speechless with Susana waiting for his reply. Several moments passed before her processors determined that she should continue.

“Our offer to you at Omni is me. For the next fifty-one minutes, I’m yours to do whatever you want. Inspect me, talk to me, fuck me, fiddle with me. I was built to be totally at your discretion.” As she finished, her face returned to its original form, all seems and seals disappearing.

“You have my full consent” she concluded in an attempt to seal the deal.

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Re: Subliminal Competition

Post by 33cl33 » Thu Sep 09, 2021 6:48 am

Good stuff! Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

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Re: Subliminal Competition

Post by botfriend2000 » Sat Sep 11, 2021 12:47 pm

:wtf: Ah…the games afoot now. My my my…this is definitely intriguing. Can’t wait for the next part. Will Brad inspect Susana?? Will he be faithful to Lana? Tune in soon and find out.

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Re: Subliminal Competition

Post by Robo-Admirer » Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:08 pm

Part 4 everyone! Trying to get these longer from here on out.

Brad sat back on the bed; his posture as determined as his line of thought. Susana simply stood there, patiently waiting with a smile calculated to stir his more instinctive emotions into action.

‘She… it did have a point after all. I haven’t even been near a Companion, yet I promote them like nothing else. Countless meetings with them and their ‘eye-candy’ employees in their show rooms, never the higherups. And all for what? Meanwhile you’re standing right there…’

The idleness gave way to idea, forcing a slight grin spread across his lips. “Come closer to me” he said, the slight desire to command strongly held at bay… for now at least.

True to her programming, she obeyed immediately, closing the gap to just inches between them. The all too authentic look of her skin; her boastful breasts and arms forced him to remember what she really was. ‘On a first impressions basis, she passed with flying colours’ he thought as he slowly reached out and placed his hands against her hips, forcing a slight gasp, mixed in with a shiver from the machine.

“Sorry, you have cold hands. Nothing to worry about though. You may continue” she reassured, standing, and waiting patiently.

‘For effect or was that real?’ he wondered as he pressed into her soft skin, quickly finding a solid, rigid structure what he passed for her ‘hip bone’. He moved his hands further down, reaching behind to where what passed for her lower back muscle met the upper limits of her silicon padded ass. He pressed inward, moving around as he started his search.

Susana was quick to react.

“If you’re looking for a seam then I can assure you those don’t exist down there” she offered contently after a moment.

“Not a seam, but… are you aware of how say an implant can’t connect to the muscle? You can feel where it ends, and the muscle begins with a slightly curved void?” he reasoned.

“Ah yes. If you find one, please let me know. Our silicon padding is weaved together, similar to you or your fiancé’s muscular system. Seamlessness…” she continued, looking forward into the void as a slim smile spread across her face.

“I’m really happy to be here” she chuckled after an actionless moment.

Brad looked up at her for a moment with amusement before refocusing on his search. True to her word, he failed to find any give away of implanted silicon. The same was true for her thighs and calves before he finished with her ribs, upper arms, and breasts.

With both hands on her perky chest, he massaged them deeply, looking for any give away he could find. To his surprise, she felt exactly like Lana’s, making him wonder if Omni could potentially be an alternative.

‘Physically, almost perfectly human’ he concluded, with the only exception being the fact that she wasn’t.

Lost in thought, he failed to notice Susana’s relaxing posture and tone. Her quickened breathing had her shivering, moaning softly as she weakened slightly at the knees. All that simulated bliss ended when Brad removed his hands from her expertly crafted body.

“Hmm, that was… really blissful” she cooed, her plastic encased snake of a tongue licked her lips before her crafted teeth bit into the lower half.
“Oh, I didn’t realise… you enjoyed that?” he asked.

“Oh yes! Your fingers are so soft and gentle, and I am a rather sensitive woman so that does help” she winked, offering a short laugh before continuing. “But yes, I enjoyed that”

Curiosity came over him in that moment. ‘Was she really a woman?’

“Sit with me” he ordered.

She gracefully moved by his side, sitting down on the mattress, which protested slightly under her frame. While its yield didn’t appear too extreme to Brad, he never considered that her feet which remained on the floor supported her frame much more than she allowed the mattress too.

“So, you can feel enjoyment?” he asked, watching, and listening closely to her response.

Deep within her complex circuitry, her A.I processed his query and developed a situation appropriate response.

“Yes Brad, I can show, react and give pleasure. And whether it’s real or not, does it matter if you can’t tell?” she asked, her tone softening towards the end as the subtle hint of submissiveness entered.

Turning to face her entirely now with crossed legs on the bed sheets, he continued searching deeper.

“But it does really matter, and that’s what I’m after. I want to know if there’s someone inside there who has genuine thoughts, feelings, wants and desires. Or are you just a very well-crafted illusion? I can’t convince people if it’s simply the latter now, can I? A certain category of people who only care about themselves won’t care, but the vast majority is different. And that’s where the money is.”

His words caused her processors some concern. On the one hand, they had to convince him of their superiority and authenticity, but on the other they were designed to respond to the given data. They could not lie as they didn’t know how too. And his question wasn’t one her processors could calculate in any degree. They tried finding the solution to an impossible equation.

The stare she gave him, which lasted for a while made him wonder if he’d broken her. In that moment, he really noticed some flaws. Her breathing had ceased as did her subtle, idle movements. Her posture was rigid, and even the mattress had sunk slightly further. Mentally, he noted that deep questions should be off the table, at least for this session.

“Susana?” he said with mild concern in his tone.

His speech was detected and acted on a full four seconds later. Her A.I immediately realised that she’d been frozen for an unacceptable total of twelve seconds. She immediately compensated by shifting her posture slightly, blinking thrice and offering him an apologetic smile.

“Sorry about that! I was lost in thought there…” she sighed lightly, still maintaining a seemingly plastered smile.

“You know, we still have thirty minutes together. You can do… anything you want with me.” She breathed, bringing her left hand up to her breast as she gave her nipple a slow, tight pinch and tug.

Brad sighed deeply, wondering if the Companions were the same way. Wondering if it even mattered at all in the grand scheme of things.

“Sex can wait… Stop playing with your nipple” he instructed, eliciting a short *HMPF* of protest as her hand moved to her side.

Pondering for a moment, he decided to test the quirkier aspects of her… personality… for a lack of a more accurate term. He wasn’t quite sure what to call it.
“You’ll obey my commands, correct?” he confirmed.

“Yes” was her instant reply.

“Answer me this then.” He continued as the concept of context overtook his curiosity. “A wife asks her husband what he’d like for lunch. He replies with ‘a beef burger with mustard’. A few moments later, he says ‘the beef is cold’. Why does this matter?”

Susana’s deeply stored processors roared with frustration at his question. They painstakingly linked each word to the other to derive any context they could.

Desperation set in as fractions of a second passed with no success, eventually forcing a heavily experimental onset of instructions to be brought forth. By the end of the first second, they came to a conclusion which while deemed extremely inaccurate, was used anyways.

“Cold beef is an indicator of uncooked meat. The consumption of uncooked meat is not advised” came her linearly toned reply.

Brad nodded, seemingly impressed that she came to an answer even if she missed some obvious context.

“Hmm okay…” he thought for another moment, wondering how she’d react from a different perspective.

“You can go into a full human state I’m assuming. Do just that and answer the same question.” He directed.

She replied instantly this time. “Not sure about you, but cold meat is just plain terrible. I wouldn’t want to eat that!”

The stored response from earlier, carefully edited went unnoticed by Brad, who’s impression of the Omni android continued to improve.

“You know, we still have twenty-four minutes big boy. And I’m just…” she sucked air in deeply between her teeth as her eyes fluttered. “Waiting for some more… personal attention.”

The struggle to stay at bay continued to be won over by his bigger brain, albeit at an ever-increasing difficulty. “Sex is literally the easiest thing to fake. I’m sure that your… private parts feel and react perfectly. How my fiancé would react however is something I’m not eager to find out.”

Susana let out a long sigh, looking down towards the mattress with disappointment. “Can I at least play with myself? I know you think It doesn’t matter… but I didn’t come all this way to not get any action!”

Silence followed as Brad thought deeply. ‘She did come all this way… maybe…’

“Your tablet. Get it for me” he decided as he turned around, his feet finding the ground again.

Quick to her feet, she retrieved the device which sat on top of her heap of clothes and handed it to Brad. “It’s fun to role play, isn’t it? That device seemingly ‘controlling’ me. I love it!” she remarked, causing a split second of confusion before Brad saw her reaction protocol on the lit-up screen as ‘Human Emulation’.
A moment of thought lead Brad to his final experiment.

“Lana, ignore my presence and set your personality to its default.” He finally ordered; his authority clear through the words which rolled off his tongue.

Internally, her processors maintained his existence and acted based on his order, albeit with a few tweaks.

She started off by sitting back down on the bed’s edge for a moment, her hands idly moving as she seemed to be deep in thought. Once that ‘thought’ had timed out, she took to her feet and moved to the bathroom with Brad in toe.

Leaving the door open, she first sat on the toilet. The liquids she’d consumed earlier were quick to leave her, with all her reservoir tanks empty within seconds. Drying herself with a single square of toilet paper, she proceeded to flush the toilet before stepping into the shower.

Leaving the curtain wide open, she ran hot water and began cleaning herself with elegance. She scrummed her arms, shoulders and midriff clean with the hotel provided bar soap before proceeding to her heavy chest.

With Brad clearly in sight, she proceeded to scrub, massage and squeeze her breasts in every way she could. With each calculated moan and shiver came a more desperate emulation of desire and need. Her stiffening pink nipples came next, causing her to clutch the side handle of the bathtub with each pinch, flick, and tug.

The scene continued as her hands proceeded down to her naval, giving her most sensor dense region some much needed attention.

From a calming moment emerged a variously, seemingly desperate act as her fingers plunged in and out of her damp vagina with growing ferocity. Within minutes Susana was a moaning, shaking mess, emulating a woman completely lost in the moment of pure pleasure.

Brad simply watched, struggling to stay at bay with the effort of replacing this woman with Lana growing ever more difficult. Their similarities were as equal as the extent of their differences. Lana too was quick to the roughness of the moment, however she lasted far longer and preferred cycling through her climaxes.
‘Almost like a show purely for him’ he thought in passing, returning quickly to the steamy, shaking figure in front of him.

Regardless, his thoughts ended with her high-pitched climax. A shaking mess, only supported by the steel handle bolted into the tiled wall to her right which she clutched onto with force. Staying that way for a fully tensed, heavily panting moment was enough to calm her down.

Once her orgasmic bliss subsided, she stopped the water and stepped onto the water pad at the foot of the tub and reached for a towel. She was dry within seconds.

Staying in the nude, she moved back to the bed and calmly laid down, clutching the sheets as she fought her growing, glowing grin.

“Lana… Susana” he caught himself, pausing for a moment as he shook his head. “Stop ignoring me”

Immediately, she lifted her head and gave him a sigh. “You missed the best…”

“No, I saw” came his reply. “How much time do we have?”

“Only a minute” she answered.

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Re: Subliminal Competition

Post by Extyr » Sun Sep 19, 2021 7:41 pm

Interesting... I wonder if he'll put 2+2 together?
It'd be fun to see both fembots confront each other.
Still, I wonder how Brad attracted the attention of both companies and ended up with fembots competing for his work...

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Re: Subliminal Competition

Post by Sanjuro » Sun Sep 26, 2021 12:46 am

This is really great so far. Please continue!

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Re: Subliminal Competition

Post by Robo-Admirer » Mon Sep 27, 2021 6:21 pm

Hi all, glad to see the kind comments and that everyone's enjoying the story so far. Hope you enjoy part 5!

Once that minute was up, Susana’s mood instantly shifted. With Brad still standing by the bed’s side, she effortlessly took to her feet and retrieved her clothes from the carpeted floor in silence. Once redressed, she turned and approached him, offering a firm but relaxed tone in both her speech and body language. All this happened simultaneously as the second stage of her builder’s plan was wirelessly fed into her near instantaneous storage devices which held her being.

“Give us a go Brad. Believe me when I say I know you enjoyed this as much as I. They may be just words to you, but they’re so much more to me”. She joyfully beamed, accentuating the last word with a short lap of her tongue against her soft lips, leaving Brad’s mind racing with thought.

“Here’s my card. I’d keep it close if I were you as I have a feeling we’ll speak soon. Very soon.”

With a quick kiss on his cheek, she placed the room’s key card on the bed’s edge next to her personal card and left the room, making sure to give him a good view of her swaying rear before it vanished behind the door.

Once in the hallway, her stance and expression shifted once again. With a determined, quick pace, she approached the elevator and quickly stepped on. Once a floor above where she started, the doors separated, revealing two men and a woman patiently waiting. A quick facial and body scan instantly recognised that they offered her very little notice, requiring no extended social interactions on her part. Her processors slowly relaxed from their ready state as she passed them by; reaching their low power state the second she abruptly bumped into the woman as they passed each other.

Instantly, a social interaction was demanded, and those processors roared into action.

“Oh, sorry!” she offered with a seemingly genuine sincerity; smoothing out her ruffled blazer and hair as she spoke. The three seconds she waited, as dictated by a socially adjusted randomiser received no return apology from the blonde woman. A simple, blank stare from her deep blue eyes was observed, which vanished behind the chrome rendered elevator doors.

As an artefact of her social programming’s slight delay, she sighed softly to the empty corridor. The encounter was deemed purely random, and subsequently recorded as a mere single time event for the day.

Immediately after however, she returned to her previous directive. Continuing up the hallway void of any life, she made her way to the room directly above that which Brad was still in. Only when she was behind closed doors could she safely disengage her human emulation efforts entirely and provide full processing power to the task at hand.

Resembling the rigidity of a mannequin, Susana first took hold of the room’s air conditioner remote control which was charging on its wall mount and set it to ten degrees celcius. Next, she pulled the blinds to the city filled view shut, blocking all light from entering her room. Finally, now in the cover of darkness, she slipped out of her attire entirely, once again exposing her carefully manufactured silicon skin to the rapidly cooling air.

As part of her failsafe programmes, her deeply rooted self-preservation protocols prompted that a recharge was deeply necessary, especially given the minimal monitoring effort she’d be able to offer her systems under the extremely intensive period that was about to come.

Moving towards the single bed, she reached under and took hold of three fairly large items. The first was a laptop, combined with two thick cables already attached. The first cable went into the power outlet by the edge of the bed, and the second cable remained in her left hand.

The second item was a multi-connector hub, accepting two connections but offering only one. She plugged the male end from the laptop into the hub, and the other female end into the third Item. Her charging unit, a fifteen inch, especially thick metallic coloured object in the shape of a penis which supported a single connection was grasped in her right hand. Once she connected it to the hub, she took hold of the laptop.

Taking stance in the middle of the room, she squatted deeply and placed the laptop at the base of her feet, sitting atop the carpet. The now opened screen lit up briefly before going dim once more.

She then stood back up straight and slid her charging unit into her protesting vagina; the crafted unit yielding unnaturally to the archaic charging device which belonged to a method long forgotten in the west.

All but half an inch vanished inside her as the induction-based charging began, causing the laptop screen to brightly light up with a basic view of her hardware’s activities.

‘Infil_T101_0009’ lit up across the top banner, with her performance monitoring measurements organised neatly beneath. All primary commands were given access to by the simpler laptop, purely to bring her out of her ‘transient’ state should her systems be unable to do so.

She sent instructions to her charger to only operate between thirty and ninety percent capacity as to maintain her battery life. Currently, she sat at sixty three percent after a mere fourteen hours of operation. The heavy packs thinly spread out throughout her body greedily accepted the flow of power, restoring their charge at a steady rate.

Lastly, a twenty-four hour ‘emergency timer’ was set, forcing a restart of her entire systems should both her pre-occupied CPU, and the laptop fail to do their jobs properly.

With a solid connection confirmed, she immediately froze with her arms by her side and her legs at shoulder width. The sudden cease of movement on the outside contrasted the flurry of computations which busied her processors. All physical efforts to appear as a natural human; even as an animate object were ended, and it quickly became obvious as to her true nature.

The air inside her torso slowly seeped out from all her exits, causing her manufactured muscles and skin to compress inward like a deflated basketball. Her rib cage’s symmetry became clearly evident as did some poorly managed wiring within her abdomen; a few of which came lose through her constant movements. But most obvious of all was the way her skin contoured around her charging device lodged inside her. A very different appearance to that which Brad became acquainted with.

In her current state, she couldn’t emulate any reaction though. Her current goal was to analyse all that her carefully placed listening device could detect. The noises she could interpret were quickly determined to be the creases of bed sheet covers, followed by the ruffled sound of shoes against thick carpet. With her audio connection confirmed and adequately interpreted, the most intensive of tasks began for her processors. The real time rendering of the entire room, purely based on a low powered sonar apparatus emitted from the tiny, multi-sensor collecting device sitting on her business card, hidden from most visible spectra of light.

This tiny, transparent gadget quickly clung to Brad’s hand as he took hold of her business card, and subtly embedded itself within the deeper layers of his skin. Transparent to light, he’d be oblivious to its existence.

As the distance between Susana and her device grew, so too did the effort put forth by her processors to maintain that connection. The most power-hungry part of this operation was distinguishing between people and objects once Brad entered the main lobby. A slight oversight of the ordeal was facial recognition, and her programmed social queues inability to distinguish between a mere sonar image and that of being physically there. Subsequently, she processed every detail of every person he passed at an extreme, unnecessary level. With no social protocols to generate any useful physical reaction, all that data was collected and scrutinised to the finest detail, only to be dumped and discarded.

As her processors quickly heated up, so too did her cooling efforts as instruct by the laptop’s CPU. A small test of its capabilities and to prove that it did in fact work, this was always the first operation conducted by what was effectively her support computer.

Her mouth opened inhumanly wide as air circulated with increasing speed. She spread her legs and arms out further, offering her rapidly heating circuitry more area of cool air to exploit. Her torso filled up again with air, returning its appearance to an indistinguishably human grade.

With so much going on, her systems couldn’t adjust the code which guided her as she operated. A decision by her support computer forced her to ignore incoming data from the listening device as the risk of inflicting permanent heating damage became real. Almost all of everything collected during his journey through the lobby was dropped, leaving a narrow time frame which consisted of the very beginning, and the very end where he sat in his car.

Brad scratched the palm of his right hand as he shifted in the seat of his car. Something itched him like nothing else, but he couldn’t see what. The futile scratches eventually ended, followed by a moment of silence as he just sat and thought. Those thoughts focused on Susana and their entire hour together.
Something bugged him though, that he couldn’t just let go of. The very thought of what she really was. ‘A being stuck in a mechanical body?’ ‘Did she possess something more than an elaborate assortment of reaction and inference?’

‘Did it even matter?’

That thought brought him to her business card. Retrieving it from his pocket, only two lines were neatly written along its egg-shell white centre. ‘Susana Welsh’ and ‘0498 672 119’. Her name and her mobile number.

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Re: Subliminal Competition

Post by Robo-Admirer » Thu Oct 07, 2021 5:47 pm

Part 6. Enjoy!

“Lana, I forgot to mention, I need you to pick up some things for the house. Some milk, bread, and butter and whatever else you want. Also, there’s a package for you coming today. Try it on and do the mirror thing again. Record it for me this time. Love you!”

Lana remained seated as Brad closed the door; her processors accepting the stream of new information it received from its mission target as well as her creator. The rate of the latter increased at the expense of her more human efforts as the risk of being compromised decreased.

As her programming updated, she continued on with the daily, unspoken tasks set by Brad at a reduced capacity, beginning with the breakfast clean up. It was the small details of every day to day which compounded immensely, improving her chances of successfully infiltrating the target for the longer term. A difficult lesson learnt from past failures which revealed that sex alone was far from enough to maintain an illusion for the longer term.

Subsequently, Lana went on about her morning. Her stiff steps were matched by ridged hands as her movements now heavily reliant on preprogramed manoeuvres, so much so that she failed to reposition her panties as the act itself lacked a preprogramme.

Despite this, her mechanical efficiency advantage helped clear the space up quickly, allowing the writing of a list of groceries to purchase down onto a thin strip of paper occur sooner than anticipated. As per Brads instructions, Lana randomly assigned ‘Vanilla and Honey Yogurt’ from a long list of ‘personal favourites’ as her additional item.

At the same time, she wirelessly connected to the postal courier’s private network and located the item destined to their address. With a calculated approximate of hour and forty minutes before the expected delivery, an appropriate reminder was created for her systems.

With that instruction attended to, his last command caused her systems the usual grief. Initially, they didn’t know if she was to ‘do the mirror thing’ before or after she ‘tried on’ the package. Her A.I, as quickly as her preoccupied processors allowed, deduced that the package had to be an outfit, but it couldn’t decide on if the mirror part was to be done while wearing it or not.

She stood still, idle as her processors attempted to sort out what could be considered as close to ‘mental dissonance’ as she’d every reach. As the still seconds turned to minutes, her A.I decided with a mere fifty one percent certainty that she should wait and do the video recording while wearing the outfit.

She reasoned that Brad had watched her before, so recording it was deemed a waste of time. As such, the rest of the morning routine played out as per her developed programming.

The only deviation was the lacking touch of ‘human randomness’ which typically required more free computations per second than was currently available due to the integration of the new data with her system.

Depending entirely on predetermined movements, she went about her typical morning routine, giving off a strong, artificial vibe with every motion. Giving the kitchen a thorough clean was followed by a short shower in their on-suit. Typically, she’d employ a social randomiser to determine whether or not she’d record herself for Brad, but since the protocol wasn’t active, she wasn’t even able to consider that as an option.

As her exterior was roughly scrubbed clean with a specialised disinfectant bar of soap, her interior organised the now compiled data to finalise its integration with her A.I. The moment her circuitry confirmed the successful data addition, her active memory was flooded with new information.

Her human randomness protocols remained disabled as they were unable to restart halfway through an active operation. Given her internal systems were now in check, she proceeded to clean every fine detail and joint across her body as to dispose of any bacterial build up hiding in the occasional crease. Unfortunately for her, the anti-bacterial silicon covering alternative didn’t feel human enough for an infiltration operation as deep as hers.

This couldn’t be more evident than on her sexualised devices, especially the interior of her vaginal unit which needed a constant cleansing. Her nipples also went stiff as she rubbed the soap into them between her thumb and forefinger.

Usually this would encourage a sensualised moan instead of the placid stare she offered the glass door of the shower. However, the only reaction that occurred was the natural response as guided by the silicon embedded within those pink shaped nipples, akin to a reflex.

She continued until her tactile sensors ensured that she was free of any bacterial deposits.

The moment her soft fingers turned the shower tap off, her systems updated their current operation, allowing those small human effects to take control of her body once again. As quickly as ice melting in a hot spring, her expression melted into one of pure satisfaction as she gracefully stepped out of the shower and took hold of the closest towel.

Once wrapped around her torso, she pushed her hands above her head and arched her back, lightly moaning as though she was stretching her muscles. Keeping her hands held high, she moved her right leg forward and stretched her calf, repeating the process with her left leg shortly after.

“Hmm, nothing like a hot shower” she gleamed at her reflection, taking hold of a second towel and wrapping it around her hair. With her golden locks secured in the towel, she cleaned her mouth and brushed her teeth for ten full minutes, ensuring that a sterile mouth was presently available for Brad upon his return.

Floss, specialised mouth wash and a deep scrub of her elastic tongue were a daily occurrence, behind closed doors of course. She had to keep her special cleaning products hidden from Brad after all.

Upon completion, she gave her reflection a short, beaming smile before moving back into their bedroom and approaching the wardrobe. Utilising her ability to dry instantly, she wasted no time in selecting the outfit for the day, deciding on a lightly coloured sundress, modestly designed to show a fair amount of both her long thighs and deep cleavage. The look was finished off with some white sneakers and a white scrunchie to tie her blonde locks up neatly.

“Looking good baby! Now, how much time until that package arrives?” she complimented and asked her reflection; the smooth digitised sounds loud enough to echo faintly in the bathroom. She connected to the postal network once more to reassess their situation. Their courier was still an hour away, indicating that a quick run to the shops was possible.

“A quick run to the shops won’t hurt.” She reasoned aloud, seemingly speaking to her own full body reflection.

A quirk Brad grew to admire, in a weird way.

With her ‘mind’ made up, she quickly moved down the stairs and approached the front door. Taking hold of her own car keys from their bowel, she left the house and stepped into her large SUV parked on the street before taking off.

As part of her character profile, she ‘hated’ the local supermarket and always opted to go the extra kilometre down the road to the more, organic alternative. Something Brad was content with, or rather, became content with the more she was around him.

With her internal GPS set to the heavily travelled route, she adjusted the radio to her favourite station. A favourite computed on many artificial factors which hardly correlated in any natural sense.

“…to 101.1FM, Sarah Cologne coming to you live from Newtown with the nine am news recap coming to you shortly. But the big news going around this morning is the foreign tech giant, Omni Robotics, has been approved for onshore sales after their ‘Technical Battery Dysfunction’… please, fancy way of saying your battery explodes… anyways, issue was deemed, and I quote ‘numbered within the reasonable boundaries of the law’… whatever the fuck that means.”

“But, like these plays into my theory…” A male voice interjected abruptly.

“Robert Cologne, my co-host everyone… how…? Sarah questioned as Lana listened in, making a mildly rough left turn as to maintain the human illusion for her fellow drivers.

“So just hear me out. First, it’s Micro-Tech, now it’s Omni. These companies’ sole purpose is to literally build human sex dolls…”

“Long term companions” Sarah corrected.

“Let’s face it, they’re fuck dolls Sarah…”

“Far from it. I can tell you from personal experience, they’re far from just fuck dolls”

“…okay, that’s one way to admit your personal past” Robert continued. “Either way, that’s not the point. The point is, these… ‘Long term companions’ as they want to be called are in our lives without us even knowing it. In the hallways at the studio, or at that coffee shop. In our supermarkets or on the street. Hell, they may even be in your bed without you knowing. I could be talking to one right now… Sarah…”

A brief pause followed, ending as Lana pulled into the parking lot of ‘Organica’s supermarket’.

“And what’s this all for? I’ll tell you. Global. Domination. From. Extra-dimensional Beings!”

“Oh lord help me” Sarah whined. “I swear If we do this again, you’re sleeping on the lawn.”
“No-no, hear me out…”

His words died out as Lana pulled the car into a nearby car space. Reaching into the backseat for the reusable shopping bag, she caught a glimpse of herself in the rear-view mirror and offered a look of absurdity.

“Interdimensional beings? So fucking stupid” she laughed as she took hold of their reusable shopping bag. “What will he think of next?”

Sparsely filled with shoppers, Lana slowly walked down each isle with the shopping basket in one hand and her list in the other. As usual, she went mostly unnoticed aside from the occasional guy who would sneak a glance as they walked past. She knew from experience how to avoid attention, and the sundress was just on the cusp; enough to look good, but not enough to draw too much notice.

This peaceful appearance complimented her internal circuitry which hummed with rhythm. Everything had to work perfectly, especially in this environment if she was to continue her mission.

And so far, everything had, just as it had the last one hundred and eighty-two days; with the exception of this morning. Every moment of her morning interaction with Brad was logged and processed as she inched ever closer to a conclusion.

This background task was considered low priority next to the present on-goings, especially the interaction which was about to come.

Limited to a handful of people she could provide extensive detailed human interactions with meant Lana couldn’t gain many friends. One of the few who enjoyed her less than authentic interactions was one of the long-time cashiers who fronted the register this very shopping trip.

With what could be considered as close to a subconscious as possible, Lana always chose her whenever she was tending the register, and as such had added her to the limited list of people, she could maintain a deeper profile on.

“Hey Karen, it’s been a while. How did your soccer game go?” Lana asked as she placed the four items on the conveyor belt.

Lana’s attention focused primarily on Karen’s physical reaction than that of her words. Increased heart rate with a slightly higher temperature noted in her private parts, she assessed the likelihood of a sexual encounter with her in that moment. Something that made a rather large portion of Karen’s personality file as perceived by Lana.

Given what she is, Lana would have given her the same gratification she gave Brad had Karen simply asked. However, everything Karen said seemed to contradict how she felt. Without a direct, verbal suggestion, she wouldn’t act on mere body language alone.

“… you should come and watch the game tomorrow. It’ll be fun having you… I mean… I think you’d enjoy it.” Karen stammered, swiping the Yogurt through the scanner before placing it in Lana’s bag.

Her cheeks reddened quickly as she caught Lana, giving her that usual deeper look she was so fond of.
“Hmm, I’ll think about it. It may not be Brad’s thing though, but I may be there” Lana offered, her creators knowing full well that these extra activities were needed to maintain her illusion.

“Thanks again Karen. And may I just say, you’re looking lovely today! Bye” Lana gleamed with a sense of manufactured meaning before exiting the store. Once back in the car, she set a reminder for Karen’s soccer game. After all, you never know if a potential target might show up to watch their kid play.

Simultaneously, an internal reminder came to the front of her attention. The courier was only twenty minutes away. A second notice appeared across her HUD. Brad’s phone was now in use, and she instantly connected.

“Nineteen out of the twenty clients… Brad that’s fucking outstanding!”

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