The Stewards - Part 2 - Lady in Red

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The Stewards - Part 2 - Lady in Red

Post by Linnies » Mon Jan 11, 2021 2:42 am

The streets now felt completely different. Foreign, dangerous, and at the same time, innocent. Knowing that my existence was an oddity in this world was unsettling enough. But the general loss and theft of my memories are even more concerning. Artisse, Cato, and rest of the board members is planning something. It was obvious, and me, their instrument.

I walk carefully in thought, mindful to stay always on the most populated path. Holding the cell in my hand, twisting it back and forth like a toy, thinking of the possible conversation to be had. I am also keenly aware of the state of my appearance. An sexy looking blonde wearing a heavy grey worker jacket and revealing tight sport shorts that left little to the imagination. In the world of androids that came in all shapes and sizes, one's functions could be clearly deduced from their appearance.

I speak into the cell telling it to call Artisse. After a brief pause her voice came through the device.

"Hello. How is it going? Do you need anything?" She answers.

"Hi Artisse, I got some questions for you, do you have the time right now." I said in the same innocent tone as before. Not willing to betray any events that might have transpired just a day before. If my hunch was right, Artisse and Cato wasn't that friendly with one another.

"Of course, what do you want to ask."

"I cant seem to get Cato out of my mind, is there anything you can tell me about him?"

"Oh that old bugger? Well are you in a private location?"

She asks me, indicating to me that she has no ability to track me. The cell had been given by Cato and the program running in my body deactivated. I look around at my surroundings, people walking past me from the front and back, only the other human looking androids paid the slightest attention to me. But their thoughts were focused on my body, not what I was actually doing.


"Okay, well, Cato Six is one of the original members of the acting council over 500 cycles ago. He's been uploading his memories into new bodies in an effort to continue his existence."

She explains,

"He's acting head of security currently. In addition he was originally hired, unlike the rest of us that was initiated into the company. Most of the other members mostly ignores what he does. Some believe he's become inept over the excess of years he has lived."

She pauses in her explanation. I press her for more information.

"Does he report to anyone?"

"Unlike the rest of the council members he only reports to the foreman himself. But before you ask more, I am not allowed to talk about the foreman. When the time comes he will most likely ask to see you."

"So… what about you? What do you do in the company Artisse."

"Oh me? I am the head of workforce resources…"

"Is there anything you wanted me for specifically? You never told me in detail."

There was a good chance, depending on her answer, that her goals were completely meaningless to me. I simply don't care about some mining and manufacturing company, who's only ties to me are that they thawed me and put me in some sexbot's body.

"I can't tell you over the phone but I will tell you after you pass the final test."

That was a shame. I hung up on Artisse unceremoniously. My next stop was a visit to Mr Cato's.

The elevator ride was a long one. Cato's office and his quarters were just one level below the top, where I presume was where the foreman worked. Inside the small box with me were two more of the identical guards. Though I find myself less intimidated by them now. The doors open to the same white marbled corridor, two more guards stand watch, blocking the path.

"Hi, I am here to see Mr Cato.".

"Of course, he’s been expecting you."

One of the guard robots spoke to me. The two guards stepped aside in unison to let me through. The inside was not at all what I had expected. The place looked more like a penthouse suite than an office space. The panoramic windows let the lights of the city flow unimpeded into the room. Reflecting off of the many glossy and clear surfaces that dominated all the surfaces of the room, creating an array of rainbows and bright lights that scattered about. As I stepped inside I felt a strange tingling sensation, as if the very air in the room was electrified with sparkles of light. My focus zooms in on a slim figure sitting in the middle of the room, his presence so demanding that I cannot take my focus off of him.

Mr Cato himself sat alone on a wide couch decorated with fur and reflective satin fabrics. His body twitched for a second before coming to and bringing his eyes onto mine. A wide charming smile came across his face as he looked at me.

"Anya Berezovsky. You have come to converse with me."

His arms spread wide into a welcoming gesture as he stood up to greet me. His clothes in pristine condition, something I noticed that could not be found on the streets.

"Yes, Mr Cato, I thought I would take you up on your offer."

I approach him calmly, even though I am as tense as anyone could be, with this android body that I'm starting to get used to, it's quite easy to pretend otherwise. He also does not hesitate to approach me. Holding both of my hands gently in his own, he pulled me close, a full head above me. Looking down, he spoke quietly.

"Dreadful, that business at the club. I hope you are not too distressed after that incident."

His voice sounded sincere, though I am sure it was all an act to win my favor.

"No, I'm fine, really."

"Certainly, for someone as disciplined as you it should be inconsequential. But please, do sit."

He gestures towards the long and luxurious couch. I sit, and naturally, he sit right next to me, our legs touching. His closeness overly performed was almost cute at this point.

"Hannah, please bring us some wine." He said, waving his hand in the air.

I look around the room in surprise. A pair of hidden doors open up with Hannah wearing a loose fitting, distinctly old fashioned dress. She was carrying a pair of glasses and a bottle of unopened wine on a tray. I looked in shock as she calmly struts toward us across the large room. As her eyes look into mine she shows no emotion aside from her calm passiveness. It was just yesterday she was in my arms, broken in both body and mind. But now she was whole again in front of me.

"I bore witness to the events transpired through my guards. Hannah now is employed under my administration, and protection." He continued.

"Hannah… are you ok?" I ask her out of concern.

"Yes." She replied simply with a slight questioning smile.

"Do not ache for her. We had our best tech doctors restore Hannah to her original condition. Her model..."

He gestures towards me, looking at my body.

“... are made to be easily repaired.”

Politely ignoring me, she continued pouring the wine gently into his glass. As she bent at the waist she purposefully displayed her large, unsecured bosoms that hang before us. Reminding me of the duplicates that I possessed, tucked away behind the jacket. I look back at Cato who had been staring at me this whole time with a grin.

“Being an android does have its benefits wouldn't you say?”

He gestured his glass towards mine and sipped half the glass away. I raised the glass to my nose and the wine smelled like normal wine, a draft of alcohol with a hint of sweet grapes. To my surprise the beverage was tasteless as it hit my tongue. A small sip was all I dare take, more as a gesture of courtesy than desire. Cato looked at me curiously through his glass that he held in between us.

“I had instructed Artisse to place you into a suitable body, but her decision to use a Z29 companion chassis was unfortunate. I will have to find a more suitable replacement for you as soon as it is opportune to do so.” He said.

He stood and examined Hannah, pulling a strand of her hair over face. In turn she placed her hands around his waist and kissed him on his neck. He tilts his head to accommodate her affection, but his hand keeps her away at a distance.

“Even though the quality of construction is substandard and the processing power minimal. Ocean Systems sure still design beautiful bodies won't you agree?”

“... Yes.”

I replied hesitantly. There was an awkward silence between us. Hannah is still working away at the side of Cato’s face with her lips. A few moments later Cato turned to me, pushing Hannah away with one hand. His face is more serious now as he pulls at his tight shirt to straighten it.

“I have a task for you that needs your immediate action.”

I put down the wine and look at him expectantly.

Cato pulls out a handgun from behind him and places it in my hand. It looked remarkably similar to a Tokarev, almost a genuine one with a safety. Though it felt heavy and from the distribution of the weight I am guessing it was unloaded. He coaxes my soft and thin fingers over the gun and trigger. I let him bring it under my chin, pointing up, pressing against my skin. The safety was still on.

“Now shoot yourself. That Is an order.”

He looked somehow both serious and bemused at the same time. I was ready to shoot myself as he commanded regardless of whether the gun was loaded or not. But I chose to entertain his request. All the while Hannah stood obediently beside us unmoving. Her attention somewhere far away as she gazed across the room.

“Yes sir...” I said, trying not to smirk.

I pulled the trigger back and braced myself. The gun could still work. But predictably the trigger clacked as the safety blocked it from being pulled completely.


Cato exclaimed as he put his hands together to clap one single time.

“Take this gun with you to see the foreman one floor above.”

He said while producing the matching magazine for the gun and handing it to me.

“When the deed is done, return to me.”

I took the magazine from Cato and replaced the empty one in the gun. Pulling the chamber back while checking to see if the bullet loaded correctly.

“This foreman, how do I make sure he’s finished? Never shot an android before.” I asked.

“You won’t have to worry about that. He’s human. I will send you up to his quarters within the hour. He might be surprised at your arrival but your intent will be hidden from him. When you are inside his chamber, I will call the guards away in short order. When you hear they have left it’s your chance. Afterwards I will alter the evidence to make it look like a suicide. A simple task all in all.”

As he explained, things started to make sense to me. The foreman was the problem that Artisse needed help with. Perhaps her plan was not as direct as simply killing the man. The final test the counsel wanted was this. Cato was from the agency that was certain, he most likely had a hand in having Artisse waking me up now. But was Cato not an Android? Was he someone like me, a human brain in a robotic body. If not was he plotting treachery against the human masters? Human or not he was now my CO.

It was not in my place to question orders.

The same menacing looking guard androids lined the entrance to the top floor penthouse. I proudly strut past them in my sequin red dress. A small white bag at my side containing the gun that had already been loaded. The attire provided by Cato was a size too small, designed for a woman of more modest proportions. The heels I wore did not strain my calf muscles one bit. Even more astonishing was that with my feet walking in this position, I could easily keep perfect balance. There was at least one upside to this artificial body that was helping.

The inside were of the same layout as Cato’s suite, with the exception that it was decorated more leisurely. A giant monitor donned the center of the room with a drum set as the center-peiece. The lights were dim, and I am unable to make out much of the details in the interior.

“Hello!” I announced into the room before inviting myself inside.

As I took one single step something hits me hard, like a truck had hit me at full speed. I had to grip on to the heavy door to not fall over. There was the smell of thick sweat in the air. Instead of making me want to recoil it was intoxicating. I took another deep breath through my nose, it felt so right. Nothing else in this alien world smelled quite like this.

“Who are you?” A raspy voice came from the far dark corner of the room.

The foreman was tall, a full head above me even in heels. Slightly overweight with a face full of thick curly black beard and long hair tied behind his back. He reminded me of the fisherman in my hometown, who I would remember clearly when my parents took me to the local pub. The Foreman pulled himself up from his recliner, his gaze heavy with sleep.

“I am Anya, you called for me?”

“I didn’t call no doll.” He eyed me with suspicion as he approached me with heavy steps.

I closed the door behind me, praying that the guards would not take too long. Even looking at this man sent shivers down my spine. Though he looked rough and unkept, there was something deeply attractive about him. The complete opposite of Cato. I didn’t know how long I could fight the urges of this body.

“Keep focus, focus, focus.” I repeated silently in my head as he looked me over curiously.

“Never seen you before, what brand are you?”


I thought for a moment, slightly panicked that I might have forgotten.

“Ocean Systems, Z - AUUGHNN”

I exclaimed loudly, surprised by his sudden grouping of my left breast. He squeezed and rubbed my flesh in his hands, fake flesh I remind myself. His motion sent shockwaves through my body. My legs softened as I leaned into him slightly. A fog rolled through my head as I felt a sudden surge of liquids rushing into my mouth above and below. He pulled the straps holding the dress on my shoulders to the side, revealing my breast. I moaned uncontrollably a second time as he ran his fingers over my nipples. To my surprise they were already enlarged and soft, folding outwards like a blossomed flower.


The foreman let out a disappointed sigh. Looking at me directly, his eyes bore a hole through mine, I never felt such intense lust before. He could fuck me right now and I would gladly let him, even if I was going to kill him in just a moment later. He looked at my forehead, then my mouth, then my cheeks. I held his eyes closely, rubbing my wet lips in anticipation.

“What kind of trashy tier of fuck bot are you?”

He said while stepping away. Not before pulling my dress down revealing my naked body before him. Without even noticing it, I had struck a pose. With my hand behind my back, still holding onto the purse, jutting out my breast breast and handing my sex between crossed legs.

“Don’t answer that, come here, I could use some stress released right now.”

He beckoned to me while stepping out of his pants revealing his limp member that was hardening every moment. There was nothing else I could even think of doing. I dropped my clothes and bags on the floor and strutted towards him. I could feel a wiggling and a mechanical vibration in my abdomen as more liquids were pumped into my sex, wetting the outer lips of the folds. Before I could straddle him, he reached out and grabbed me on my side with both hands. He effortlessly lifted me from the ground and harshly lifted me up and smashed me against the wall. My vision fades in flashing lights as I black out for a moment. I come to and find that he is holding me against the walls, spreading my legs apart. He was naked now, I must have passed out for more than a second. I ought to feel a sense of danger, but everything is drowned out by the thought of him so close to me.

“Can’t handle a little rough play can you?”

I tried to come up with a reply but all I could manage was a blank stare.

His member was rock hard as he jams it inside my wet sex crudely. To my surprise he glided smoothly inside without any pain ,or rather any resistance at all. All the while heavy stomping sounds from beyond the door shakes the walls I am pinned against. There was something about that sound that was important, but with his member inside me, the feeling is so overwhelming that it is all I could focus on.

"Ahh… more, please, more."

I moan out indignantly as he pounds me against the wall over and over, each thrust sending and intense wave of pleasure I never imagined possible. The pain of his iron grip on my legs barely registers in my mind.

“I bet you like that you cheap fuck toy.”

He said, squeezed out between his heavy breaths. I opened my mouth to speak, there was something I needed to do, to focus on. I place my hands on his face clumsily trying to say something, anything, but only more involuntary sounds come out. It’s hard to know how long he fucked me, but he stopped eventually. I pant in unison with him as he held me still against the wall. I cuddle his face with mine, kiss him softly with my wet lips. These actions I did, but they did not feel like my own.

Finally letting out a loud and raspy sigh he pulled out of me. For a moment I longed for him more, before he simply let go of me and dropped me on the floor. He just turned around and began mixing himself some kind of drink, my existence seemingly no longer any of his concern. As his attention on me fades, my thoughts drift back to clarity. The handbag was not far from me, dropped carelessly by the door along with the clothes provided by Cato.

The Foreman continued with his liquor, dropping cubes of ice into the fancy looking glass. Ignoring the clothes on the floor, I carefully pull out the gun. After checking indeed the chamber was loaded, I aimed the gun towards the back of his head.

“Before I kill you”

I pause, there was still a sense of lust within my voice, raspy and low pitched. I try to shake off the feeling, it wasn't the first time I had sex. But this time it was different, it was more intense, but also felt more fake, as if I was experiencing it second hand.

“... Tell me your name.”

He turns to face me. As sees the gun pointed to his face he looks up at me, we all freeze for a moment in silence. The room lights up with a bright and direct light shining inside. From the moving shadows I could tell that the light source is getting closer from the top right. Then a vehicle passes close by the windows as the light fades, giving the whole room a light rumble. The Foreman’s face turns into a slight smirk.

“Oh no! An assassin!”

He said mockingly, waving his hands and his drink in the air. The Foreman takes one step towards me, his naked body beaded with sweat that glimmered in the dark room. His still enlarged penis swung in the air as he walked. I immediately felt the same perverse sensation rush over me again. Not wanting to lose my senses a second time, I trained my sights right in the middle of his forehead.

“Alright then.”

I pull the trigger and the gun almost flies out of my weak artificial hands. The Foreman’s head rocks backwards for a brief second as he collapses on to the floor like a limp test dummy a second later. The bang lingers in the air, echoing within the suite. I take a few cautious steps towards my victim with my aim still trained on him, just in case. Blood was starting to pool on the glossy reflective wooden floor below his head. I paused for a moment to observe him, the speed of the spread visibility slowing down as the blood pressure within his body dropped. Seeing his naked body, the loose strands of hair covering his face again brought a powerful wave of lust through me. Frustrated, I put another round in his head, holding the gun tighter to my body this time for better control. His body rocks again as the projectile pierces his skull a second time. Though this time, the bang echoed together with the sound of metal slamming on wood.

I turned around to see the heavy wooden doors rebounding from being slammed open. Artisse stood at the doorway, with Cato and another stranger behind them. The sound of guards returning could be heard in the distance as they looked on.

“Anya! What have you done?”

Artisse shouts at me, surprised. I looked at Cato, he too had a look of surprise about him.

“I provided the weapon for self preservation! Not… Murderous slaying!”

Cato shouted, outraged. If I were to guess he was covering for himself, worse, using me as a scapegoat. Was his act for Artisse or the guards to see? This was not the time to ask as he approached me boldly, his steps heavy, almost stomping the floor.

“Give me the weapon.”

He said with his right hand held out. I place the gun, still warm, into his palm. If you asked me If I was still loyal to Cato, strangely I would say yes. Wasn't I sent to the future to serve under his command? Something did not seem right. Cato unloads the magazine and releases the bullet still within the chamber into his hands. He holds them up for Artisse and the stranger to see. They were now all standing beside me. I should get out, defend myself, do something, but Cato’s presence commands me to stay by his side.

“Play nice now, I won’t hurt you…”

Cato said as he held his hand in the air, reaching behind me.

I don’t move away.

The detention center looked more akin to a machine shop than anything else. A few barred cells were present but they were left with open doors and used as storage space. I presume this place would be used for human detainees but in their organic absence various androids and robots were lined against the walls and temporary dividers. All of them seem to be inactive in different states of disrepair. One type of robot was vastly over represented within the population of prisoners. They looked like two large cylinders attached together and 8 identical limbs stretched out in all directions. Like if you had taped two spiders back to back.

I had found myself in this room alone for almost a day now. Cato has awakened me here, or turned me on. I can’t decide which is the right term now. With not much spoken between us he had left me here waiting, reassuring my safety as he needed to “restructure the company during this chaos”. As I think back to our conversation I wince at how much of a headless sheep I was acting around him. At Least he, or someone else, had the decency to dress me back into the red sequin dress that Cato gave me. But anyways, I would have to admit waiting here gave me some relief from the chaos that has surrounded me since I found myself in the future.

So here I was doing nothing, mind drifting here and there, not focusing on anything in particular. One whole day of sitting around on my ass waiting for his return and not once thinking about how to get out. One whole day of lounging on the uncomfortable office chair of doing nothing, barely moving from the spot he had left me.

“Hello? Are you Anya Bere... Berezovsky?” The voice of a young man rang through the room, slightly distorted by electronic interference.

“Ah.. Yes!”

I shout into the room. Standing as tall as I could looking around for the source of the voice.

“Good good… uh… my name is Casper. I am a student of Artisse, I was told to check up on your condition. Artisse was worried.”

The voice came from the skull of a dismantled android laying on one of the work tables. The plastic dome had various components exposed. Only thing that was recognizable for me was the twin lenses in the eye sockets and what looked to be like circuits printed onto thin sheets of plastic like material instead of silicon.

“You? You don't look to be in such a good condition yourself.”

I looked around for the body of the android to no avail. The head was connected through various wires that led to destinations unknown.

“Oh no, I am just using his speakers right now. I was told to contact you.”

“Umm, okay. How is Artisse? Is she still upset with me?” I asked, speaking to the skull like I would to a microphone.

“She’s not angry with you know, but things have been hectic from what I heard. But ahh… You don't have to worry about her, Artisse is a very nice person, she wont hold a grudge.”

I let out a sigh of relief as the news, it felt good knowing that.

“Anyways Anya… Artisse told me to check up on you. You remember the place where she first woke you up? Building HC929? Are you able to come here at this moment?”

Building HC929? I thought in my head, remembering what the building looked like from above as I took off in the flying car with Artisse the first time. But the thought of how I could get there don’t come to me. It should be easy, I just needed… Again, the thoughts fade as quickly as it came to me.

“I can’t… I… Something…”

I stutter as my mind is a blurry mess, thoughts being scrambled like fruits tossed in a blender.

“I have to stay here.”

I say clearly, as if the statement brought order to the chaos, the only destination where my thoughts could land.

“Yeah, ok. Dont worry about it, I thought that might be the case.”

“I… I don’t know, there is something wrong with me… like there is…”

I blurt out, thinking about what could be going wrong. Perhaps my brain is starving? And I am becoming delirious? Before I could voice my concerns he cuts me off.

“That’s fine Anya…I could do this remotely. If so then can you help me with something first? The only thing that is connected to the outside was this thing… But there should be some basic MR robots around, they look are like… metal people, really basic looking really.”

I looked around for a second, there was an human like robot that was hanging nearby. It’s whole body was made out of metal, on the streets outside there were found in abundance, often moving around in packs.

“The ones with a vertical rectangular glass covering for a face?” I asked.

“Yes, those will do, there should be a small cable you can pull free from the front chest area of the bot, just take it and plug it into the socket on the head of the android I am speaking to you from.”

I do as he asked and pull the metal robot free from the hook on the wall in which it was hanging from. I could only drag the lifeless machine on the floor beside the talking skull, its body rigid and heavy. The cable Casper mentioned was easy to find and connect to a similar receiving port on the circuitry of the skull. My success was confirmed almost immediately by the lights on the robot’s chest beginning to flicker and come to life.

“There we go. I’ll just get this guy here connected to the net… Then cross connect…”

I watched the robot closely as I listened to Casper’s words come through beside me from another direction. Expecting the robot to move any moment, I take a few steps back away from it. The lighter flickers for a moment and I lose my footing and find myself leaning against one of the tables with my butt on the floor.

“Alright, all done!” He explained proudly.

The robot lay motionless, in the same position I had left it. I pulled myself up and began making my way to building HC292. The door was unlocked, the guards let me leave without a word. My body was on a mission of its own, me, a helpless passenger.

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Re: The Stewards - Part 2 - Lady in Red

Post by botfriend2000 » Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:46 am

:wink: looking good. I like where this is heading.

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Re: The Stewards - Part 2 - Lady in Red

Post by dieur » Mon Jan 11, 2021 10:08 am

Thanks for another installment!

If you don’t mind some feedback, I found this chapter a little more confusing than the last. The Foreman character came out of nowhere, then died just as fast. And why was Cato her CO? And what happened at the end?

I get the sense this is to convey the MC’s own lack of understanding, but when she’s running some internal program such that she doesn’t wonder or care, it left me feeling a bit alienated from the story.

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Re: The Stewards - Part 2 - Lady in Red

Post by Linnies » Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:07 pm

Yes good points. I had originally drafted the whole story as to be told from 3rd person perspective of two different characters. Someone asked me to try to write it in first person and now its kinda of a mistake think back on it. Oh well just gonna keep truckin on.

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Re: The Stewards - Part 2 - Lady in Red

Post by dieur » Thu Jan 14, 2021 6:56 am

I wouldn’t call it a mistake. I like the style, and the he story is good. Just had a few apparent non sequitors this chapter.

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Re: The Stewards - Part 2 - Lady in Red

Post by Linnies » Sat Jan 16, 2021 1:35 am

Right, reading it over I know what you mean now. I guess sometimes my thoughts go faster than I can type on my tiny laptop. Proofreading I don't pay enough attention to the logic the story follows to someone whos reading it the first time. Thanks for the tip.

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