2 girl script

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2 girl script

Post by blkwdo » Thu Nov 05, 2020 5:52 am

Hey everyone,

Someone commented on a thread from 2013 where Diana Knight and Akira were going to shoot a film together. It gave me a little inspiration to write something new. There are a lot of nods to traditional situations that a lot of this group enjoy, with a story line that I don't remember seeing before. Hopefully, it's good enough to be made at some time.

I pictured Diana in a dress shirt, skirt and heels. And, Akira to wear something more casual but still have the heels on.


Diana and Akira are sitting on the couch conversing about their day. Simple chit-chat that one would normally have after a long day a t work. Akira gets an inquisitive look on her face.

Akira: Diana, don't your feet ever get tired of wearing those heels all day? Don't you ever want to come home and change into sweat pants or something?

Diana: No, not really. This has always felt comfortable to me. [under your breath] Although, I could tweak my programming.

Akira: What?? Did you just say programming?

Diana: [worried look and darting eyes] No! Don't be silly! Let me go make us some coffee. It's chilly in here, isn't it?!?

As Diana rises from the couch, a small remote falls, as if it was in a pocket and fell. Diana continues to the kitchen and starts to make the coffee. Akira sees the remote and picks it up. Looking it over (giving Diana enough time to get to the kitchen). As Diana is pulling cups from the cupboard, Akira starts to hit buttons. Diana freezes and starts to loop. Taking the cup out, putting it back, taking it out, putting it back, etc. Akira hits the same button again, not noticing how Diana is acting. Diana sighs a breath of relief and tries to continue to make the coffee, not fully understanding what just happened.

Akira hits another button. Diana becomes fully robotic while making the coffee. Stiff and mechanic with precise movements. Akira accidentally drops the remote. She takes her time looking for it on the ground, while we see Diana march around the kitchen trying to accomplish her task. Akira finally finds the remote (much to the viewers dismay) and presses the same button again. Diana becomes fluid again and pauses a moment to try to understand what is going on. Akira shrugs as she can't find the appliance the is being operated by the remote. Worried, Diana stops making the coffee and decides she needs to retreat to her bedroom to figure out what is happening to her.

Diana: Hey, I'm not feeling well all of a sudden. I'm going to go lay down for a bit.

Akira: I'm sorry, I hope you feel better.

Diana start toward the bedroom, but as soon as she exits the kitchen, Akira pushes another button. Diana stiffens up again and stops in her tracks. Looking much like a mannequin, she stands awaiting her next order from the remote. Akira, still oblivious to Diana's predicament, continues to play with the remote. Diana moves robotically in place for a few poses, then snaps out of it when Akira pushes a button. Diana comes to attention, arms at her sides, blank face and announces "Voice command activated". Akira spins around to ask Diana what she just said, but stops as soon as she sees Diana standing like a toy soldier.

Akira: Diana, are you alright? Is this some kind of game? What are you doing?

Akira walks to Diana and touches her shoulder. Playfully poking it.

Akira: Come on Diana, this isn't funny. Are you angry that I was playing with this remote?

Akira raises the remote and pushes a button. Diana return to her 'human' self.

Diana (noticing what Akira was holding): Akira, where did you get that? That's not a toy! Give it back, you could be seriously damaging.......what it controls.

Akira playfully hides it behind her back and asks Diana "what is going on?".

Diana: Okay, okay...just don't hit anymore buttons and I'll tell you.

Akira agrees. Diana quickly spins Akira around to steal the remote back, but notices something in Akira's back pocket, as she struggles to regain her own remote. Diana succeeds getting her remote back. But, then figures out that Akira is also a fembot.

Diana: You know, I'm feeling much better now. Why don't you get that coffee and I'll tell you what this is about.

Akira agrees and turn to go to the kitchen. Quickly, Diana snatches the remote from Akira's pocket. Akira spins around and before she can do anything, Diana hits a button. Akira freezes in her tracks. Diana walks around her, looking her up and down. A gentle caress here and there.

Diana: I don't know which model you are, but they certainly did a good job on you.

Diana hits a button and Akira stands at attention, as Diana had done before.

Akira: Voice command activated.

Diana: Akira, go to the couch and sit down.

Akira marches, stiffly to the couch and sits down. Diana follows and sits next to Akira, putting the remotes on the coffee table, next to each other. Diana starts to play with Akira's hair, looking her over seductively.

Diana: Akira, I think we need to get to know each other a bit better.

Diana leans over and kisses Akira. Akira not flinching. Diana kisses Akira's neck. Again, Akira not moving, staring straight ahead. Diana, picks up Akira's remote and starts to tap the buttons.

Diana: We need to do a little programming here. Akira, confirm commands.

Akira: Commands confirmed.

Diana: Akira, do a little sexy dance for me.

Akira stands up and starts to dance very mechanical. Kind of clunky and stiff. Diana, shakes her head.

Diana: No, this won't do. We need to loosen you up.

Without looking down, Diana grabs a remote and starts to tap the buttons. Unfortunately, Diana grabbed her own remote. Diana gets half way through the program and starts to twitch and malfunction. She stands as a toy soldier again. A few seconds later, she turns mechanically to Akira and says

Diana: Awaiting command.

Akira (mechanically drones): Last command, do a sexy dance.

Diana starts to move. Also, very mechanical and stiff. As Diana is dancing, she turns around and does a dip. Her buttocks hitting the remotes on the table. Both women stop and come back to their human states. At first, they look at each other in shock. But, that soon dwindles into sexy grins.

Akira: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Diana approaches Akira and they embrace. Diana freezes in place. Akira starts to take Diana's clothes off, not noticing her frozen. Diana's shirt is off when Diana returns to human form. Akira starts to work on Diana's skirt. When the skirt drops, Akira stands and freezes in place. As with Akira, Diana starts to work Akira's clothes off, without noticing her frozen. Both, ladies freeze and unfreeze sporadically while undressing and caressing. Once both ladies are down to panythose and heels, they both freeze at the same time.

Akira and Diana: Malfunction. Invalid command. Malfunction. <repeated sporadically>

Akira stiffly walks to the kitchen to try to make coffee, while malfunctioning the whole time. Stiff, mechanical and going haywire. Diana stays near the couch doing the same. Switching from walking to stiff dancing to quick freezes. All the time announcing the malfunctions.

Both ladies malfunction their way across the floor toward each other. Occasionally bumping into each other as the malfunctions get worse. The final surge of power lands the two ladies bent at the waist, arms like mannequins, resting their heads on each other's shoulder. The camera lingering for a moment to capture the beauty before it.

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