"Out of my League"

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"Out of my League"

Post by Robotman » Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:15 pm

Here's a video that can be filmed with two actresses. The premise is that a shy and nerdy girl (or guy) finds out that a super sexy and beautiful woman has a "crush" on them.

The nerdy girl invites the hot girl over for a date, and tries to impress her. The nerdy girl gets clumsy and awkward, and eventually spills a drink on the hot girl. The hot girl tells her not to worry, but eventually starts malfunctioning. Surprise! The hot girl is a robot.

The nerdy girl is actually super turned on by this, and asks the hot girl if she's programmed for sex. The hot girl acts more and more like a machine, and less and less like a human. The hot girl denies she's a robot.

The nerdy girl tells the hot girl how sexy she is, and the hot girl responds by granting full access to her body. A sex scene can follow, if the producer and actresses are up for it.

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