"Lingerie Company Investment"

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"Lingerie Company Investment"

Post by Robotman » Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:11 am

This video would require two actresses, set inside a house (living room).

Actress 1 is an obviously-robotic android. Actress 2 is a wealthy human investor.

Actress 2 is interested in investing in a lingerie company, and Actress 1 has been sent to her house to show her some of the product. But Actress 1 is really programmed to reveal that the lingerie company is a front for an advanced robotics company that manufactures sex androids.

Actress 1 arrives, dressed in formal business attire, with fancy lingerie underneath. Actress 2 is wearing something nice, but slightly more casual.

Actress 1 is acting emotionlessly and not like a human at all, and starts undressing to show off her lingerie. Actress 2 can tell right away that she's an android, and asks her about it. Actress 1 tells her that yes, she is an android.

As soon as Actress 1 is wearing only her lingerie, she tells Actress 2 that she has been programmed to seduce her. She starts kissing Actress 2, and Actress 2 gets into it too, kissing Actress 1 and feeling her up.

Actress 1 tells Actress 2 that the lingerie company is really a front for an advanced robotics company. Actress 1 tells Actress 2 that she's been programmed to ask her to invest in robotics development.

Actress 2 is excited by this, and agrees.

Then, depending on producer preference, there can be a sex scene.

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