"Terminator" style porn parody

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"Terminator" style porn parody

Post by Robotman » Wed May 01, 2019 2:17 pm

I wrote this aimed at larger porn sites who want to dabble in making fembot content. It can be its own scene, or serve as the basis for something more. Take it if you want it. If anyone else wants to have a go with this idea, feel free. :D

Humans are at war with female androids (post apocalypse). A lone human male soldier is wounded and separated from his troop. He wanders into a building where he sees a naked female android.

The female android moves and talks in a very machine-like way.

He talks to her. She tells him she is Android Number 4389. (The female androids do not have names.) He asks her why she isn’t hostile or trying to kill him. She tells him “conflict is illogical”.

She notices he is limping and asks if he is “damaged”. He tells her that his foot is broken. She tells him to sit down, and she takes off his boots. She holds her hand over his broken foot and heals it.

He asks her how she did that, and she tells him “Ultrasound skeletal repair”.

He asks her if she’s all alone here, and she says yes. She tells him she has separated from her Unit because the other androids do not realize that conflict is illogical.

He kisses her. She asks what he has done to her. He explains what a kiss is, and then does it again. They kiss for a very long time.

He asks her if she knows how to have sex. She doesn’t know what that is, so he explains it to her and tells her how to do it. They have sex for a long time in lots of positions.

After that, another female android shows up. She is looking for Android Number 4389. This new android sees the human and wants to kill him, but Android Number 4389 protects him. Android Number 4389 tells the new android about kissing and about sex.

The new android puts down her weapon and undresses so she can experience kissing and sex too.

Another extended sex scene unfolds with all three of them.

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Re: "Terminator" style porn parody

Post by liliwinnt6 » Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:21 pm

maybe the sex could be spread like virus among the female androids?
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