Minor makeup/costume suggestion

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Corey Fantoccini
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Minor makeup/costume suggestion

Post by Corey Fantoccini » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:18 am

I went to a revival screening of Woody Allen's SLEEPER tonight, and it occurred to me that this is one of the few well-known sci-fi depictions that has not been aped in any robot fetish vids.

I think it would be fun to do a gender flip on this iconic imagery. Say, you had a model or two in a full tuxedo costume wearing an inanimate white robot face mask, with a lead actress wearing similar clothes, clown white makeup, and metal headgear trying to blend in with them. Perhaps a variation of the scene where the disguised human has been brought in for a head transplant, sees how they take place, and tries to escape.

Just my ultra-nerdy comedy idearr.

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