Adult / naughty Two woman super heroine themed script.

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Adult / naughty Two woman super heroine themed script.

Post by fembotfan » Wed Oct 07, 2015 10:44 pm

2-Woman: A super heroine is captured by her Robotic nemesis and is turned into a robot. This could be a partial body paint script (but does not have to be). Containing freezing, robotic conversion, face-sitting, robotic movement, and reprogramming.

Jasmine: our protagonist Character would arrive at at hideout dressed as a heroine (later she would wear a R2D2 outfit or silver swimming suit). The villain "Cyber Strike" would be wearing tight high hipped silver or gold panties and a Skirted heroine outfit. The more silver or gold the better.

Our Superheroine Jasmine, enters a lab setting and finds A Sexy villain apparently deactivated and charging. She is laying on her back with her skirt up and a plug and cord run up between her legs (apparently charging her power cells). The camera pans over her body and Jasmine talks about how the heroines League Intelligence was correct, and that Cyber Striker is in fact a machine / robot. Jasmine decides that to play with her, as she does not fight, and is apparently unaware of her surroundings.

Jasmine takes off her skirt, position Cyber's arms above her head, pulls up her shirt, caress her legs and thighs, and possibly teases her uper and lower lip a little before sitting on her neck and face. Jasmine pulls down her top so that she can pinch her nipples as she sits on Cyber's face.
Cyber's eyes are open but unresponsive, until Jasmine pulls the power cord out from between her legs. Cyber blinks a few times, and Jasmine does not notice as she is nearly in a 69 position. She lines up a single finger with Jasmine's anus and when she inserts it. Jasmine freezes in place and asks something like, what it happening, why cant I move.
The camera pans over Jasmine frozen and we hear Cyber's explanation.

Cyber: I am injecting you with 1.65 billion of nanobots and your robotic conversion has begun.

Jasmine: Oh my... this feels so good.... Beginning conversion

Cyber: when complete, you will be my robotic drone, and I will use you for espionage, and to pleasure me.

Jasmine: No you can't! I will stop you.... I will stop you.... I will stop you.... I. Will. Stop. You.

Close up of Jasmine's face as she freezes with her eyes open.

jasmine holds the position as Cyber plays with her ass and pussy.
Cyber: In a few days, when you are fully robotic, you are going to be my favorite drone.

Fade out-

Fade in- Jasmine standing nude with her arms bent 90 degrees at her elbows, legs wide, eyes closed, with a power cable running up to her ass. Shiny skin (using baby oil or something else to give it a synthetic look). Cyber wearing a stap-on walks up, and pinches a nipple she says.

Cyber: activate program Jasmine Drone one.

Jasmine: (robotic voice / monotone speaking) Pro.gram Jas.mine Drone one act.i.vat.ed. What. have. you. done. to. me... I. can. see. a. di.a.gram. of. my. bo.dy. in. my.

Cyber: Jasmine drone, bend at the waist and spread your cheeks.

Jasmine: (robotic voice / monotone speaking) Com.mand re.cived. I must. al.ways ob.ey Mis.tress. Cy.ber.

Jasmine bends and we get a rear view with her bent at the waist cheeks spread.

Cyber: (robotic voice / monotone speaking) I am going to unplug your power supply. you will pleasure me, and then you are going on your first mission.

She pulls out the plug and we see a close up of Jasmins face

Jasmine: to bat.tery

Cyber: (robotic voice / monotone speaking) Activate Program Jasmine Human emulation

Jasmine: (normal voice) Command recived. I will obey my mistress.

Cyber: lets go have some fun.

(naughty time.... then fade out)

Fade in- Jasmine standing at attention in a silver swimming suit or body suit.

Jasmine: I am ready to receive programming Mistress

Cyber reaches under Jasmine's outfit from behind (implied penetration)

Cyber: here let me give you the details.

Jasmine: receiving data via rear connection port. programming received. I am to infiltrate the Heroines League and convert others to serve Mistress Cyber.

Cyber smiles as Jasmin acting like a human leaves the room.

Fade out / end.

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