The hardcore hacked Co-eds.

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The hardcore hacked Co-eds.

Post by fembotfan » Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:35 pm

3 girl shoot:

Premiss, three sexy coeds (jennifer, Kim, Emily) have vollunteered to become robots for extra credit in their robotics class. At the end of the process, they are chatting together after classes "a few quick lines like, I am so glad I volluntered for the robotic conversion in Applied robotics" , "yeah me too, at first I thought, it might be weird to be a robot, but now I am thrilled I made the choice" (etc. etc.) they then discuss their awesome robotic features (an orgasm button, built in bluetooth connectivity, a virbrating vagina etc.) when in the middle of a sentance Jennifer freezes in place. The other two ask if she is malfunctioning as she does not answer, they decide to do a forced reboot of her system. She is stiff but they lay her down and pull down her panties so that they can reach her manual reset button, located in her vagina. When they discover that she has a small dildo or butt plug in place. They remove it and reboot her. As she starts back up she thanks them and says she has no idea how she malfunctioned. They laugh it off and say something like, "well we are now prototype robots, things like this are bound to happen". They change the subject, and Jennifer picking up the dildo, asks where her panties are. As Emily bends over to pick them up, Jennifer lifts her skirt and slides the dildo in and Emily freezes. Kim says hey what are you doing. But Jennifer now moving like a robot grabs her. Emily snaps back into motion and also moving like a robot removes the dildo, and together thhey use it on Kim, she also freezes. All three women stand at attention, and the few Hackers from the Applied robotics class come in, and have fun with the ladies, and erase their memory banks in the end before they leave and the women start up their earlier conversation like nothing happened. End of scene.
If you would like lines or a shot by shot script just let me know.

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