Fembot spins on sexist TV ads

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Fembot spins on sexist TV ads

Post by dale coba » Mon Feb 02, 2015 2:04 pm

I've started to assemble a collection of sexist ads where a woman is very successfully objectified; or where she attempts to do something but fails due to her nature as a pretty woman. There are probably a few other categories that work, but obviously not all sexist ads are sexy. Many involve locations or technology not available to clips-for-sale production companies.

The ones that work generally have a twist; but of the most hackneyed and immature variety. These ads are like simple stupid knock-knock jokes, but their logic is immediately apparent. With a fembot parody, the viewer has the joy of knowing there will be a fembot pay-off; the viewer has the pleasure of attempting to anticipate the trick behind the original ad; and that doesn't leave much thinking left to anticipate exactly what fembot-tastic direction the parody will swerve into.

With some of the famous ads, a description isn't necessary.
- 1959_First_EVER_Barbie_Commercial
- 1980_Calvin_Klein_Jeans_Commercial_feat._Brooke_Shields
- Alyssa_Milano_Candies_Cologne_Commercial
- Go_Daddy_Perfect_Match_Bar_Refaeli_kissing_Jesse_Heiman_Super_Bowl_2013_commercial
- Miller_Light_Catfight
- PETA anti-fur ads

- Adriana_Lima_Teleflora_Ad_-_2012_Super_Bowl (buy flowers, and she'll thank you with sex. the fembot would narrate instead how men can get their women to be grateful by purchasing a Stepford Upgrade like her husband did to her).

- Kate_Upton_in_Mercedes_Benz_CLA_Commercial (washes car)
- Bud_Light_Yoga - would change it to fembots doing yoga, nude, but oglers are seated nearby, obviously welcome and no problem.

- Mentos_Commercial_1992_- she broke her heel, but she's an improvising woman-on-the-go.
- Sexy_jeans_commercial - walking along the railroad track, she gets her blue jeans caught in the tracks, and has to escape them before the train runs her down (the same as the Mentos ad in certain ways)
- The_Sexiest_Commercial_Ever - this dancer is fueled by the energy drink, so she does an explicit dance while flames burst behind her (a green screen and stock footage make this easy)
- i_want_yogurt - it reminds the two women about all the other girly things they love.
- Choco_Party is a Japanese girl in a bikini jumping up and down for 15 seconds and talking such a streak of chaos - as far as it would work on English speakers. I'd let her continue at length.

String a few of these together, fembot-pornify them up, and lengthen the running time of those brief fantasies.

- Dale Coba
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