Conspiracies at [Westworld-equivalent]

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dale coba
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Conspiracies at [Westworld-equivalent]

Post by dale coba » Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:19 am

Conspiracies at [Westworld-equivalent]

A female guest (always suspected as a presumed sleeper) is enjoying the park, settling into her and her husband's suite (complete with installed maid). A park technician arrives to work on the maid - but the tech reveals that she is a spy undercover, looking for this maid,
because some suspect the park is turning women into robots.

Once processed, the women's faces are altered, and they tweak their voices; so it's hard for the tech to tell if this maid was formerly a human, or which particular woman she once was.

The Engine:
This scenario gives the tech a chance to offer much exposition to the guest about the conspiracy (and about the park in general), while she examines the maid's body in detail for evidence (serial numbers to date her construction, height, head size, any skin marks that survived the clean-up of processing).

The Twist:
The guest knows the [tech-who-is-a-spy] is a sleeper. The guest has arranged this rendezvous with the concierge. The guest has two toys: the maid is programmable, and the tech/spy is a fragile sleeper, because her identities as a technician, a spy, and a human are all lies. (The conspiracy may be true, but she's not involved.)

The guest could be human; or a sleeper; or a self-aware wife-unit.

All the fembots could be programmed to not see or hear or bump into the guest's husband/owner, sitting in the corner. He gives the story a valid reason three non-person fembots should enact this scene (they don't have minds, so it isn't for their benefit).

I would spring for some stock footage to establish the location (posh, Playboy Mansion hybridized with Disneyworld and Club Med). You need a room which looks posh enough for your resort, and a stylish jumpsuit with a pin with her name or the park name.

A little bit of background music, stock purchase or D.I.Y., can add legitimacy to the stock footage of the opening. Music can establish the moods: when the guest examines her new room and maid; when the tech arrives; when the tech reveals she is a spy; and when the spy is revealed to be a fembot.

- Dale Coba
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Re: Conspiracies at [Westworld-equivalent]

Post by fembotfan » Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:04 am

This could be a fun video.

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