Bounty hunter of fembots at college

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Bounty hunter of fembots at college

Post by dale coba » Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:47 pm

Writing about the stages of malfunction has inspired me to generalize the encounter between an investigator and sleeper. Let's say you're seeking out rogue fembots. You test them in conversation, attempting to put them off-balance and trigger non-human behavior, unmasking the sleepers.

Based on a factor such as her job, her family, her virtue, or her wealth, she believes she is a person with a secure future. The fembot has her assumptions, her ego, and she has the idea that she has a role, status, an identity as a person. Interrogating the details of her identity eats away at her defenses, unleashing the fembot within.

College today is a world packed full of opportunities to get into trouble. A version of my formula can be applied to a professor, or to a student. The investigator has a private meeting with the subject, where the investigator acts and claims to be sympathetic. The subject reacts defensively, but keeps from getting too emotional, trying to smooth over this incident so she can remain in her role at the college.

The investigator is certain that this is a fembot. The investigator can spin any elaborate lies to disturb the fembot; completely false and wild accusations which a college could never use on a real student or professor. Start with one scandal, and once she's flustered, subsequent scandals can be wilder, then nonsensical. Though innocent of most accusations, the academic sleeper thinks the investigator holds all the cards, and her fate is in the investigator's hands.

Professor's Scandal Topics:
- departmental finances
- personal expense reports
- suspicious projects/expenditures
- sexual harassment
- school paper expose on cunnilingus for grades scandal
- pimping the volleyball team as call girls
- fraudulent misrepresentation, not even human
Asking the fembot questions she can't answer with ease,
and telling her about accusations
will push her through the stages of malfunction and revelation.

The investigator can make statements like these, about her reactions
(apart from the particulars of the scandals).
Malfunction level One:
"You aren't handling this stress well, are you?"

Malfunction level Two:
"You are acting very peculiar."
"Only a robot would babble diagnostic messages like that."

Malfunction level Three:
"Wow, finding out you are a robot, that must be quite a blow."
"And you were supposed to keep that secret? Well, you blew that one. Everyone will know now."

Malfunction level Four:
"Now you've reverted to your core programming, haven't you? The drive to be an obedient sex robot has emerged as dominant over any aspect of your programmed personality. This is what happens when fembots get overloaded. Of course, we build them this way."
I wish I could render this into more useful dialogue and story, but my literary voice remains ever tongue-tied. Better I share what I can, once I've got a solid premise.

- Dale Coba
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