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Post by dale coba » Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:20 pm

Sometimes, a new visitor to Frank's studio is slow to learn how to act like a robot. It can be very uncomfortable for a woman who knows that she is momentarily bungling the scene.

Let's use that. :devil:

Take two performers with fembot-playing experience; but they will pretend to be novices, demonstrating every little kind of goof-up we have seen before. After 3-4 minutes of mistakes like:
  • - speaking Frank's lines
    - turning robot too soon
    - smirking, giggling inappropriately
    - mispronouncing words, the same easy one repeatedly
    - speaking her lines in a row (without Frank or her partner getting to say their line)
    - hair falling over her face
    - not being able to unhook a bra or step out of her panties
    - eyes darting nervously, embarrassment
... Frank has to decide to stop the action. The one camera stops - but a second camera picks up the scene. Rather than shooting head on, facing the couch, the new camera shoots from the side, perhaps raised a bit, looking down. This camera will act like it is mounted in position, but can be zoomed or turned (not while filming).

Now that "the camera is off", the action changes. Frank and his off-screen assistant know that these performers really are robots, unaware that they are masquerading as human women being paid to act like robots. One fembot is malfunctioning on the couch or floor and unresponsive to commands, while the other is mildly puzzled and can't comprehend what is happening with her friend.

The taller, non-malfunctioning fembot has a (mostly hidden) camera w/bluetooth built into her collar. Her P.O.V. shown through robot vision, possibly with a heads-up display overlay of information, complements the establishing shots of the mounted camera(s). The fembot (with her camera p.o.v.) are directed by Frank to examine and repair her oblivious, quietly malfunctioning friend. The repair bot's body does everything it is instructed to, though her personality doesn't understand why she is obeying; or how she is able to extend a cable from herself to attach to her broken friend; or use zoom-in vision, or do some other robot stuff.

The winning exposition formula here is that one fembot malfunctions adorably, while another, confused fembot examines her and takes commands from a Master/producer, who explains just as much about the scene as we wish to hear him to explain.

The malfunctioning fembot is now working better, but she is still malfunctioning in that she is inappropriately frisky. The repair bot is more confused than ever about her identity, and then the frisky bot steals a well-chosen circuitboard from out of the repair bot's open panel. Frisky's kind of malfunction is her libido ignores Frank's commands, while the former repair bot now malfunctions by while robotically delivering lines she said earlier, while she makes out with Frisky.

Frank realizes what is happening, so he turns his primary camera back on, and eagerly comments to his assistant about how they can edit in some of the video from the fembots' eye cameras.

And that's what I call a story of Meta-Robo-HypnoLust :!:

- Dale Coba
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