P.O.V. camera becomes "headless"

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P.O.V. camera becomes "headless"

Post by dale coba » Mon Aug 11, 2014 9:02 pm

If the viewers have been shown that a character is being represented through point-of-view camerawork, it could make for a lovely dramatic reveal when a second character eventually reaches her hands around the camera, and "twists off the fembot's head".

The following camerawork would suggest that what we had viewed as a person's p.o.v. is now being carried around and treated as an object.

As she lies on the bed, pleasuring herself, place a small green-screen cloth over her head. Composite into that space the shot of that same room but without the actress in position. Now the "head" can be brought over to admire how erotic it is for her to be disassembled. Start on her feet, the camera moving up her busy body, then a cut-away for reaction shot, so we can cut back to a motionless camera that frames her headless body.

This is a fine narrative position, where a fembot head can wirelessly enjoy her disconnected body's pleasure; or the fembot's head can give exposition to the other woman about her own fembot body on the table.


First, establishing shot, we see her laid out on a table with all her limbs attached; next, a fembot could give us her p.o.v. looking up, seeing a mannequin's arm or leg being taken away. On returning to the establishing shot of her body, that green-screen trickery has vanished a limb or two.

- Dale Coba
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