Cheaters Never Win

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Cheaters Never Win

Post by King Snarf » Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:50 pm

Two fembots are sitting on the couch, in human mode, looking bored.

Fembot 1: Can't believe it's going to be another two weeks until the Master gets back from his business trip.

Fembot 2: Yeah. Did we get all the chores done on the list he left us?

F1: Yup. It's gonna be a long two weeks.

F2: So, what do you want to do?

F1: Paper Rock Scissors?

F2: Sure. Same stakes as usual.

F1: Yeah. Best two out of three, loser goes into drone mode and serves the other one for the rest of the day.

F2: Deal. Let's go.

The two begin playing, with Fembot 1 winning two games right out of the gate.

F1: Woo! Clean sweep!

F2: Oh, come on! 3 out of 5.

F1: Uh-uh. You lost. Pay up.

F2: *Huff* FINE. *Facial expression turns blank, sits up straight, and begins to speak in a monotone* Emotions and personality deactivated. Unit [model's initials, hereafter referred to as xx for simplicity's sake]-001 awaiting command.

Fembot 1 waves her hand in front of 2's face, to see if there's any sort of reaction. There isn't.

F1: Yes! It worked. That Paper Rock Scissors program I downloaded really does let you win every time. I'm so glad I ignored all those security warnings. *focuses back on Fembot 2* xx-001, stand up.

F2: Command received. *Stands up, otherwise remains straight, rigid, and emotionless*

F1: *Stands up, taps chin* Now let's see what else we can do.

Feel free to include, improv, or ad-lib whatever you'd like here, sexual or non-sexual. Just have Fembot 2 obeying 1's commands until...

F1: This is great. Now why don't you go and beats paper. *Stops, looks away, blinking* What was that?

F2: "Beat paper" does not compute. Please restate command.

F1: Oh, uh yeah. Anyway I want you to- *begins twitching* Error.

F2: "I want you to error" does not compute. Please restate command.

F1: *begins twitching more severely* Oh, crap, I must've got a virus. *repeats the last part, slower* A. Virus. *back to normal* What I do?

F2: Unit xx-001 is not set to give commands to you at this time.

F1: I was speaking rhe... rhe... rhe-torically. *shakes it off, thinks for a moment* Oh, duh! Reboot and virus scan.

F2: Received. Rebooting. *hangs head down, body slumps a bit*

F1: No, not you! I need you up in case I have to be restarted manually. Hey! *shakes F2. No response* Well, I'll just hurry and- ERROR. *Eyes goes wide, face goes into a shocked, distressed expression* Paper. Beats. Rock. Error. Malicious code detected. Beat. Code detected.

F1 begins going into a malfunction routine. Meanwhile F2's head lifts back up.

F2: System rebooted. Beginning virus scan. *pause, head cocks slightly to the side* Virus scan complete. *Head returns to upright position* No viruses detected. Activating emotions and personality. *blinks, resumes human mannerisms* It hasn't been a whole day already, has it? *Looks at F1* You okay?

F1: Fix me. Malicious code detected in RockPaperScissorsCheat.exe. Please fix me.

F2: Of course. *smiles sweetly* You can't pay up the bet if you're malfunctioning like that.

F1: No. This unit beat- beat- beat- paper. No! This unit beat you.

F2: Yes, by cheating. I think that counts as a disqualification.

F1: No. I beat- beat- beat-

F2: That's enough of that. *Reaches behind F1's neck*

F1: Rebooting. *Head drops down for a few seconds, then back up* Manual shutdown occurred. Run virus scan?

F2: Yes.

F1: Running scan. One virus detected. Beginning quarantine and sweep. Estimated time- 15 minutes.

F2: Good. That gives me some time to go get some... toys to use on you. In the meantime... *poses F1 in a sexy fashion, finishing up with manually manipulating F1's face from an emotionless expression into a big smile* There. Be right back. *Exit. Ideally, camera should zoom in on F1's still, smiling face. Fade out*

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