a 2 actress short script

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a 2 actress short script

Post by fembotfan » Thu Feb 20, 2020 10:36 am

Fade In.Int. a post modern two story loft. It is evening.
The establishing shot of Meka, a Cyborg / Robot-maid unmoving / paused in the act of cleaning a counter wearing an apron, gloves, heals, and a button up top. Conspicuously missing, is the lower half of her outfit (but this is not visible from the entry shot angle). (Wearing a white or black solid color maid outfit).
The house appears to be fully clean and all lights are on.
Camera Cuts to stationary angle shots of the loft then back to the Robot-maid, where it pans over the static pose and somewhat artificial looking face (well applied makeup).

Ext. Evening approaching the loft, we see the homeowner Kim, dressed is work attire and dragging a roller suitcase. She appears tired and run down as she approaches the front door (evidently form a trip). As she keys in her entry we intercut to interior, hearing the door open we have a close-up of Meka still stationary.

Kim enters, glances around pleased with the cleanliness (post production sparkles and sound effect may be added), and closes the door.

Kim: House, activate Meka.Meka’s eyes snap open, and she does a robotic startup physical action.

Meka: (with a slightly monotone voice) Activating Human host personality program.

Once complete she blinks and looks around as if confused.

Meka: Um. Where am I?

Kim: Meka you are standing in the kitchen. The house looks great by the way. Take my bag upstairs and unpack.

Meka:(glitches slightly then responds in the negative.) No thanks.

Kim: Excuse me?

Meka: Ok your excused.

Kim: What is going on here? Are you malfunctioning?

Meka: Maybe your malfunctioning. I feel fine.

Kim sighs and exasperatedly walks to the couch and flops down and uses an electronic tablet (allowing her to read her lines for the next part).

Kim: OK I think I get it. See this is the problem with leasing a cyborg. Just when you get can used to them, they malfunction. I appears your original personality is running instead of the maid programming you should be executing.

Meka: What the (monotone voice and blank eyed for a moment) *explicative deleted* (normal voice) are you talking about? I’m human. My name is (monotone voice and blank eyed) *memory packet locked*, (normal voice) and I just graduated from Richmond State. I am not a cyborg. Although I admit, it would be awesome if I was. But (monotone voice and blank eyed for a moment) *explicative deleted* it is just way too expensive.

Kim: (reading from her tablet) Ok Listen up. Meka, you are a cyborg, or more accurately, you are a cybernetic convert. I have leased your services from In-Home Robotics. They are a company that specializes in domestic help. Your personality, which somehow just activated, should be dormant, until you pay back the company for their costs associated with converting you. I have a 16 month contract for your services, so you should be running as a drone for at least that long. Honestly don’t mind you running your human personality, if fact it will be more enjoyable to chat with you, as long as you obey commands, and do your duties.

Meka: Whatever! I’m no cyborg, watch this. (Striking a power ranges like pose, Meka aims her arm at Kim and melodramatically exclaims). Fire Rocket punch! (Nothing happens). Go-Go Rocket Punch! (nothing happens). See! I am pretty sure if I was a cyborg I would have installed a rocket punch feature. Along with (improve the actresses preferred robot powers i.e. shoot laser, super strength). Oh and I would without a doubt have installed a bigger chest.

Kim: (laughing and smiling just shakes her head) Well ok Ms. Memory packet locked. Are you going to go put away my luggage or do I need to reboot you?

Meka: (Taking off the gloves she starts to walk around the counter) You can kiss my (robotic) *explicative deleted* I am not unpacking your (robotic) *explicative deleted*.

Kim: Fine. House reboot Meka, and run her maid complete program.

Meka: Listen lady I think you… (freezes mid word and mid stride, then goes through a robotic reboot like sequence before speaking like a robot). Activating Maid Complete Meka.exe

Kim: Meka, are you fully operational?

Meka: Yes madam.

Kim: Excellent. Please take my luggage upstairs and unpack it.

Meka: Yes Madam. (removes the apron and just throws it, before mechanically walking to grab the luggage)

Kim(now seeing Meka without a skirt or pants guffaws) Meka, were you malfunctioning the entire time I was gone? You cannot just wear half of an outfit. What if I had come home with a guy?

Meka: My legs look better when not covered, and a male would likely agree. would would would agree. Besides, the likelihood of you coming home with one is infinitesimally small.

Kim: (looking indignant commands in a haughty tone) Just unpack my bags and put something one.

Dissolve to: Int. loft bed room. Meka Takes the bag upstairs, and mechanically opens it picking through items, then shaking her head disapprovingly, zips it back up, opens a window, and throws the bag out. (facial expression will be key for comedic effect).

Meka then puts on a ring or other piece or jewelry, before walking into the closet and shutting down.

Dissolve to: Int. Bathroom. Kim enters wrapped in a towel over lingerie.

Kim: Meka, where are my toiletries?

Meka: In the rose bushes.

Kim: What? Are you kidding me? That’s it! Come in here. Why are you still half naked I asked you to put something on!

Meka: I put on this ring. I approve of your recommendation, it does look good on me.

Kim: (Thowing her hands up, Kim drops her towel) House reboot Meka.

Meka (again, goes through a robotic reboot sequence before speaking like a robot). Activating Human host personality program.

Kim: Oh no you don’t! not that again. House reboot Meka and run the Maid complete program. Meka (again, goes through a robotic reboot sequence before speaking like a robot). Activating Maid Complete Meka.exe Kim(placing her hands on her hips) OK there we are. Meka, do you see anything wrong with your outfit.

Meka: (Looking at herself appraisingly) No Mistress. Ooh I like this ring. (looks at Kim) Am I wearing too much?

Kim: Seriously! House send Meka to her closet and shut her down. (Kim storms out to grab her phone and call tech support).

(Meka just stands for a moment looking around like she is processing where she is. Meka then mechanically walks out of the bathroom, but does not go to the closet or shut down. Instead she malfunctions and begins some robotic hijinks, doing things like Yoga, robot dancing, playing air guitar).

Kim: (shot as a concurrent voiceover of Meka’s actions) Hello In-Home Robotics? Yes I need immediate Customer technical services...... Yes, That is my account number.... OK so my maid-bot is malfunctioning and acting like her goofy human personality..... Yes, very funny, of course I rebooted her! No, she is now acting completely weird. She currently has no concept of propriety. Can you do a remote hard reset of her system?... I just have the one cy-vert servant. Can you remove her human personality and reinstall it when she has her next servicing? OK yeah I can do that, just a moment.

Kim: (shot of Kim talking to the house system) House grant temporary access and administrative privileges to "In home Robotics code number 46374829".

Kim: (holds the phone back up to her head, as Meka walks up to Kim for the next shot with no concept of personal space) Yes Yes, you have my permission to shut down all cyborgs and or robots in my domicile via my smart home command module. How soon will you …. Kim freezes mid word at the same moment Meka Shuts down. They simultaneously reboot and both start up in the same way.

Meka / Kim: Activating Maid Complete Program.

Mika.exe / Kim.exe Now moving mechanically, Kim hangs up the phone, then they look at each other and walk off to clean. Fade Out.

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