Battle Angel Alita figurine & stuff

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Battle Angel Alita figurine & stuff

Post by T-elos/Thurosis » Sat Jul 21, 2018 12:32 am

Battle Angel Alita figurine

At least one Figurine looks "good" =P
But still..... i will go and watch this movie. So i might be allowed to complain, but my i still hope that this movie might be a "lvl up" over all other Anime adaptions before....


some vids of the figure (varations) ... 2042085377

and this one as the best one so far
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Re: Battle Angel Alita figurine & stuff

Post by Stephaniebot » Sat Jul 21, 2018 11:45 am

Wouldn't mind wearing an outfit like that, for sure
I'm just a 'girl' who wants to become a fembot whats wrong with that?

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