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Beatless (January 2018)

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:22 am
by ChocolateKeys
I believe in that smile. Even if you don't have a soul.

2105 A.D. Japan

The humanoid android hiE became part of people's life and was handling the things human could and couldn't do. Endou Arato, unlike his friends Kenko and Ryou who hate hiE, felt sympathy for hiE which are supposed to be just objects. One night, Arato suddenly gets assaulted by mysterious falling cherry blossoms that make hiE and machines run havoc. Will the cornered Arato be saved by the mysterious hiE Lacia...

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Re: Beatless (January 2018)

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:28 am
by ChocolateKeys
It's a adaptation of a Light Novel. To be honest, i've never heard of BUT these images show me that is a chance to not be G.I.N.O, so I'm happy :D

will be aired in the same season of Violet Evergarden, another anime with a gynoid as main character

A good way to start 2018...

Re: Beatless (January 2018)

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:53 pm
by Extyr
Well, apparently it was licensed in english then dropped after one volume.

I'll gladly take the animated version if I can have closure on that story.

Re: Beatless (January 2018)

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:12 am
by T-elos/Thurosis
Sorry guys to spoil and ruin the expectation a bit.....

I have the read and own "Beatless" (the manga) and watched the 1st episode of Violet Evergarden at a Con in Germany....

Beatless does not have nor show any interesting "robotic" scene, which we like... BUT still fun to read and watch as an anime.
I still hope that the Anime Adaptation is better than the manga, since the manga disappointed me a little bit (not much only a little)

As for Viotlet Evergarden....


Violet is not a gynoid, Android nor a robot girl, She is actually human, to be excat and precise a cyborg. Due war she lost her arms. The reason why she behave so emotionless, is the fact that she was raised on the battlefield etc. pp.

But i still recommend to support this show because of other and maybe even better good sides of this anime show! Worth to watch !

Re: Beatless (January 2018)

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:50 am
by Mixgull
Read this topic

ME:(in my head): hey jude, don't make it bad, take a sad song and make it better
ME: holy shit, they bringged John Lennon back from the dead

Re: Beatless (January 2018)

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:03 pm
by ChocolateKeys