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Re: XXX Multimedia - Clips4Sale Updates!

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:46 pm
by XXXMultimedia
Hey everybody, it's been WAY TOO LONG since I made a new robot clip. BUT, this time we have SPECIAL FX in it! Aiden (the guy I work with) has spent the past 4 days working on the visual effects and sound effects. Since we are now able to do special fx, we're hoping to do some pretty cool stuff going forward! Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it, we really put a lot of time and energy into producing this clip!

Reprogramming His Roommate Into The Perfect Robot - 1080p mp4


Aiden's admiration for his roommate has become more than just a small infatuation. He constantly finds his mind preoccupied with her existence, obsessing over her, and idealizing her as the perfect specimen. Years of this obsession being unresolved has caused him to finally snap, and he spends his time developing something that will change things forever.

He walks into her room, knowing that she will be napping after a long day, and admires her perfect features. As he looks over her body, he is reminded that he is nothing more than a friend, and never will be. He is bitter and hurt, and his emotions have taken control. He makes a promise to have her all to himself.

Aiden brings his laptop into the room, and sets it on the bed. The program that he has developed is running on the screen, and he activates it by typing a few keys, and then presses enter. After a few moments, blue lights are emitted from the laptop, and they begin screening the area over and around his roommate's body. One blue light stays directly on her head and face, and her body twitches and shakes as the lights move. Her eyes flutter as the program slowly wipes out her entire makeup, erasing and clearing any and all memory that she has. The program becomes more intense, and she violently moves her head from side to side. Her eyes finally force open, and they circle with blue lights. A blue laser scans her face, reprogramming her, and her eyes remain glowing until the process is over.

"PRO-GRAM INIT-I-ATED." Aiden's new wide-eyed robot stands up, turns around, and faces her new master. "HELL-O, MAS-TER. I AM YOUR OWN PER-SON-AL RO-BOT, DE-SIGNED FOR ALL OF YOUR PLEAS-URES." Aiden welcomes his new fembot, tells her he wants to run a couple of tests, but doesn't want to overload her system since it's a new installation. "YES, MAS-TER." He tells her to strip for him, "YES, MAS-TER... SHOULD I GO SLOW AND SENS-U-AL?" His roommate proceeds obediently, moving slowly and robotically with her body. He tells her to pause, and she freezes in place, unblinking, with wide eyes. Aiden looks her up and down, and then tells her to walk over to him. "YES, MAS-TER." She stands still, awaiting his next command, as he gropes her body with his hands.

Once he is satisfied, he asks his robot if her motor functions and speech calibration are normal. Pleased with the answer, he tells her to continue her strip tease. "DO YOU LIKE THIS, MAS-TER?" In the middle of her strip tease, he pauses her again, and she freezes in place. He gropes her naked body, and she remains locked, unable to move without his command. He continues her program, "YES, MAS-TER," and she proceeds from where she left off. Her movements remain robotic, and her eyes stare straight ahead. He pauses her again, once again satisfying his obsession with her body, and then commands her to continue. After he's had enough, he tells her to shut down, "YES, MAS-TER." She walks over to the bed, "SHUT-TING, DOWNnnn," and shuts down with her eyes closed.

Fembot Hooker Fucks a Client and Malfunctions

Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 6:39 pm
by XXXMultimedia

You call a fembot pimping service to order a robot escort for the night. She comes over quickly and you look at her beautiful female figure and test out a couple of different functions. She hands you her remote so you can command her to do whatever you like. First you hit a button when causes her to bend over and you grab her ass. Then you make her take off her skirt. You grope her some more, then order her to suck your cock. She follows your orders and begins sucking your cock. She has a nice, wet mouth for you to stick your cock in. She’s everything you could hope her to be, given she’s a robot.

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