Fembot Cost

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Fembot Cost

Post by DollSpace » Fri Jul 02, 2021 3:13 pm

In this fantasy world we've created, in your own universe (if you're a writer), or in this universe if you want to, take a guess: how do you compute the price (and even availability) of gynoids in that world? What does that price get you? In other words, how realistic are they? And are the models marketed to the public the same ones available to the government and/or military?

Please discuss...

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Re: Fembot Cost

Post by Spaz » Fri Jul 02, 2021 3:22 pm

I figure they might cost about as much as your range of cars might cost nowadays:
*Economy/cheap models
*Mid-range models
*Luxury models
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Re: Fembot Cost

Post by Kube² » Sun Jul 04, 2021 2:47 pm

I think Tesla have the good approach

First they made a few hand made ultra luxury cars they sells directly to hollywood stars.
Then they use the money and the xp they ve got in producing electric cars in making a second generation of luxury cars but start in investing in a larger semi
automated production factory to decrease the cost of the thing to a more acceptable level for "normal" rich people
Then they start building ultra automated megaplants in US then china to bring the cost down to a "normal" car.

At first the price of a product is not a question of technolgy in the product. It is a question of massive industrial investment in your production tool, its also about the scale of your production.

The price of a fembot is not about the fembot itself but what kind of company is producing it. Is that a massive conglomerate that is doing that since decades with a technology that is mature since long, or are they the "first" one producing prototype model for a small elite of billionnaire that want some easy fun without risking a costly divorce.

in a few words I think the lore of your world dictates the price

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Re: Fembot Cost

Post by petey » Wed Jul 07, 2021 8:37 am

Yeah, price is such a big question that you can answer it almost any way you want. But I do have a few general thoughts.

I try to think of the price of substitutes. If you have a barista-bot, it probably has to be cheaper than hiring a human (or multiple humans depending on capabilities) to pour coffee. A hooker bot should be cheaper than an equally beautiful/capable/discreet human call girl. If we take as a given that robots exist in your universe, manufacturing/ development costs are lower than that or not too much higher.

There are upfront costs and there are maintenance costs. Generally, I expect maintenance costs on a fembot to be rather high, but that's partially because the fembots I envision are indistinguishable from human. It's going to take a lot of maintenance on the skin and the fine servos/controls beneath it to keep a fembot from sliding backward into the uncanny valley.

It also depends on how long the fembot lasts. This isn't just in terms of value, it's also in terms of how it can be 'financed'. You can't get a 30-year loan on a car, you can on a house. And that's not even thinking about resale value. If fembots are a brand new thing, they probably won't last as long, and that's going to depress the price.
How the society in your universe thinks about second-hand fembots is also going to affect the price. If it's considered gross like owning a used mattress (or used underwear, or a used vibrator), that's going to lower the initial price since the owner won't be able to recoup as much value when he replaces the bot.

I'm more on the transformation side of things. And I've been writing it that the mind upload process is much more expensive than the chassis, since it involves a team of neurologists to conduct the scan and other doctors to keep the person alive throughout the upload. It won't be covered completely on private or public insurance for just that reason. That also decreases the availability of the procedure to how many trained doctors there are to do it. If you have a built universe, but the fembot brain is based on a copied human brain, you can treat that as a fairly large fixed cost.

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Re: Fembot Cost

Post by Linnies » Tue Jul 13, 2021 11:13 am

Costs as much as a car. Pre owned very cheap and luxury brands very expensive.

But if they work they have to pay heavy taxes for both the employer and the robot owner. So this way humans aren't out of job.

Or depending on the fictional country or place there could be a limit to how many could be owned. Like 1 per household and corporations can't own any.

Back to cost, it might be intresting to consider the body of the android might cost more than the electronic parts in human like types. Leading to some possible story elements.

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