Help requested for a choose your own path story

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Help requested for a choose your own path story

Post by Robo-Admirer » Wed Sep 16, 2020 6:59 pm

Hey all!

I've never tried a "choose your own path" story before but after reading some really fun ones on fembot wiki, i want to give it a go and see what comes of it.

Nothing pinned down has been thought of yet, so ideas are welcomed as is any tips or help to making such a story!

Please feel free to leave your thoughts below. And thank you in advance!

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Re: Help requested for a choose your own path story

Post by --NightBattery-- » Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:00 pm

which is the Fyop you read?

that might help narrow things down to your interests.

I just realized that there is a capacity of creating randomness using files under the same category.

this fyop uses that capacity with two images under the MiyuGame1 category. ... ouse/00011

[[Special:RandomInCategory/MiyuGame1|Roll (Win or loss is random)]]

that might help you.

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Re: Help requested for a choose your own path story

Post by CaptainStorytime » Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:40 pm

Well... a CYOA story is similar to any other story in that it has to has to have conflict and stakes to make it interesting. So however you end up coming to your story, you have to give the reader something in the characters or world to care about and some sort of conflict or obstacle that your characters or world need to overcome. Lack of conflict is IMO the #1 pitfall of most lewd fiction. That's not to say that you absolutely can't write a piece of sex fiction without conflict, but you can't write really write a story without conflict. And a CYOA is going to be a story. It's going to be an adventure. And crucially it's going to be an adventure where the reader is taking an active role in telling the story.

So how does this change things? The biggest difference is that you need to decide the perspective you're offering your reader as the choice-maker. Most stories choose a common perspective like 1st-person past tense or 3rd person omniscient. A lot of perspectives that might work for a more traditional narrative aren't easily compatible with a CYOA because you need to frame the way the reader is making choices. Are they in close 3rd person perspective behind an audience-insert character that they make decisions for? Are they writing a letter about what happened to another character and choosing what to include? Are they an AI performing research experiments on fembots in a lab? You're going to be putting your reader into your story so right from start you need to define their insertion point.

So as far as settings or characters or worldbuilding? I can't really help you there. You need to figure out what you find interesting and write about that. But, to just give you some prompts off the top of my head...

-The player character is a college student who discovers that someone in their life (professor, coworker, crush, etc.) is secretly a Fembot. Upon discovering this information the PC will set some sort of goal while also having the stakes defined for them. I.e. the PC has only one more office hour before semester's end to reprogram Professor Heart into being their girlfriend; failure means being caught and expelled. Or the PC discovers that the research assistant he has a crush on is a sleeper who is due to be mindwiped and recycled and he must convince her to escape while deciding whether or not to reveal her nature to her.

-The player character is a domestic fembot who discovers that a rival fembot has been delivered to the house while her master is away. Since she knows master couldn't afford another fembot, she assumes she will imminently be sold and must sabotage/reprogram/manipulate the newcomer such that when master returns home he will reject it.

-The player character has a dedicated android bodyguard/mother/girlfriend that they only have partial control over. This android begins roboticizing other women in the PCs life, either because they're a threat to the PC or because they believe the PC is lonely and needs a harem. The PC can either embrace this or attempt to stop it depending on their moral outlook. The former comes with the risk of discovery and imprisonment. The latter makes the android companion that antagonist of the story who must be overcome lest he be discovered and imprisoned.

So you've decided on some sort of compelling setup, you've decided on a framing mechanism, and you've made sure your rough plot outline has conflict. How do you actually handle the choices?

Let's categorize CYOA choices into two broad categories: strategic decisions and attitudes.

Strategic decisions are where the story branches based on the character's attempt to overcome a specific obstacle. I.e. we need to access one of Professor Heart's control panels, but we're not 100% sure how to get it open or how to get under her clothes do we :

A) Tell her there's a spider on her back we need to pick off

B) Try to put her in a headlock and and get a hand up the back of her shirt

C) Splash water on her

D) Attempt to bluff some maintenance authorization codes

Keep in mind, you need to write a page for each of these actions so try to limit your choices to only the most compelling options. In a simple CYOA actions will either succeed - putting the PC back on one of the main story branches, fail - causing the story to end in an entertaining way, or simply loop the character back to the same decision forcing them to choose another option.

Attitudes are a little trickier. Audience insert characters are, by their nature, somewhat blank slates. A CYOA isn't so much asking the reader to roleplay as a stranger, as it is putting them in the place of a relatable everyman and allowing them to impose their attitudes over the situation. Attitudes don't necessarily result in major changes to the story, but they're a place where the reader can put some words in the PC's mouth or maybe trigger some modular dialogue down the road expressing regret or excitement over the actions of the story. You want to use attitudes in situations where the narrative isn't going to fork, but you want the reader to feel like they're still playing.

I.e. the PC's classmate is strapped down to a conversion table and is being roboticized in front of them. This will happen in the story, there's no decision the reader can make to prevent it, but you still present the player with the choice to:

A) Attempt to free their classmate from the table

B) Reason with whoever is roboticizing them

C) Reflect on their sexual excitement and feel some guilt

D) Reflect on their sexual excitement and feel no guilt

E) Say something cruel to the classmate

The events of the following page will be more or less the same no matter what the PC chooses, but you've given the reader a chance to engage with the story.

So hopefully that was helpful advice.

As far as actually writing one of these things... keep the scope small for your first efforts and outline the story paths.

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