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Re: Fembot Central Rules

Post by evil_boo » Thu May 20, 2021 3:08 pm

Please adhere to the following. Note that the FembotCentral staff will warn where necessary but reserve the right to immediately and permanently ban users who violate these rules.

1. Absolutely NO underaged content. This includes characters that are underaged and then “up aged”

2. We do not tollerate “sockpuppet” users, more commonly known as a second account used specifically to agree/disagree with posts anonymously.

3. Absolutely no harassment. This includes racism, gender mockery, repeatedly harassing users for RP/Commissions, etc. This includes both forums posts and Private Messages

4. No spamming. Advertising yourself or your services is fine, but keep it to a respectful amount of posts.

5. If you post an image, please attempt to give a source or credit to the artist. This is especially true for commissioned work. This constitutes art theft, and it's kind of a dick move.

In general please be a respectful person to one another, and please be a good representative of our community to the outside world.

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